Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Movie Moments- What’s Going On?


Movie Moments – so, what’s going on? Lots of rumors floating around – retail employees are saying this & that. The new ones disappear in an instant so clearly it’s not disinterest in buying 2-packs … but let’s backtrack a bit …

Mattel certainly started off on the right track – the first Movie Moments made sense from a lot of viewpoints:

Flo & Ramone: Flo is a girl plus with extra tail-fin metal (not judging, not judging! πŸ˜‰ ) so it makes sense to charge a bit more for the two-pack.

Red & Stanley – of course, Red is about 3-4 times the metal of any other CAR, coupling it with Stanley makes sense from an economic view-point.

Boost & Snot Rod – the less interesting of the tuners. Wingo & DJ were singles so why not make a bit fewer of the other two but charge a skoosh more because the completists will want all the tuners.

Guido, Luigi & the Tractor – again, a nice value in two small CARS plus the Tractor.


This first wave, no one can fault any of them and were eagerly snapped up – but eventually, the problem became not the CARS but the way they were packed in each case – with too many repeats or for instance, after Boost & Snot Rod became single CARS, the MM version should’ve been retired.

Or that it was great fun to see the Pixar parody CARS at first but clearly there was a limit to how many of us were interested and while on one hand, Mattel is to be commended for keeping them available – can you imagine the grief they would’ve had if they retired them – thus denying a two-year the Sully CAR or the Buzz CAR? πŸ˜‰ But on the other hand, by not keeping more careful track of retail stock and continually repeating less than necessary MM’s packs like Crusin’ McQueen & Sally as a WOC version (or perhaps even worse, packing two in the first case?!) – the perception to retailers was that we weren’t interested when we are – but only in CARS or configurations we don’t already have … and of course, to retailers it’s all just a MM whether it’s Sally/Crusin’ McQ or Red Mia & Tia so they are only measuring by overall stock turnover and in many if not most cases, the perception is that MM’s are selling slowly … but if you’re talking about any (real & actual) NEW MM’s – they fly off the shelves. What is the shelf life of Gaspirin/Tow Cap or Flea & PT Flik … that is IF they make it onto the shelves?

So, what’s next for Movie Moments – we seem to have sporadic reports from WM managers & stockers who seem to think they are being discontinued. For some reason, people find some of their market intelligence … er, less than credible? πŸ™‚

It would appear that they are NOT being discontinued.

To repeat – there is no sign from all other channels and sources.

The Movie Moments portion of CARS is NOT being discontinued.

Now, does that mean WM or another retailer might stop carrying them? Maybe. You also have to understand the bigger issue – to them CARS is a 2-year old line and to their buyers and merchandisers, they were breaking up with their high school sweetheart after the prom that June 2006, and can’t remember back that far … okay, kidding but not too far off from the truth πŸ™‚ … their job is to make the stores look hip & cool – otherwise (and shh, don’t tell anyone), there are just a giant square store selling toothpaste, insecticide & hair dryers … so tie-ins to blockbuster movies makes them look hip & cool and as I’ve noted before, their confused that 2 years later, we’re still buying CARS stuff. So, in some ways, it’s a miracle that CARS got that much shelf & peg space to now … So, what’s next?

Movie Moments might become a retailer exclusive – Toy R Us seems the most interested in CARS exclusives so maybe Movie Moments will only be available there?

Hopefully, they’ll be packed a little better … new kids & mom/dads buying for their kid that just turned 2 might be excited to see Buzz & Woody if it only shows up in July & November? Then it’s like a treasure hunt … and conversely, when you see the same CARS on the shelf time & time again, you’re actually less reluctant to snap it up because you think – it was here a month ago – it’ll be here next month.

So, what’s next?, will future shipments get re-configured much like the Gift 3-Packs? No definite word yet …

For people who just want opener CARS from Movie Moments, there’s clearly enough of the older ones still on the shelves and the more recent Movie Moments will certainly be available again.

For collectors and completists, yes, the big question is whether the next shipments might only be stickered with “TRU exclusive.” I highly doubt any switch-over is going to happen in the next month – at the earliest, probably late summer or September … but of course, there is no definite word – surprise! πŸ™‚

Here again is what’s been announced … and hopefully, we’ll know more soon.



