Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The 2008 Summer Release


So, while we got a mini breather in collecting CARS, the lull is over – we’re about ready to go all night long …

Repeating info – Case P – looks like the first time some new CARS will come THREE to a case – hopefully that will hold true for subsequent cases:

Bug Mouth McQueen
Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Kathy Copter (3)
Mario Andretti
Petrol Pulaski (RPM #64 Pitty) (3)
Race Official Tom
Radiator Springs McQueen

Tongue Lightning McQueen
Tar Lighting McQueen (3)



The rest are accurate as of now but could change – as you know, with Comic Con coming and the season of possible motif changes, these are just a rough guideline for now … also note, Jay Limo, Mini, Richard Kensington (SUV), Sarge & PCM Sarge are still missing … does that mean another Autumn WM Cube?

Q Case

Leroy Traffik, Tires Lightning McQueen & Kori along with the usual suspects πŸ™‚


R Case

Ron Hover, Edwin Kranks and CHASE “Stickers” Lightning McQueen.


S Case

Tank Coat Pitty, Nitroade Pitty, Axle Accelerator, (Re-scaled) Fred AND intermixed, CHASE Stickers (Re-scaled) Fred.




T Case

Dexter Hoover, “Cone” Sally & ?


Movie Moments info is HERE.

GIFT 3-Pack Info is HERE.

Piston Cup Racers coming this Fall are also here – other than the Gift 3-Pack ones, are the other three coming as Launchers? Maybe on the Autumn WM Cube or as a Box Set?

And quasi related – the giant Dinoco helicopter with plastic Mater will be a TRU exclusive from here on out (but also available at Disneyland/DisneyWorld) so in case you’ve been having trouble finding it – it should return soon to TRU.

This should take us through early September – hopefully things don’t change though with gas and other commodities going skyward in pricing, who knows? But on the other hand, going by the eBay prices of the Motor Speedway set & the Apple Car … apparently we’re all millionaires and billionaires collecting CARS so, whatev – we’ll just have our personal assistant pick it up for us …


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155 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The 2008 Summer Release

  1. carsmama

    I’m lovin’ the mattress on the top! Although it gives me flashbacks from when my husband had our mattress on the top of the car and it flew off on the interstate! Yikes.
    Thanks for the info, can’t wait to start the chase.

    (MET: But you’ll always have that on him πŸ™‚ … remember the time … πŸ™‚

  2. Monica

    I am STOKED! This is an amazing lineup for the rest of the year.

    I was going to question the wisdom of yellow Ramone (or Lamone as we call him in our house)in case P, but come to think of it, I haven’t been seeing tons of Ramones in my latest rounds.

    (MET: I should note this is only through early September … there’s more to come … for anyone who thought the line was slowing or ending, better add another zero to your CARS budget πŸ™‚ ).

  3. collectormom

    Do you think Mario Andretti will have the correct color tires now?

    (MET: Well, there is a MM pack coming before September … you might be right …).

  4. Heather from Maine

    Thanks for the info Met!!

    I noticed the paint jobs on the newer cars aren’t as good as they used to be???

    (MET: Ones, I have seen look okay – but I know others have found faults … BTW, gas is as high as $4.45 here in the Bay Area and I’ll bet in SF, you can find it around $4.75 …).

  5. megaheat2008

    LADIES and GENTS “NEW NEWS” FLASH…. but first a “guessing” game-> can anyone here tell me how many franks are in the movie cars?

  6. megaheat2008

    Ok I’LL let it out ——–> there is a very GOOD CHANCE that “FRANK the COMBINE” IS SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE COME ’09 and from what I am told by ssshhhh….. (mattel cs) that “FRANK” IS ON THE LIST so the only frank I know besides hotdogs is yes–> FRANK the COMBINE !!!!

  7. Heather from Maine

    That would be GREAT if they came out with Frank!

    And Bessie!!! I know there is a plastic one, but a die cast one would be better!!!

