Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – The Top 10 “Rarest” + New “Chase” Surprise Coming …

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29 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – The Top 10 “Rarest” + New “Chase” Surprise Coming …

  1. The WOC Lightning Fast Speedway is definitely available at more than just TRU, as I bought one at Wal-Mart. And when you include Yeti as part of the batch of Supercharged singles not available in the U.S., could you explain what you mean there? Because Yeti was certainly released in the U.S. in the Supercharged line.

    Oh, and about the “chase” cars…I assume that would be the reported “new scale” Fred? And if there are, in fact, 20,000 circulated, hopefully they won’t quite be soul-crushingly expensive/hard to find. We shall see, I guess!

    (MET: You are correct that Yeti was released as “Yeti” on the SC card in the US bt it’s released as “Yeti the Abominable Snowman” on SC in Canada (with no other language on the front). Later, we (in the US) got “Yeti, the Abominable Snowman” on WOC.

    Yes, there is another specific listing for Lightning McQueen with stickers & Fred with stickers that notations and info that essentialy reads as “CHASE” and a production run of 20k … “chase” are Mattel words, not mine 😦 (And yes “new scale” Fred is on part of the list but it’s separate) … I’m still trying to fully decipher the list 🙂 )

  2. jackdaddy2008

    New scale Fred?


    (MET: Well, Fred is a tad large and of course, Mattel saves a little if they can shave off some metal costs … I think Fred is supposed to be an AMC Rambler … which was then considered a small CAR back then or about the size of Rust-Eze – Fred is way oversized, his hoodlight is taller than TJ the Hummer!)

  3. jaredjaded

    3) 16-Car Desert Art Card “Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater” and “Crusin’ McQueen.

    Wasn’t that the Dirt Track McQueen on a special desert back card instead of Cruisin’?

    (MET: Oops, you’re right – guess I should have looked at my own photo 😉 … fixed, thanks).

  4. “Yeti the Abominable Snowplow” on Supercharged…now I understand what you meant! Though by that token, Supercharged “Old School Ramone” should be moderately rare, no? Since he was called “Cruisin’ Ramone” in the U.S. until the WOC line.

    (MET: I am merely noting the Canadian ones – they’re not really included in the list but I’m presuming 1 shipment to Canada is a much smaller shipment than one to the US and of course, that varies – like that T box from 2007, it didn’t go to that many stores versus like the A & B “2008” shipments that seem to have been shipped like 5 to each US store?)

  5. Jeff

    Again thanks for the site – it is an invaluable resource.

    Cars report – I was just in a different Target than my usual (Glen Mills PA instead of Exton PA) and at 11am I found several Chukis, Gasprin and Towcaps and the Dinoco Helicopter. My usual Target usually has empty pegs at 11am .

    Two questions: Is there a list that is just every car that has been released? I am an opener completist, and I am losing track of what has been released and what has not.

    Second question is what do you mean by: Trunk Fresh #34 is in the Wal-Mart Action Alley Display

    What is the Action Alley display? And is it out now, should I be stopping at Walmart on my way to work?

    Thanks again

    (MET: Our free checklist is here – though I have to update it – maybe I’ll do it later today 🙂 … click on the OPENER tab . the Action Alley Display is a big red cube of CARS – there are Trunk Fresh & No Stall launchers along with Stacy, the RPM Pitty).

  6. The reference to Trunk Fresh at Wal-Mart is because Trunk Fresh (along with RPM and No Stall) has been released with a Pit Race-Off car launcher. The “Action Alley” display is just a current promotional push at many Wal-Mart locations.

    If you’d like a list of all the cars released so far, I keep a fairly accurate running tally you can check out here:

    (Sorry, not trying to be self-promoting! Feel free to remove the link.)

    (MET: Our checklist is in the form of a spreadsheet with various versions depending on how you decide to collect).

  7. luna

    hey met:

    do you have a email adress i would like to show you a picture.??

