Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Speedway, Factory Set-Red Line Exclusives

For everyone who wanted a set in the US, I hope you got in under the relatively relaxed time constraint and I know for international collectors, you had to jump through some hoops.

This is a general recap and an assessment of the situation.


First, it depends on what kind of collector and of course, your general stance on collecting. If you’re an ultra completist mint-in-box, mint-on-card collector, of course you have to have this. If you were not able to get one, there will be plenty of opportunities on the secondary market in the next few weeks. As “Noel” mentions, there will be buyer’s remorse or someone who bought 4 and now, everytime they walk by the room, the extra sets are quietly ghost-like whispering ($345 dollars, $345 dollars … or in the case of those who bought 4 and didn’t tell their spouse … “dead man walking, dead man walking.”) (including the RLC membership) … or they get it in their hands and the thrill of the chase is more enticing than actually finding it … conversely, there are those who wanted it and rashly decided to sleep in or doing something silly like helping the needy (I’m kidding! I’m kidding!) or of course, you happen to live in a country that Mattel doesn’t recognize (America, Canada – you’re okay … Cuba, Iran, Libya, or Sudan – not so fast … England, you say? – sorry, not on my list. Portugal – nope, not on the list of countries we recognize 😦 πŸ™‚ …

Historical Pattern Pricing?

The only real history for CARS exclusive box set pricing is the 2006 Factory Set which sold for $149 plus $12 for shipping + $30 for RL membership or @$190.00. The problem is that in its time context, it’s hard to measure against any other sets. Again, I am not arguing whether you want to, need to, or not buy it. That is entirely your decision, I’m only speaking of its pattern of pricing and sales. The only real problem is that between the time Mattel announced it and when it was actually sold/or released, the market had changed. Because by the time the set became available in October 2007, Mattel has switched to the Supercharged card design while the Factory Set was still the desert art – also by the time the set was available, we were awash in CARS from the early WOC releases, the WM 8, the new 3-packs and the holiday Movie Moments – all diminishing interest at some level and taking money off the CARS table as it were – just as if the set had been released during the summer CARS drought (pre WM8), who knows, it might’ve sold in 15-minutes only because people had CARS money budgeted but nothing to buy … so it’s never easy to do direct comparisons because each circumstance is so different.

Because you can argue logically for and against anything collectible. So, while I’m generalizing a bit, basically, after the set went on sale on the Red Line Club and sold out in about 3.5 hours, there was virtually no movement on the secondary market (most sold for around $200 so if you include the membership cost, virtually no profit) – not necessarily that it was a bad set – only that it arrived when we were awash with literally dozens of CARS in various packs so most people’s interests were on other CARS – so when most of the auctions on eBay didn’t generate much interest, sellers stop listing. And then you get a seesaw supply/demand/pricing pattern. Then later, when one person lists it as a BUY IT NOW for $400 and it sells – suddenly, more auctions appear but add in a few more auctions available then, the equalibrium price gets pushed down to $250 – at that price, sellers drop away – waiting for the next high benchmark and cycle … and of course, what is profitable to one seller is not-enough for another. It all depends. Basically, patience is a virtual. If you don’t have to have one this instant, you might pay $150 less than the next guy for this set but then again, maybe it’s worth $150 extra to you not to have to keep checking eBay. In college, $150 might’ve bought us a UPS truck of ramen πŸ™‚ but after you’ve been working a while, $150 is half a day’s work … and just like some of you happily pay for a $150 dollar bottle of wine, many of you think anything above $10 is foolish. πŸ™‚

The one thing with this set is of the 500ish floating around there – I’ll bet 475 are unopened since my feeling is only true hardcore collectors bought this set – now, what % vow to hold onto it until their last gasp of air on Earth or what % are willing to part for a hundred % return, that’s difficult to say … but its size also plays a factor into it – sometimes people just want to sell it because it’s so damn large in addition they don’t care anymore so if they can reasonable get their money back – SOLD.

The Future of the Speedway Set?

