Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mom! Dad! Look What We Found!

In case you forgot why we collect CARS …

CARS fans Tim & Sarah received a little box in the mail today and I think Jack and Ethan might already know what’s inside … 🙂

Lucky kids, why, I remember when I was growing up, I had to walk through 10-feet of snow just to get to the granite quarry where I had to chisel my own rock to carve a CAR … 🙂

Plus mom & dad were smart enough to live near the Mattel distribution center …

May all your ‘opening days’ be just as fun!


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3 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mom! Dad! Look What We Found!

  1. Noel

    I opened the box up to show my 6 year old daughter the Piston Cup Racers. She knew Mood Springs was the one who said “Dont take me out coach, …………. I can still race”.

    We spent about ten minutes taking them out one by one, she was fascinated by seeing them all at once. We have a Cars movie poster in our theater and she was running back and forth looking at the poster and the new cars.

    She said her favorite was the candy cane car (Tach-O-Mint). Pretty cool …… she also knows they are not to be played with (smashed head on) but I will let her hold them and play with them on the carpet.

  2. Roberto

    Thats one cute picture 🙂 It’s like a mid year Xmas!

  3. I have the Piston Cup racer but the box doesn’t seem so big?!

    Maybe its the optical illusion when comparing the box’s height with 2 little cute boys 🙂

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