  8. Shelley

    My boys would be soooo excited if Frank comes out, they are ALWAYS asking for him! Of course, I enjoy the cars, but finding them for small children is a bit daunting at times. Thanks for the info Met!!

  9. Mara

    So no new word on Barney Stormin? I could never find Barney, Bruiser, or Pace Car at the WM when they came out. I did find Kori so I knew they had those 4, but couldn’t get the other 3. I still don’t have Bruiser either but he is coming out in MM.

    (MET: Pace Car is now called Charlie Checker – should be on shelves- different color tail-lights if that doesn’t bother you. You’re right about Bruiser but I don’t see Barney Stormin’ anywhere – could he be back as in a Fall WM Cube? Or not back until after September?)

  10. The Nitroade Pitty is very much like I’m not Chunk in disguise (ninja suite)?!

    (MET: Yea, shhhh …).

  11. georgehp


    Did you hear about the scale? It would be sweet if Frank was made to scale. The extra $$ I would need to dish out for Frank would be worth it.

  12. Monica

    Frank too? Sweet! I am starting to think Mattel was starving us just to make sure we were ravenous when they released all this new stuff.

    Now if only I can find it all on the shelves. Cars life is gonna be goooooood again.

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  14. Harry B

    NOOOOO! I’m going to go broke! I love the cars. I bought I am Not Chuck, Ghostlight Romone, Tow, Mario Andretti and Bug Face yesterday!

  15. megaheat2008

    georgehp greetings – as far as I speculate in the future ’09 OR SOONER (THANKS MATTEL CS) I AM GUESSING that Frank the Combine would be somewhat scaled to what the Banshee is <—-I JUST HOPE I’M NOT WISHFULLY THINKING THIS ,BUT IN REGARDS to the product I totally appreciate a “true” official licensed product by the toy company but on the other hand diecast or plastic is fine with me but to the manufacture its about cost SO i’m going out on a limb to say if frank becomes available he would be plastic,in retro i think you can capture a better essence of character with the mass production of plastic than die cast <—–diecast molds sometimes cause problems at least with plastics you can “KERCHOPACHOW” IT UP ,AND CONTINUE WITHOUT A BREAKDOWN ON PRODUCTION WELL ENOUGH SAID GEORGEHP HOPE IT HELPS AND TO ALL GREAT DAY ; )

  16. TowMater69

    Why is Leroy Traffic carrying a mattress? Do cars sleep on mattresses?

    (MET: I hope kids aren’t reading this … πŸ™‚ )

  17. jackdaddy2008

    I considered Frank as a release and after a discussion with a reliable contact or three concluded that Frank is probably a bit of a safety issue due to his detail and cutters. He looks like he could be very fragile.

    Also, if he is released in scale, he would be the size of one of the play sets like Curio shop.

    Thats a lot of metal, so I can’t see him being made as a diecast in scale, but dinoco helicopter was released as an out of scale die cast and banshee was just released as a plasticy out of scale under the mini banner, so for me, if Frank comes out, it will be as a mini like Banshee. Mattel are trying to sell this segment.

    Personally, I would prefer him as a die cast just like I would a Banshee for the collection.

    Jack loves the mini Banshee though, and maybe it will spark and reignite his interest in Cars, which has been dying this year.

  18. Mash

    jackdaddy2008, where did you get your Banshee?

  19. Phil

    My aunt said she saw a 10 pack with a Cactus McQueen. Anyone know which multi-pack this was?

    (MET: Sounds like the Sam’s Club pack from last Christmas …).

  20. Lori

    Finally, new cars to look forward to! I don’t know about you but I was getting very bored with the same old cars coming out. I’m in Canada so it takes even longer to get new ones up here, so long in fact that I have resorted to ebay…… I know I know I’m part of the problem but its cheaper than driving all over the city at $1.35 a litre.

