Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Countdown to Motor Speedway of the South Has Begun!

Yep, it’s real and it’s almost here.

Clear your calendar and your credit cards.

Make sure your broadband bill is paid and you have a backup generator come May 20, 2008.

Make sure the cat or dog hasn’t frayed your keyboard USB connector.

West Coasters like me will have to have our caffeine injected and ready to start typing and clicking by 9 AM … but East Coasters can meander in at noon.

Briefly, the price is $299.00 (+ 12.95 S&H).

Limited to 1,000.

Yes, you need a membership in the Red Line Club ($24.95+shipping) and GET THAT TAKEN CARE OF before May 20, 2008 – you want avoid any problems.

You must FIRST sign up for the Hot Wheels Club (free) – then click on SHOP.

Yes, you can only buy ONE per RLC membership …

… But you can buy FIVE RLC memberships at the SAME MAILING ADDRESS!

BUT you will need 5 emails addresses and you have to log off before logging back on.

Any other questions, we think we pretty much answered any questions you might have in our earlier posts – here, here & here.

(Whoa, we started talking about these 6 months ago?!)

Good luck one and all and may the best 1,000 of us get as may as we want, need, desire and crave πŸ™‚

For those of you who plan on opening their set, may you live to be a thousand and be blessed with harmony, wisdom, beauty and a Red Ransberg … for those who just intend to rush onto eBay, may your mouse click and return key stop functioning πŸ™‚ … BTW, RLC items are NOT allowed to be pre-sold on eBay so you can report any sellers who pre-list and pre-sell the set starting today or until it is actually IN HAND. At that point, Mattel no longer restricts (re)selling a RLC item …

After you sign up, you can read more details about the set HERE … (there is a typo in Mattel’s list – Gask-It is #80, not the third #84)

Our first un-boxing photos are HERE.

If you’d like to send us yours when you get the set and open it – be sure and email them to us or send us a link!

For those of you are undecided on whether to buy, it’s $8.30 a CAR not including S&H, quite a bit of inflation from the last exclusive Red Line box set of $5.51 a CAR.

For those keeping track, here are the Piston Cup CARS out:

Lightning McQueen
Chick Hicks
Dale Jr.*
The King
Leak Less
No Stall
Octane Gain
Tow Cap
Vinyl Toupee

NOTE – the Speedway set Dale Jr. is a variant.

Shiny Wax #82 & Sparemint #93 are announced as 3-packs plus we have seen Trunk Fresh #34 as a launcher so 14 (if you’re a variant collector) or 15 of the 36 CARS are available or will soon be available in other packs … as people have asked, does it mean every Piston Cup Race CAR will be released in some form or another … Probably, possibly, maybe … yes, likely but will they all be available in 2008? Highly unlikely but anything is possible. Yes, that’s no answer but that’s the Mattel answer.

It seems that Mattel is aiming to use the single cards to sell the highest visibility CARS and CARS that are the most interesting looking might get a solo card release – so I imagine that some of the Piston Cup CARS might get solo card releases like Tac-o-Mint, Mac iCar (Mattel is calling it the Apple Car) and a few others but some are frankly not all are that visually exciting (of course, to us, we’ll take anything) so most will make appearances as 3-packs with their crew chief and Movie Moments (okay, the Apple CAR is more likely to be a Movie Moment packed with Mike or something …) but does that mean everything will come out at some point – that’s probably the plan but will it be 100% certain? No … There is no way of telling ,,, just as most guesses were on the lower end scale of $249 and not $299 … so anything, everything and nothing is possible, impossible or probable … the bottom line is Mattel doesn’t even know … but they would never admit that πŸ˜‰

So, now we know pricing – you in? You out? You want to vent?

ADDED THOUGHTS BASED ON COMMENTS: The Motor Speedway is its own unique entity. We already can see that in addition toΒ  a couple three packs announced (Shiny Wax, SpareMint), there is also a photo pointed out by reader “Jeff” from HK that a four pack of LM, King, Chick & Re-volting ($15.99? $19.99?) is ready to go … so it certainly appears that the CARS themselves are as “exclusive” as the WM CARS were “exclusives.” They are exclusive unique to this packaging, time, pricing and place (in other words, Mattel is the date who loves you forever until the Sun comes up and hey, it’s another forever πŸ˜‰ ) … buying this set assures you of having 25 (including Dale Jr variant) Piston Cup racers in your hands in a couple weeks (plus the ones you already own). The bottom line is whether that is worth $300+ to you.Β  Just be aware that in a month’s time, only 22 might left unique and that still leaves us with Toyfair announcements and the holidays where last year we saw some 20+ CARS released between summer and the end of the year so while it’s unlikely we will see all of them but maybe 8 more Piston Cup racers? So, eventually, all might be re-released but does that detract from the set itself? That is your call. The short term future of this line can be predicted but a year from now, who knows. So, $300+ guarantees the Piston Cup racers in hand in two weeks, after that, Mattel might flirt, tease, disappoint you, cause you grief or make you wonder what you ever saw … πŸ™‚ but hey, Mattel never said they were a cheap date … at least you’ll always have May 20, 2008 …


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64 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Countdown to Motor Speedway of the South Has Begun!

