Disney Pixar CARS: McQueen’s “Japanese Cousin” Wins GT Round 3

(Shhh, nobody tell Al Oft and those Lightyear Guys)

Lightning McQueen #95 wins the 3rd Round of Super GT300 Series in Japan (click on the 300GT Tab) at the Fuji Speedway (all in Japanese, BTW).

Official Circuit Website page for the #95 Team with driver info.*

Cool – actual working headlights, I like it.

Here’s some quick video clips of the Team winning the third round – of course, with different class cars all going at the same time, it’s not exactly like a photo finish but right at the very end of the clip, you can see Japanese #95 in action.

(VIDEO requires FLASH and again, all in Japanese).

And of course, you’ll want the official magazine & program guide … if you’re going to read a magazine in a language you don’t understand, that front photo is the kind you want to bridge the language gap. For some reason, the Super GT Circuit is now my favorite race circuit of all time … and I feel warm all over. 🙂

Lightning McQueen #95 Japan is run by APR Racing – their website has tons of cool photos. Click on the TABS above to go to each race and the photo gallery is on the right.

I told you this was an adult-only post – we can see brain!

* Yea, this McQueen has actual people inside … that’s just crazy.

(There’s also a mobile phone game (all in Japanese) but sadly, McQueen #95 is not available as a car choice).


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19 responses to “Disney Pixar CARS: McQueen’s “Japanese Cousin” Wins GT Round 3

  1. Jeff

    That is really something. Who knew that there was a real Lightening outside of Disney parks. Or that the GT racing circuit had such interesting literature.

    By the way – my TRU in Exton PA had Screaming Banshee’s today for something like $33. No new cases, but they did also have Flo’s V8 Cafe, Luigi’s Casa and the Curio shop playsets. I had my 2yo son with me so I could not buy anything without him causing a scene, so I will be back there again tomorrow with a credit card, after I hit Target at opening looking for Trunk Fresh launchers.

  2. That is exceedingly awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this one!

  3. Thekid

    I would love to have one of these in any scale. Tamiya manufactures plastic model kits of JGTC 1:24 but even if they did decide to do this car, it wouldn’t be out for at least a year.

    (MET: If I track down any leads on the diecast, I’ll give a heads up).

  4. bornforthestage

    Wow! That is really something! I would love to have a McQueen car 😛


  5. jackdaddy2008

    I hope they release really big ones as replicas, would look cool, especially as its a winning car too.

  6. gwstudios


    Do you have the die-cast 1:24 scale LM and Mater? They stopped producing them before the movie was even released in the US for some reason.

    You never hear about them for some reason.

    (MET: They were nice but I passed on them because I didn’t think they were detailed enough – they looked plasticky when you want (especially McQ) that nice shine … my feeling is that since the 1:55’s were flying off the shelf, that was the one to commit to … and that the 1:24 would also be incomplete especially since several would be tough sells like Lizzie … or how much would Red weigh in scale? 350 lbs? … but I’d be willing to buy the 1:43 Piston Cup Racers … how about it Mattel? 🙂 )

  7. jackdaddy2008

    Do you mean the Disney ones?

    Or do you mean something else?

    I started buying Jack Cars at Christmas after the movie, so if they were in the shops I probably missed them.

    Would be interested in them for my living room, sound nice.

    I have 2 of the unofficial Nascar replicas and also all of the kinder chocolate egg surprises.

    Cars is the only thing I collect.

    (MET: Anyone in the US still looking for the Mattel 1:24, a third-party is still selling at Amazon? The price might be a $10 bucks more (?) than what I saw it going for in 2006 … Here’s Mater).

  8. Wow, that’s really cool! I wonder if there are other ‘real’ Cars out there?

    (MET: I think this is the last sponsorship left – you can check out some of the early ones in this post).

  9. Harry B

    I’m gonna buying that car… If I could get the money! LOL

  10. Materlover

    I took a trip down your memory lane post. It was very interesting. Some of it I knew, but one thing that caught my eye was the pix of the Tony Raines #96. I was trying to get it in the 1/24 scale, but was told they did not go into production with it and now I see pix of it. I have the Scott Riggs #10 and Kyle Busch # 5, but not Tony’s. Do you know if it really did go into production and if so where I may be able to get one? I also have Lightning and of course Mater in the 1/24 as our collection wouldn’t be complete without them.

    (MET: I’m going to assign you to answer that question. 🙂 I saw it listed at a dealer site but when I went to buy it, they said SOLD OUT and frankly, since Tony Raines is hardly on anyone Top 50 NASCAR drivers and no longer driving for whomever he was that he driving for in 2006 (RCR? I can’t remember off the top of my head) – it’s hard to say whether they made it or not. I tried asking dealers and the manufacturer and either got no answer or that they thought it was sold out – I’ve searched on eBay without finding any – I would think that would clinch it – but if anyone lives in the NC/SC area or goes to NASCAR races, I would imagine there’s merchandise there or real knowledge sellers so let us know either way but I sense that because it was a one-shot deal, it was a mostly obscure driver and CARS was perceived as not a monster hit at the time, they decided to skip it …Do you have both versions of the Kyle Busch 1/64 scale version? I only have the ‘non-opening;’ version, if you do, can you take a few snaps and I’ll do a post? (or anyone?)).

