Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway Set Unboxing Photos + Yep, Dale Jr. is a Variant

Thanks to reader, “Steve” who seems to have one of the first official ones. Don’t ask me or him how he got it … just look at the pictures and be ready to get in/on the cyber-line on Tuesday.

The Box:

The Coke can is for height comparison, of course but as we proceed further, it’s evident you will need a cold one to finish and display this thing … by my eye, it’s like 8 Coke cans tall so clear off you Emmy and Best Camper Awards for this thing.

And now, we open:

The cardboard boxes inside only serve to support the box – nothing inside.

From Steve’s own words (with some UK English to American English),

“Anyway, it comes in a big cardboard box with Mattel logo an the usual purple banding, weighing in at 8.4 kg, which is about 18.5 lbs. (REVISED – CORRECTED).

The ends are sealed with standard packing tape. Inside the box are 2 boxes, some packaging and tissue paper.

The first box is the Speedway of the South box itself, as shown in the pictures above. It is sealed with circular tabs, but contains no cars, only 3 cardboard fillers to support it, and display plinth area.”

(Plinth is a cool word, no idea what it means so I left in there 🙂 )

The CARS come in a separate cardboard piece:

Again – Steve says, “The second box is a long, flattish cardboard box, sealed with packing tape, in which there are the cars themselves. They sit in 2 moulded plastic trays and are individually bagged. These bags are not sealed. There is also a packet of ties which can be used to secure the cars to the proper box.

In other words, it’s a kind of self assembly job.”

So, you can’t display it without cracking it open – so on your marks – OPEN!

Back of the box:

Steve also seems the mention the front clear plastic is heavier gauge clear plastic – not like the flimsy plastic covering the typical box sets which tend to sag after a while.

But that’s not all, Steve was thoughtful enough to give us a view of the DIFFERENT & VARIANT Dale Jr.

Yep, it’s all true.

For reference, here is the current Dale Jr.

All smiles and a happy go lucky guy.

New Dale Jr.? The I’m passing and I’m gonna spin you out Dale Jr. (ie: I’m sick and tired of hearing about LM, King & Chick!)

What is different? As far as I can tell:

It’s the No Stall/Nitroade body

He’s not smiling

Eyes different

The stylized JR logo on the back “trunk” is thicker and taller – almost touching the windshield.

There are 7-8 rivets on the “front” of the spoiler – the back of the spoiler looks the same.

Back “tail-lights” are now triangular in shape versus the rectangles before.

The red color might not be a Budweiser red (to avoid trademark issues) but another red now but that’s hard to say until I hold them side by side but that would be logical.

Anything else?

Well, here’s your one “exclusive” car – whether this becomes the new Dale Jr., we shall have to see.


Normally, Mattel starts a countdown 12-4 days beforehand and we are already at 4 days so it seems unlikely we will get a countdown … Reader Matt brings up an interesting point about why we haven’t seen a countdown yet.

” …it seems really odd that there has not been a price release or countdown timer for this set despite the fact that they have confirmation that 5/20/08 is the day. Wondering if Mattel is trying to drum up more sales through their regular RL Club members who are anti-Cars. Have looked through some of the message boards on, and have seen estimates by their members that they think the price point is at $100.00, and most saying that they won’t even sniff if it is over that amount. I think they will be in for a big surprise…”

One reason for no-countdown is that it might annoy the regular HW/RL Club members who already cried about offering the Factory Set last year so Mattel might not want to wave a red flag in front of them – knowing full well that 99.8% of the buyers for this set have pretty much been ready the to buy the first rumors leaked out last fall.

So, apparently on Tuesday, the 20th, the flag will drop at 9 AM Pacific US time and the only countdown is when they sell out. And since the set is $250-$300, they don’t want you to think too hard by analyzing it logically over days or weeks – instead they just want you to go all Vegas and click away on Tuesday. The current info is 1,000 sets so good luck and may you be blessed with 50 MBps broadband.

So thanks Steve, enjoy and hope that everyone else who wants one will have a great Motor Speedway of the South Day May 20th.

Any other questions – presumably, they’ve been answered in the sneak peek post or our recent & older posts so good luck everyone!


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38 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway Set Unboxing Photos + Yep, Dale Jr. is a Variant

  1. Sarah

    I am so ready to buy one of these. Would really like to know the price!