  1. Sarah

    “I was well on my way to meeting you when I realized missing you was everything.” That’s kind of the way I feel. I have been really excited about this set but $300++ is a real deflater to the fun. It’s nice to see the countdown though; makes it real.

  2. husker_crazy

    1000 sets, Wow, what a kick in the (bleep). Your welcome Mattel for the IV drip us Car collectors have given your Fisher Price and whatever else your marketing Morons have convinced you of. I hate you!!!! Listen to the people that pay your bills for Gods sake. You will sell a quater million dollars worth of Disney Cars in about 20 minutes and it seems that is all that matters. Someday you will all regret this. Even if we have a chance at the Apple Car. Officially signing off. h_c

  3. jackdaddy2008

    Write to Disney, they are the only ones who can damage Mattel.

  4. Blake

    I am at a loss as well. I thought this may be something I would purchase but at close to 300$ for the set. I would rather paint a matchbox car to look like the apple car. Shame on Mattel. I mean I knew disney would pull Sh*t like this but seriously mattel? IT’s a very sad day.

  5. Jason

    What is really the most disappointing thing about this that I have collected all of the Cars for my 4-year-old. He loves them. And we have been excited about this release. But to have the price jacked up to an average of $8.00+ per car, $300.00 for the set, it changes it from a kids toy to an adult collection. Very disappointing.

  6. CarsMama

    I was reading the message boards and this is what Administrator Mark had to say about the price being so high and exclusives in the set:

    “Re: exclusives – the Cars team doesn’t want to say anything’s an exclusive and paint themselves in a corner down the road if the line continues for several more years. I can say a healthy number of these have never been released before.
    As for price – if we could make it cheaper, we would. This is one of the costliest sets we’ve ever produced. The photos really don’t do it justice. The display box is absolutely gorgeous.
    If it’s not your thing – I get it. No worries. But to say we’re artifically inflating the price really isn’t accurate.”

    Another person must have seen the unboxing photos from Steve and asked this:

    “How will the set ship, all assembled like the picture? There is talk about the set coming in parts and the cars in baggies. I know this can’t be true!”

    Administrator Mark’s reply:
    “I emailed the two folks who manage the Cars line for input, but they’re out until next week (one might be back on Monday). So I’ll do my best here, but don’t quote me.

    1) Set assembly – it absolutely comes all together, just like you see in the picture.

    2) Dale Jr. body – I’m not 100% sure if it’s the same body type or not. Sorry.

    3) Tach-O-Mint – I know it’s debuting with this set. I don’t know if it’s currently planned for a later release or not.

    4) Faux Wheel Drive – I believe it already came out as a UK exclusive promo car. If not, then I just gave you a sneak.

    Sorry I’m not much help guys. Cars is an action play brand, not Hot Wheels. But we know there’s a lot of cross-over appeal which is why we’re bringing the set to you.”

    Anyway – just thought those were interesting things that he said and thought I would pass them along.
    I was all ready to buy this set – I even thought about getting two but now I’m not so sure. My son doesn’t care about the display case, he just wants to have all the cars. If we got this, he would take it out of the case. So, if they are all going to be released at a later date, I might as well wait. At $8 a car compared to $3, I could save a lot of money. I still really want one though. Who knows????

    (MET: As for the assembly, “Steve’s” unboxing makes much more sense but you could argue it both ways – it’s more labor intensive for Mattel to have it all tied down with cables but this way, collectors don’t have to open anything to display but on the other hand, shipping is way, way safer the way Steve got him set since the CARS are all next to each other, even tied down, they are much more likely to scrap and bump each other in shipping … as for the cost of the individual Piston Cup racers and I’m just guessing, my sense is that while a couple of the 20ish TBD shipping racers left might appear as single CARS, I would bet most appear as launchers ($7.99), as part of a 3-pack (though you do get 3 CARS), as Movie Moments or as a box set with several repeats (like last year’s Dinoco 400), 7 CARS – $29 with how many repeats? So, I think it’s more accurate to guess $8 versus $5 – again, not trying to dissuade you or sell you the set, just trying to make sure all the numbers are out there – bottom line, if you’re buying to display as a collectible, hard to argue against it but yea, if you plan on opening and playing with it? Will you spend as much on the individual Piston Cup racer CARS eventually – probably but you just don’t have to buy it all at once …).

  7. Nancy

    What are the chances of the ebay sellers with five email addresses keeping the site so busy that one person with one address wanting one set can’t get on to buy one?

  8. Chris

    Nancy, that is what I’m worried about. However, after they buy one, they will have to continue trying, just like the rest of us.

    So, unless they have some software that allows them to break the system (like some ticket brokers do), I think we’ll all have the same shot.

    However, with them only making 1000 (which I think is insane), I won’t be surprised if they are gone within 10 minutes.