Again, it depends on why you are buying this. If you are merely buying this as an investment, like most things, the price will ebb and flow – while people like to cite “real investments,” how’s that Enron stock working out for you? Or instead of buying MIcrosoft 15 years ago, you bought 2 years ago … just like the guy who sold a Speedway set for $360 on ebay earlier today … the guy made a $60 profit for 3 minutes of work – to him, clearly enough return while another listing is at $1,000 – what is it’s real worth? Well, we know have a pretty reliable secondary market – eBay … and sure, action figures (or toys) can be fickle but it’s impossible to predict its future value. Things fall in favor, things fall out of favor – from art to first edition books to fashion. Sure, most toys nowadays are always going to be available mint-on-card or mint-in-box but honestly, after a while people forget about them or there are so few listings on eBay, at long as you have 2-4 people actively seeking that thing, prices will stay high. Some things going in favor of this set, it’s limited, and until Mattel releases the remaining 22+ Piston Cup racers, the 22+ CARS are truly exclusive & limited. But again, while people might care today or 5 years down the line? It’s impossible to say. That’s exactly like saying “what is the right time to sell my stock?” There is no answer because if I said, I could guarantee you that in 10 years, the set will sell for $1,000 … presuming inflation isn’t too crazy, that’s a nice return on your money but if you just got out school and you’ll be changing jobs and moving 9 times in the next 10 years, how much is it worth to you to schlep this giant box from place to place – all to make @$75 a year return? See, you can figure it a thousand ways.

Or on a practical level, is the value diminished if I said every CAR will be released? Maybe, maybe not. Because the final interested party is going to be the ultimate decider. They might have every Piston Cup racer but think, man it would be nice to have that mantle-piece set even if it means repeating their collection – or Mattel could go all crazy and release a freakin’ Speedway set EVERY year and if you buy ten, you get a complete racetrack (along with 10 more Lightning McQueen’s) … even with that, maybe people will still just clamor for the first one?

So, there’s no predicting the future. Not only that, every set that sells after the first few weeks will face different circumstances … some completely un-connected to CARS, eBay or even your particular auction. Same goes for opening or not opening it, its final value can be seen from all vantage points … like the $1,000 example above – in the early stages of your life $750 (profit) is a lot of money but later on in life, it might not even buy you a wedding cake … and of course, that’s not a guarantee … what if it will sell for $500 in ten years, not even matching inflation … in other words, is it worth $10 a year to open and play with it? Or maybe it’s $2,000? Maybe in ten years, you’ll be worth $50 million, then what’s even $2,000 to buy a set of memories of 2008? I don’t know and no one can say either absolute with any certainty about any purchase or investment.*

So, bottom line – it’s your money & your purchase. Have the fun that you think is the way you want to go. Whether that’s encasing it in argon and a museum case to admire it, whether that’s to open and twist-tie them or whether it’s to see the Speed Racer funnel launcher will really shoot a CAR across your ceiling. Have fun!

*Okay, you can buy T-bills and you know your return but not exactly exciting.


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31 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Speedway, Factory Set-Red Line Exclusives

  1. carsrmom

    Hey there to all the cars fans! Thanks for this awesome site, I found it a couple of months ago and it has helped me follow all the latest/newest “cars” info. This is my first post ever though, and it comes kinda sadly to me. I am a “general” car collector, (30 yrs old/young) basically I saw the movie, happened to be toy shopping for my kids back in 2006 and seen the “cars”, fell in love with them and I’ve been on the hunt ever since. However, today was a sad day for me because I refuse to pay $300 for that SOS set. I just cant bring myself to do it, I have a family of five, and after long hard thought, I prefer the HUNT rather than just purchasing all the cars in a set. I do have a great set so far, every car released (except for Blu-Ray) and I have hunted them down, one by one. I LOVE the cars and truely enjoy collecting them, but I could not justify $300 for alot of cars that I already have too. But, congrats to all that got their set today, and good job on this site, it really rocks! I too am in Northern Ca. and it’s a challenge to track down the cars with only 1 Walmart!! Thanks for all your posts, maybe now I’ll be braver to post more often! ??This site has helped me find things out about cars that I would have never known, thank you.

    (MET: Carsmom, yea, it’s a big chunk but don’t worry, Mattel will “allow” you to spend more money slowly ;-0 … I’m here in NoCal also – yea, not many WM’s and especially when only like 1 of every 3 WM’s has a decent CARS stock …).

  2. Kieran, UK

    Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be two #84 cars – Apple and Re-Volting – in the SOS set. Is it the same in the movie?

