Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Revised Gift 3-Pack Assortments


Mattel definitely seems to have put Speed Racer on the back burner and turned their full attention back to CARS … as we CARS collectors might say, ‘about damn time!’

Though they must’ve burned a giant carbon footprint (21st century version of ‘the midnight oil’) thinkin’ up those short-card Lane Mates …

As we had speculated and confirmed through the trade show displays and through the partial listings on several retailers/re-sellers, it does seem Mattel is making the Gift 3-Packs the packaging of choice of most things Piston Cup … which is both good and bad – while we are losing some of the original CARS (Crew Chiefs mostly) as singles and “forced” to buy them as part of a 3-pack with – in many cases with Piston Cup Racers we already have, it’s probably better for the CARS series in the long run to have the most visible and fun CARS as singles for the casual buyers (Jay Limo, Elvis RV, Chuki) and the “duller” Crew Chiefs for us serious collectors … it does however look that since the Pitty’s are both “fun” and price effective metal-wise, Mattel is continuing with those as singles as well as repeating them as 3-packs … so if you’re a completist, it’s wallet-time … but for those who shop carefully, you can skip a few Pitty’s … THOUGH based on the photo below from Toy Fair, do the 3-pack Pitty’s NOT include the tool chest & tires … if so, call the Gift 3-pack Pitty’s the extra crew Pitty’s for your diorama …

In any case, here is the REVISED lineup of Gift 3-Packs quasi-confirmed by Mattel through October 2008.

BOX C (not canceled – shipping next week).

Box D (JUNE)

Gold Mia Tia & Bling Bling McQueen (2)
Al Oft Blimp, Tom Race Official & Tow Truck (2)
Leak Less, Leak Less Crew Chief & Leak Less Pitty (2)




Box E (JULY)

Al Oft Blimp, Tom Race Official & Tow Truck (2)
Leak Less, Leak Less Crew Chief & Leak Less Pitty (2)
No Stall, No Stall Crew Chief & No Stall Pitty (2)

No Stall (#123) - Todd "The Shockster" Marcus


Shiny Wax (#82) - Darren Leadfoot



Leak Less, Leak Less Crew Chief & Leak Less Pitty (2)
No Stall, No Stall Crew Chief & No Stall Pitty (2)
Shiny Wax, Shiny Wax Crew Chief, & Shiny Wax Pitty (2)


No Stall, No Stall Crew Chief & No Stall Pitty (2)
Shiny Wax, Shiny Wax Crew Chief, & Shiny Wax Pitty (2)
SpareMint, SpareMint Crew Chief, and SpareMint Pitty (2)*

(SpareMint (#93) - Ernie Gearson)


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12 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Revised Gift 3-Pack Assortments

  1. jackdaddy2008

    The strategy makes sense, and its good to see 2 new cars with one old.

    I am slightly confused though?

    Is there going to be a Dinoco chick with gold mia & tia as well as bling mcqueen? You have shown an image of mcqueen not chick?

    (MET: Yea, it comes with Bling Bling – sorry – old info – fixed now … thanks. Though it is the Bling Bling variant for those that care – follow new link above for details).

  2. Mara

    So does that mean they aren’t doing the other Boot Camp cars or RPM’s crew as originally planned, at least this year? This also worries me about the Dirt TRack Doc because more of those were supposed to come out in the summer & fall as well. I have been waiting on that one for a single car or a sale on the 3 pks because I don’t want to pay $10 for one car.

    (MET: RPM crew’s is coming out in one of the next boxes (P if I recall correctly, his name is Petrol something …). As for the rest, well, I’m just guessing but I have a sense they will all be out as single or as part of a MM (is the MM with Tumbleweed McQueen coming with Dirt Track Doc? – it would be logical …)

    For the others, they have the mold for Richard Kensington so Bootcamp Orange SUV (Murphy) should be a natural … perhaps all perfect for a WM exclusive – not all that exciting to casual collectors but as a limited exclusive, people will snap it up …).