  9. Rebecca

    Chris you are probably right about them being gone in 10 minutes… I don’t like the fact of them having duplicate cars in it and I have decided we won’t be getting this. I am hoping they release them separately later on, but if not oh well.. My 9 year old is bored with them already…

    (MET: Yea, if Mattel screws up the purchasing process … but that’s hard to say what’s really going to happen – the last set sold out in about 4 hours … they have a $199 Hot Wheels set (of also 1,000 & with a display case) that hasn’t sold out since October 2007 so while there will be a frenzy early on … it’s really difficult to gauge what’s really going to happen – if you have 5 memberships, you have to log off, probably best to quit your browser, relaunch and re-log in …).

  10. jpkherd

    Wow, that’s a lot of cash! This little collection has become too expensive. We have “one to open” and “one to save” of everything but Flea & Flik (Stayed away from the Launchers). I would add up all the time, gas & money spent of this project, but it would be a little shocking!

    Worse yet, my 6 year old has now moved on to Star Wars Galactic Heroes & the upcoming Indiana Jones flood of stuff. Sorry son, those toys are “play with” only. I don’t have the money to collect those too.

    I missed out on the last HWC Cars set, so I was really looking forward to this, but at $300 for the set (Almost $9 per car) I think I have now found where my threshold point is.

    I wish they would reward real collectors once in a while instead of what seems to be “screwing” them! It seems like Mattel/Disney are really trying to alienate the people who have really made this Mattel series such a phenomena.

    I really loved the movie, I have really enjoyed my quest for Mattel “Cars Cars” (that’s what we call them), but my $300 will be spent elsewhere. We have kind of run out of room to display it all anyways.

    Maybe this is now the time to cash out. As we have a nearly complete set, including Both Macks, Christmas, Easter & Halloween sets and a number of the boxed gift pack sets, I would expect I could get out and make a couple of bucks too. Have you seen what a complete set of originals are going for?

    At least when I joined HWC in anticipation of this Speedway set, I was able to sell the Mustang Boss car on ebay for more that the membership total! So at least I am ahead of the game.


  11. Sarah

    There is certainly some sticker shock at how much this set costs but I do not think this set is intended for kids. Hot Wheels is meant for adult collectors. If you signed up for an RLC membership you can look at the back of the card and see that is says “For the adult collector”. Every car comes in a heavy plastic case because they’re meant to be looked at not played with. The price of the set is a lot but the RLC exclusives sell for $14.99-$29.99++ for ONE car.

    I wish they made more than 1000 sets; from now until Tuesday morning I will stress about being able to get one. I think Mattel will release most if not all of the racers in one form or another. I’m surprised Apple hasn’t worked out a deal to offer the iCar as a mail-in if you buy an iPod.

  12. Robert from the Netherlands

    You american folks are so lucky.
    I can only dream of these 36 incredible cars. It is an impossible job for me to get these from over here.

    snif snif…..I think i’m so sad I’ll go to the toy store tomorrow and buy 36 hamms and pretend they are the piston cup racers.

    Good luck for you all on Tuesday !!

  13. jackdaddy2008

    Its disgusting.

  14. Steve AKA: Poppa

    This set will separate the men from the boys and their money. I’ll pass on this one. Once again, Mattel is Swell! Mattel is in the market to sell toys to kids. Collectors are a small segment of the market. As long as Mattel keeps selling the basic cars, Mattel will be happy. Hasbro markets Star Wars on two levels- kids with prominent heroes and villains, and, collectors with lesser movie characters. Mattel will probably bleed these cars into the inventory until the next movie comes along. By the ways, what’s $299 compared to the eBay buyers forking out for the Blue Ray McQueen?

  15. Noel

    This is exactly the price I was expecting. I was a little suprised at the 1,000 sets however.

    Metro, if you want the unboxing photos, I’ll send them to you the same day the set arrives.

    (MET: Look forward to it! πŸ™‚ )

  16. claeface73

    …and now we sit and wait for the other shoe to drop!

  17. ToyotaKitten

    $300 – i was expecting that. i work for Disney – i knew it was coming, LOL. but still its really hard for me to pay this… but i’m gonna do it anyway. if it ends up putting me in a serious financial bind then i will hafta sell it….. but i have been selling a bunch of old disneyana stuff on ebay just to pay for this (i didn’t want to take any money from my budget to pay for this). I am excited i just hope i will be able to get one. and unfortunately they go on sale when i should be at work i live ont eh east coast….. so i have no idea what i am going to do….

  18. Fred

    why buy this set, when they all will likely be released with their crew chief and pitty in due time? everyone here is going to want the crew chief and pitty, so are you going these cars twice? $8.50 a car is just ridiculous.

  19. jackdaddy2008

    I think its the uncertainty of what ones will actually be released separately. At least 2 probably won’t be.