  2. Mara

    Is it safe to assume that the cars in the set not already released, will be released at some point as either singles or the 3 pks w/their crews, or MM? If so, I am going to hold out because then you will have to buy them all over again to get the crew chief and pitty.

    (MET: If I say yes, and not no – will you hold me to it? Do I think they will all get re-released? The remaining 20ish CARS not listed as coming out in any other version? I can almost guarantee you’ll see 10-15 of them … for the remaining? Likely but something might happen. The bottom line is Mattel either gets your money in one lump sum AND/OR sells you (and/or re-sells you) the same CARS as launchers, 3-packs, singles and box sets … as the old ad goes, pay me now or pay me later …).

  3. Podso

    The cost is on RLC $299.99 plus 12.95 shipping

    A little spendy but don’t have to drive all over to get a bunch of cars 🙂

  4. Monica

    I would guess that they may not release ALL of the cars as three packs since I doubt they would make all of the crew chiefs and pittys.

  5. Juan

    It also says that there will be no more than 1,000 Sets made.

  6. jackdaddy2008

    There has been a blazing row in my house over this.

    I might just sell the whole collection, and be rid of this crap.

    If anyone is genuinely interested in buying a complete Disney Cars diecast collection, let me know.

    I am sick of the sight of them to be honest.

  7. Rebecca

    jackdaddy2008 I am with you… They have taken this one step to far and people are getting tired of it… Truthfully what was suppose to be fun isn’t so fun anymore for some and my 9 year old is actually tired of them… I won’t sell what we have, but I won’t be doing this for the second movie… It has been very stressful for us…

  8. Monica

    So Jackdaddy, what was the row about?

    I am a little disappointed about the price, I was hoping it would be closer to $250 with tax/shipping included. But it’s all pretty much as expected.

    Now I just have to figure out if I am going to let the boys play with them.

  9. MCL Sydney

    So it’s clearly shown on the HWC site that it is coming, does it mean we dont have to be a redline member to buy? Whatever it takes to buy..Im in…! Whats your email btw so I can send that photo of LMQ at Petersens museum. Thx

    “This Set Races to RLC™ Members on May 20!”

    24-Hours for RLC members – after that, anyone can buy a set … will it last 24-hours, I wouldn’t bet on it but $299+ is a lot of money …)

  10. Monica

    Red Line Club Members get first chance on the 20th. If there are any left after that, it’s first come first served for regular HWC members and RL club members can buy a second one on the 21st.

    The details are at

  11. Matt

    Many, many questions…. and again Mattel shows us that we Cars collectors are second fiddle. God forbid we have the opportunity to purchase 14 custom made batmobiles over the next week. No, we get one set released a year, and it is limited now to 1,000. I also note, per the pending discussion as to which, and if all racers will be released, that Mattel indicates that many of the cars are making their “CARS debut” a/k/a, you’ll see it in a three pack, as a solo card, and in another Target Exclusive selling 10 cars, 2 of which we don’t already have.

    So what is the time estimate on how long these will last? I know the price point is a bit excessive, and many will shy away. I for one will take the plunge and am hoping that I will get a set if I am logged on at 9:00. Unfortunately, I am traveling and will be in Arizona on a laptap. Anyone know of any super CPU’s near Scottsdale? I will bring the Starbucks and Donuts!! Good luck to one and all….. Omaha out.

    (MET: I predict it will be a sellout in less than 3 hours. Most Starbucks off AT&T customers free WiFi. Panera Bread offers free internet … also keep in mind Arizona doesn’t abide by daytime savings time so be sure you’re properly adjusted).

  12. jackdaddy2008

    Monica you are right, I won’t be selling what I have got either.

    The row was about costs of this set.
    Shipping will be huge, I didn’t realise this was so heavy until Steve gave us his details.
    I am now basically facing paying an American to send me a product I should be able to buy from the manufacturer.

    I suspect that the European market will cool massively now, I cannot see many UK buyers paying the shipping for this, never mind the eBay monsters minimum 100% mark up too. I really don’t care if you are reading this and are offended by that remark, if you are buying this set to extort someone, you are scum. SCUM SCUM SCUM! My comments are not directed at sellers who want to make a little, my comments are directed at the con artists who plan to double their money in the most low life uncreative and exploitive way.

    KIDS TOYS people!

