Disney Pixar CARS: Disney California Adventures CARS Parade


Thanks “CollectorMom/Monica” for the great pics of the new Pixar parade.

Thanks – now back to Mickey funnel cakes!


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10 responses to “Disney Pixar CARS: Disney California Adventures CARS Parade

  1. gwstudios

    The full size LM was right by my house last summmer for a car show, pretty cool. I thought about stealing it but it would be hard to hide from the police.

  2. Thekid

    I saw full-size LM and Mater at Disney World in FL and the detail on them is amazing. I assume they are similar if not identical.

    If I remember correctly, Disney/Pixar had a short video on iTunes (free) about building full-size LM and Sally – not Mater though. The same video, as well as a few more, were on a bonus disc bundled with the Target purchase of the Cars DVD (along with an LED pin).

    I snapped a few photos but they are ruined because I am in them also.

    (MET: Links at end of this post on building your own – good luck, let us know how it goes 🙂 )

  3. msully

    Yeah, they have them on display elsewhere in the park when they are not on parade duty, but I previously thought they were statues. Little did I know, they have engines and drive!

  4. captjohn

    That’s awesome. I hope my boys aren’t too old for them by the time my daughter is old enough to go (and remember it for a few months). They look great.

    (MET: CARLAND/CARSLAND will be open in 2012 though not just for Pixar CARS).

  5. The cars are so realistic, down to the noise, rolling of the eyes, you name it. My seven year old son was having a bad day at Disney’s Cal Adventure a little over a year ago (an employee at Mulholland Madness refused to listen to me when I said to not push the lap bar so tight) and these cars had him halfway out of his funk in seconds. Love them. Hard to get a photo with them as the kids rush them, but well worth the attempt!

  6. gwstudios

    Speaking of detail, if any of you haven’t seen the 1:24 scale LM or Mater up close, they are absolutely beautiful. Most Cars die-cast fans don’t even know about them.

    I bought those when they were still available in stores way back before the movie came out.

    (MET: If you ever get a chance to take some pics, be glad to post them).

  7. Hey, nice photos! I loved CARS and those floats look awesome! Do their eyes move?

    (MET: Yea, and they “talk” also … 🙂 )

  8. megaheat2008

    Wow- lookout 2012 – I’m in the planning stage-any one up on “carjacking lightning mcqueen”, to go cruising? I’m acting a fool : ) ——<—–<—- “Just Kidding “,man it would be awesome for an east coastie like me to take the kids on a semi adventure and “live it” thanks for the photos – “kachowabonga” !!!

  9. Hello,where do you get this information.=]

  10. Materlover

    Nice pictures! My oldest grandson went to Disney World last summer with his mother and she took a couple of pictures of LM and Mater with my grandson next to them – Then the 2 cars roared away before my daughter could get any other pictures. But they turned out and it made a nice addition to the cars collections we have – 3 of my 4 grandkids enjoy them and we are always looking.

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