Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Red Ransburg – Worth Thousands or Tainted? (Updated)

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63 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Red Ransburg – Worth Thousands or Tainted? (Updated)

  1. Noel

    If I were one of the people who actually owned one of these, I would sell it and donate all the money back to the CAAF.

    My wife and I give money to a lot of good causes. One time, I stopped my car in the middle of traffic to step out and give the WW2 vets a donation.

    BTW, I can’t find the auction.

  2. jackdaddy2008

    Its a UK auction.

    If I had the funds to buy a genuine ‘1 of 50 from the meeting with proof’ Ransburg, I wouldn’t pay more than $4000, and I wouldn’t buy this one.

    Theres something not right about this auction.

    First of all, the auctioneer only has 106 feedback, not a lot to lose for a couple of grand!

    Secondly, he states he wants to sell the Ransburg so he can buy everything else Cars. But surely if he wants a collection, he wants a Ransburg?

    Be careful.

    The current bidders ids are hidden, they could be syndicates.

    I hope they do release a Ransburg like you have mentioned met.

    What is Ransburg anyway? Is it trains or something?

    If it is, I think a travel promotion would be more likely than another DVD offer.

    (MET: Ransberg is the company that owns the electro-plating process of adding chrome … of course, I can also make astro-physics statements with the same finality – if you actually ask me for more details, I’ll just quietly slink away 🙂 )

  3. Jeff

    I watch that one Flikr page too. I do not understand where they could possibly get that stuff. They have a new box set of 4 cars up now, 3 oldies and Re-Volting.

  4. i have that car!

    (MET: Send us some pics – did you pay thousands? 🙂 )

  5. Monica

    Well, I am happy to see pics of it since I’ve heard so much about it. Not worth much to me. Guess I am not the ultimate collector.

  6. Noel

    I found the auction. Three bids and it’s up to £750, sounds like shill bidding but I could be wrong.

  7. Noel

    I have one quick question. Why does the car in the auction a have text that reads CARS TEAM 09 in a practicaly unreadable font on a car that was given away in 2007?

    None of the other Ransburg McQueen photos I have seen have that sticker on the spoiler.

  8. BMW

    Metroxing, not to be a nit but its Ransburg, not Ransberg. the process is Ransburg. The company is ITW Ransburg which has the electrostatic paint process. Harold Ransburg developed the first electrostatic application system in 1940 with the introduction of Ransburg No1.

    Back on the auction, the car obviously is not the original, it does not have the correct tampos, look at the headlights, the original’s are red, not white.
    Some are calling this auction car version who as you know quite a few collectors have bought through the backdoor process, Version 2.

    What ever, it is not worth more than 40 bucks. So much speculation on what the Cars Team 09 means on this version. Best guess has been that these were ordered by Mattel to give to Cars 2 Pixar employees as they start on the new movie. Why so many made it onto Ebay from the HK guy or couple without any noise from Mattel?

    But as most collectors who want a Ransburg know, there have been plenty available, and some people have had the version 2 for 6 months or longer. Just some boob who is trying to cash in with a less desirable version. Horrible font on the back, not one I would want.

    (MET: Oops, sorry about the typo, I’ll fix … yea, I looked it up once to be correct but neglected to do this time …)

  9. Noel

    The auction also reads 1 of 150 and the CAAF auction only gave away 48-50 cars. Nowhere does it read that it’s a CAAF Ransberg.

    (MET: Yea, there’s lots of things hincky … I believe he’s including the presumbled hundred sold by the HK couple … so it’s rare even still but definitely not a “real” 50 CAAF CAR).

  10. Richard

    Have a look at the ebay listings of sz_hotdog from Hong Kong. I think one of his previous custom paint jobs auctions has found its way back onto the ebay market. Might be wrong?…..

    (MET: It’s suspicious is all can determine since most of his gallery photos seem to lifted from the HK couple and the large photo is dark and his link to give you more details says nothing more … either he is clueless or he’s trying to make you think he’s clueless … as I noted, if you’re going to buy a ‘fake,’ why not buy from the fake source and not a secondary source at a few thousand dollars more?)

  11. fatbat35

    if u check uk auction and then check his last item he bought u will c that he got it from HONG KONG 4 69.99 DOLLARS .ive emailed him and reported him 2 but needs a few more get reporting him

  12. jackdaddy2008


    What a retard.