    This is actually kinda cool though, because hopefully this will teach the eBay monsters to stop being so greedy and ultimately force the price down?

    My Mrs is angry because she has never liked this collection, mainly due to the time it has wasted, but its because of the money too. She also said we should have went direct to Mattel last month to get the set rather than wait like we are.

    I said no, on the grounds that Mattel wouldn’t help us, mainly due to the Hot Wheels thing.

    Now it seems that someone in the UK has had success by doing that?

    Also, she wants to go away for the weekend, and this purchase would pretty much get in the way of that, so it doesn’t look like we will be getting a set.

    I wrote to Disney again this morning.

    Its ridiculous, this would essentially cost me a minimum of $12 per car due to the shipping. I can get sealed carded cars off a shop shelf for $6! An exclusive set should work out better value, not worse.

    Mattel are so stupid, do they honestly think that Cars collectors are going to be the slightest bit interested in their ugly sister Hot wheels, especially after how we have been treated.

    Their bravado is astonishing.

    Whats the point in collecting if we can’t complete the collection?

    I know Disney are sympathetic and are very concerned with Mattels tactics, but whether or not I get a set as a result…….!!??

    Hopefully someone who has been responsible for this farce will lose their job and have to go through similar to what we have went through recently at our house in theirs.

    I have been reassuring everyone close to me that its a sound investment and that collecting the Cars won’t be too difficult of time consuming, even fun, but this year………….

    The worst of it is, I need loads of other newer cars too, which I could have bought from America along with this set, but the shipping on the speedway alone is just not worth it.

    Mattel should do something for non US collectors, I think there could be legal ramifications for them if they don’t. Why should collectors outside the US have to pay 2 – 3 times more for something as basic as sodding toy cars?! They are not even discontinued or retired, they are supposed to be new releases!

    You would think that a company would want to take my money?

    We have been loyal to this franchise, buying everything die cast related that they have released (almost twice) and we even decorated our sons room to coincide with Cars mania!

    Well done Mattel, you have completely messed with my family environment and loss my long term business.

  13. Roberto

    Nice to see you got an exclusive on a set that hasn’t been released yet. Oh hang on a minute, didn’t you more or less call the last person to publish pre sale details of this set a thief? You went to some lengths to distance yourselves from “whoever snuck these out of the back of a Chinese warehouse.” and made clear your distain. What’s changed?

  14. luna

    nice set, and the display/plinth to. im ready to login to rlc tuesday, a friend of mine will ship it to me in europe, but can it really by tru that this box weights 16 kg. ?? i really hope it is 16 lbs. or i will have to pay very high shipping price to europe for the set.

  15. steve12345789

    The packaging slip states 16kg.
    But I just put it on a pair of bathroom scales, and it actually weighs 8.4 kg, which is about 18.5 lbs.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  16. luna

    Thank you Steve
    i was a litlle bit worried that shipping from usa to europe for a set could be like 200$

    one more question.

    tell me is aplle car and the shifty drug are those with black rims or white rims??

    btw congrats onyour set it looks fantastic

  17. steve12345789

    Both cars have white rims (with black tyres of course)

  18. grandrapids

    $299!?!? Sick and wrong.

  19. Noel


    I love the way you go nuts over nothing :).

    I was actually expecting $349 so it doesn’t look so bad right now. I’m very glad they come in bags and not attached to the box like in the picture. I can actually display them the way I want to.

    I agree they are pricey but don’t buy them if you think they are too much. They are going to sell out with or without your purchase.

    What people are going to do is sell the cars individually on eBay and get three times thier money back. I’ll bet that Apple car goes for $150+ all by itself.

    The only ones that will not sell well are Gasprin, Tow Cap, No Stall, Vinyl Toupee, RPM 64, and the other common Piston Cup Racers you can buy right now. The Dale Jr. may go for a good buck as it’s a variant.

    Watch the frenzy unfold about an hour after they go on sale. People are still paying $40+ for a Blu Ray McQueen and they made 15,000 of those.

    Because of the already steep pricing, eBay scalpers will almost certainly start the bidding at $400+

  20. whatever

    $150 for Apple all by himself.. what are you nuts… If anyone pays that they really need their head EXAMINED!!!!!

  21. Noel

    easily whatever,

    The Rollin Bowlin Mater on the card from the 2006 Factory Sealed Set went for 140+ if I’m not mistaken, and it was a regular Mater card, not even one with the correct picture on it.