  11. jackdaddy2008



    yeah, gotta say, the Tony Raines one is a no go for me. My Dads pal (he has a name but is demanding be kept secret) would be one of the best people to get hold of something like this. He has tried, and can get a custom one done if we have images of all sides and an aerial shot, but hasn’t found it yet.

    If it exists, that a great car to own.

    As for the Busch, I have the 1:24 version.

    (MET: Well, there’s a pic at the bottom of the post here. The body is actually pretty easy since it was the 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo NASCAR body which a dozen (or two dozen?) of the most popular drivers used and should be easy to find to repaint/strip off … then it’s a bunch of CARS logos and the TI DLP logo (still being used) – if you want to 100% accurate, you’ll need to sit down and figure what his small sticker sponsors were in 2006 but let us know if he’s taking orders 🙂 )

  12. This car is actually raced and maintained by Team Run’ A . APR is just an aero sponsor of the car. You can check out other pixar CARS and Moto GP bikes raced and maintained by this race team.


    (MET: Thanks for the update – I’ll fix when we finish moving … guess my Fisher-Price Japanese translator needs work 🙂 )

  13. Materlover

    Met, I was not aware of there being 2 versions of the Kyle Busch 1/64 scale. I will have to check mine out as I only have one. I or we really are just into the Cars, but I have picked up these because of the paint schemes which of course I only knew about from the pictures from the Cars – The Movie premiere at Lowes Speedway. As for the Tony Raines thing, it sounds like you have done everything I tried and got the same result. Thanks for the feedback.

    (MET: The opening hood (& doors?) 1/64 version was a limited one but from the same company – Action Collectible? Can’t remember off the top of my head).

  14. And not to be a disappointment but there will not be any Toyota MR-S Lightning McQueen diecasts made. Ebbro, Auto Art as well as other overseas companies that have exclusive licensing with Autobacs(Super GT/JGTC circuits) will not engage in paying licensing fees to make the themed cars. It would be very cool, but not worth it for the companies involved. However if the Team Run A squad runs the GT300 class this year, it might become a reality which would be sweet!

    (MET: That’s too bad. I have some other Auto Art racers and man, they do a nice job on replicating the decos …).

  15. Kevin

    2006 Scott Riggs Valvoline Dodge (Evernham Motorsports)

    2006 Tony Raines Texas Instruments Chevy (Hall of Fame Racing)

    2006 Kyle Busch Kellogg’s/Carquest Cars Chevrolet (Hendrick Motorsports)

    Press Release on Lowe’s Motor Speedway/Cars Movie

    You can always search for: lowe’s motor speedway disney pixar cars

  16. Kevin

    I forgot to add that you can find some of the NASCAR diecast from Cars at the speedway. You have to be willing to travel wherever the race is this weekend and go around to every trailer outside the speedway. I live right by Texas Motor Speedway and we just had a race a few months ago. We will be having another one in November. I will look around then when I go to the race.

    (MET: Let us know what you see … if you find a Kyle Busch 1/64 with opening hood, drop me a line … I’ll trade you something!)

  17. Kevin

    I will look and see what I can find:) Thanks for the website! I am a devoted fan and keep up daily. Luckily, NASCAR is my life and had to respond. I also have a good contact for anyone looking to find the Cars NASCAR diecast. They can find and order anything you need related to NASCAR. They are here in Plano, Texas, but I’m sure they could help in your search. It’s Bono’s Race Place, telephone is 972-769-RACE. They have always been the best in customer service and helping out anyone looking for a diecast!

    (MET: Thanks for the heads up … Now if you can find the Tony Raines #95/#96 diecast … 🙂 ).

  18. Materlover

    Thanks for the feedback on the Nascar Cars. Met, it looks like I have the same 1/64 Kyle Busch as you. Kevin, thanks to you also and I have checked out the sites. I had even tried pre-ordering the Tony Raines #96 Cars theme back in 2006 and that was when I was informed they didn’t go into production, but I will keep looking as there must be one out there if they have pictures of it. Right???

    (MET: Yea, I mean they sell the Tony Raines where he has the dull paint scheme of TI’s DLP screens – come on, if you’re gonna make that, why not the CARS one? 🙂 I think it also doesn’t help that he left whomever owns the TI DLP NASCAR car so there’s no really no incentive for (All-Star/All-Pro? Racing) to publicize a driver who is no longer there even if it’s a paint scheme that will sell 😦 )

  19. Kevin

    For anyone looking for the 2006 Scott Riggs Valvoline/Cars Dodge, I found a site with a price reduction of only $1.99. It is the most basic of the NASCAR diecast, the ones without the hood opening or the removable body to show the chassis. Basic, but for anyone wanting to add their complete collection:

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