  13. fatbat35

    i think every1 should email him hes a good laugh ive had about 15 emails back hes trying 2 say hes doing nothing wrong

  14. jackdaddy2008

    I emailed him and reported him.

    What an animal.

  15. fatbat35

    get ready 4 messages of him hes a laugh if nothing else

  16. jackdaddy2008

    Nothing yet, think he might have realised that hes been found out and in trouble.

    I thnk eBay take more than one report quite seriously, legally they have to due to consumer protection rights I think?

  17. Noel

    I didn’t even think to check to see if he bought it from another seller. That was brilliant!

  18. Noel

    I couldn’t resist. I emailed him with a specific question about it’s authenticity. I will post his reply if there is one.

  19. fatbat35

    noel did u report him

  20. Noel

    I’m waiting to hear what he has to say first. The auction only has 13 hours to go and you know one of his freinds drove up the price to get people interested.

    If someone wants to pass off a fake as the real thing, more power to them. It’s the buyer who has to be careful. Anyone who would genuinely be interested in getting one of these would know this is a bad replica.

    His auction doesn’t say it’s a CAAF charity car, it simply says it’s 100% genuine which can be interpreted many legal ways and that it’s 1 of 150 which also means nothing. It’s perfectly legitimate. If he had a freind shill bid for him, that’s a different story.

  21. Noel


    I actually watched his YouTube video. It even states it’s not an authentic car. It reads “It would go for 1000+ $$$$$ on Ebay, NO I DONT OWN ONE!!! Im not that lucky”

    I think he’s hoping someone will buy it on a whim without doing their homwork, in which case, he’s covered.

  22. Noel

    The guy running the eBay auction actually posted my question right on the page so he could answer it for all to see.

  23. Noel

    And the last piece of the puzzle falls into place ……

    If you look at the picture from the auction he bought the car from originally:

    There are a bunch of other colored “Ransburg CARS TEAM ’09” McQueens sitting behind the red one he actually bought. They obviously cranked out a bunch of different colored customs and put that god awful font on the spoiler of every one.

  24. mick seller

    Hi people, I am the guy selling this. This is to you all.

    I am a huge collector, I did as much research as was physically possible on this car. I believe it to be 100% genuine, that is how I purchased it.

    I have all the digital proof, pictures and info on file.

    I was offered $1000 for it. So I thought long and hard and decided to auction it.

    This morning Monday 9am UK time I have spoken to ebay Dedicated Customer Support UK, as I am lucky enough to be a ‘Star Card Holder’ basically that means ebay appreciate my honesty. They have assured me it is OK, it is an auction, I have asked no-boddy to bid.

    On the other hand many of you have sent me libelous mails. Some calling me a fraud, others a liar. So to you all, prove it is not genuine? To the ones who have or want to report me…report me for what exactly?

    I supplied details of my car from the information I researched.

    You people seem to set yourselves up as Cars police.
    I have even mailed my highest bidder saying if in any way he doubts me, my integrity, my intention, my honesty I will not hold him to the sale. OK how many of you would do that?

    How many of you would sell this car if you owned it.

    Please stop being so disgusting, I did not and have not done anything wrong unless you can prove otherwise.

    I am more than happy to keep my car for me, that is why I purchased it. So to the ones who have mailed me please if you cannot say anything nice then keep it to yourselves.

    I have always found info on Word Press and think it is a great site. I did not realise there were so many poisonous people in this world.

    To Jacks Daddy, please go look after your son, to you others who are so criticle just grow up.

    Please understand you have insulted an honest person who like you all is a Pixar Cars Fan, nothing else and older and wiser than many of you.

    Many thanks kind regards Mick

  25. jackdaddy2008

    I promised that I was not going to post until after Tuesday, but your comments about my Son are ‘disgusting’.

    You are suggesting that I do not look after my son.

    I am pretty sure that is slander my man, and I could take legal action for that, so threaten us all you like.

