Wall-E World: The Disney Pixar Thinkway Action Figure Toys

It is a Wall-E world we’ll soon be living in it … you might’ve heard of a company named Disney and a company named Pixar … apparently, they are releasing a film on June 27, 2008 and I suppose if you’re the kind of film-goer who likes plot, well written characters, humor, drama, pathos, dialogue, editing and dazzling animation … you might like this film. It’s probably no LAND BEFORE TIME XXXXVIII though (just kidding 🙂 )

Then there are the toys.

A few of the basic toys have hit the shelves – they look pretty cute.

The most basic series is this one (called B1 Action Figures?) – with Wall-E about an inch tall with 11 figures sold separately.

This is the back of the card, Your choices include: Eve, Wall-E, M-O & The Captain – I’m guessing the others are in wave 2.

The detailing was decent but for some of the smaller figures, was a bit spendy at $5.99 each (WM might be less?) – maybe there will be a multi-pack coming that’s more reasonable.

The next size up are the “Movie Scenes” where Eve is about 2″ tall (she’s the white floating robot).

These were a better value – with three different choices, I grabbed the one with the lunch cooler. Nice sculpts and a better value at $6.99.

The next size up are the 6″ inches ones … while the card is kind of dull, they do feature a lot of interactivity, Eve’s eyes can change expressions, she can blast a boulder and store stuff – pretty cool.

There will be 7 different figures on cards for this size … as you can sort of see in the blue panel on the back of the cards – the U-Repair Wall-E seems cool as he comes disassembled for you to assemble, there is also a Dancing Wall-E, a Cube & Stack Wall-E … they were smart to short-pack the Captain (the fat dude) – otherwise, pegwarmer … (sorry dude). ;-(

There also seems to be a bunch of $24.99 Wall-E’s – this one interacts with Eve and if he “hears” a loud noise in your house, he reacts … There’s another one you can plug your iPod into called iDance Wall-E … There is also a Talking Eve.

The $189 fully programmable version looks something like this called the ULTIMATE WALL-E:

From the Disney/Pixar Press release:

“Based on the title character from this summer’s highly anticipated Disney*Pixar theatrical release, the Ultimate WALL·E is an advanced robot that truly brings the character to life. Designed and developed through a close collaboration between Disney, Pixar animators and Thinkway, the Ultimate WALL·E features 10 motors, giving it a high level of movement and animation. The remote control makes it easy for kids to program WALL·E’s movements. An innovative touch programming system lets kids direct WALL·E simply by making patterns on the remote’s touch pad. With voice activation and a follow-me mode, WALL·E can follow the sound of a human voice and detect someone entering a room. He also has several emotional states and an easy system for programming thousands of combinations of movements with the remote. Numerous sensors allow him to detect and respond to his environment, including infrared sensors that allow him to detect obstacles and steer around them, sonic ears that detect sound direction, and touch sensors. The Ultimate WALL·E is also MP3 compatible and features built-in speakers. USB cables and rechargeable batteries are included. The Ultimate WALL·E will debut this fall at ToysRUs and http://www.disneyshopping.com; SRP $189.99″

The teaser trailer, trailer & even a short sneak peak can be found at the Apple QT site:

The official Disney site is here.

Thinkway Toys who is working with Pixar/Disney on these (also on Nemo, Cars & Buzz LIghtyear) doesn’t really have any info up yet – probably so they don’t give away any spoilers and the fact the first wave just hit the stores.

About the only disappointing thing is that the short in front of WALL-E is nora CARS related one but, Presto is a five-minute short about Alec, a magician’s rabbit who becomes increasingly disgruntled as a hat trick involving him makes his master famous. When the magician goes out to dinner one night, he leaves Alec locked in a cage, gazing longingly at a carrot just out of reach.”


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20 responses to “Wall-E World: The Disney Pixar Thinkway Action Figure Toys

  1. jackdaddy2008

    Yeah, ahem, my son would hate these toys.

    We will go see the movie, as you do, but no chance of buying this crap!

    Me thinks Mcdonalds toys will suffice.

  2. Mike in MN

    I don’t know who is looking forward to this movie more, me or my 4 yr old son! I’ve always loved robots, from R2-D2 to Twiggy (BD-BD-BD, Hey, Buck) to Data.

    I know I’m going to buy one of the Wall-Es for my desk at work and the interactive one looks like the top candidate. And I suppose my kid can have 1 or 2 toys as well. ;0)

  3. Monica

    We went to see Speed Racer last night and there was Wall E stuff all over the theatre (clings on the glass doors, a huge 3D cardboard Wall E, etc). The toys look cute. As for the fat dude pegwarmer, I guess he’s the Prospector huh?

    (MET: I think I read he’s some sort of Captain but I didn’t pay too much attention and my card photo was not detailed enough for em to read …)

  4. Monica

    LOL! I meant The Prospector from Toy Story 2 who was bitter for having been a pegwarmer and was trying to dupe Woody into going to the Japanese Toy Museum. Sorry, a litle to obtuse of a reference.

    (MET: 🙂 You’re absolutely right … he is one dull figure and at $5.99, no one but a collector rounding out the collection will buy him so of course, in 10 years, he’ll be worth huge dollars because it’s not complete with him 🙂 ).

  5. jackdaddy2008

    The main characters called Wall-e?

    Over here, a wally is another word for an idiot!

    Is it the same over there?

    Remember johnny 5, the hyperactive hispanic robot from the late 80s movie short circuit? Is Wall-e a computer animated rehash? Will Wall-e have human emotions and be sooooooooo amusing because he is a bundling idiot?