    (MET: Yea, I believe the Apple CAR was originally assigned #76 for the year Apple (Computers) it was founded but ultimately, Steve Jobs (?) decided that they’d prefer to brand the computers so the Apple CAR’s name was changed to Mac iCar and of course, the Mac was first released in 1984 so #84. Presumably, it would’ve costed hundreds of thousands to re-render #84 Re-Volting and it’s total of 5-seconds on-screen time? They just hoped you wouldn’t notice … not knowing that 2 years later, people are going frame by frame to figure out what each Pit Crew member looks like, & trying to guess the missing 7 CARS …).

  3. BMW

    Met, that was a good blog. Comparing the two exclusive sets to each other. The first set as you said came at a time when many cars were available, Walmart “exclusives” etc.
    However, one thing going against the first set was that most collectors already had the DB Cars. Those of us who collected since the movie first came out already had the DB Cars, so could not see getting it, as we already had these on card and or opened. The two cars that were exclusive were ones that were available already Rollin Bowlin and DT McQueen which never came on DB anyway but already out on SC. So I passed for that reason.
    The SOS set is quite different. It is complete to the racers, (except the mia 6) which no one knows where they went, or where they are despite numerous attempts at watching the movie frame by frame.
    So this set is quite unique and accurate.
    Even if all the racers come out later, my thoughts are to collect the cars on first card or set, however they came out.

    Still don’t have a Wingo or Sarge without points, but looking. Have Lizzie w/o points.
    Otherwise having fun. Thanks for keeping it real.

    (MET: I finally completed a set of the ‘no points’ by emailing EVERY classic art card auction (well, those under $15) seller and asking – there are two problems – a) they can’t tell the difference between 12-back and 16-back and then they are clueless on the NO POINTS thing … check our cards back post and of course, our book for all the details).

  4. Rebecca

    carsrmom I am with you. I couldn’t see purchasing this when it has several cars that most of us already have. I honestly didn’t like how they were individually wrapped also. I want them to be factory sealed one by one with the card backing and not in little bags sealed. They will bring them out adventually because Mattel likes to make money so I am with you I will wait….

  5. Steve AKA: Poppa

    I’m with carsrmom and Rebecca. I passed on this set, and, the 2006 factory set too. Although, I could well afford both sets, I am resistant to being a ‘completist.’ To those persons who obtained the sets and are now turning the sets for a quick profit, more power to you. Retailers, large or small, need to turn inventory for a quick profit, and, reinvest the profits in additional inventory. Long range potential for this set? Questionable? As an investment there is always the issue of time value of money. Make a 100% profit today, i.e., $300, and compare it to $300 in fifteen years. Adjusting for increases in cost of living, that $300 profit is severely diminished.

    My son (33) and daughter (28) took me through this nasty cycle of toy buying-more so with the son. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was scalping baseball cards and Star Wars action figures. My son was a collector. Product was being purchased before store opening by employees or given from the back room to friends and relatives. It still happens with current toys. The stuff is now worthless as an investment. Strange thing about kids- they move out and leave all their stuff behind. They argue about who is going to clean out the house when ‘mom and dad’ pass on. You want C-10 original blue Snaggletooths- we got them! Full line of Barbie Christmas dolls NRFB- we got them! GI Joe 12″ and 4″ action figures-we got them! Can’t get rid of the stuff!

    The SOS as a collectible to a casual collector does not make the mark for ME. Most of the toys made now are artfully marketed with great box art. I buy the toys as an ‘art form.’ The SOS set lacks art. I would rather collect the Cars on blister packs with appropriate art. The 2006 factory set lacked ‘art’. The only Car in that set of merit was the bowling Mator, which I had purchased at a K-B liquidation center for $15.

    I suspect my Cars will eventually be torn open and played with. But I never paid more than $3.99 for a single card, so I will not have any buyer’s remorse when that happens. I limit my collecting to available Cars at retail only.

    I think this site’s creator has done an admiral job. However, there are many postings which suggest some collectors are carrying collecting to an extreme. When a young child is in distress because the ‘bad men’ (eBayers) have purchased the new inventory of a store, that child is forming a bad view of life. Nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes you have to wait. I remember when Cabbage Patch dolls were the rave. Fortunately my daughter did not want one early on. I observed actual riots and fist fighting in the doll aisle when dolls were brought out at Toys R Us. It was total madness. When supply started to keep up with demand, I was at Toys R Us in the late evening (best time to shop is when the little ones need baths and put to bed). A young mother was sitting on the floor encircled with Cabbage Patch dolls. She saw me smile and she offered it was much easier to make a decision when you had to find to get any old one. Since she now had to actually make a choice, it was a task.