    I’m not nuts, but the people who pay that kind of money for a single car certainly are. The set is worth more in pieces than it is in whole. There was one other common car that went for crazy money, Met knows them all by heart.

    People are selling the loose No Stall, Vinyl Toupee, and Octane Gain out of the Dinoco 400 set for $10-12 each. The set is on sale for $17.99 all the time at local Targets because they have palletes of them to get rid of.

    I plan to either display the SoS cars in a glass IKEA case (now with color changing LED strips, available at IKEA for $49.99) or simply store the box as it comes and not open it. And no, I don’t work for IKEA.

  22. whatever

    As for my Targets here in CO the Dinoco 400 Set is still selling for $30.99 not $17.99 so everyone else is getting a bargain if they find it for that….. It was $29.99 and they raised it a dollar on top of that…

    (MET: It was online at for $17.99 – if so, store might match?)

  23. jackdaddy2008

    Any s@#t I can hurl at Mattel will be hurled Noel.

    I’m not really getting upset/angry over nothing though, this has caused problems in our house.

    The numbers for release are grossly below demand, they are not exclusive, they are paltry!
    1000 units for the entire planet?
    The shipping is too high.
    It would probably cost me $1000 including shipping now.
    Thats extortion.
    I am not buying 36 toy cars for that.

    My collection is worth a lot already, maybe this will just be a small piece I let go.
    Most of them will come out separately.

    I will do all I can to make things difficult for Mattel. I don’t want them to be allowed to do the merchandise for Cars 2.

    I am going to type up a letter for Disney that I hope all of you can print off and sign individually to post to them complaining about things in general.

    Hopefully Met can do a post for it.

    This is all very wrong.

  24. whatever

    I think this price is totally ridiculous… Yes it may have several new ones, but gee it also has about 12 cars that most of us already have.. I personally will not pay that kind of money at $10 a car for the ones I already have… To those who want to spend that great, but I know I plan to keep my money…

  25. Noel

    I think the price is way out of line too. It all comes down to how bad you want it and how much disposable income you have laying around.

    They could ask $500 and people would buy them.

    I’m telling you, there will be more individual car auctions than people selling the whole set on FleaBay. We should get a pool going as to which car will fetch the highest price by itself (other than the #84 Apple car).

    Jackdaddy, I see why you’re upset after getting double screwed by Mattel.

  26. Steve AKA: Poppa

    The Hot Wheels Collectors Club markets many exclusives and limited Hot Wheels. The secondary market prices are generally not out of reach. Many Hot Wheels collectors consider ‘mass market’ cars for their collections only, and, avoid jacked up prices for a casting that should cost only $0.99. The Cars movie has yet to prove itself for investment purposes. Considering the number of blisters that were produced with the desert cards, the cars will never be a wise investment. Star Wars action figures is a good example of a toy line that has generated significant bucks on the secondary market, but, only for the original toys mint on mint card. That’s due to the fact that every kid opened the toys in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, so there are a very limited number available. The Star Wars line from 1995 forward has no investment potential as the speculators hoarded toys that are now throw aways. Remember the $80 Princess Leia in the white robe? Now she is free with a magazine subscription. I spent some time this afternoon checking on eBay Buy It Now prices for mint baseball card sets. What had been selling for $180 in the 1980’s is unsold at $20. Cars II is so far in the future, it is probable Mattel will issue all the SOS cars on single blisters and various multiple packs. Sometime excess inventory (read peg warmers) are thrown into multiple packs just to move them. Remember, Disney approves all the toys. Disney does not let a manufacturer do whatever it wants with their properties. Mattel will probably introduce every Car that appears in the movie just to keep the product line fresh. Also, as kids are born and become interested in the Cars story line, those kids will want the ‘common’ castings. Toy manufacturers do read blogs. They realize there are collectors that will buy anything that is thrown at them. If I were in the marketing department I would introduce new packaging for “Motor Speedway of the South.” “Wanna bet?”

  27. jackdaddy2008

    I have heard different from Disney.
    This year has seen something go horribly wrong.

    Chuki has been the only new release I have not seen or heard of being bought bhy anyone off a UK shelf yet. It seems to have been exclusive to eBay sellers over here.

    Mattel have contradicted their claims for releases so many times in the last 18 months, its getting too hard to follow.

