Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South – Back of the Box Photos


Detailed look at the back of the box – no real surprises except it is SPARE MINT and not Spare-O-Mint or Spare Tire Mint …

Other than that … now we wait …

Thanks again “Steve.”



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5 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South – Back of the Box Photos

  1. Noel

    Let’s start the pool on which will go for the most by itself on the Bay (besides that plain old ugly Apple car).

    My three picks are:

    N20 cola
    Transberry Juice
    Shifty Drug

  2. jackdaddy2008

    Are any of the 12 already released variants aside from Dale?

  3. Russ

    wonder why shifty drug is scalet red in the set but mauve in the film? knowing mattel they will release a correctly coloured model at a later date to ensure we put our hands in our pockets yet again! has anyone else noticed any detail errors on the cars?

  4. msully

    Noel, my vote is Tach-o-mint. Everyone seems to love him. My bet would be that he goes for major $$ around Christmas (unless of course he is released as a single).

  5. carsmama

    My vote is for Tank Coat. It’s kinds girly and there aren’t that many girl cars.

    (MET: Did or can someone grab that pic on the RL Club that showed all 36 CARS lined up on the white background. For some real, mattel’s javascript is not working with my mac – can someone email it to me? Thanks).

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