Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – Still 100% SELLOUT on eBay (with 11 minutes to spare!)

The Motor Speedway of the South Piston Cup race set continues to roll like a real life Katamari Damacy – and like the game, now at this level, it is just rollin’ & sucking in people right and left and no matter how you struggle, you are in the big ball and there is no getting out πŸ™‚

Yep, after a week and over 60 auctions of the actual set itself – 100% compliance.

That’s right – EVERY full set that has been listed has sold. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Something like 65 for 65!

Resistence is futile.

We had the closest call today a couple hours ago. One auction went down to 11 minutes left on a one day BUY-IT-NOW auction before someone somewhere went AHHHHHHH!!!!! and then went click-click-click-click BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! (okay, maybe that’s just how I shop on eBay ;- ) )

With 11-minutes to spare … we’re still “perfect.”

The next BUY IT NOW auction with no bidding opportunity is at $750 in 3 days with all the auctions ending before that – all seemingly meeting reserve – so, we are probably a good three days or another 6 auctions before we might face the next test. Of course, anyone can step in and click BUY IT NOW between now and then to move the bar further away but it looks like we can pretty much safety say, Motor Speedway of the South – eBay 100% sellout – in May 2008.

Or at the end of May – something like 70 for 70 and presuming a selling price of around $650 – that’s about $45,000 worth of this set on top of the $300,000 Mattel received on the 20th or about $350,000 in retail sales for less than 2 weeks. I think even Warren Buffet would like those numbers.

For CARS, it’s 2006 again – what economic problems? What inflation? What credit problem?

How many other items are 70 for 70 – nevermind about $650 for an average selling price?

(There was one set of the individual CARS only (no box) that didn’t meet reserve at $730+ but that’s an oddity – also some individual CARS with BUY IT NOW pricing set a prices a bit too high and didn’t sell but if you have the complete kit with the CARS – you can do no wrong – from $600 to $800, we’ll take it!)

So, we’ll see in three days if CARS Motor Speedway of the South can stay at 100% …

This thing is still SMOKIN’, SIZZLIN’ and BLAZIN’!


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24 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – Still 100% SELLOUT on eBay (with 11 minutes to spare!)

  1. Richard

    Ebay UK/Europe has had two sets unsold so far, both from US ebay members. Both auctions ended late on the 26th of May, a UK bank holiday, and were for full sets in their boxes. The first was from a know cars trader whose set at $735 didn’t make his reserve, but has since been relisted and is selling for $640 with just over 36 hours left. The second was a set, again from a know cars trader, with a start price of $900, which didn’t get a single bid and has yet to be relisted. The latest set to sell in Europe was in France for the $800 via the buy it now option!

  2. gwstudios

    I wonder if the SoS is the last RLC Pixar exclusive? The “true” Hot Wheel fans are all up in arms over the resale value and are pretty angry as none of the regular hot wheels RLC sets have doubled in value (unless they are ten years old).

    They finally emailed me back letting me know that thaey would happily take the set back due to the chipped off corner. How nice.

    You may have noticed, people could care less about the case, at least from what I’ve seen. There is someone selling one on eBay, I may have to grab it.

    Noel – (I have a new username as I registered two blogs at WordPress). One is for business, the other is fur fun. I’ll link to them both when I have them ready if you guys are interested.

  3. collectormom

    I’m so glad a bunch of us have registered with WordPress but I’m having trouble remembering everyone’s new names!

    Can’t wait to see your blog Noel, and your avatar πŸ™‚

  4. gwstudios

    My blog will be about technology news, reviews, cocktail recipes, food (grilling mostly), sports (football mostly) and basically anything expensive, unhealthy and unnecessary.

  5. Lorri

    Right now there’s over 30 SOS sets on Ebay-
    and it appears now the empty case has gone up to $100+freight……..

  6. gwstudios

    I figured it out from current eBay pricing. You can buy all 25 of the exclusive cars at $25 each + the Apple car for $150, then the acrylic case for $100 for the bargain basement price of $875. And yes, that is without shipping.

    Some of the individual cars are going for 30+ so I rounded them all off at $25. These people are absolutely insane. The Apple cars keep creeping up to the $150+ level and a couple #84 auctions were removed early, probably because somebody made an offer they couldn’t refuse.

  7. jaredjaded

    Mattel just issued a statement on the HWC site that numbered stickers will be sent to every single member who’s purchased the Speedway set! Time to celebrate!!!

    Now, would these eBay sellers be selling their numbered stickers to the people who’ve bought the sets from them? Or will they be kind enough to mail it to them for free since they’ve already made such a huge profit from the auctions. hmmm…

  8. gwstudios


    Where there’s profit to be had, there are always scumbags. I’m sure most of them will sell the stickers as they could care less about collecting Cars die-casts.

    (MET: Humm, If you can sell an Apple CAR for $250? And the track for $120, what’s the sticker going to sell for? $75?)

  9. jackdaddy2008

    Mattel are the ******** (MET: EDIT), I would love to have some alone time with the guy in charge of this.

    I am fuming, literally so angry that I have to go out for a run.

    My SOS has conveniently been lost.

    I am sure some of you will laugh, and to those of you of who do, I ask you to cast your memory back to your childhood, and ask yourself how you would have felt aged 4 had something like this not arrived, especially if you had every single other one that had been released already. I assure you that you would not be so amused if I was standing in front of you.

    The words abused, I just feel totally abused.

    Mattel roped us in to buying and collecting these but have effectively shifted the point of sale to 6000 miles away and jacked the price up by 4 times, then added risk of theft, damage, loss…….

    We never stood a chance of getting one of these, and truth is, I honestly feel we deserve it more than any similar American collector, due to the fact we have had to ebay more and pay a minimum of twice as much.

