Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Speedway Set Conspiracy Theorists Unite

Mattel seems to jumping on the gun on the website.

For SECOND-CLASS citizens, you know the first level Hot Wheels Collector Club members, they have already pre-announced the Motor Speedway of the South for you is a sell out.

For Red Line Club Members, it merely announces the date it will go on sale, the 20th of May.

Don’t panic – just sloppy web housekeeping.

Here is a screenshot from a few minutes ago (today is May 18, 2008).

So, nice job of not only causing undue panic but playing into the hands of the er, few, many, millions who think you … well, don’t think too much about us …

Of course, this also might mean you don’t really have a handle on how this whole HTML, web thing works when someone somewhere either can’t code in the words UNAVAILABLE YET or you have already pre-loaded the page for Tuesday presuming they’ll have to load the page anyway after a couple hours of the Motor Speedway going on sale … perhaps not really boding well for Tuesday morning when a few, many, thousands, might be attempting to login and buy all at once.

So, panic now or panic later?

We might want to keep this info handy:

Red Line Club Customer Service:

1-800-858-0102, Monday-Friday
7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time

So, good luck all and hope we survive all this with dignity, decorum and calm … or is is too late for that already?

(Please note, I could’ve been a total bas**** and titled this post – MOTOR SPEEDWAY OF THE SOUTH – SOLD OUT! but then I didn’t want to cause a pre-riot before the real riot on Tuesday …)

So, again, NOT sold out – just a jumping of the gun of web design …


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5 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Speedway Set Conspiracy Theorists Unite

  1. Noel

    I was that too but if you log in with your RLC account info, it takes you to a different page that says they are available on the 20th with a separate Flash animation window.

    I was always wondering about people who have to be at work when they go on sale who have no access to a computer or network.

    (MET: Yea, it’s correct if you log in as an RLC member but if you just randomly click on the link without signing in, it’s listed under HWC SHOP and under that – it reads SOLD OUT. So, they either don’t know that UNAVAILABLE YET might be less scary of a phrase than SOLD OUT or they have simply loaded the Tuesday afternoon page for HWC members (not RLC members) …).

  2. Well It finally happened. My boys have lost interest in collecting the Car’s items. Their comment was, Why does it take so longe between getting the new cars. Around 2 1/2 monthes only finding one or two new cars. After running around for so long looking at WM,TRU, K-M. Looks like I’m going to have a little more time on my hands. I just hope when the next movie comes out they are still interested enough to see it. Kids do grow out of things. And don’t have the the want to wait around for the next one. Good luck to everyone out there looking. Best advise, Don’t give up you will find them. The boys had everyone to date and were excited everytime I brought one home. Except the last couple. Not sure what changed. Growing up or tired of waiting and lost interest. Ages are 11-12 I think the later one.

    Good luck,


  3. BMW

    Saw that as well. Thanks for your explanation.
    Hope that the website does not screw up on tuesday. As so many log in to buy. Good luck everyone.

  4. Noel

    Now it’s actually true.

  5. Materlover

    I guess we were one of the lucky few to actually get the Cars-Speedway of the South with the intent of displaying and playing. Only thing is, We haven’t found any where on the display, paperwork, or the box any mention of limited to 1000 or the set having a number ie: # 487 of 1000. I guess we were mislead, unless we are just missing it. Has anyone seen or heard differently?

    (MET: Mattel has announced it was a “mistake” in the listing and they are not numbered. You can read through some of the comments in THIS THREAD about what is happening, how to respond, etc … (because of the holiday, the earliest is Tuesday when we will hear what’s next from Mattel).

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