Bob Cutlass & Cartrip
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mia & Tia (red)
Ramone (Purple) & Flo
Red & Stanley
Sally & Crusin McQueen (2)
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson (2)

Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson




Boost & Snot Rod
Dinoco Mia & Tia (2)
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen (2)
Fillmore & Sarge
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Mike & Sully
Mr. & Mrs. The King
Sally & Crusin McQueen
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70


Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Fillmore & Sarge
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz (2)
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mia & Tia
PT Flea & Flick
Ramone (Purple) & Flo
Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze
Sally & Crusin McQueen
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson

(Lightning McQueen at Luigi’s but before Ramone changed him into Crusin’ McQueen)



Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Buzz & Woody
Dinoco Mia & Tia
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Luigi & Guido & Tractor
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. The King
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson


Dinoco Mia & Tia (2)
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Luigi & Guido (Ferrari Fans)
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mario Andretti & Patti (2)
Ramone (Purple) & Flo
Sally & Lightning McQueen
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson




Boost & Snot Rod
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mario Andretti & Patti
Race Damage King & Lightning McQueen
Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze
Sally & Lightning McQueen
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson (2)



And for now, we’ll assume the following multi-packs are just re-packaging of the CARS we already have:

Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Chick Pitty (Bruiser Bukowski) & Chick Hicks


Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Bruiser Bukowski & Chick Hicks (2)
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mario Andretti & Patti
Mike & Sully
Mr. & Mrs. The King
Red With Stanley
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70

Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Bruiser Bukowski & Chick Hicks
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Luigi and Michael Schumacher
Mario Andretti & Patti
Race Damage King & Lightning McQueen (2)
Sally & Lightning McQueen
Tex Dinoco & Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen & Doc Hudson

Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip
Bruiser Bukowski & Chick Hicks
Dinoco Mia & Tia
Fillmore & Whitewall Lightning McQueen
Leakless #64 & No Stall #123
Lightning McQueen & Kori Turbowitz
Mario Andretti & Patti
Race Damage King & Lightning McQueen
Rusty Rust-eze & Dusty Rust-eze
Sally & Lightning McQueen
Tow Cap #4 & Gasprin #70
Tumble Weed McQueen & Doc Hudson


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37 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Movie Moments- What’s Going On?

  1. captjohn

    Thanks for the summary – I was beginning to wonder about this line. Imagine my regret when I didn’t bring enough money to a particular out-of-state Target and found Gasparin/Tow Cap & PT Flea & Flick & Dusty and Rusty & Buzz and Woody. BTW, it Buzz’s “helmet” supposed to be attached? Mine isn’t, but doesn’t appear broken. Anyways, I had to leave Flea and Flick behind, and was beginning to worry because all I’ve seen since then is Tex and LM, and Sally and CLM. And to support a comment above, I’ve only seen them at TRU lately – my regular Target and WM don’t have them, and one WM is now mini-only, so I’ve stopped going there. I’m just hoping for better packing now.

    (MET: Buzz’s helmet is not glued on so yours is correct).

  2. Shelley

    Thanks for the info! The stinky part is (well for me anyway) is that I don’t have a TRU close by, It’s an hour drive to any one 😦

    (MET: Well, there’s nothing set in stone, I’m just guessing for now … TRU is opening up 16 new stores this year so hopefully, it’s closer to you …).

  3. claeface73

    I got lucky and picked up flick/flea and gasprin/towcap yesturday. It’s days like that that make it worth geting up at 3 am.

    (MET: Oh, so that’s when they’re in stock πŸ™‚ )

  4. jackdaddy2008


    Jack and me made and ate yorkshire puddings, yum!

    Went trawling today.

    Saw a few Pit crew docs and loads of Wocs, but Pit crew doc is the newest release I saw.

    Movie moments were very poor, which ironically seems to have been a rarity in the uk! However, today the most recent release I found was Tex and dinoco chick.

    I am actually tempted to start buying supercharged again, because I can probably get most of them at shop shelf value, loads of them on the shelves.

    It looked as though 3 stores inventory hadn’t changed since my report (6 – 8 weeks ago!).