    (MET: That was the rumor but from the blurb with the auction, the definitive words to the effect – some CARS never to be seen again are NOT included anywhere … so, they are covering their legal tracks if/when they re-release everything … πŸ™‚ or 😦 )

  20. claeface73

    What it comes down to is dollars and cents. mattel wants to make money, we want to buy their product. So naturally, just like every other way they have managed to get us to buy the same car 3 or more times, all of these cars will, in fact, be released in one form or another in the next year or so. Do you really think they would go to all the trouble of making a car, albiet a redeco, to just put out 1k? I doubt it. As far as Cars goes, “there’s gold in them their hills”. So everyone relax. If you want to spend money you don’t have, that’s just dumb, but who am I to judge. I spent my last three bucks the other day on a hydralic ramone. All I’m saying is, they toy game is an old one, and anyone who has been playing it knows, if they can sell it, they will. I’m happy buying each racer with it’s crew chief and a pity anyway to be honest.

  21. jackdaddy2008

    I disagree (for a change).

    I just can’t see them releasing the Dale variant, and I am fairly sure that Apple cannot be released due to copyright reasons, so there are two cars that will almost definitely never see the light of the day again. As for the other rare 22?

    The packaging is worth a bit too.


    It has occurred to me and it has been confirmed as highly likely by my Dads toy collector pal, that Mattel might have produced these in small quantities to test their machinery.
    1000 – 2000 x 24 die cast cars is nothing for a machine test. In fact this as likely to be a minimum as minimum gets, due to paint feeders and heat.
    Its a bit like an old printer, you need to run a few copies before optimum starts and then you have to stop after a while before the machine clogs/jams stops making nice copies.

    There are reliable rumours of major production difficulties at Mattels Disney Cars plants. Look at the recent movie moments – Gasprin & Towcap, terrible quality!

    Steve? Can you shed some light on the paint quality of the sets new releases please? Are they hair covered, poorly laquered, lumpy, chipped or messy in any way?

    It could be that Mattel are preparing to pack up the Cars diecast range, its probably more hassle than its worth it to them, its certainly proving to be a PR nightmare, just look at the comments on this forum alone!

    If that is the case, Mattel might be thinking –

    “we have over 25000 die cast cars that are not worth packaging and that we are are not going to make, so how can we cash in……..?”

    If they aren’t going to release them, there in lies the point.

    This is what could make this set so very special and why I am so very angry that it has only been made available to US buyers.

    I would have paid $500 including shipping, but that looks unlikely now.

    How many Cars have actually been announced officially as going to be released?
    More importantly, how many Cars have actually been released this year that were announced as being released?

    Its mid 2008 now, the new movie is coming soon. I don’t think there is as much life left in this collection than others seem to.

    It would not surprise me if after Christmas the commercial market is dead and buried.

    The EU market has effectively stopped.

    They can’t keep us or Disney happy.

  22. Fred


    you have no clue. why can’t the apple car be released if its being released in the big set. every car will be released and re-released in some form b/c mattel wants to make money and more money. they wouldn’t just make 1000 sets when they could sell 100,000. your logic makes no sense.

  23. Bill

    You can bet your bottom dollar that every car in the SOS set WILL be released in some other form, singles, MM, or three packs. The only question is the release dates! Don’t buy into the theory that this set is your only chance to get some of these Cars.

  24. jackdaddy2008

    Ok mate.

    I have no clue.

    You are right, every car will be re-released just like they released a carded Rollin’ Bowlin’ mater and desert backed dirt track mcqueen from the factory set!

    Blu ray Mcqueen?


    Mattel have released loads of Cars this year haven’t they?

    Apple is not being released commercially is it?

    It is being released as part of an uncommercial collectors set on a collectors site.

    Legally there is a difference, but I might be wrong there seeing as I have no clue.

    Everything I am saying about the production issue has merit.

    I am not alone in my thinking.

    (MET: It should be noted that when the 2006 Factory Set was announced/shown off (ToyFair in July – available in October 2007), both CARS were both ALREADY available apart from the set in different packages (the Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater in the game and in a box set – game, relatively easy to find then, the box set harder but not impossible) and of course, Crusin’ McQueen was available in a SC MM and as a solo card. The exclusive was that they were both on unique cards not normally available and in a big red box. I am not saying it’s wasn’t worth buying or worth buying – just keep in mind there are exclusives and THERE are exclusives – it’s all in your mind’s eye. I’ve added one last paragraph of thought above just so this comment isn’t too long).

  25. Noel

    It seems like everyone is saying they will release every car from the SoS set at some point in the future to make themselves feel better for missing out out on the RLC due to the high cost.

    Imagine trying to track all these cars down individually on cards if they are ever released. I would rather spend the money on the SoS set and be done. By the time my lazy ass found them all and paid eBay prices with shipping, it would be well over $300.

    I think a lot of you may talk yourself into getting a set by Tuesday morning. As for the overseas crowd, I think it sucks you can’t buy them direct.

    Once I get the last 4-5 MM sets, I will be back to a complete set in order of release date. Desert cards, then all the Supercharged, then new WoC releases etc…

    I don’t care about the Ransberg or the Blu-Ray McQueen (although I have one) but I do want the Lightning Storm version from the ComiCon in San Diego.