    Its gonna be a cinema visit for us, but the toys looks shoddy.

    (MET: Yea, pretty much the same here – a “Wally” is a quasi insult but here in the US, most of the older generation associate with the straight-laced older brother of the Beaver from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (um, no jokes – too easy) … so not quite as much of an insult …).

  6. Monica

    Finally saw some of these at TRU while trolling for new Cars.

    I really like the mid sized line. We bought three and I am almost certain I will be getting the interactive one.

    Can’t wait for the movie, it looks super cute.

  7. Nancy

    Wall-E looks alot like Number 5 in the Short Circuit movies of the late 80’s. Are they related?

  8. Heather from Maine

    Saw the Wall-E at my local TRU too.

    My son didn’t seem to interested in the smaller toys but he REALLY liked the interactive Wall-E. Every time he pressed the demo button on the toy to make it talk, he laughed. Might get that one. I really want to see the Ultimate Wall-E when it comes out!

    Can’t wait for the movie!

  9. jackdaddy2008

    That ultimate wall-e looks well scary, like it would come alive at night and kill everyone in your neighbourhood!

    I like the ineractive one too, but will wait until Jack has seen the movie before we buy.

  10. Heather from Maine


    It’s funny you mentioned waiting to see the movie first before buying the toys…

    I did that when the Cars movie and toys first came out. Saw all the Cars toys in TRU but hadn’t seen the movie yet. I remember thinking to myself these are cute cars and my son likes them… but I’m not sure if the movie will be any good. A movie with talking cars in it….can’t be any good!!!


    Saw the movie…kids loved it…went back to TRU to find the Cars….ALL GONE!!!!

    That’s were my, I mean…. the kids’ obsession, to hunt the Cars toys down began.

    So, the lesson I learned is DON”T WAIT!!!

    We buy the toys that we really think are cool and don’t open them until we see the movie …and if the movie sucks…return the toys within 30 days!!! LOL

  11. Monica

    Same thing happened to us with Cars Heather. An obsession was born.

    We watch the previews and trailers of Wall E on the website and the boys laugh like crazy. I think they are going to enjoy the movie.

    Thanks for reminding me that I should buy interactive Wall E NOW.

  12. Heather from Maine

    Hi Monica

    I think the movie will be good too. Wall-E may not be as popular as Cars as far as the toys go but I think anyone who loves tech toys like robots will love the Wall-E toys.

    Especially Ultimate Wall-E, which I just googled for more info on and came across this demo video.


    After watching the demo, I think I might skip all the smaller Wall-E toys for one Ultimate. My daughter well be 11 years old in Sept. so she would love the Ultimate Wall-E. My Son will be turning 5 so the interactive Wall-E would be better suited for him. There is a U-Command Wall-E that seems to be a smaller, less expensive ($49.99) version of the Ultimate.

    Who am I kidding…I have no will power…I’ll end up getting the whole line!! LOL

  13. Heather from Maine

    This demo video is a little better:


  14. Heather from Maine


    Will the Wall-E toys be available at other retailers besides TRU and disneyshopping.com?


    (MET: They’re not really exclusives but it sure seems that way, doesn’t it … since Thinkway is a smaller company, they might not have gotten as much shelf space as the big two were willing to give early on with several dueling action figure movies out including the Panda movie, Indiana Jones, Batman & Hulk … so maybe as we get into the last week of June …).

  15. Monica

    Wow! Thanks for that Heather. Ultimate Wall E looks amazing. My husband’s going to want to buy him for the boys for sure.

  16. Heather from Maine


    I wanted to know because TRU is taking pre-orders for Ultimate Wall-E $199.99….releases on Sept. 13th.

    I was hoping to find it for less elsewhere. Not sure if I should hold off on ordering???

    MONICA- Ultimate Wall-E is pretty cool!!!. The new tech toys that come out every year are getting better and better!!!

    (MET: I thought the original list was $189 but they may have raised prices along with everyone else. The only substantial savings might be with shipping? Sometimes at that price, you cross into free shipping territory which I think TRU tends to avoid …).

  17. Heather from Maine

    Well….TRU just jacked the price up for Ultimate Wall-E from $199.99 to $249.99.

    For that price I should be able to program Wall-E to clean my house!

    Wishful thinking….

    (MET: There’s a $5 Off Wall-E TRU coupon …)

  18. Heather from Maine

    We saw the Wall-E movie today and it was just awesome! Great animation and the story was extremely thought provoking. Highly recommended!!!

    Stopped by TRU after the movie and picked up Interactive Wall-E. Too cute to pass up!!!

    Asked the manager if they would be getting the Ultimate Wall-E in. She said she didn’t think so because if it is available for pre-sale online that they would also have an in-store pre-sale. So it looks like the only way to get Ultimate Wall-E is thru TRU website. I haven’t seen it available anywhere else online yet.

    Needless to say, I already ordered one. Yes, it’s a lot of money but….I got a free Wall-E Robot Arm toy with my purchase of over $25.00!!! A $7.99 VALUE!!! LOL

    (MET: Be sure to send us pics of Ultimate Wall-E making you breakfast and shoveling the driveway 🙂 … though when you get yours, be sure to take some pics and send us a review!)

  19. Heather from Maine

    Will do Met!

    Unfortunately, Ultimate Wall-E won’t be shipped until Sept. but at least I have my Wall-E Robot Arm to help me reach and grab that jar on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet! 🙂

  20. I love wall.e he rules and hes cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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