    I’m with carsrmom, although I have 2 Toys R Us, 4 Wal*Marts, 4 K-Marts, 4 Fred Meyers, and a Walgreens every 1/4 mile to stop at- no Cars only trips.

    Each to his own. Buy what you want. But, please, lighten up. Some of you are going to have heart attacks over these. Pats on the back for those that actually get on the floor and play with your sons and daughters- be it Cars or Barbie dolls. As a grandfather I can attest, your children will be better parents if you play with them at their level-not yours!

    Now, it’s time to check on those eBay bids for the SOS set!

  6. Rebecca

    Very good point Steve AKA: Poppa. You are right about the value.. It is like a car once your drive it off the lot it depreciates instantly. I am happy for all those who purchased them, but somehow the $300 in the bank looked better to me than spending on some of them I already have.. As I have said in the past my 9 year old is tired of these and they are just laying around. My husband and I collect them, but not to the point where we watch the clock to get something. Life is to short for that, but to each is own. I have actually sen some dummy trying to sell this for $999.00 on Ebay. That bozo needs his head examined for sure.

  7. husker_crazy

    If you honesty think that’s bad then check , the site that is always advertised on this one. $1500.00 per set. There really isn’t an end.

  8. Rebecca

    husker_crazy you got me here.. They definitely must be crazy …. I have purchased things from them before, but this is just insane…. I DON”T THINK SO……

  9. Stanley

    I got my sets!!!!
    The boxes are HUGE!

  10. Monica

    Poppa Steve, I was previously debating whether I would let my little guys play with the SOS set and you just convinced me to break open that set as soon as it arrives and get to racin’ with my boys. (I draw the line at the “Cars Buster” figure 8 track though, they’re not going anywhere near that thing with the SOS set).

    Thank you for your words of wisdom!

  11. CarsMama

    Stanley – I’m sure we would all love to see pictures if you have the time!! πŸ™‚

  12. carsrmom

    hey there husker-crazy, I’m just wondering, but are you the same “husker-crazy” selling a set on ebay for $799.00……..hhhhmmm…..

  13. Stanley

    I ran home from work during lunch, and found them on my porch.

    I opened the outer box, and took a picture of the inner box. I will be opening the inner box tonight, when I get off of work.

    I’ll see if I can post pictures on this site this weekend.

    It’s already a great weekend!!!!!

    P.S. – if anyone needs a TowCap and Gasprin two pack, I have one….

  14. Noel

    Hey carsmom,

    Good eye, it’s more than likely the same person.

    Speaking of eBay auctions, the “buyer” for that $69.00 Hong Kong red Ransburg that sold for 750 British pounds has two negatives for his last two purchases.

    One was a RLC 2006 FSS he never paid the $406.00 for, and the other is a Filmore die cast.

    Can’t wait to see the “feedback” for this purchase.

  15. jackdaddy2008

    Thats what I have been saying.

    Notice how upset people got when that was more or less stopped in its tracks?

    Feedback could still come though, a syndicate buyer (if that is what it is) can leave feedback.

    The only way we would truly know the truth is by looking on the buyers and sellers computers.

    Fact remains, if I was the buyer and had been emailed through eBay by people I didn’t know saying it was a con and not worth it, I would have at least emailed back gratefully or angrily.

    Neither has happened. The whole thing stinks.

  16. Noel

    I think we can assume that auction was a scam from the beginning, the seller bought the car for $69.00 from a person in Hing Kong. There were other colored versions of the exact same car in the picture from the Hong Kong auction. That alone says custom made versions.

    The buyer (mickwonkylegleft) hatched a plan to resell it with a couple of shill bids from someone he knew to jack the price up to insane levels. I think he actually thought he had a real one at first, then noticed the water tattoo style stickers on’s and decided to try and scam someone else.

    No feedback as of yet and I’d bet is shows up again on eBay.UK very soon.

  17. Annie

    Hey there Stanley,

    I would love to have your Gasprin and Tow 2 pack that would make this little cars addicts day. I have been hooked since I was lucky enough to go to the Cars World Premiere in Concord, NC. I worked at the Disney Store then and had customers coming in asking for these little rascals. We didn’t carry them. So I started looking for places they could buy them and then I fell in love with them. I am collecting two sets one for me to be anal about perfect boxes and such and one for posterity. If you still have it let me know how much you want for it.