  21. collectormom

    TowMater69, Leroy Traffic is the mini van that LMQ complains is passing them on the highway; then Mack tells him he’s pulling off for some rest. I like Leroy at the end when he has the big tires from Luigi’s. That would be a cool variant!

  22. Stanley

    When my boys want to play with Frank, I let them use my 60’s vintage Matchbox Combine Harvester.

    I only wish I had another, as they do fight over who will be Frank during Cars movie night……

    (MET: Have you read our Frank post?

  23. TowMater69

    Carsmom, it was just a silly question!

  24. TowMater69

    Sorry collectorsmom, not carsmom. It’s a long hot day in New Jersey!

  25. jackdaddy2008

    Mash – I haven’t go a banshee, jacks seen the pictures. He will be here, he is not as in demand as die cast over here and as long as you check TRU, Woolworths and other good toy stockists, you will get him. Failing that, the American market is going to be flooded with them. I can get you one, but I don’t know where yet or exactly when.


    Just looked over the cases listed, and am encouraged, but I was thinking if I was a big retailer (not TRU/WALMART OR TARGET) I might be a little put off ordering cases due to

    CASE P – Containing –

    Bug Mouth McQueen,
    Fabulous Hudson Hornet,
    Radiator Springs McQueen
    Tongue Lightning McQueen

    The market needs these cars like it needs a hole in the head, and this only highlights how Mattel are getting it completely wrong.

    If a retailer buys 30 cases, they will end up with 30 yellow ramones!


    Then there is ‘case Q’!?

    Is Kori a ‘new’ car? Didn’t Kori come out as a walmart exclusive ages ago? Aren’t there loads on ebay to buy?

    Therefore case Q is really just a another opportunity to force drop retailers with cars nobody really buys or wants. Only a ‘Mcqueen’ variant (for a change!) and a van with a mattress make this case desirable.

    ‘Case r’ is sweet, and I think this will sell well, so is almost definiely going to include loads of cars nobody wants or needs.

    ‘Case s’ is even sweeter.

    Why couldn’t the NEWER cars be put into 3 cases instead of 4?#

    I fear we are going to see the same problem US Mattel reps seemingly just fixed by Christmas.

    I can email everyone a letter on THURSDAY if you want to sign and complain to Disney and Mattel about the way these cars are being introduced to the market.

    Disney are not in tune with this, and Mattel exploit this.


  26. Monica

    JD, interesting thoughts.

    I disagree somewhat, here’s why. First, I don’t think the chains really inspect what’s included in the cases when they order them, they are not nearly that sophisticated. Second, at least there are not multiples of any of the old cars is each case. That seems to be the main driver of the pegwarming phoenomenon (ahem, Sally and Cruisin’ MQ anyone?). Third, at least here in the States, no single store buys 30 cases, so there should not be 30 Lamones on the shelf at one shop.

    For Case Q, the market for Kori is not nearly saturated. I rarely have to resort to ebay for Cars and I had to get her, Barney and TJ there. So even though they are not technically “new”, there are lots of people out there who weren’t able to get them first time around because our local WM’s suck. Oh and Leroy is totally cute, I predict he will be a good seller.

    No arguments with you on cases r and s πŸ˜‰

    So bottom line is, while I would prefer to have all new cars in every case, I know there are people who are just starting and want the old Cars and I think Mattel is stricking a good balance for the rest of the Summer.

    Go ahead JD, I have my helmet on.

  27. jackdaddy2008

    No need for a helmet!

    Your just giving your opinion, its when people insult me or write that I have written something I haven’t that I get angry.

    I am going to address your post, but don’t take it the wrong way, I am just offering a different perspective on this with some facts. I will appreciate you reading it.

    In the UK, individual stores like Asda (Walmart), Sainsburys and in particular mediocre size stores like Woolworths check cases before ordering.
    These 3 stores all order from their main depots/head offices who obviously buy in bulk. Other smaller retailers buy direct from distributors.
    I think it is only TRU & Disney store who have zero say on what cases of individual die cast 1.55 they get.
    Orders are calculated based on stock availability. 20 dust collecting yellow Ramones, usually means no more cases with yellow Ramone will be ordered.