    The Cars police rule! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. Roberto

    Yep someone offered something for sale and as far as I can tell did not hold a gun to anyones head forcing them to bid. The one you have all jumped on is not the only RR to be offered, there was another in the states that recently ended at $200. I expect you are about to see several more surface on ebay.
    I have some info about this car and it’s source and I am quite confident that a figure of between 10 and 30 found their way out of an official Mattel re-order from a China factory. It is a genuine product, not a custom. It is also not the original 1 of 50 from the Mattel employees giveaway (+ 1 auctioned for charity) and the listing does not suggest that it is.
    The other customs that the Hong Kong source has had made up are exactly what they appear to be. Customs using the RR sticker set on a stripped and (nicely) chromed McQueen body.
    Now if you could all take care as you dismount your lofty moral high positions think about weather any of you have ever sold anything for more than someone else thought it was worth?
    I’m glad I’m not one of the mob.

  27. Roberto

    JackDaddy, your inference of what was said about your son are yours to draw but your earlier inference is clearly that the seller is a fraudster. Maybe you are more right than the next man?
    If you think you could bring legal action for that comment then I wonder how many other posters above might want to appoint an attorney and quick!

  28. mick seller

    Enough said, Ebay will get all the mails.

    They said they will take the appropriate action against lets call it ‘bad mail’ I have been recieving.

    The positives and good one, then thank you.

    So please lets call it quits, You have had fun, name calling to slander to libel.

    To Word Press, do you really need fools like these making your very valuable site a nonsense?

    To all proper people, if you are insulted the way I have been for entering my car into an auction well I’m sorry.

    To all the people who I have purchased cars from at well over the odds, thank you.

    Kind regards Mick

  29. jackdaddy2008

    £750 ($1500) for a car being called a 100% genuine Ransburg that has writing on the back of it that cannot be verified as one of the brain storming session Cars?

    Enough said.

  30. Roberto

    Aww man I said I’d not come back to read this but I had to look…..

    JackDaddy IT IS NOT one of the brainstorming session cars. No one ever said it was and it isn’t! It’s a re-order, no one knows why (whos telling) or for sure what it means. It is a Red Ransberg but not a version 1.

    In case it’s of interest the wording on the spoiler “cars team 09” is printed in the same Magneto font used on the badge logo for the film where it says “Cars”

    1 last comment (I just can’t resist) I recently bought the very interesting book on Cars printed by the 2aday people. I think it’s a great read but I noticed that it cost me an awful lot more than it cost 2aday to have printed up. I’d like to say that I do not think 2 a day are evil, wicked, nasty profiteers and I wouldn’t make an ass of myself by coming on a board to attack them and accuse them of all kinds of skullduggery. It’s a great book, you should all buy it but you might also consider the comparison of someone offering goods for sale for more than it cost the seller?

  31. jackdaddy2008

    Its a rip off and unfair on someone, it is never going to be worth what it is selling for. The fact you have written – “IT IS NOT ONE OF THE BRAINSTORMING CARS” validates reason for complaint more!

    Its not even as valuable as Flos V8 Cafe or Blu ray mcqueen which you could buy tons of for the price of this one car.

    If caring about other people is making an ass of myself, then fine. I will gladly continue to make an ass of myself, I don’t care, I know a lot of the time I make perfect sense, good arguments, raise valid points/topics and I know that I am an all round decent person.
    I sleep well at night.
    Most users know nothing about my life, what I do for a living or what self actualisation activity I have and continue to engage in.

    Your comparison to a $25 book, which is cheap in my opinion, (considering the effort/info that went into it is poor), this car is currently selling for £750 which is 2000 times more than the guy paid for it a short time ago.

    Just because a font is the same, doesn’t make it gen, I have that font in the most basic of word packages, its not a big deal.

    The bigger picture/agenda I have, for whatever reason, is people are unfairly being exploited by a toy company who don’t care about people.

  32. Jane

    Guys, guys, guys.

    Are you not all grown up, responsible people able to make a choice of your own as to how you spend your own money? Why so het up? Nobody is making you bid on this are they? If you don’t want to be exploited by a toy company then DON’T BUY THEIR TOYS!
    It’s as simple as that.

    So let’s stop this juvenile slanging match right now. Remember, play nice boys or don’t play at all.

  33. jackdaddy2008

    The exploitation only started recently (end of last year) after Mattel had already received more than £2000 ($4000) of my money due to the collection.

    Why is it that people only seem to be posting in defence of this guy and Mattel?

    If you want to dig/get at me, surely you can do better than this?

    Do I tell lies?

  34. Jane

    I’ve no idea if you tell lies or not. Only you know the answer to that one.
    Why are you so angry and intent on looking for a fight? Sounds like you have a grudge against Mattel but you’re taking it out on the little boys.