    Thanks bunches

  18. Chris

    Update on SOS numbering:

    So far Mattel customer service is saying that they were not numbered and the ad for the sale was in error. We will be sent a letter of apology from Mattel.

    Mark has confimed that the ad was in error and he is checking into other solutions.

  19. Chris

    This bugs. In my opinion the add wasn’t in error, there was another screw-up that they are covering. I.E. they just forgot but don’t want to seem inept.

    If this goes retail and anyone can get it, I personally would consider a legal route. If it stays exclusive than it will still be a collectors item.

  20. husker_crazy

    Yes carsrmom, same husker_crazy. I have since reduced the price and like I pointed out, there are people asking more for this set than I was. I… as a Father of 3 soon to be 4 have no problem with free enterprise. A lot of people had a shot at this set for plenty of time considering the preciseness of the “sale” time and the almost year of hype. I paid for multiple RLC memberships solely in anticipation of this set. I have a full time job and another full time job being a parent like everyone else. I needed a part-time job that allowed me to be at home with my kids. This is it. Everyone likes to knock ebay because the premium on convenience is vicious. In the end, buying on ebay is no different from buying at Wal-Mart. The price you pay for anything is based on the highest mark up available to the seller, considering the price that seller paid for said items. Wal-Mart has Billions of dollars so they can sell a Car to you for less than $3.00 and probably pay something like $0.30 a Car. I am not a billion dollar company so I can’t possibly sell my Cars for that amount. I don’t make much money on ebay, enough to call it a part time job but that’s it. I don’t think there is much evil involved in trying to make the most out of things you are selling. If people think it is more righteous to pay $4.00/gallon and maybe find a couple of Cars from our retail supergiants than I am at a total loss. Only my opinion, not trying to offend anyone.

  21. Ridiculous

    husker_crazy that is totally crazy $799.00 that is a $500 hike yeah right. As people have said in the past the shotty paint jobs these won’t be worth a damn in the long run and they depreciate and 5 years from now no one will want them that is for sure..

  22. msully

    Husker_crazy, don’t feel like you have to explain your ebay business here.

    As Met pointed out on the sale day, everyone who really wanted one and was willing to pay the going price, pretty much got one by about an hour after they went on sale. I didn’t see a single post here saying, “I really wanted one, but couldn’t get through and then they were sold out”.

    I thought about getting another one to sell myself, but didn’t want to go through the hassle.

    In my mind, it’s much different than scalpers going to the stores and scooping everything good up and leaving all the pegwarmers for kids and collectors.

    So good luck to you!

  23. Foxx

    i have a question for u metro are the cars still valued the same if the cars are in the package or set up in the box of the rlc cars motor speedway of the south

    (MET: That is actually an interesting question – since unlike most sets where it’s usually plainly obvious if you open it (the 2006 Factory Set has hologram stickers on all four sides) – as far as I tell, this box top is just held by plastic bands? And the CARS are just in a plastic holder? I guess I’ll have to see mine to give a definitive answer so I should wait (BTW, for anyone who plans on throwing that outside Mattel box away? I have 1 word for you – eBay πŸ™‚ ) but really, there are too many different scenarios. For instance, if Mattel releases a Piston Cup Box every 2 years? Then the value of this set will drop accordingly since while people will still want it, since the contents are available elsewhere – And the open set might be worth very close to sealed because people might be MORE inclined to buy thinking, it’s open – now I don’t have to decide whether to open a pristine mint in box set … What if every racer gets re-released … on one hand, it is easier just to buy the entire set at once instead of hunting … how much is that track & box worth? $20? $50? $75? And look at the upcoming set with Lightning, King, Chick & Re-volting … presumably $14.99 – maybe $19.99? If you’re thinking, if a new racer is going to cost me $14.99, might as well just pay $12.00 each for a box of 36 at once, right? So, no one knows … just like when people were paying $150 for Flo’s playset because there was almost NO examples of a toy playset being re-released so in theory, they were making all the right moves and yet … now, not the wisest move … so, I have to go with the standard answer – yes, no, maybe or all three. πŸ˜‰ )

  24. Materlover

    As for the indiviually numbered sets, if Mattel really is sorry for the out and out lie or mistake in advertising as explained, the company could mail to each owner of a set a Certificate of Authenticity with the number on it. They have the addresses and names of each buyer and the time the purchase was made, so it should be no problem to get the right number to the right person and it is only 1000 mistakes they would have to correct. Yes – it may cost a little bit, but not as much as a lawsuit for false advertising.