    In order to stock a shelf with 12 rpm pittys, you are going to end up with 4 more yellow ramones. A retailer sizes up the P&L, and simply says no.

    While I accept that stores are obviously force dropped Cars from time to time to help clear warehousing space, this is not the case in general in the UK, it is very much an American trait.

    Stores could order as many new/different cases every week if they wanted/needed to.

    If they actually got the cars that people really want/need, they would.

    Case P has six cars that are not in demand in the UK. If they were, they wouldn’t be clogging up shelf space looking like they had been there for months, and they would be selling well on ebay.

    Most decent UK retailers have all the six I listed in case P as Supercharged!

    I think the fundamental difference between the UK and US is you still have buyers re-spawning all the time, whereas we simply don’t, mainly a market of collectors who are totally disillusioned with availability, but when Cars were abundant and new releases hit shop shelves regularly, all was good? New collectors were being born, because it looked feasible to collect. Mattel killed that with their case policy after Fred, Tex, Andretti etc. came out. They flooded the market with too much junk at the same time.

    I completely disagree with your second point –

    “at least there are not multiples of any of the old cars is each case. That seems to be the main driver of the pegwarming phoenomenon (ahem, Sally and Cruisin’ MQ anyone?)”

    COME ON!

    Do you really believe that?

    Don’t you think the “main driver” for peg warming is a result of nearly every case containing cars we don’t want re-released over and over again?
    How many times do we need to have Yellow Ramone in a case?
    I count it has been released in at least 7 or 8 cases. Thats a joke.

    Stores and depots for the big retailers buy far more than 30 cases. TRU in the UK alone will probably buy over 500 cases (& yellow ramones) initially for its UK outlets.

    I agree about Kori, but if she was that rare and in demand, she would be selling for more than she does on ebay. She is not new, so I maintain my point about her case being a joke.

    Cases r and s will sell well, but they will give birth to even more peg warming stock too.

    Its the peg warming that is killing the market, Mattel seem eager to just empty their warehouse as quickly as possible by landing retailers with stock that simply has no chance of selling. We know that retailers then hold off until this stock sells, and we know Mattel continue to insist on shipping cases in this way.

    My point is, I think it is time Mattel gave consumers and retailers the option to buy cars they want to. There is nothing wrong with them selling the new cars in separate cases, and maybe force dropping some old stock along with them, but the current case system is fascist.

    Your opinion does not anger me, but I do disagree with you.
    You seem a little over optimistic, when facts are clearly here to suggest we should/do feel the opposite!

  28. Heather from Maine

    Hi everyone!!

    Just saw Screamin Banshee Playset available for pre-order on Target website $29.99.

    Also there is a toy called Bi-Plane Air Adventure for pre-order for $14.99? Not sure what it is? Maybe it’s like the larger plastic LM, DJ, Red and Blue Mater that say things and play music?

  29. gwstudios


    Some of those cars in the pictures are customs, thus the glopped on paint and overall crappy appearance.

  30. gwstudios

    One more thing, the van with the mattress is also a pre-production concept, which is why the front bumper is a separate piece. The paint job is to match the color to the movie version correctly, you can tell it was hand painted with a non-metallic enamel.

    The Tank Coat and Nitroade Pit Crew are also hand painted customs made from existing die-casts.

  31. Heather from Maine

    Hi gwstudios!!

    Are you answering my question I posted on June 9th?

    “I noticed the paint jobs on the newer cars aren’t as good as they used to be???”

    I was actually referring to the quality of the newer Cars that I have purchased at various stores recently, not the cars in the photos posted here.

    ….But I do appreciate the info!!! Thank you!!!!

