San Diego Comic Con: 5-Day Ticket SOLD OUT

Okay, no one panic 😯

There are plenty of 1-day tickets still available, the only ticket to sell out are the 5-day tickets which also allows you in Wednesday night for PREVIEW NIGHT (which runs 3 hours).

Yes, that allows you to buy and jump the gun a little earlier than most but don’t panic.

(SD Comic Con doesn’t count Wednesday Preview Night as a “day” so they call the 5-day ticket a4-day ticket).

For CARS, the show runs a total of 38 hours and there are 5,000 sets of LS McQueen (Mattel will have to average 131 units sold every hour on the hour to sell out … and I predict they will but they’re not going to sell out in the 3 hours of Preview Night so no one panic. Most important, no needless eBay clicking – at least not yet.

Our preview post of Lightning Storm McQueen is here along with a list being managed by some nice friends of 2ADay who are making arrangements to buy and ship it to you.

We hope to get an update on how many come in a case so you can plan if you need a cart, a sherpa or a donkey.

Eventually, we will get around to doing a post on all the exclusives at the SD show but so far, we also have some mighty nice Mighty Muggs to show you – scroll down to the bottom.

If you live in the San Diego area and are on a tighter budget, you can also consider volunteering three hours of your time and you get in that day for free.

There is only online registration so plan ahead if you think you might want to go … and now, of course, you have to decide on a specific day of days. Good luck! See ya there!


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4 responses to “San Diego Comic Con: 5-Day Ticket SOLD OUT

  1. Monica

    You freaked me out for just a second there with the 5 day thing. Thought I missed out on preview night.

  2. Fred


    What no love? and no response to my post. I’m hurt.

    Question, why is it that Mattel seems so intent on cramming Lightning, King, Chick, etc. the same old cars down our throats. I mean why include these cars with the Re-volting car other than to stick it to us and make us buy these cars again. Stacy and (Petrol) are supposed to come in a 3-packs with Leakless (RPM) and their Crew Chiefs, but I’m sure Stacy (Petrol) won’t have the wheels and tool chest in the 3 pack, so we’ll have to buy the individual and the 3 pack. I understand Mattel is in business to make money, but when it is so blatantly obvious that they are intentionally screwing their customers, it becomes more than a little ridiculous. I collected Star Wars action figures in the 70’s and 80’s when I was a kid, and this stuff didn’t go on, and we still bought everything we could get our hands on. There were no shortages, delays, cancellations, multi-packs, etc. You just went to the store and bought the toy which was sitting there on the shelf with plenty for everyone. This is just my little rant, but I would be curious to hear your take on Mattel’s actions and behaviour with regards to this.

    (MET: I try and let everyone express their opinion here including any ‘rants.’ 🙂 Everyone has a different perspective and it’s hard to make one blanket statement that covers everyone. Are you an adult collector? or buying for 1 kid or 5 kids? Some people think complete means buying every overseas release, some just the US, some just on cards or even some who will only buy ONE of each as they’re first release (bought McQ back in 2006 – don’t need him with bugs nor painted blue) … who’s right? who’s wrong? Or if you’re buying for a two-year old, a 3-pack of the race car & his crew WITHOUT tiny tires to swallow is probably better, right? Sure, many of us don’t need another Boost nor Doc Hudson but what about the kid who just started today? Shouldn’t be (or his parents) be able to buy a McQ or a Mater? And everything still sells. Sure, Green Ramone is going to sell slower than Chuki but that Green Ramone will sell … and box sets – maybe not for you but certainly a nice looking set the grandparents can buy on a birthday or the holidays for some little tyke? I try not to make blanket statements because everyone is different. Look at the Motor Speedway set, I just presented it as it is and I told people I would buy one but I never told people they had to buy one or that $299 as a price automatically meant something definitive … because $299 means different things to different people at different times. At the supermarket, you’re not going to buy a single serving of chicken nuggets for $9 … but at Disneyland, you going to ask your kid to starve because it’s priced higher than the supermarket? 🙂 Or at different times of your life, $299 is either the moon or a day’s worth of work … Or would you rather pay $299 for a set of diecast cars? Or $299 for about 11 gallons worth of deck stain? Woohoo, that was a fun purchase 🙄 … so, everything is good, bad or neither …).

  3. jackdaddy2008

    I agree with everything you said met except –

    “but what about the kid who just started today? Shouldn’t be (or his parents) be able to buy a McQ or a Mater? And everything still sells.”

    This is definitely not the case in the Uk, and it seems mostly not to be the case in the US now.

    There simply are not ten times as many new buyers as existing ones, but availability on shelves seems to suggest Mattel think there are.

    No lies – 3 major high street stores in the capital city of Scotland haven’t sold anything cars die cast related for 2 months.

    My letter/petition will address this absurd distribution system Mattel have organised.

    It seems ‘new’ buyers/collectors are given priority, while it is perfectly acceptable for existing collectors/buyers (who have been with the cars thing from the start) to scramble on eBay without any consistency in retail where the products were initially introduced.

    If people want to stock/sell/buy the older most common ones, Mattel should give us all the option of buying them, but not like they currently do.

    We love them, but its been very wrong for over 6 months.

    It should be different.

  4. a little help i sighned up but i cant find my blog thing.

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