    (MET: The last word is that Mattel will send us a letter and they are looking into stickers … hopefully, we’ll know more by Tuesday afternoon (May 27, 2008).

  25. indykjt

    Hello! I rarely post on this board, but wanted to chime in with my thoughts.

    I am a huge fan of the Cars movie, and these diecast. I have a three year old son that loves the movie as well, and has his own set of Cars to play with. I have one of each Car (opened) for MY collection (except for the ultra-rare “I’ll never have” Red Ransburg McQueen), and I give my son the duplicates from the MM packs, three-packs, etc. for him to play with.

    I bought two of the SOS sets. I bought one for me, and the other to resell on Ebay. I did this in hopes that I will be able to recover my costs in getting the set in the first place. Risky, I know, but I have to try anyway. I have sold on Ebay previously, and my opinion is people can sell for whatever price they want. Why? Beacuse if it’s too high, or outraegous, then it won’t sell. If I can’t get the $ out of my second set that I want, then it’s my loss. It took 2.5 hours for this to sell out, so I didn’t keep anyone who really wanted it from getting one.

    I didn’t buy the second set, or more than that, to simply make money. I collect these Cars not as an investment, but because I like them. I think anyone who is collecting for future investment potential is probably on the wrong track. The only Cars that seem to hold their “value” are the true rare and exclusive ones, i.e. the Ransburg LMcQ, Blu-Ray McQ, and I would imagine the SDCC Lightning Storm McQ will as well.

    Sorry about the ramble! I hope all Cars collectors that are in this for the fun eventually get all the Cars they wish for!

  26. Cakes

    Does anyone want to sell a speedway of the south set? email me

  27. Stanley

    Hello Annie.

    Give me an email at my Ebay account about TowCap and Gasprin.
    My Ebay name is scholt9.

  28. Nancy

    indykjt–you voiced my thinking exactly in regard to having bought two sets to sell the second one to recoup the cost of my set. I won’t sell my cars unless “pigs fly” someday. So it’s not an investment I’ll pack away. Actually I’m redoing an old oak wardrobe with glass doors, shelves and lights to display my collection in. I have them in three different places now and it’s hard for the grandkids to remember which ones can be played with and which can’t. Maybe I hope they’ll be more of a heritage/memory for the grandkids.

    Met: will you or someone be taking pictures of any new releases at SD Comic Con? Surely there will be some besides Storm McQueen. We’re so desperate for something new we’ll even look forward to seeing pictures.

    PS Don’t forget to add me to the list of people wanting just two Storm McQueen. Will pay all fees and shipping. Thanks.

    (MET: I will attempt to live blog from there … of course, Mattel will be my first stop).

  29. jackdaddy2008

    I think if American buyers knew about the set being an online exclusive, but couldn’t be bothered buying one, then they have no one to blame for facing a huge mark up but themselves.

    In a way, the SOS has been easier to buy than some of the commercially released carded cars in retail stores.

    My problem has always been with Mattel.

    It is not right that people who never stood a chance of getting this at the online sale should have to pay more than 100% again for the set than those who could, because they do not reside in America, I am pretty sure that is discrimination. If this had been an international sale, the SOS would have sold out in half the time, maybe quicker! Collectors like me have spent more money on Cars collections than most American collectors due availability and our retail shelf price being double Americas.

    We all know that the cases farce is also unnecessary and irrelevant to supplying demand, it actually destroys demand, because some people have given up collecting the Cars.

    That is all.

  30. SCOTTY T

    I received my SOS today. Met, you know I had to have it. The only problem I have is, they are not numbered. Had I read this column before I opened the second box, I would have never opened either box. Even if they did send stickers with numbers, it would be to no avail. Totally useless. I am so pi__ed right now. Where is the value in spending over $300 and the set is not numbered. I have 2 of the first sealed set. I understood that they were sealed and not numbered. But when Mattell stated the sets were numbered is probably why they sold out so fast (besides the greed factor). Do you think I have a good case for a lawsuit? (lol)

    (MET: It would be a short lawsuit πŸ™‚ Mattel would submit the eBay page with the Set auctions and point out there are no ‘damages’ apparently … and of course, they would happy to take it back and issue you a credit – any takers? πŸ˜‰ )

  31. RICH


    (MET: Congrats on getting one … here’s our latest post and the $1,400 MSoS set).

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