  26. claeface73

    oh, sorry, guess I forgot to mention I could care less what anyone thinks about my opinion. If you agree, great. Disagree, keep it to yourself. I really don’t need anyone telling me I’m lulling myself into a false sence of hope for anything. In the end, what were really talking about is a child’s plaything. We adults kid ourselves into thinking this is some sort of grown up hobbie, but in the end, i think we all just need to grow up. Take that $300 and use it to help out a friend or soemthing, lord knows people are in need these days and we all know atleast a few who are hurting.

  27. ToyotaKitten

    hmmmm to those who are TEETER TOTTERING the idea….

    sure MAYBE all of the cars from the set WILL eventually come out with their pitty and crew cheif….if you don’t want them twice… and you ALREADY HAVE the SOS set, then sell the SOS set once you have all of them individuall (or in the 3 sets we are anticipating) TRUST ME… this set will be a collector set and you will get your money back and maybe DOUBLE.

    so if you think about it – its not a bad buy…. not a bad investment. plus a lot of people don’t know about this set at all. But when they find out – it will be a hot SEEK AND BUY item.

    if you have an RLC membership – just buy it unless it puts you in debt (then that’s a bad idea). then if in the future you realized it’s not needed – then sell it. its not gonan hurt you in anyway.

    and about the apple car. i SERIOUSLY doubt the apple car will appear again. #1 – ROYALTIES. Disney and Mattel hafta pay serious royalties to apple. Apple is also very picky about their product so if it is to be used for merch it will be HIGH DOLLAR PER CAR(which might have somethign to do with the low number and high price, i don’t know) they don’t like their logo plastered on things. the only reason that it was in the movie was b/c of the steve jobs/pixar connection.

    dale jr MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT be made again, but i doubt that.

    three reasons to go ahead and buy

    -it can be seen as an investment
    -great collection (where else can you have all the race cars in a pretty snazzy looking display box)
    -dale jr variant MIGHT not be made again
    -apple car highly unlikely to be mass produced.
    -why not buy? and if you end up not liking the purchase, you can always resell to our friends the UK who cannot get this set without our help…

  28. Sarah

    I had no idea this many people would get their knickers in a twist over a bunch of Cars.

  29. Bill

    When I was passing along info. (from a very reliable source) about the SOS Cars being released later I was not referring to Ransburg, Blu Ray, or Rollin’ Bowlin’. These are not a part of the Cars movie line, at least in Mattels thinking so I feel sure these will probably never be released in the movie line. Just like all of the Ebay re-paints will never be in the movie line. One thing that is getting serious consideration for the future in the “movie line” are the gift packs with the Piston Cup Car, The Pitty, and The Crew Chief. But nothing has been set in stone yet. One important thing that sold Disney on the Cars movie concept was the vast marketing options that would be available, as we have all seen and are continuing to see. And who is the marketing genious for movie toy sales. Mattel. They are not as excited about the SOS set as collectors are. It is small potatoes to Mattel. They and Disney are in this for the long haul and the Mega Big Bucks! (1,000 x 299.00 is not big bucks to Disney and Mattel) And then comes 2012. With the international flavor of Cars 2, time will only tell if it will be as big a success without the NASCAR and classic cars theme. After all, no one is as in love with the automobile as America.

    (MET: Again, to note – I am not trying to talk anyone into or not into the buying the set. All I’m saying is that everyone uses a different definition of collecting and exclusive. For some people, it’s the car itself, for some it’s the packaging and for some it’s the price. Just like some people rejected the Blu Ray McQueen because he wasn’t in the film … so bottom line, buy everything you want, buy nothing you don’t).

  30. Noel

    My knickers aren’t in a twist. This hobby is about number 743 on my list of importance.

    It just looks like a lot of people who want the SoS set would rather wait and (painfully) buy them all indivually for some reason (if they ever come out, which they won’t).

    Mattel can barely get 1-2 new cars out a month.

  31. jackdaddy2008

    Sarah – “Sorry Mom!”

    Noel – If I can get it for what I hope to including insured traceable shipping, I’m in.

  32. jackdaddy2008

    Bill – ” Mattel the mass marketing genius”, maybe in America, but most Europeans probably hate them as much as they hate your government now. Thats bad marketing.

  33. Sarah

    Jackdaddy if I was your mother I’d put you in time out and take away your computer so you couldn’t continue to leave over the top and ridiculous rants on here. Enough with the government!
    Noel I’m glad you have 742 more important things to do, good for you. πŸ™‚

  34. jackdaddy2008

    I was joking Sarah.

    I am angry with Mattel, not you.

    Are Americans really as in the dark about what the rest of the world thinks about your current administration as is joked about over here?

    (MET: Again, no politics or anything real world outside of toys & CARS. We’re here for CARS and toys … no one here speaks or works for Mattel (or Disney or Pixar) (or the administration).

  35. jackdaddy2008

    Also, if you were my Mother, I would be able to get an SOS set, so there would be no ridiculous rants.

  36. BMW

    After getting over the shock of 300 hundred dollars, plus shipping plus tax (I’m in Texas where Mattel has a distribution center so I will have to pay state tax) plus Red line club fee, (I would not join otherwise) I am in. I figure it will cost me $361 in total.

    The real cost is finding a new house to display all the cars in. πŸ™‚
    Maybe a room addition on the back?