    Jenners had this to say –
    “yeah its really died a death, I don’t think we are getting more in now, nobody wants them like they used to.”
    (I can’t understand why, considering they arguably have the biggest buzz & woody range in Scotland, and each car comes with a complimentary film of dust? But heh, what do I know?)

    Disney store on the other hand –
    “Its the strongest line we have ever had, it outsells every movie that has come out since, we love all the ickle cars they send us.”
    (Maybe they love them too much? seeing as they only ever have Ramone, Dinoco Mcqueen and Sally. In fairness, their shelves looked fresher today, much more choice in the way of WOC, and their staff haven’t ever hid the fact they buy them as they arrive.)

    The best news came from Sainsburys.
    Apparently they are pulling loads of stagnant stock back off the shelves and ONLY putting out new releases next month, so UK buyers, get to Sainsburys in June and July, because they sound like the best chance for new releases (maybe Chuki and co.?). Better yet, in July they have their awesome 2 4 1 sale on toys!

    I didn’t go to toys r us or woolworths.

  5. BMW

    That is great news. Unfortunately I have never seen Flea/Flik TowCap/Gasprin on a peg anywhere. Not Walmart, TRU, Target.

    They are MIA here. Hopefully when the newer cases come the scalpers will back off. But as long as these are high on ebay and getting good prices, that won’t happen for a while.

    I counted that Seven cases are slotted for Tow/Gasprin if your list holds over time. So that is good.

    Less so for Flea Flik. Only one case??

    (MET: Well, 2 if you count F case which has been released. Our sponsor ChildrensToyCloset should still have it – it’s better than most MM cases if you’re a completist … if you’re an opener, there are still a lot of repeats).

  6. Chris

    has anyone seen the toys r us movie moments exclusives with guido and luigi/yellow ramone with green ramone. i have four others but never seen these two until tonight on ebay. are they legit?

    (MET: Yea, there was a second set of Movie Doubles exclusives – not terribly exciting and honestly, if you visit two-three TRU in a one sweep, you’d be hard pressed not to complete the set).

  7. jackdaddy2008

    I haven’t seen or heard of them in the uk.

    I got the first 4 from my local tru in a oner, but have only bought one of the new 4 from the states along with a bulk buy. The same seller didn’t have and hadn’t seen the other 3.

    I think they are much harder to come by than the previous 4, and am surprised the UK hasn’t had them yet. They have been available stateside for 3 – 4 months now.

    These seem to be American only!

  8. Shelley

    Met – opening 16 new stores is good. But they closed the 2 closest to me with the last “re-org” so I doubt they’ll build us a new one..but I can hope. My boys ask me all the time why it closed.

  9. Richard

    To add to Jackdaddy2008’s report on the availability of UK stock……
    If you are collecting the package variants then be aware that Tesco are importing from the US, thus have WOC stock with the US cards in addition to the European cards. The US cards include pit crew Guido, pit crew Doc, pit crew Fillmore, Tom race official, Fred, Chick (Green) etc.
    Argos are also stocking the European versions of the 3 pack WOC, including the Gold Mia & Tia’s. If you ask the counter staff they can issue a view ticket so that you can see which 3 packs they have, as all come under the same line number.

  10. jackdaddy2008

    Wow, that ‘view ticket feature’ at Argos is either new or a closely guarded secret!

    I don’t like Tescos, but they have loads of Mack trailers for Β£9.99 ($20).

    Do people actually collect all the packaging variants, i.e. – every european supercharged and every us supercharged?

    Thats scary!

    If anyone in the uk needs a Mack Trailer in the UK, give me a shout on ebay – jackdaddy2008

  11. BrianD

    Went to three Wal-Marts in Florida today and none of them had any movie moments or three packs – only single card cars. Even more suprising was the fact that the section devoted to the Cars lineup has shrunk in all three stores by about 50%. Lots of mini’s available in all three stores.

  12. Nicole H

    Just saw on the TRU website that the new TRU Exclusive movie moments are available on- line. Kinda funny since I have been to both of my TRU about 10 times in the last 2 weeks and have yet to see them or any of the other new movie moments. Newest I have seen in Iowa has been Dudley Spare and My Name Is Not Chuck and I have had those for months!

