Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South – Or Buy This …

Ultimately, that’s something you have to decide for yourself.

It’s limited, it’s nice looking and you get to have CARS before anyone else (other than about 1,100 other people in this world) in a nice box … can you logically argue for and against buying this set? Of course.

It’s certainly not “cheap” by most measures at $300+ … but it’s not unheard of … want the Sideshow Toys PREMIUM Indiana Jones figure? $280 clams + shipping.

Or the Aliens Power Loader (sold out) also from Sideshow Toys – $249

Plus $139 for the Alien …

Or you don’t have to go far, HWC has been selling this set with display case for $199 + shipping since last October …

Of course, there are plenty of things you can buy outside of toys for $200-$300 … how about a Louis Vutton hair band?

Is this also known as a scrunchie? This Louis Vuitton version is $335 BTW.

Of course, you can also spend money and not have a lot to show for it …

Parking in a bus zone in SF? $250

Fine for parking in a Bus Zone
Violators are subject to a fine of $250. Parking in a bus zone is a hazard to passengers attempting to board or exit a bus and may prevent disabled individuals from boarding.”

The Digg story of the guy who spent $300 for an email address?

You can buy an HDMI cable for your TV – $374 … oh sorry, $373.99.

Or 6 Your Love Makes My Heart Blossom figurines – only $50 each. They are so gosh darn cute!


If this global warming thing is true – time to step up and motorize your cooler for double duty … now in electric versions! Your teenage kids will love a ride in this to school. A little spendier at $399 plus $100 for the cooler trailer.

Are you like most people who think – this is the 21st century – why am I living like a barbarian of the neolithic age and still have to pour my own cereal? Yes, civilization has finally advanced … finally, battery powered cereal dispensing … and as they note, “ it looks great too!”

WAIT, there’s more! “Because the unit is automatic, there are no dials or cranks to be twisted or to crush the cereal. Just press a bowl against the dispensing mechanism and
out comes the cereal.”

FINALLY! Yea, the last unit I got, the squirrel fell down into the crank and I not only got crushed cereal but crushed squirrel flakes.

So, my friends – spend your money wisely or poorly …


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7 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South – Or Buy This …

  1. jackdaddy2008

    Haha, brilliant.

    My Dads mate has loads of Alien and T2 items like the loader, he specialises in film collectables and really expensive toy cars. He also has all the star wars toys boxed and sealed.

    That cooler thing is used in spain for selling beer to us brits on beaches without bars or shops. They make a hefty 500% mark up on a bottle, so they must pay for the scooters pretty quickly.

  2. Noel

    I am all about being wasteful. As a matter of fact, buying unnecessary items is the central preoccupation of my life.

    I collect movie items, props, signed posters, pretty much anything movie related. Since Cars is a movie and has a cool die cast line, I’d be crazy not to spend the money on the SoS set. I literally just told my wife I’d be ordering a $300 set of cars online, her reaction was …… ok. She didn’t even bat an eyelash. Apparently she is used to my way of doing things.

    Yesterday, I came home with Scene It! for the XBOX360, last week, I walked in he door with the big huge box that read “Rock Band Special Edition”. Of course I had to buy a second wireless guitar too.

    I all depends how you look at things, if buying this set is going to set you back or put you in debt, don’t be crazy. It’s completely unnecessary.

    I will be sellling my original desert card complete set of MM and singles along with an unopened single card case (99PG) of desert cards, only because I don’t need three sets of the same thing. The 2006 FSS set came with all of these.

  3. jackdaddy2008

    You would be mad to sell your 12 original first wave desert backs with the 12 on the back because you have the 16 backs.

    They are the most valuable cars mate, and surest way to gaining silly money.

    I have been advised to keep these, the factory set and all the supercharged as sets. WOC is a white elephant, confirmed more so by the short card lane mates. WOC sucks.

    Movie moments makes sense though.

  4. Noel

    You know, I’ve never even looked at the backs of the cards, I just don’t need three sets of desert singles and two sets of desert MM’s.

    The unopened case contains 30 cars and has the complete set of singles, there are doubles of some and six LM’s and four Maters. There is a Lizzie and Sarge, which are two of the hardest ones to find.

  5. Steve AKA: Poppa

    Checked UK eBay this morning. SOS is up to 250 Pounds (US $489.50) plus shipping of 20 Pounds ( US $39.16). Go for it! And the US eBay sellers haven’t offered yet!

  6. jackdaddy2008

    Noel I know that mate, but the original 12 are the most valuable. Your factory set doesn’t have them, it has 1.5 releases which have 16 cars on the back.

    BTW – I didn’t make Mattel do that before someone finds a way of blaming me for this fact.

  7. Hmm… Good post, it’s was really interesting to read this information, thank!

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