    (MET: Metroxing (at)

  8. Rebecca

    I haven’t seen the “Action Alley” display in Colorado Springs yet and I was at Walamrt today which states are these in so far…

  9. Heather from Maine

    On Thurs. I visited my local WM and a very nice employee in the toy dept. who sees me there all the time with my kids told me a Mattel rep was coming in sometime soon to replace all the Ramones with new cars. She also told me they where getting in some Cars boxes Fri. and said she would put aside Chuki for me if they happen to get it in. I called her yesterday to check on what came in and she said they were setting up the Action Alley display with new cars but alas, no Chuki. I decided to stop in today to check out the display and I was able to pick up Leakless Pitty Stacy and the launcher with Trunk Fresh for my son. I’m lucky that around here, people don’t snatch all the new cars up to sell on eBay so I’m able to pretty much find all the new cars. Still looking for Mia and Tia in Red & Dinoco Blue and Chuki though. I’m sure I’ll find them eventually.

    BTW, on the back of Stacy’s card it shows a picture of Kathy Copter. I’m guessing she will be coming out soon?

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  10. Chris

    I was wondering where you got your information about the chase cars or if any more info is available.

    (MET: For the adults, it’s when the naked Oracle whispers in my ear … on bad days, it’s Larry Ellison … for kids, all I can say is – stay in school and don’t do drugs … and then you can spend all your days (and nights) thinking about CARS 🙂 )

  11. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    Looks like everyone has gone on, the SOS set is no longer news. Ebay traffic is becoming heavier on the SOS, sets, singles, and now the acrylic case ($169+ shipping, egads!). Since I did not buy the SOS set, has any collector found a difference between any of the Cars in the SOS set and the already issued single blister packs, etc? Are the inscriptions on the underside different in anyway (date, country of manufacture, etc)? Just curious.

  12. megaheat2008

    heather from maine available-1 chuki,1 red mia and tia,interested? honk at me-kachow!!!

  13. gwstudios

    The SoS has hype has definitely tailed off around here but the eBay craze has gotten worse instead of better. Individual cars are going for $20-25 by themselves and the Apple cars average is over $100.

    I wont even get to really take my SoS apart and display it the way I want to until the beginning of July. I have back to back to back trips coming up and two family parties on the weekends in between.

    The good news is the last trip is our family vacation in Orlando. If anyone needs anything from the Disney store (the huge one in Downtown Disney), let me know.

    (MET: So far, we’re still at 100% except for presumably the seller who received an offer, took it and closed the auction early or in eBay parlance,

    “The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken.”

    That thing is huge, must’ve tripped over it on the way to save a drowning kid, huh? 🙂 )

  14. MCL Sydney

    just browsed eBay…saw someone selling each individual car from SOS set for $60 each (buy It Now)..presume this guy sells everything, he would make at least $1500 (excluding the commons) ……thats just money hungree!! I wonder who it is..

    (MET: Yea, strange that the only auctions NOT to meet reserve are the solo CARS sets … one did not meet reserve at $734 when on that day, other BUY IT NOW’s with the cars, the box & the track were available for around $650 – very strange – some people are not so good with math 🙂 )

  15. jackdaddy2008

    He definitely won’t sell 11 – 17 of them for $60 each.

    Lightning Mcqueen for 20 times his carded sealed retail price? Hmmmmm

  16. georgehp

    I just picked up a Red mia/tia.

    Would like to trade for a combo of singles or for a MM.

    Here is what I am missing. In no particular order:

    Red/Stanley, Sheriff, Yellow Ramon, Crusin’ Ramon, Doc Hudson – Fabulous Hudson Hornet w/chrom rims and Barney Stormin.

    Thanks and here’s to the hunt.


    georgehp from San Jose, CA.

  17. Heather from Maine


    Thanks for the offer!

    I might take you up on the cars (if you still have them available) if I don’t find them in the next few weeks at WM.

    Thanks again!

  18. juicepirate05

    I also was able to get stacy and saw the kathy copter. does anyone know when that is coming out. There was aslo alot of buzz on Ebay regarding case k and the van and the Dinoco pit crew dude (who was also on the back of stacy). Is there any info as to when those are coming “to a store near me”

    (MET: The newest post updates what’s next … case K is hitting store shelves this or next week and maybe case P in a week?)