  35. BMW

    Where this auction is misleading is that the seller points to a you tube video which states “rarest diecast car of them all”. That is misleading, as there are many diecast that are much rarer than 1 of 150. If the seller had capitalized car to CAR people might know he meant a Pixar movie Car.

    Even the real CAAF Red Ransburg is not the rarest diecast of all. The rarest sold for 80 thousand dollars or so and was a Hot Wheels car. And it has a strong paper trail.

    Without a paper trail the car is not worth thousands. Who would pay thousands for a Car that only has the word of a hong kong seller that it is one of 150? I am sorry but without authentication…that is a lot of money for a car that sold for $69.99.
    A fool and his money….

  36. jackdaddy2008

    Jane, I meant do I tell lies in my posts.

    If you have read or decide to read them, I am sure you will find honesty, integrity and accuracy.

    Also, please explain how I pick on little boys?

  37. jackdaddy2008

    Honest to God!

    At this rate, some users would have me painted as a paranoid, raving pedophile with terrorist agendas.

    Who would not be offended and feel obliged to respond to smears like that?

    I am exaggerating of course, but some of the recent comments directed at me sound too pro Mattel to be taken seriously.

    Am I wrong about Mattel?
    (admittedly maybe in some minor ways, but generally?).

    Are Cars now too hard to find?

    Are most collectors peeved because of the money and time they have already spent?

    Has this year been fun?

    Do collectors feel taken for granted and let down?

    Is the Ransburg being discussed a rip off?

    Are 1000 SOS sets suffice to meet demand?

    Is it fair that the set is only available to Americans?

    All these questions relate to my ‘rants’.

    Don’t you people care that you are being abused?

    Last year was different.

  38. Noel

    Wow. I think I’m done coming here.

    (MET: Noel, I hope that’s not true – on that note, I will close comments on this post unless someone new has an actual question that requires answering. Thanks for all your contributions to this post – I know it’s heartfelt but perhaps we’re crossing into heated territory).

  39. Mick

    Good for you Noel, I think that proves a valid point.

    Its all over now. You have all succeeded in making fools of yourselves.

    Yes it sold, and I have it on good authority that Mattel have people who watch ebay and if I was wrong this would have been stopped. So, it occurs to me that all the threats bad words incriminations and worse were a little out of order.

    So here’s an end to it.

    Thank you and good night.

  40. jackdaddy2008

    Winning buyer is US based, has only been ebaying for 2 months, only has 34 feedback, 1 neutral, 2 negative, one of the negs for a factory set not paid for. A user of this forum has sold items to the buyer before, so if its a syndicate, its a pretty good one. 34 feedback not much to sacrifice to sabotage a bid, especially with 2 negs.

    Just saying.

    Better go, I have to look after my son for a change.

  41. Roberto

    Just a last one, I agree the whole thing has stepped beyond discussion and frankly is totally out of proportion. I’ll resist responding to most of jackdaddys comments but please “Don’t you people care that you are being abused?” when used in the context of one party offering an object for sale and another party CHOOSING to buy it at a price the buyer chooses to pay is an awful long way from my definiton of abuse!

  42. jackdaddy2008

    I meant in general, mainly the lack of availability, price hikes due to ebay, Mattels lack of care for collectors etc. etc…………yawn……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. megaheat2008

    the cars on flickr – i will elaborate, the seller at best guess has the capability to “you get what you pay for if you want 100% from mattels order so be it ,but if you want quality “cars”,characters from the movie you are getting 1000% quality i quote this sellers cars are phenomenally outstanding so dont patronize the back door policy we all move the world around and i will say this yes i have hunted a great deal for the ransburg and no matter i do claim at first from the crack of dawn till dusk vowed to get one so i to this internet world i claim to have #’s 51,52,53 “red ransburgs” in hand and they are fabulous like grandmom’s or your parents christmas ornaments but to all i know one little lucky guy by the name of “cash 1” who is the sole owner of these remakable pieces of work and rare yes they are but since the president of mattel can handle a $13,000 winning auction for charity why not me, you ,or us as consumers have the same priviledges? as we may, we can, we do, what are pockets alot for . But for this seller I speak of the ransburgs or other cars intended they are original,the rans you see with cars team ’09 i am speculating in defense of said seller that these cars are being distributed to mattel-disney-pixar employees this is only the start a few months ago i was told “the banshee” would not appear until after the holiday of ’08 huh? oh i see its only may’08 well folks i cared to share what i know what i have and what i,we need to know we already know “KACHOW” GIVE US MORE !!!!