    What have we gotten ourselves into?

    Thanks, Metro and all posters, really enjoy the site and all the diverse opinions.

  37. Relax

    Relax everyone…. These are only TOYS… You people make it sound like missed out on the winnings of the lottery… It isn’t like this is illions of dollars here… For those who want it buy it and for those who don’t life goes on… There is to much fitting here.. Why??

  38. jackdaddy2008

    Its the fact I have already spent massive ammounts of time and a lot of money trying to be a completist, and Mattel have effectively prevented me from becoming so, thousands of dollars later. Thats a pretty big deal for me. They have also killed the fun we used to have collecting these, that stopped in January. I can’t buy this set, not for the price you can.

  39. Sarah

    Jackdaddy I thought you got all of that worked out. Hee hee! I think Met put you in a time out! ;)Honestly shouldn’t we all have something better to do on a Saturday night?
    My husband hasn’t asked how much the set is & I haven’t volunteered that information so I will be anxiously waiting it out on Tuesday. If only I could get myself to stop checking the countdown now!

  40. Relax

    Mattel doesn’t care what anyone has spent so far… They figure if you can’t or won’t pay for it someone else will… They will get their money one way or another…

  41. Relax

    Noel why the hell would you buy the cars all with different cards.. Please tell me you didn’t keep buying them over and over just to have them say Supercharged or the WOC edition… You must be totally out of your mind if you did that……

  42. Noel

    What I did was buy the complete desert set, then any additiona new car releases in the Supercharged, the only new car releases on WoC cards. I bought them as they were initially released on whatever card they came on.

    I dont have a Desert Leakless, and a SC version, And a WoC version. Just the first it was released on, which was the desert cards.

    My point was people saying they are passing on the SoS set to buy them all individually (if they ever release them) is insane. That’s like saying:

    “I’m not paying $8.33 a gallon for gas, I’ll go to 36 gas stations over the next two years and buy a gallon at a time for $2.99 (+shipping as you know no stores will ever have them in stock and you’ll end up paying eBay scalpers)”

    I’m too lazy to be cheap.

  43. Noel

    I would love to see what it works out to in gas and time lost for someone to complete this set without using eBay and only buying them at regular store retail pricing.

    Let’s compare the numbers in 2013 when they are finished.

    (MET: Okay, Noel – that’s your assignment πŸ™‚ You have been drafted to keep track – a chart of the average gas price for regular and when the Piston Cup CAR comes out …).

  44. Bill

    Great advice Metro. As always, you are ‘keepin it real’.

  45. Bill

    I think that if someone “hated” Mattel, Disney, America or whatever else, that the right way to ‘express themselves’ would be by not buying toys from American based Mattel Corp. or by not buying and collecting toys from an American made movie about an American (NASCAR) theamed story line and boycott this American based site that is full of good folks, from many parts of the world, that enjoy this site for information and to share with other like-minded collectors and fans about a hobby that we enjoy so much. Who also do not try to use this site for a political forum and name calling. Metro does a GREAT job with this. It is by far the best site for Cars fans and collectors that can be found. We that are here for the right reasons would really like to keep it that way. So please, express yourself the right way.

  46. jackdaddy2008

    If that’s directed at me, (which it feels like it is), lets get one thing straight, I have never said, wrote or actually do “hate America”.
    I have only commented on your government twice, and have been asked not to do that, which I am respectfully not going to do again. Worryingly, nothing I have said has not been said by thousands before, many Americans, Donald Trump being the biggest most well known critic.

    I email Met regularly and have written 2 articles for him to use for his site, which has been my as of yet one way of showing my appreciation for his efforts.
    I have never criticised his work or this site, only praised him.

    When I started collecting Cars, I had no issue with Mattel, but at the end of the day, this is not a Mattel site, slander is not being committed, so whats your problem with Mattel receiving criticism? Do you work for them perhaps? Hmmm could be that couldn’t it? You have that arrogant corporate Mattel tone about you.

    Freedom of speech is a human right, just because you don’t like it doesn’t make you right. What right do you have to demand people “express themselves in the right way”. Who do you think you are?

    In closing, I would also like to point out that Disney are an international company, who sell more products outside America than in it. Walt was European, and if I am remembering rightly, Disney is currently run by a European, French guy I think? I might be wrong though? Regardless, Cars was made for an International market.

    If anything, Cars collectors and fans outside America should be rewarded for paying over the odds to collect these toys, but it seems to be the opposite.
    The snobbery derived because Cars was about a bunch of rednecks driving cars in a circle is hilarious.

  47. Bill

    If the “rednecks driving cars in a circle” is referring to NASCAR. It is the most popular and highest revenue generating racing circuit in the world. Why do you think so many Indy drivers are trying to get a seat? And anyone who does not think the racing theme for the Cars movie was not taken from NASCAR must not have seen the movie. It’s not “snobbery” it is just fact. How many Indy or Grand Prix races start with “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Lets go racin boys! By Darrell Cartrip (Waltrip). Anyway, if the Speedway of the South set is just a bunch of “rednecks” driving in circles, then just don’t buy one. I need to get 2 anyway. I do not work for Mattel and wouldn’t be ashamed if I did, and if Disney sells more (Cars) products outside of the US then you should be getting your Cars items long before we do. I live in the heart of NASCAR country in the good old USA and don’t feel the need to apologize for either.