  19. megaheat2008


  20. Annie

    hey guys I don’t know if you know but Kmart has the cars in the toys section. I went to three today and they have a pretty good selection I even got some that I have been missing like rusty and dusty and mr and mrs King as well as tow,my name is not chuck and some others I was totally pyched like a little kid in a candy store floating on cloud nine all evening. I can’t wait till the new ones hit the shelves.

    Still missing a few though abt 7-8 and some two packs. But slowly but surely.

    I was just so happy I had to share the joy.


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  22. jackdaddy2008

    What the…………….????????????????

  23. Materlover

    all the posts have gone small and unable to read whats happening

  24. I am trying to compile a list of Cars by card number, but I’m having some trouble as there is no comprehensive list out there. If anyone knows which cars have the following numbers, please share the info. Thanks. 6, 28, 35, 36, 39, 51, 58, 60, 64, 67, 69…….

    Here’s what I have found so far.
    Number Name
    1 Lightning Mcqueen
    2 Radiator Springs Lightning Mcqueen
    3 Dirt Track Lightning Mcqueen
    4 Cruisin’ Lightning Mcqueen
    5 Dinoco Lightning Mcqueen
    7 Bug Mouth Lightning Mqueen
    8 Bling Bling Lightning Mcqueen
    9 Tongue Lightning Mcqueen
    10 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    11 Doc Hudson
    12 Yellow Ramone
    13 Hydraulic Ramone
    14 Ghostlight Ramone
    15 Lightning Ramone
    16 Purple Ramone
    17 Green Ramone
    18 Old School Ramone
    19 Brand New Mater
    20 Mater
    21 Ferrari F430
    22 Mario Andretti
    23 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    24 Chick Hicks
    25 Stacy
    26 Dinoco Chick Hicks
    27 Dinoco Helicopter
    29 Tex Dinoco
    30 Hamm
    31 Kathy Copter
    32 Petrol Pulaski
    33 Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    34 Pit Crew Member Guido
    37 Pit Crew Member Fillmore
    38 Fillmore
    40 Boost
    41 RPM #64
    42 Bob Cutlass
    43 Darrell Cartrip
    44 Fred
    45 Yeti The Abominable Snowplow
    46 Sheriff
    47 The King
    48 Sally
    49 Leak Less
    50 Nitroade
    52 DJ
    53 Wingo
    54 Snot Rod
    55 My Name is Not Chuck
    56 Tow
    57 Race Official Tom
    59 Chuki
    61 Van
    62 Luke Pettlework
    63 Al Loft the Lightyear Blimp
    65 Charlie Checker
    66 Tar Lighning Mcqueen
    68 Dudley Spare

    (MET: our list is here – if we have any blanks, let us know).

  25. Matt

    Looks like we have another RedRansburg sighting on ebay. Seller guarantees authentic and has buy it now of $500.00. It is item #150263375221. Time for Jackdaddy to give him the nth degree on its authenticity. It is interesting how he guarantees over and over again how real it is, but does not give any basis for such guarantee….

    (MET: Well, authentic in that it’s 3-dimensional and it’s made of metal – other than that … also note, the one of 50/51 has red headlamps not white … this one is white so it is an authentic diecast but not so much authentic 1 of 50).

  26. Monica

    Michael, just to solve the mystery as to why there may be gaps. The cars are definitely not numbered in order of their release and Mattel left gaps to fill in with later releases.

  27. BMW

    Posting here as not sure if this thread is ported over to the new 5 ADay site, but this pertains to your 10 rarest cars.. A Rowlin Bowlin Mater from the factory set on card just sold on ebay for over $400 to a comic book collector who has an ebay store. I believe this is the highest single price for a Cars car on card period.

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  29. Matt E.

    Thanks Michael for that list, I was looking for one like that as well. I had noticed that they originally left gaps for future variations of a character (such as Lightning and Ramone), but most of the gaps are now filled, so they are now going to have problems with things being in order.

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