  32. djbennett

    what is van carying a grill?[and i was thinking the same thing about traffic]

  33. Monica

    Ha! Excellent JD, I knew I would get a good response from you. I was kidding about the helmet.

    I think many of our differences of opinion are rooted in the fact that the issues in the UK are slightly different than in the US, or at least my little corner of it. I do not find that there are tons and tons of pegwarmers for extended lengths of time in the stores here in San Diego. In fact, it’s usually feast or famine. There are either fresh cases on the shelves and I am gleefully scooping up the latest releases, or a handful of peg warmers. And the pegwarmers I usually see are the older Cars that were packed in multiples in the last case. For example the only MM’s I have seen on the pegs for the last few weeks are Tex Dinoco/Dinoco McQ, Boost/Snot Rod, Sally/Cruisin McQ. For the record, I have not seen a yellow Ramone in a store here in quite some time. Green? Yes. Original purple, Hydraulic, Old School, Ghostlight and Lightning? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. So while I am not thrilled with Lamone, he’s probably the least plentiful Ramone in these parts at this moment in time. I also almost never see any Supercharged anymore. So it seems in the US (or again, at least my little corner of it) that Mattel is pretty much selling everything they put out there. Albeit some a little more slowly than others. In Fact, at TRU tonight looking for Banshee or any new cases, there was a couple with a little guy (2.5 years old maybe) going “Hey Buddy, you want a Lightning McQueen?” and his little eyes lit up.

    Lastly, yes, I am an eternal optimist. Guilty as charged. So bring on cases P and Q, warts and all, as long as the others aren’t far behind.

  34. Monica

    DJ, looks to me like Van is carrying one of those hardtop excess luggage thingies.

  35. Monica

    Heather, thanks for the heads’ up on the Banshee pre-sale. Now I am a little torn. Usually I hate to pay shipping, but I may have to get my hands on that guy.

    No! Gotta be patient!

    Meanwhile, I have now checked both TRU’s, several TGT’s and WM’s and still no signs of the new cases or the Banshee, argh! Good old Walgreens (where I scored Chuuuuki) usually have no more than THREE Cars (no, not three models, three CARS) when I check there. Going to KB tomorrow.

  36. MarkUK

    So we should start to see these new cars in the UK around the middle of next year if we’re lucky!!! lol

  37. MCL Sydney

    Funny you mentioned “Good Ol WalGreens” Monica…cause thats where I found Chuki from when I was in Vegas 7 weeks ago..they had tonnes.

  38. Peter

    Any news on the case K,seem to be taking there time in releasing this case

  39. Brooke

    Monica, there’s a Screamin Banshee on ebay at .99 w/$8.99 shipping with no bids. Its item # 250257910209

    It might be worth watching.

  40. Heather from Maine

    Your welcome Monica!!!

    Just found Screamin Banshee available for pre-order on for $26.99 w/ free ship!!!!

    Also Rusty and Dusty 2pk is available on TRU website!!!

  41. Heather from Maine

    I forgot to mention Mr. The King and Mrs. King 2pk is available on TRU site too!!

    Hope this info helps…

  42. Monica

    Woohoo, that Amazon is a great deal. I think I have a gift card there too, yay. Thanks Heather!

  43. Mikey

    I just saw Van and Luke on Ebay. Seller is from Idaho. Hopefully I can hunt them down here on the West Coast soon.

  44. Heather from Maine

    Monica- your welcome!

    I already ordered one. The price with free ship and no tax was too good to pass up!!

    There is a Walgreens being built a few towns over from where I live. It’s on the way to the WM that I usually visit to hunt for Cars. I hope they will be carry Cars too!

    What do the Cars usually sell for at Walgreens?

  45. georgehp

    Heather from Maine

    $4.69 for Cars at Walgreens in Silicon Valley.

    ghp from San Jose, CA

  46. Heather from Maine

    Thanks for the info georgehp!

  47. EM

    Any word on the future release of the Launchers? Which cars and when?