    I think you are wrong about the investment thing, a lot of the Cars are getting 100% – 200% mark ups on ebay now, and they are not anywhere near becoming vintage.

    The original Flos V8 Cafe was £17.99 but that gets as much as £100, usually £70 on eBay.

    Toys like them are a dying art as we enter the virtual gaming age (wii/Gta4/second life etc.)

    In 15 years, they will be very valuable.

  28. Rebecca

    Steve AKA: Poppa I am with you I believe they will be sold individually and we will be able to get them adventually… Mattel isn’t just going to release them this way and that is it. They will want to get as much money out of them as they can. They don’t care what the ebay person is getting (which I never buy from) because they are making no profit off of this..

  29. Steve AKA: Poppa

    The reason Cars are getting 1005 markup on eBay is because undisciplined collectors cannot wait for the product to hit the store shelves. I’ve seen posts for collectors looking for Chuki. Well, I bought one at Target when the car first came out. I could have bought six, but, then I’d have to inventory it, i.e., lose money over the long run. I’ve said it before, eBayers have 90 days to return unsold inventory for a cash refund-no questions asked. I retired recently and have absolutely no desire of taking on a retirement job of selling or hoarding toys. Gas is money. EBayer has fees. Trips to the post office! A 100% markup on a $2.97 toy from Wal*Mart? Big deal! If I wanted to keep working I would have stayed at my old job and continue to make $32+ per hour with great benefits. You have not factored in the time value of money. My brother collects vintage Lionel trains. Accounting for inflation and purchasing power of current dollars, a $50 engine from 1951 sold today for $250 is a money loser. Looks great on paper, but, you have inflated dollars. You actually lost money and would have been better investing in certificates of deposits or the stock market. The other factor is how you are doing business. If you’re a retailer, eBay to a big box store, you buy inventory and turn it as fast as possible. Typically, you want to turn your inventory dollars 3x-4x per year. You’re working on a margin. Letting dollars or pounds sit idle in a Car is not productive. Long term you’re going to take a loss or a best maybe make a couple dollars or pounds. Then factor in your time and effort. If you’re driving around all day to find these elusive little Cars, you have to factor in that time. You’re better off getting a real job and buying the stuff on eBay. I do alot of internet buying because I do not have to pay for gas, sales tax, and usually get a decent discount because the retailer does not have the costs associated with a brick and mortar operation- win, win for both parties. If you’re going to buy every packaging variation with the hopes of scoring big time in 10-15 years, you’re going to have to find that unique person that wants your packaging variation. Good luck finding anyone you will want Cars in 10-15 years. If you think I’m wrong, I have a playroom full of Star Wars action figures and ship (Mint in Mint box) that I cannot liquidate because nobody wants them for even the retail price. But, they were not bought with the purpose of investment-just collecting. But, Kids move out and always leave their stuff behind. Yeah, you want Mint in Box Barbie dolls from the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s, we got that too! They were retailing on the secondary market for $150-$250 each when new. Now they are headed to the dump bin at the next garage sale. Since Sarge has become “rare” I’ve been giving them away to the grandkids of our friends, who actually play with them and are past the oral stage of child development. As an investment the Cars are worth boo! As a hobby they’re nice, bright and colorful! Those of you keeping a second pack unopened for the future, great. Your kid will appreciate sharing them with your grandkid in 20 years or so! “Look what your daddy played with when he was your age.” I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but, if you do not get your $375 SOS the world will not end and you’ll have $375 of other stuff you were able to buy. Got to sign off and check the Cars stock market quotes for the day-hee, hee.

  30. Steve AKA: Poppa

    I’m back, Just checked eBay. Somebody in the UK has four SOS cars going for less than $6 US right now. Only five days left to jack up the price! Go for it!

  31. jackdaddy2008

    Steveakapoppa –

    I could debate with you until the cows come home.

    First of all, you say eBay gets 100% mark up because undisciplined collectors make it that way.

    Thats nonsense, most Cars get it because there are not enough cars mate.
    I have studied/investigated this, and have spoken to dozens of collectors in the US & UK.
    I have read hundreds of posts on this site alone complaining about availability.
    Some UK collectors who go to retailers regular as clockwork have never seen Dale Earnhardt, Bob Cutlass or Pit crew Doc on a shop shelf.