  48. Noel

    This forum should never turn into a political tirade. Jackdaddy, you seem to vent about anything and everything when you are ticked off about Pixar die casts and thier UK availability and how Mattel has nothing better to do than personally screw you every chance they get.

    You need to relax. You get everyone stirred up into a frenzy for no reason. You are like they guy who drops a suitcase bomb in front a crowded cafe and waits a block away to see the carnage.

    Who haven’t you emailed about a kids toy line? You contacted Disney, Mattel, a lawyer, eBay, the guy selling a fake Ransberg, Metro etc….

    Please relax and keep your posts on topic and less angry.

  49. jackdaddy2008


    You said about Nascar –

    “It is the most popular and highest revenue generating racing circuit in the world.”

    If you mean the world of America, yeah, sure.

    Does Nascar generate more money than Formula one racing Bill?

    Do Nascar race tickets sell for Β£1500 ($3000) like formula one tickets have and do.

    Do the best/most expensive/advanced car manufacturers, engineers etc design cars for Nascar?

    Do Nascar drivers join Formula one when they retire from Nascar like Formula one racers join nascar when they retire form formula one?

    Michael Schumacher was a formula one driver, hes the red Ferrari that Luigi goes mad for. He made a fortune, more than any Nascar driver.

    Lewis Hamilton, the current Formula one new kid on the block is expected to gross career earnings of over Β£1billion ($2billion), do Nascar drivers make that Bill?

    I don’t collect Disney cars because its nascar related. I collect because its a good movie that my son used to love to bits that released cool toys. I think watching cars drive round in a circle all day is more boring than poker on the telly. Formula one sucks too.

    The movie is mainly about relationships and the importance of making friends, the races are the theme and backdrop. It could have been about a top soccer player, olympic athlete or musician. Racing was the theme/backdrop.
    I don’t remember hearing of any Nascar race where a driver was involved in a 3 way tie by sticking his tongue out. I certainly don’t recall a race leader sacrificing a race to turn around and help a competitor. My point is, the film was much more than a “Nascar” movie, this is why my comments about snobbery related to your comment –

    “an American made movie about an American (NASCAR) theamed story line”

    Maybe it my Scottishness/Britishness, but something in that comment tickles me. Why that means its exclusively for Americans who disagree with my opinion and many others opinion in regard to Mattels behaviour, makes no sense.

    Toy Cars are not Red necks, but from what I know, most real life Nascar drivers seem to be.

    Think it over.

    I never said Disney sold more Cars product outside the US, I actually said – “I would also like to point out that Disney are an international company, who sell more products outside America than in it. ”

    Ten out of ten for misquoting me Bill, thats at least 4 times now, in one night!

    If you don’t work for Mattel, fine, whatever, I would be amazed, disappointed even, if no one from corporate level Mattel had read or posted on this forum, especially recently.

    (EDIT) I have strong views (EDIT)

    Look, at the end of the day, I can’t buy this set, but have bought everything else (and I mean everything) die cast related in this range.

    I wouldn’t go on as much, but people like you keep coming out and sniping me. 4 in the last few days.

    Not one of you works for Mattel eh………..

    (MET: Okay, I’ll leave this up for now and Bill, if you like one more rebuttal – you can but otherwise, I grow weary and any posts other than Bill after will be deleted. Arguing for and against NASCAR and or for and against F1 is like arguing about snowboarding versus downhill skiing – there is no right answer. Just for the record, I like NASCAR and I might like F1 if it actually aired on American TV. (It might air on Speed Channel) but who knows when it’s on so it’s hard to like something when you don’t get to see it live).

  50. Bill

    Unbelievable. This would be comical if not so sad.

  51. jackdaddy2008

    Point taken Noel, but I do get sniped a lot from people with weak arguments. I should ignore them more, but I feel I have to respond.

    I contacted Disney because its part of my job.

    One of my best friends is a lawyer, we go for cocktails every month.

    One of my dads best friends is a major toy collector, he doesn’t touch disney cars or hot wheels though, hes a vintage collector. Hes got James bond cars that are worth thousands, railway sets in his loft that he has a cleaner clean every month, so I see him regular, and we talk.

    I contacted the guy selling a dodgy rans, and reported it to eBay, it took 3 minutes.

    I contact metro for various reasons, don’t most regular users?

    “Kids toy online” is a little bit of an understatement. This is a collectors item to accompany hundreds others. I have spent a fortune on this, and as I have said time and time again, its the ‘not being able to buy like you can’ that gets me.

    You would be the same.

    I work from home, am online most days, so I usually always have a window for twoaday open.

    I get angry when people put words in my mouth.

  52. jackdaddy2008

    Just responding to your comments Bill.

  53. Jay

    Hi, Noel

    you said something about lightning storem mcqueen in one of these post?

    is it out already? or do you know when it will be out & where?