    (MET: That’s the only line we don’t have specific info but those three Piston Cup racers might be on a cube along with more WM exclusives?)

  48. megaheat2008


  49. Heather from Maine

    Thanks for the update megaheat!

    Can’t wait to go Car hunting!!

  50. jpkherd

    Not sure where to post this, so I chose here!

    Just got back from Disney World. Took the kids, had a great time. First time I had been there since I was a kid in 1973.

    I kept a keen eye looking for the latest releases and was disappointed to find none of the singles or Movie Moments I needed. I figured if any place in the world had the current stuff they would – not!

    There was a cart in Tomorrowland that had a pretty good selection, just nothing I needed.

    We also happened into a local Target and there selection was as bad as home!

    The quest continues!

    (MET: I’m guessing just a little has changed since 1973? πŸ™‚ … ).

  51. Noel

    We stopped going to Disney parks with the kids as soon as we discovered Universal Studios. Disney has a certain charm but is completely boring IMO (all 4 parks). I do love to eat at Ohana and get those huge rum filled tropical fruity drinks they serve in a pineapple.

    Last time we were there, we waited in line for over and hour and a half to go on Space Mountain and the ride broke down at 1:30 in the morning. To this day , I still havent gone on that ride once in my entire life. The only thing they have to help with the wait times is a paper slip that says come back later and they run out of those early every day as they are limited but free.

    Universal has all the immersion rides and coasters in two “connected” theme parks, plus the CityWalk is jumping at night and is lit with neon and huge LED TV’s with a high tech feel. You can walk the canal all the way from the Royal Pacific hotel to Portofino Bay at night with ice cream or a float and take in the atmosphere. If you stay on the property, you never have to wait more than five minutes for any ride as you room key is your Express Pass. Otherwise it’s $40.00 per person per day if you want to buy them and you can only go on each ride once with the paper ones. That’s $960 ($160 x 6 days) worth of free Express Passes just for staying at a Universal hotel.

    We will visit Downtown Disney while we are in Orlando and go to the Rainforest Cafe and all that good stuff. I don’t know if the store there stocks the die-casts but I’ll take a look and plunder anything worth buying.

    If anyone else is going between June 24th and July 1st, I’ll see you there (probably not).

    (MET: You’ll be the dad wearing shorts and a baseball cap – can’t miss you, right Noel? πŸ™‚ Plus there’s more beer at Universal).

  52. Adam

    Hello, I’ve got a Tj car, the wall mart exclusive, and when I took it out of the package, I looked on the liscence plate and it said “TUF GUE”. Today I discovered that the plate should read “TUF GUY”. I want to know if this is rare, if it’s a collecter item, or if every oneof the tj cars has this mistake..

    (MET: Here is our variant checklist … though it’s always worth more in packaging … TUF GUE is not really rare, in fact, I believe TUF GUY is slightly harder to find since it was fixed in the second lower run … the problem isn’t really its numbers but that most sellers (or buyers) don’t really notice it or that most/many know about it).

  53. Noel


    I do wear cargo shorts and flip flops pretty much all year round but if you wear a baseball cap in Florida (forwards and outdoors) for a week, your face will be white while your arms and legs will be sunburned. If you wear it backwards, you will have a white forehead with a perfect dividing line on your face where the skin is peeling.

    I get mistaken for Guy Fieri quite a bit as we have the same exact hair (color and style) and and are both a little tubby with a dark cheesy goatee so finding me at Universal would be pretty easy.

    I even have a couple of those Cuban style shirts he always wears and the same sunglasses. The funny part is I never knew who he was until people started telling me I look like him. I think he’s my long lost twin brother.

    (MET: Too funny … though I guess pretending to be him, you can probably get some extra BBQ ribs – not bad πŸ™‚ )

  54. MCL Sydney

    just got myself VAN and Luke (Dinoco Pitty) Yey! Unfortunately its from eBay and paid 4 x the price..but its all good!