    These came out six months ago.
    I know they did, because I bought them from Sainsburys in November (Pit Crew Doc was February).

    Disney use the word ‘concerned’!
    This is diplomatic, but at the same time is a huge statement to be read into on the relationship they have with Mattel.
    If they thought Mattel were right, they would say so.
    They haven’t.
    They released their own die cast range of Cars though, which could be a hint about what to expect for Cars 2.
    Disney stores need energised in America and want to expand in the EU.
    Cars 2 exclusive merchandise might be the vehicle to do it.
    I would not be surprised if Disney have the arrogance to ditch Mattel and do it their own, ‘exclusive’ way next movie.
    Disney changed merchandise manufacturers on Toys Story 1 & 2.
    Although I think Mattel are unproductive, they do make nice Cars, so this would be a shame, but also totally understandable.

    Its not 100% mark ups on the odd $3 car that gets my blood boiling, its the incompetence of the manufacturers distributing process that does. 100% mark up on a $300 set is criminal, then there is shipping. This is not small money. I can buy a decent fixer up real life car for that price Steve.
    However, Chuki is selling for £10 on eBay UK, add shipping, thats £12. This is a 400% mark up on UK retail prices, or 800% on US retail prices. When you are faced with paying that every time you want to add a car to your already massive collection, it starts to grind Steve, and I suspect there is a lot being kept hush at Mattel due to sinister reasons. This used to be fun. Furthermore, only one Chuki was available on eBay within 100 miles of me, with under 20 available in the whole of the UK. The rest were in the US.

    There are Cars die cast products that are already setting a standard for price, most notably Flos V8 Cafe, which is regarded by toy collectors like my Dads pal, as the millenium falcon of this generation. There aren’t that many of them mate, Supercharged re-releases are not the same.
    World of difference.

    Then there are other screamers like Blu ray mcqueen, Rollin Bowlin’ mater, the factory set, silver rimmed fhh, Sarge, gift sets and others.

    Like all good collectables, some of the cars regarded as less valuable will eventually surprise us and become unexpectedly valuable.
    Sarge being the contemporary example.

    I agree with your point about getting a job instead of just hunting cars, but I don’t think many do that, most who do are probably stay at home parents in between school runs/shopping trips.

    I myself work from home mostly and only do a shop run once a week IF I CAN, but I always do a proper run once a month, like I did last month when I posted my report on this very forum.

    I sympathise with your Star Wars problem, my dads pal has the same problem, but that will change.

    Lucas still haven’t released a proper 6 dvd set of the entire saga yet, its a timeless movie, and people will want them again. A western (US/EU) baby boom generation is estimated to be aged 3 – 7 just now, which is obviously slightly too young for Star Wars yet. I was 9 when I went mad for it.
    It WILL have a revival.
    I am sure someone would give you good money for them though.
    eBay is definitely not the place for it.
    Ofcourse, as things become more valuable/expensive the market becomes smaller. I bet there are hundreds of people who would buy you collection if they had he spare cash. I know I would.

    Barbie is more a non politically correct issue, but again, they might have a revival?
    Not many Mothers want their kids having barbie as a role model.

    I admit, there is an element of risk in toy collecting, but if you buy everything now at retail price, you have nothing to lose, they simply will not lose value. Flo’s original V8 Cafe has already out appreciated property growth percentage wise! Usually (as you will know) it takes a toy 3 – 4 years minimum to grow that much.
    Cars have a bigger potential collectors/buyers market than Star Wars, Barbie or Action Man. Most other movie collectables are the same.
    Cars appeals to huge audiences, and it will keep growing, and growing, and growing as long as people have babies who watch dvds.

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the movie, but I know plenty who think Star Wars sucks!

    Finally, I will check out your reference to 4 sos cars based in the uk, but I suspect these are 4 individual cars or 4 pre sales which will explode price wise in a couple of days. They could also be con artists listings. I know I wouldn’t risk listing something I didn’t have yet, and I eBay a lot.

    So thanks and sorry Steve, I am not looking for a fight, and you sound a lot like my Dads mate (a good thing), but I have strong views (in case you didn’t know already).

  32. Noel

    It will be fun to watch the carnage on Ebay starting Tuesday afternoon.