  44. Monica

    Megaheat, Dude, you had me at Kachow.

    I can only understand about a third of your post, but I have a feeling you love these little CARS as much as I do, so cheers! See you at ComiCon.

  45. Brooke

    Are these fake Red Ransburg McQueens ?

    He says he found it in a collection he just bought but this is the second one hes had. He just sold one two days ago.

    And there’s one more.

    (MET: I didn’t look but I would say you should consider the basic story. The 50 given out at the auction/event are the official sanctioned ones – as the only official ones, they have an official paper trail in some manner – to pay for that “official status,” you should ask and receive some proof this person was at either at the brainstorming session or tied into Mattel, Disney, Pixar or CAAF somehow. Beyond that, you are buying an “extra” version floating around – some of them are quite legitimate and others that slipped out the factory door – just keep that in mind as you place a value and a bid on them. As I do not have nor have I actually held an official one in my hand, I cannot say 100% what is on or not on that CAR in the way of design or decoration. The photo at the top was supplied by Mattel for PR purposes for the auction and presumably, an “official” one should match that but sometimes between photo and production, there are changes so consider what I’ve written and use your best judgment – good luck!)

  46. Roberto

    megaheat I struggled to understand much of your post but I think you’re saying you have numbered (51,52,53) ransbergs? AFAIK they are not numbered in any fashion?

  47. jackdaddy2008

    Brooke, these are not from the brainstorming session, they have the same writing on them as the last one, however, they are not selling for £750 either!

    I like them, and am thinking of buying one.

    I suspect it is most likely that they are employee gifts or results of factory workers playing around.

    Are they worth $100?

    It is a rare paint technique.

    It could be that one of the original 50 (without writing and proof) sell for as much as $10000, so a good replica, (as long as it is described as that and what its connected too is explained), could be worth a fair bit, especially if accompanying a complete collection.

    Is it an original one of 50? No.

    Should you buy it?

    If I had £50 to throw away on a toy car right now, I probably would.

  48. megaheat2008

    Let me clarify- The Ransburgs are #51 fan produced authentic fan art, amazing resemblance to the product line # 52 the “Cars Team ’09” authentic order – “dropped by big al”,The Only Guy strong enough to pull Bessie Lol… #53 a re-pro of fan art **fact these are and were the first cars produced by anyone anywhere to be or resemble the Ransburg line** judge for yourselves, but I quote ,and claim to have the #”s 51,52,53 Ransburgs I think its fair? And to Monica “Kachow”, Metroxing has been a Wonderful Influent source for 2 yrs now to me, and factually I owe him a great deal besides Disney/Pixar/Mattel, and yes not just me but my son and daughter LOVE the movie, to all I have come across in this hunt – “I THANKYOU”!!! ROBERTO THEY ARE NOT NUMBERED BUT PRODUCED FAN ART TO RESEMBLE THE RANS (2 OF THEM) (1 IS AUTHENTIC ORDER FROM MATTEL) – AS FOR THE ORIGINAL 50 RANSBURGS OUT THERE YES I WOULD LOVE TO POST A BILLBOARD IN CALIFORNIA TO SHOUT TO THE WORLD I WOULD WANT ONE NOT FOR ME BUT FOR MY SON,” HE’S THE GREATEST”!!! AND TO ME IT’S PRICELESS BUT IN THIS HUNT THE GREAT ONE HAS GOTTEN AWAY : ( SO MY FRIENDS I HAVE SETTLED AND FOUND MY #’s : ) AND THAT I CAN LIVE WITH!!! THE HUNT GOES ON TO SAN DIEGO COMIC CON FOR THE PROMO LIGHTNING MCQUEEN “LIGHTNING STORM” NEXT : ) ANYONE HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING ANY ISSUE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME —-> (joe/megaheat2008)

  49. MCL Sydney

    Just bidded for the Red Ransburg and missed out by 4 Pounds..what a bummer! I was willing to pay up to 150 pounds = $290 US and it went for 154 pounds. Oh well I’ve saved some $ and try again next time…

  50. jackdaddy2008

    I wouldn’t pay more than £50.

