Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Unboxing Motor Speedway – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Variant Part II

Thanks for readers Tim & Sarah, some more photos – not as cute as their kids but it’ll do 🙂

Here are more photos of the differences between Dale Jr. & Motor Speedway of the South Dale Jr.

Old one on left, new on right. Different body of course.

I’ll compare to mine also when I get it but it looks like the tampo decals are a skoosh brighter white. New facial expression and eyes.

As noted before – back tail-lights different, the striping looks a skoosh wider (or just brighter) and the JR logo is a little closer to the back window.


On the bottom, the © notice is in white – the previous version was molded and in black – presumably since this now uses the same underside as other racers, the © info is just stamped/printed on there.

Original un-boxing photos and first look at Dale Jr. variant

Thanks Sarah!


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10 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Unboxing Motor Speedway – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Variant Part II

  1. collectormom

    After looking at the 2 Dale Jr Cars my husband had a thought about why the one in the set is different.

    All the racers have their “Race Face” on. If you put the smiling happy-go-lucky Dale Jr in with that bunch then wouldn’t he look like a dork? LMQ still has his smile and The King still has his Mona Lisa smile but that’s how they looked in the race anyway.

    His thought is that the single Car is the post race face; the one in the set is during the race.

    Still no idea why they changed the whole body though.

    For someone who was shocked at how much I wanted to spend on this he was super excited to open the box and start playing. He rearranged all the Cars on the shelves to make room!

  2. Bill

    collectormom, Don’t give Mattel any ideas. Oh no! A Pre Race McQ, Racing McQ, and a Post Race McQ. But your reasoning sounds right on target.

  3. Noel

    Mattel was too lazy to put a new face on the real Dale Jr. body so they did a repaint. There are only three body styles in the entire set if you don’t include McQueen and King. Chick is a little different because of the mustache.

    You can see where they cut corners. Every car except LM, CH, and King with the exception of Apple 84 has the exact same sponsor stickers in the exact same place behind the front wheel wells.

    I’m putting the real Dale Jr in place of the wannabe repaint. The real Dale Jr’s body almost scrapes the ground and it looks much nicer.

  4. Roberto

    The actual reason the SOTS set Dale is a Nitroade body repaint is because the casting for the newer Dale was not finalised at the time the cars were produced for the sets which was definately before Sept / Oct 2007 🙂

  5. jackdaddy2008

    Makes perfect sense.

    I don’t think the set was deliberate though, I suspect and believe that these are machine runs that were abandoned when Mattel realised they simply didn’t have a chance of producing and releasing them en masse.

    For me, they well and truly dropped the ball when they decided to handle the line like they did when Sarge was recalled.

    They basically showed themselves up as being completely out of touch with reality when they delayed like they did.

    Absolute farcical handling on a wonderful toy range.

    Maybe they did it on purpose to protect their main interest – Hot Wheels?

    Maybe they are just crap?

    I would be amazed if Disney don’t hog the production on Cars 2 die casts though. Lets just hope they are in scale like Mattels, and aren’t like the recent Disney store Frankensteins!

  6. BMW

    I posted this elsewhere here, but just wanted to say that this set is absolutely fantastic. These cars are so beautiful and crisp clean paint. Great job.
    the packaging was amazing. Who ever came up with the packaging really should get an award!
    Boxes within boxes, not a dent anywhere.

    The Apple car’s silver paint job over white, with white wheels is a classic. This is one so pretty car that gleams. No pic does it justice.

    This collector set was done with great care, and the finishes are spectacular.

    My King is a deeper blue than the regular production King.

  7. Materlover

    I do like the set, but the display case does have a peeling of paper at one of the corners which I was surprised at because of the way it was packaged. All in all it is a nice set. Just wish the plastic holders held a little better. Keep losing The King, but we’ll figure it out.

    (MET: I haven’t got the time but maybe there’s a volunteer we can email to? I think if someone can get data from 9 or 10 of us, we can figure out a pattern? On the right side of the invoice, under ORDER NUMBER, there’s a series of data. I know my order was completed around 9:04/9:05 PST so maybe if someone is wiling to volunteer to get 9 or 10 emails from volunteers here, we can see if there’s a pattern. You can’t see anyone’s order by their number because you have to logged into your specific account to see your profile and account data but rather than deal with any problems, email should be a little private to see if there’s any ascending pattern? Any project volunteers?)

  8. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    I picked up the World of Cars Dale Earnhardt, Jr car last night at W*M’s cube. I compared the WOC with the Supercharged and noticed a distinctive painting variation between the two. The Supercharged car’s center post is black with the front driver’s side window with a red border. The center post on the WOC car is 50-50 red (forward), black (rear). Same on the passenger side door. Anything more than a little artistic license on the assembly line? Just my car? Or different enough to qualify for a variation?

    (MET: Email us a pic?)

  9. collectormom

    Hey Met, are you talking about the top half of the invoice that would have had the mailing label on it? It says
    order number
    gift card
    gen date

    I was curious about the info down by the bar code. It says
    OMS# WMS# container#
    then it lists the lot # again underneath.

    Not sure what info you’re looking for but I’ll volunteer. Maybe we can figure out who’s order went in first and such. Hey wait, is THAT what you’re looking for? Let me know 🙂

    (MET: Yea, that’s what I meant, I’ll email you my info. For anyone else who’s interested, email me your numbers at metroxing @ – I won’t reveal your particular numbers of course … plus also the time you think you completed your purchase process … thanks!).

  10. jackdaddy2008

    Very good steve,akapapa thanks for sharing.

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