  33. Steve AKA: Poppa

    Hi jackdaddy2008. I rechecked the four offerings in the UK and you cannot tell if the single cars are a pre-sell or part of an item that fell of the back of a truck. The graphics appear to be the same chap that offered a out the back door set several months ago. There is one listing for the SOS set in the UK with the minimum not reach yet at US$238.

    I think my entire premise is Cars will never reach vintage status and command the prices vintage toys have reached. The production levels for current toys are a trade secret, but, supply and demand come into play. I have an acquaintance who owns a vintage toy shop. He does not resell anything that is current, i.e., he does not scalp the toy aisles. However, he has people constantly dragging in current toys. He buys current Hot Wheels (1998-2008) for ten cents each and resells them for fifty cents. He says he cannot offer more because he would be inundated with them. I refer friends to him because his prices beat retailer. He buys current (1995 forward) Star Wars action figures at $2.00 each. Again, offer more and he will be swamped. He makes his money on old vintage toys such as early Tonka or Hot Wheels red lines. In the stamp collecting area, people use to buy commemoratives at $1.50 per sheet of 50 stamps in the 1940 and 1950’s. Those stamps are bought at a discount now and used for special mailings. If you bought $1.50 worth of stamps in 1950 and sold them now for $1.25, you have taken a beating. Adjusted for inflation those stamps cost the equivalent of $7.50+. Only time will tell what the market will be like. I ran into a woman in the Hot Wheels aisle at Wal*Mart buying 99 cent Hot Wheels to fund her three year old daughter’s college education because Lee’s Collector Digest prices cars at a 200%-300% markup. In 15 years she will have a pile of Hot Wheels with a return on investment of less than a certificate of deposit.

    PS: On the Star Wars movies, the first three are great (Jedi a little weak), and, the second trilogy “suck” big time.

  34. Roberto

    Hi Steve et al,

    Those are my cars listed on ebay. they are not pre-sales I have had them since last year, they are the real thing, not customs and I have, thanks to an agreement with a large toy company, received clearance to sell these items legally and freely. I think I have 7 listed and I do have more. They cost me a fortune in purchase fees, time spent in discussions and a not inconsiderable legal bill. Oh and I listed a V2 RR so I’m ready to receive a lot of positive responses about that 😉
    jackdaddy2008 my listings are not con-artist listings but nice of you to weigh in with your usual heavy handed high moral approach. I’m getting to like it 🙂 Don’t explode on me now, I’m in the UK too and we might be neighbours!

  35. jackdaddy2008

    I couldn’t care if we are, it wouldn’t change a thing.

    What I said was –

    “Finally, I will check out your reference to 4 sos cars based in the uk, but I suspect these are 4 individual cars or 4 pre sales which will explode price wise in a couple of days. They could also be con artists listings. I know I wouldn’t risk listing something I didn’t have yet, and I eBay a lot.”

    Notice the use of “I will check”, “suspect”, “could be” and “I wouldn’t”.

    Not really anything derogatory directed at you is there?

    I haven’t looked, and won’t be.

    I am loaded mate, I could have been a customer, but thats another story eh?

  36. Roberto

    Thanks for letting me know you are loaded, that was a very pertinent point. I live in a big house…

    I’m gutted you won’t be a customer of mine. I might as well pull the listings now 😦

    BTW stong views aren’t neccesarily a virtue.

    Lets just agree to disagree now eh. Don’t want another post locking to the detriment of everyone else do we? I withdraw…..

  37. jackdaddy2008

    I honestly haven’t a clue where you are coming from? What is it exactly I did to rile you so much?

    You only started giving me grief when the Ransberg thing blew up, which btw, was the doing of more people than just me. If that has collapsed, excellent, good was done.

    I suspect that you must be connected to the Ransburg fiasco?
    If you are, shame on you.
    What was going on there was misleading cowboy crooked business over a collectors item for kids. I collect these things, but they belong to my son Jack. He is too young to use the internet, ebay, and pay for things just now, but he won’t always be. Thats why I am how I am.

    A year ago, everything was lightning mcqueen. This year, its been different, and I blame Mattel for that. Their actions have not only damaged collections, they have damaged hobbies shared by a Father and son and affected a couples relationship. They take us for granted, and I make noise about it.

    That said, I agree with your point “strong views aren’t a virtue”, and am disappointed there have been as many posts as there have been, but a lot has happened, so what can you do?

  38. (MET-EDITED, okay – let’s enjoy the day).

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