    Its not Blu ray mcqueen.

  51. this is the guy who was going to buy the one for 750 for mick, until i found out he bought from the guy in hong kong for 69.00. I really thought it was the real one until i found out the truth.

    (MET: I think you owe ‘fatbat35’ a beer or at least a two-scoop root beer float 🙂 )




  54. dude chris,you do know you pretty much wrote the same thing twice,and i dont know how to put on a face?this site is new to me.

  55. jackdaddy2008

    Its complex!

    You need to open a new window with

    Log in or register and log in an go to your dashboard

    Click on your name in the top right of your dashboard page to get into your personal settings, and upload your pic there.

  56. I really can’t believe all this over some beautifully crafted little Cars.

    If any of you had seen these custom Cars you would appreciate the craftsmanship put into making one.

    In life you’ll find people trying to take a lend of you every day but its your choice in the end nobody makes any one pay what they pay you choose.
    Look at the situation with Speedway of the South set, I bought 5, we’re keeping 2 and selling 3, I paid $315 + membership per set, I am going to get $700-$800 per set I sell. Is the a crime I think not, friends this is how the world goes around.

    I bought an Apple 84 yesterday for $91, expensive but I know its worth that much to me.

    I own a Red Ransburg 09, the car in question, I paid what I thought it was worth, I researched it first and I knew what I was buying I was under no impression it was from the original 50 but I really wanted it to complete my collection and obviously there’s no chance I could get one of those first 50.

    The maker / original seller of the custom cars never indicates the car is a genuine Red Ransburg, it is clearly denoted as a custom. If a re-seller chooses to manipulate the facts wake up and check it out before spending your money!!

    Our friend in Hong Kong has made it possible for us to complete our collections. I own 12 custom cars and they whip out anything Mattel has made for quality, the paint work is amazing.

    So a big thanks to our friend in Hong Kong for bringing the Red Ransburg to the people!!!

    PS. I luv this site for info on Cars, I just can’t understand how so many of the people that post here are so narky. Cars are fun, they are supposed to make you happy!

  57. diecast155


    This is my first post. I’ve been following the comments re: The Red Ransburg and am confused. The picture of the “original” does not show any writing on the spoiler. Does anyone know if there is any writing on it? I purchased a “custom” Red Ransburg off of e-bay that has the words “Rust-eze” on the spoiler and am just curious to know if in fact the original has this writing.



    (MET: Mattel supplied the photo of the “original” Red Ransburg so that’s all we have to go on. A “custom” normally refers to a diecast/action figure that someone hand modified (painted, added sculpty, etc …) – usually noted in the auction so you know it’s personally modified … if this is the case, then it’s worth is not measured in the chart as customs stand off separately … did the auction mention custom?).

  58. David

    The Ransburg with rusteze on it is a custom to replicate the CAAF 1 of 50 with his own touch on the fin. If you notice no one appears to be talking about the Caaf 1 of 50 having solid red in the lightning bolt and in the #95 on the roof of the car.
    The only custom I have seen done matching the detail that close. His hood decal is the larger version though. All in all pretty nice car, but still is only a custom. If you ask him he will send you one with out rusteze on the fin. I own an original 1of 150 version 2 and also have the 3 version with no lettering on the fin in a darker shade of red, still 1 of 150. Came with cool logo on display case. The Red Ransburg is by far way nicer than the Blu-Ray. I have both and there is no comparison. It’s funny how the pictures of the Blu Ray are nicer than the actuall car is, but all my Kustomcity buses the picture doesn’t do the product justice. They allways are way nicer once I have them. The reason I make this comparison is Mattel doesn’t produce real high quality for us the collectors but instead for the special employee people and then we struggle to get them. I love the absolute high quality collectibles coming from HK folks and thank God for making that connection for me because my collection is very complete.

  59. diecast155

    Hi Met,

    Thanks for responding. Re: the custom Red Ransburg that I bought on ebay: the auction did mention custom. The link is listed below. (Sorry if it doesn’t come out. I’m kinda new to this stuff). Any thoughts?

    Thanks again.


    (MET: Yea, that is a nice custom – many/most customs are pretty nice – real artisan work – as long as they’re being honest, that’s cool …).