  3. Doug

    I wish they would hurry up with the releases of the new cars. I’m getting anxious for having something new on the shelves!

  4. Juan

    Any word on the pit row racers?

    (MET: I would guess June we will see another assortment – I think they didn’t want to detract from the release & sales of the MSoS set …)

  5. Bill

    Does this mean they have cancelled Case C ? Any word on the future of the Movie Moments ?

    (MET: C case should be out next week. D is not due for several more weeks).

  6. jackdaddy2008

    A variant Bling Bling Mcqueen?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is he a variant?

    I already have him with Gold Mia & Tia in the initial 3 pack released.

    Is there a difference?

    Do I have to buy this one pictured/described above as well?

    (MET: I added the ‘variant’ post to Bling Bling above – did you check out the link? I will update it later this weekend as I got some new photos from a reader but yes, the Bling Bling in the Gift 3-Pack is a hybrid of Bling Bling (solo) and Dinoco McQ (solo) ).

  7. I’m disappointed to see that the Team RPM and Sarge’s Boot Camp Gift Packs have apparently been dropped. It’s correct that Petrol Pulaski is still on deck, but no RPM Crew Chief. Boo! We’ll see as far as Murphy and Frank “Pinky” Pinkerton go. Hopefully they’ll all show up eventually! As for whether it’s Spare Mint or Spare-O-Mint, I feel that it’s simply Spare Mint. Here’s the reasoning I explained this with elsewhere:

    “It’s true that there’s a tire in the logo, but if you look at the [way the sponsor’s name is placed on the border of the] Blu-ray image of his trailer, it seems fairly apparent [to me, at least] that the tire is a logo accent and not the letter O. You’re right that it’s not conclusive, but B2Cobra’s Drive In Gallery and quixotequest’s former Drive In reference thread both concurred that it’s Spare Mint, rather than Spare-O-Mint. Also, wouldn’t it be odd to have two different cars ending in ‘-O-Mint’?”

  8. Oh, one other reason to think it’s Spare, not Spare-O:

    It’s called “spearmint,” yes? Not “spearomint.” It makes sense for the other racer to be “Tach-O-Mint,” since it’s a tachometer, but “Spare-O-Mint” doesn’t make sense syllabically!

    One more question: any confirmation on further changes to the Movie Moments cases??

    (MET: You do bring up an interesting thing though – all the sponsors do seem to be car pun-themed so you’re right because spear-o-mint or spearmint is not very much related to cars so now I think perhaps it’s Spare-Tire-Mint … with the tire like the heart of I (heart) New York … and a car, I would certainly prefer a spare-tire-mint versus some flavor from plant (ugh, who would want that?) 🙂

    Nothing on any revision to MM’s other than the big controversy of people claiming that their stores are not carrying them anymore …)

  9. We’ll certainly find out for sure about the Spare-O-Mint matter soon enough when the Motor Speedway set comes out! I do believe that it’s supposed to be some sort of flavor/scent/freshener product for tires. Which is odd and hard to really conceive of, but a lot of the products are like that. Not wise to think about them too hard! 🙂

    Based on the HWC image of the back of the MSS set, it does look to me like it just says “Spare Mint,” but the print is too fine for me to make out for sure. This is the sort of thing that virtually no one in the world actually cares about except for totally anal, detail-oriented nerds like myself. So I shall have no more to say on this matter unless it’s to concede that I was totally and completely wrong on this one. It would be far from the first time!

    (MET: It’s all Mattel’s fault. 🙂 )

  10. jackdaddy2008

    I hadn’t noticed the bling bling difference!

    As I am near completist (I don’t buy every single packaging variant) I am confident that I will get them all!


  11. Monica

    Where are the new 3 packs? Have not seen any anywhere. Any sightings?

  12. abbaobsessed

    RPM crew chief is the same as the other crew chiefs, but the picture on the card is a DIFFERENT style car. i HATE that. i wish they would jst make a new one so its at least accurate

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