  13. 4the kidz

    my brother in law is a Toy dept. mgr in a Walmart here, and one day I went to see him to see if anything new had came in, and he was doing some ordering, so I asked about the movie moments because he has been out for a long time, he scanned the bar code on the peg and his hand held said they can not order them anymore because they are no longer going to carry them, down the street a few miles at another Walmart they are marked down to 3 dollars, The only stores around here ( way south Fl.) That I can get them in is TRU which hardly has anything new, and Target which is mostly picked over pretty good!

  14. jackdaddy2008

    It could be that Walmart and other retailers are simply refusing to buy them anymore?

    I know Jenners and John Lewis have stopped buying Cars in at all and most other smaller retailers in Edinburgh don’t stock them at all.

    Its only Argos, Woolworths, Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Disney store now in Edinburgh, with only one of those actually appearing to stock up regularly.

    It could be that Mattel have announced they are still available, but soon nobody will stock them apart from TRU/Target/Walmart?!

    Thankyou Buzz & Woody!

    Wonder if this is gonna be good or bad?

    (MET: Can’t speak for Europe but mass market toys here has to be in WM, Target & TRU – that probably accounts for 80% of the toy biz in the US – you can certainly go the specialty route for comic related stuff or like higher margins diecasts like 1:24 but CARS can survive WM not buying MM’s but it’s can’t survive WM not carrying any CARS … but that’s not happening as the single CARS are still selling and anything new still sells …).

  15. jpgswims19

    what is TRU’s website u were talking about?

    (MET: You were looking for the Mack Mega Playtown set? Found the link but couldn’t remember where your comment was – also check – they have free ship to store).

  16. jackdaddy2008

    Toys r us

  17. collectormom has Flik/Flea & Red Mia/Tia again, not Site to Store shipping this time.

  18. hawkeye

    flea and flick are gone already. Got towcap and gasprin though

  19. Nicole H

    They are both sold out now! Just after I posted yesterday I stopped in Wal-Mart and found not 1 but 3 Dale Jr’s and about 6 Chuki’s. They did not have any movie moments either.

  20. Bill

    One area WM put out a new 4 sided pallet display similar to the one when the WM exclusives came out. One side had 100 singles (nothing new except WOC Lightyear Blimp), the other sides had pull backs, transporters w/3 cars, and launchers. All of the other area stores took the items out of the big box and hung them on the pegs and saved the floor space for (here they go again Metro) birdseed ! All area TGT (the king of yellow & green Ramones) and TRU stores are almost empty of MM. The lowest I have seen TRU Singles and MM since they came out. KM is still getting a steady supply of short cards. The back of the WOC Lightyear Blimp cards (in the pallet display) did have a picture of Luke Pettlework. No telling when we will see him!

    (MET: So, Luke has a last name now, huh? And yea, what’s up with the birdseed?! Who here is loading up on birdseed when they should be buying CARS? All those guilty of buying 10 bags of birdseed and 1 CAR, take one step forward!)


  21. Bill

    The picture of Luke Pettlework is Dinoco Pitty. Where do they come up with all of these names?

  22. jackdaddy2008

    Do you think Walmart are possibly getting ready to display the next run of exclusives?

    Hope so.


    (MET: I think like the Spring one – not an exclusive technically, they just get it first).

  23. jackdaddy2008

    Chuki and Lightning Ramone now selling for $10 – $15 each on ebay uk, still no sign of them on any shelves.

    No stall and leakless sells for $15 – $20 on ebay uk.

  24. we are having a party to celebrate little john reubens 6th birthday we got our son a speedway of the south set and a rare blu ray mqueen!!

    (MET: I had to walk through 10-feet of snow and I got a rock for my birthday πŸ™‚ )

  25. jackdaddy2008


    I meant like the 8 exclusives they got in different packaging exclusively last year –

    Ghostlight Ramone, Barney Stormin, Kori, Tufguy etc.

    It could be they are gearing up for them hitting the shelves?

    I hope so, the collecting has been pretty lame for the UK this year. I can get my seller to pick them up and send them. We didn’t get the last ones in the uk.