    An Americans $2000 collection cost a Brit at least $4000, other countries pay even more.

    All those little sales on ebay have snowballed.

    I have spent over $6k on these ‘TOY’ cars.

    I am selling up. Sick of the site of them, so is Jack after today, literally one of the hardest things I have had to do with him so far in his life.
    How do you explain he cant have this without looking like a totally loser?
    I will do my best to make Mattel suffer for hurting my son in the most disappointing way.


  10. Roberto

    (MET: EDIT: 😐 la-la-la-la lalala one banana, two banana …)

  11. jackdaddy2008

    (MET: EDIT: 😐 la-la-la-la lalala one banana, two banana …)

  12. jackdaddy2008

    Thought that would happen, thats why I didn’t waste my time responding to every single comment made.

    Been for run, still raging.

    Sleeping on couch tonight.

    Day off tomorrow, so I will be making lots of very noisy phone calls.

    Will keep you updated.

    I do feel abused and obliged to tell fellow collectors, its like running a very expensive marathon to be punched repeatedly in the face at the last 100 metres and losing.

    I thought I was doing it safely and securely, as we couldn’t get a guaranteed delivery address via HW.COM in the states, but there you go eh?

    Hopefully Disney will help?

  13. Nancy

    I’m sure our minor collecting woes are nothing compared to yours. You have my sympathy. I’m really curious to know who lost your set. Mattel, eBay seller or shipping server?

    And…I will be forwarding the numbered sticker to the person who purchased my 2nd set. It’s the right thing to do!!

  14. Roberto

    JD now you are selling up, how much are you looking for for all your 12 image non-US card backs?
    Please do keep us updated on how you feel on a daily basis …….
    I’m enthralled πŸ˜‰

  15. jackdaddy2008

    Do you know that (MET: EDIT – no names)

    I am writing him a letter.

    Thought some of you might might find his contact details useful, if so, message me through eBay and I will forward you Mattels Marketing departments address with his name as the F.A.O.

    I will update posts for those who care what Disney and Mattel have said officially, I am sending more than 20 letters out in regard to the whole Cars debacle.

    Its the principle for me, if consumers allow stuff like this to happen, big companies like Mattel will continue to do it. So every time your kid falls in love with something (10 more years for us), you might have to face going through what we have the last 8 months.

    It shouldn’t be like this, and the money involved is false economically.

  16. Roberto

    JD what happened with your set? I may have missed a previous post but I don’t understand who it was that messed up or how? And how much do you want for the 12 image cardbacks you are selling?

  17. Monica

    JD that totally sucks! I can’t believe you got screwed on your SOS set. Did you at least get your money back?

  18. gwstudios


    What the hell happened? I thought you paid someone on eBay through PayPal, in which case you should be covered. Did you go some other route through the HWC website?

    Sorry to hear about it.

  19. Roberto

    Yeah thats terrible JD. What happened? Mattel screwed you over? How did they do that?

    How much are you looking for for all your 12 image non-US card backs now you’re selling up?

    (MET: I don’t want to spend my time trying to figure out if this is some triple ninja entendre so if you guys are going to do a trade, can you take it offline? Thanks).

  20. jackdaddy2008

    The set was lost in America, not out of pocket, just can’t get one for anything like the same price.

    Its gonna cost me 4 – 6 times what it should have now.

  21. BMW

    JD, how disappointing since you went through hoops to get the set.

    It looks like the Speedway of the South sets have hit the wall at around $800.00 based on current sold and not sold sets as of today.

    I count 11 unsold sets right now, with world wide sales. 7 of which were buy it now at 800 to 1200 dollars. Two of these 7 sets at 1000. were ended early by the same seller after 8 offers and now relisted at same price. I GUESS he is determined to get that price as it is relisted again. And another was ended early of the 11.

    2 of the 11 were unsold ; ie. reserves not met. These were auctions at 790.00 with same price for buy it now and 775 and buy it now at 799.

    Although there are sets that sold higher at 825 that ended with buy it now.

    Highest price I found with 41 bids for an indivdual car was Apple at 200.

  22. BMW

    edit above, I meant 2 of the 11 total that were unsold included sets were reserves not met at 790 and 775. These were the lowest prices of the unsold sets.

    (MET: Thanks for the eBay recap, I’ll probably do a month recap in a couple weeks …).

  23. BMW

    Got a call from Mattel this evening. They will be sending out stickers for the set with a letter stating where to place the sticker. A couple of weeks probably is when to expect the sticker for the SOTS sets. It will probably be a holographic sticker with a number xxx of 1000/

  24. jackdaddy2008

    Apple is selling for an average of $150.

    The box and display sells on average for $75

    17 of the sets cars are out or are coming out as general release cars, so therefore, they have a genuine value of $51 – $60 at retail.

    The Dale variant rightly has a unique value, so in comparison to Apple, lets give him an average sale value of say $100?

    The total for these items above is – $375 – $385.

    Therefore, the sellers ‘determined’ to sell their sets (without #/1000 stickers) at $800, are valuing 17 cars that will probably come out as general releases at $415 – $425 equating to roughly $25 a car.

    So basically the $800 sellers expect you to pay 7 – 8 times more than retail for cars that will probably come out as general releases.

    Then there is shipping on top!

    $800 is so over priced its not even funny.

    The set will genuinely struggle to make any more value than $1000 in years to come, people who pay this just now are wasting money, but I can understand why.

    Outside the US, the values I have listed are even higher due to massive shipping and tax we would need to pay on a set.

    For me $500 – $600 with shipping is about right.

    The only things truly worth buying are Apple, the case and Dale variant.

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