  60. David

    Thats the one. I don’t think his picture does the car any favors. Do you have the car yet? I want to know how well the lightning bolts turned out. They look off to me. Some of the points are round and the 95 on the side looks miss placed a little. Let me know if you can, compared to the picture of the Holy Grail. I would like to get one but only if it is truely dialed in. Also are the decals smooth where it goes to red paint. Let me know. Thanks David

  61. diecast155

    Hi David,

    Yes, I bought the custom Ransburg (see link above). To my eye, if I were looking at this custom compared to the picture at the top of the page (the photo supplied by Matel), I would say the decals appear to be spot on. Again, though, that’s my eye. The lightning bolts (size, shape, curvature, etc.), seem to match. The decals appear to be smooth where it goes to red paint. Maybe, just maybe the “95” on the top may be a smidgen off, but again, that’s my eye.



  62. Mick

    Evening guys OH and ladies if you can be bothered.

    I am the ploncker responsible for all the debate about ‘the Red Rans’ in fact MY Red Rans Fake or Real… Red Rans’ as you all will know by now, the sale did NOT GO THROUGH, partly on my instigation which I declared to you all!!OK.

    Now if you trouble yourselves to check out the link that our friend Fatbat 53 or 63 who cares which bat he is, you will all see that ‘I did purchase’ what was described as 100% genuine, one of 150 pieces its all there thanks to Fatback!.

    The link toy “YouTube” I FOUND, I have nothing to do with that movie, if you can be bothered check it out!!!!!!!! why the F*** do you think I purchased it in the first place, think about it!!!!!

    So no worries. As I always stated. ‘I purchased it for me’ then was offered in excess of $1000 for it, so your Sherlock Holmes paper trail will still lead you to understand that I did buy it from Hong Kong, it was offered as 100% genuine, all be it, back door from factory or whatever, does anyone really care.

    It is not a custom, seeing it 1-inch from my eyes says no-one could be that clever… it is machine manufactured.

    OK so Metroxin “I love your site” I have referred to it many times, I have my speedway set because of your guidance, a friend got it for me, I paid for his membership of RLC, I sent him the dollars, I do not really know this guy, we just became buddies because of ebay. OK.

    SO I still have my Red Rans!! your forum ‘saw to it’ that it did not sell for the price one person was willing to pay afterall it was there money not Fatprats or Jackasses or anyone of them who joined in the slanging match, remember I did not twist the bidders arm in fact ‘Fat Bat’ yes your mate.. bid £300 before he was outbid and got a***-ache. (MET: EDIT)

    SO, I still have my Red Rans thank you all as it was never really for sale hence the inflated price….OK , funny thing though “Metroxin” ‘mine does not have a white imprint number on the chassis’, others I’ve seen do, SO could we all conclude from that piece of info that I have just shared with you for all your studying friends ‘that our friend in Honk Kong (oh get a life you lot where the heck do you think these things are made Honk Kong is now part of China!!!! and where are all are Cars made!!!!and why are are all our economies in the dirt!!!!!please think about it!!!!) did sell me one of the 150 that Mattel re-ordered.

    SO an end to it all, I have my pretty little car sitting on top of ‘ONE’ of my Apple Macs and there he will stay, (OH for those who give a s***, I am a graphic designer, my office is full of cars, my work place, studio whatever you lot want to name it, how about ‘Wonky Leg Cars Limited’ or ‘fraudster’ as some of you said!!!!!.

    But since all us designers or similar type people started to use computers our offices all changed no more past up, magic marker visuals etc…. SO I have recreated Radiator Springs on an old drawing board, its FAB, neon and all??? anyone want to see a pic??? send me a mail request with you address… including you Mexroxin mine is ‘probably by far the best!!!!!!!.
    Many of my ebay friends have seen my sad 50 year old hobby pictures and love them.

    So hey guys lets call it ceasefire OK, you stopped someone spending there money, good for you! I certainly would not have coughed up $1500 for it, you were right, BUT you also un-did what ebay is all about!!!!! think about it???? Doh! I cant wait for Fatdaddy ot Fatback to answer this one, why don’t we all just forget it. Oh sorry Jack***Daddy you can’t…. no matter how nice someone is to you and tries to make friends you have to have the last say!!!! still you are hidden from view so go for it!

    with kind regards to Metroxin and the rest of you, really we are all big kids ain’t we!!!!!

    (MET: This is the last word – any responses will be deleted as this thread interests me none. Thanks for all your passion on the subject).

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