    (MET: Ghostlight has been out on WOC in the US for a while. Barney & TJ are not re-scheduled yet, maybe summer? And Kori will be in a 2-pack MM).

  26. Bill

    I didn’t know if you had these WOC Car numbers yet.
    Stacy #25
    Kathy Copter #31,
    Luke Pettlework #62
    Al Oft The Lightyear Blimp #63.

    (MET: Thanks. I have to massively update the list πŸ™‚ )

  27. 4the kidz

    Found the new Walmart display it had about 11 of the Forklift Stacy. I was actually there when they opened it, I dont know if all displays have the same allotment in them or not, but this one had 5 Trunk Fresh and 5 No Stall and there was 11 Stacy, there was also some Jrs in it not to many, I just wanted to count and see how many of the new ones wear in it, Thank goodness I got mine, because Im sure by now they are ALL gone!

    (MET: Good to know. Thanks).

  28. Mara

    Where are the WM displays? Are they in the toy department or randomly placed in the store? I was in WM yesterday picking up the TowCap & Gasprin I ordered & didn’t see anything new or a display; but I am in NorCal and we don’t seem to get any Cars displays.

    (MET: Mara, yea, for some reason we get the giant birdseed pallets πŸ˜‰ but not the CARS display … there are definitely several WM’s in NoCal that didn’t bother putting out the one from a few months ago or even the ones from last Fall … some obviously just stocked them on the shelves but others – employees buy them all? Hard to tell since I don’t go in everyday – they’re not that close to me … and we also seem to get them displayed last …).

  29. i was just kidding i just made up names wrotes we got him cars well i was just kidding.[signed,
    luigi,dj,mute,and the code..ha……..c_r_i_+b_n_e_t]

  30. spelled wrong first time haha!

  31. dunigan

    WM near me only has buzz/woody,ferrari fan luigi and guido, and mike/sully MMs. WM stocks on a point of sale replenishment. These packs have been on shelf since early 2007. I even saw them on clearance for a short period. If they don’t sell Department manager will not get any new cases. Any suggestions? Most of my MM purchases have came from Target or from a local collectible dealer. The collectible dealer charges double retail price. TRU has been a waste of time also. I have yet to see Cartrip/Cutlass, Leakless/No Stall,and Gasprin/Tow Cap. By the way, it helps to get in good with department managers at your local retailers. As far as having info about the CARS line, forget about it. Just ask them when they should be receiving more. I worked at WM unloading trucks and stocking. For example, cases of CARS might be unloaded off the truck on Monday, and might be dragged in and out of receiving without being stocked until the end of the week if not longer. One thing is certain, if it is a hot item it will be stocked before anything else. Also modular changes are based on sales, so keep the CARS flying off the shelves to ensure the store keeps them on the modular. That is all the info I can give you. Hope it helps and happy hunting.

  32. Heather from Maine

    Hi everyone!

    If someone is still looking for RED MIA AND TIA 2-PK

    TRU has them available online.

    I ordered a few to have as extras for replacements and got an order confirmation. Hopefully I won’t get another email from TRU saying “FOOLED YOU!!! WE REALLY DON’T HAVE THEM IN STOCK!! HAHA!!!

    BUT…if you go to the TRU site and use the search they won’t come up. I only found them when I googled MIA AND TIA MOVIE MOMENTS, then clicked on the TRU link.

    Also ran across GOLD MIA, TIA AND BLING MCQ 3-pk available on WM website. Again you won’t find them using their search.

    Google “Disney Pixar Cars Vehicle 3-Pack, Gold Mia, Gold Tia, Bling Bling McQueen” and the WM link should come up.

    Hope this helps!!!

  33. Nicole H

    Heather-Thank you so much!! My son has wanted red Mia and Tia forever and I have not found them anywhere! I have 2 sets of Dinoco Mia and Tia but the Red ones just didn’t want to be found! I just ordered mine so hopefully they will be here by the end of the week.

  34. Heather from Maine

    Nicole H- Your very welcome!

  35. collectormom is showing Red Mia/Tia again. 2 people who wrote a review for the Cars said they received the Dinoco Mia/Tia instead. This may be an unusual way to get your hands on them but I guess if you’re missing these sets you won’t mind which ones you get.

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