  54. Chris

    Okay is this the only time we will see the Apple car and the dale variant? Need to know so I can buy it tomarrow. If they do all come out in 3’s or individually then I will sell mine to those on Ebay who ripped me off on past purchases.

    (MET: I doubt it but that’s impossible to say 100% either way. Even if Mattel was always forthcoming – something might happen out of their control so to play it safe, they say nothing unless they have to).

  55. Robert from the Netherlands

    Bill, Jackdaddy,

    It was very entertaining ! You are real comics.

    Met, go on with the site. It provides me the best information.

    Good luck with buying the SOS set.

  56. Sarah

    Jay, there is supposed to be an exclusive Lightning Storm McQueen at the San Diego Comic Con in July. There is a picture and post about it on here dated 25 April. Good luck!

  57. Martin

    Been reading this with interest the last few days, but I feel I ought to make a couple of points to back up Jackdaddys’ postings – don’t panic, I’m not going to get into the political/NASCAR v F1 arenas!!

    JD makes 2 very, very good points. 1) Buyers in the UK are ripped off at every turn buying CARS toys. In the States you pay what, $3.99 for a single CAR in most stores? Well, almost every store that stocks them in the UK charges Β£3.99 sterling across the board for a single – getting on for $8 a car, there, at current exchange rates….so who win there? It’s not the UK consumer (we also pay an obscene amount for “gas”, but hey!)…..

    And 2) most importantly, Mattel have made CARS collecting NO FUN anymore. Everywhere you go here, it’s pegwarmers. My local TRU has got 8 (count em!) pegs of Ramones, Hamms, Boost, etc… they need to get their finger out and start releasing the new CARS in sufficient quantities to re-ignite interest and stop the Ebay scalpers dead.

    I cannot take my 4-year old to look for CARS anymore because not only does he not understand corporate ignorance but just knows that he can’t find any CARS he hasn’t got anymore and we get the tears and tantrums due to a multi-national company not playing fair. He LOVES this film and everything to do with it, and will still be young enough to hopefully enjoy CARS 2 when it arrives, but we maybe won’t be taken in with the merchandising for that in the same way.

    All I ask is that Mattel actually start THINKING about things. Enough Green Ramones already, give us the race cars. Give us Richard Kensington. Just give us what we want!

  58. jackdaddy2008

    I actually hate F1, (EDIT)

  59. CarsMama

    If you go to the hotwheels website, they have a close-up view of each car in the set. It’s awesome!

    (MET: More than the 4?)

  60. Monica

    Whew, a lot happens here in just a few days.

    Went to California Adventure today to use the second half of my 2fer tickets from last month. They have a new parade of all the Pixar characters and a real life sized Lightning McQueen (he revs and everything) leads the parade and it ends with Mater. My little guys absolutely loved it. All the characters squirt water at you (refreshing on a hot day like today). Metro, let me know if you would like some photos. Didn’t find much in the way of Cars in the shops there today, some good minis though.

    Good luck tomorrow morning everyone! See you in the e-line πŸ˜‰

    Sorry to all of you that can’t be there. It’s absurd that Mattel can’t ship to the UK.

    (MET: Would be glad to post some pics – thanks … and yea good luck one and all tomorrow – be sure and send us your ‘my boss tried to make me go to a conference call at 9 AM and I had to superglue him into his office story’ πŸ™‚ )

  61. CarsMama

    Yes, it’s all of them! πŸ™‚ If you go into the larger view and scroll with the right arrow, they are all there.

  62. CarsMama

    There’s a set on ebay for sale in the UK. They are using the coke can comparison picture. It states it’s a pre-sale. I thought that wasn’t allowed??

    (MET: You can send an email or report them πŸ™‚ )

  63. Bill

    You make some good points about the frustrations that Mattels distribution decisions give collectors everywhere. And I don’t know why the prices vary so much outside the US. In my area singles are WM $2.97, TGT $2.99, KM $3.49 and TRU seems to change between the $2.99 to $3.49 range. One explanation that I was given about the distribution issue was that Mattel was not as concerned about collectors as they were re-distributing to the constantly replenished childrens market. I was told that “kids turn 2 everyday that don’t have Lightning, Sally and Mater”. My opinion is that the line would not be what it is without those of us who are collectors. Just think about how little information about the line there would be without this site. One positive, if they don’t change the plan, is that Case P is coming with 50% of the case never released Cars. Hopefully this idea will prevail but, who knows?

  64. Bob

    Reference the Apple Car #84 as a possible single pack… Well, Mattel owes me one for this one as they never think before hand: Why not make a two pack with the so call now WHITE Mac iCar #84 with “GRAY” numbers and Apples, then include the REALLY GREAT LOOKING WHITE Macintos #84 with “BLACK numbers and Letters and of course the BLACK APPLE! And don’t get me started on Mood Spring #33 as a 3-Pack. One #33 like new, one #33 wrecked, and of course another Tow to haul it away!

    (MET: I sense the Apple Car MM will the CAR with some spare tires 😦 … the Mood Springs I could see as you described).

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