    (MET: We have to pay an arm & a leg for kangaroo fritters though πŸ™‚ )

  55. Bill

    Has anyone seen Van or Luke Pettlework in any stores yet? I found the first WM in the area yesterday that actually had Stacy left in the cube. The latest stock, after the cube, at most of the stores appears to be Case M with Stacy missing of course.

  56. Lorri

    Right now on, they have Rusty&Dusty, Gasprin/Towcap, Red Mia/Tia and Mr/Mrs the King $7.99 if anyone needs those

  57. Doug

    I was at a Wal-Mart late last night, and I found 3 M cases waiting to be stocked! Each one had 2 Stacys and 2 Blimps (and a Jr.), but I only took 2 of each, leaving some hopefully for a kid, not an ebayer! There was still no sign of the cube, so I still am looking for Trunk Fresh launcher.

  58. megaheat2008

    Heather as I too can gather updated info on Wheres and Whens, I will post it BUT ONE OF MY SOURCES HAS A MATTEL REP – SHHH THAT HELPS OUT A LITTLE enough said can’t let all my pistons outta the engine Lol…. to be cont…..

  59. Terri

    Decided to go into a Long’s Drug Store today at 3:00 in the afternoon and to my surprise was an open K case sitting on the floor. The stocker told me to go for it. I scored 2 vans and 2 Lukes. I was really excited.

  60. Connor

    I was happy with the cars i have been picking up lately.
    Mario Andretti
    Race Official Tom
    My Name is Not CHUCK!

  61. MCL Sydney

    Terri how lucky are you! Im so jealous…

  62. Heather from Maine

    That’s great Terri!!

    I hope I can find them soon!

  63. msully

    Thanks for the tip Terri. Longs huh? One more stop on the Cars cruise .

  64. Heather from Maine



    We’re going to see Kung Fu Panda and do a little
    Cars hunting!!!


  65. jackdaddy2008

    Thanks heather, i got a card full of feathers and a white chocolate lollypop at half 6 this morning.

  66. Heather from Maine

    That’s sweet JD.

    BTW, the movie Kung Fu Panda was great! Nice animation! Very funny!! Highly recommended!!!!!!

  67. Heather from Maine

    Just found out what Wall-E stands for:

    “Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth-Class”

    Picked up two Wall-E toys today.

    Wall-E U-Repair: his parts come off and you can put him back together.

    Clean Up M-O: he has this roller brush that can pick up small things like crumbs when you roll him across a surface. (this toy may come in handy)

    Both are very cute!!

  68. Mike in MN

    Had to mention this. Over the weekend, I saw a mini van with a mattress strapped to the roof rolling down the highway. I couldn’t help but think of the upcoming release from CARS. I pointed it out to my son and we both had a good laugh. It seriously looked like it was about to break loose from the wind speed. Too funny!

  69. Chris

    Well i’m glad for the new releases this summer but………………. the tru in northern michigan still has cars from last x-mas. target only gets one box at a time and well walmart has like 600 hundred singles. needless to say we prabably won’t see new ones for a while. good luck all

  70. Monica

    OK, finally had some luck at WM today. Found the fabled “blue cube” and scored the last Stacy in it. Also got another Yeti for my carded collection.

    Also saw Banshee at TRU.

    Still waiting for a sighting of Luke and Van in San Diego.

  71. Matt

    Made the rounds in Omaha hoping to find the new releases because the stock was running low at both WM and Target. Oddly enough, I found both stores stocking brand new cases, but they were both “H.” Passed on another Chucki for now. Was able to kindly talk the stock people into letting me have the boxes though. I like keeping my carded collection in them b/c it cuts down on storage.

    If anyone buys cases, and doesn’t keep their boxes, let me know. I’m looking for a movie moments box right now, but always need extra singles boxes.

  72. Lorri

    Monica, they are on the west coast at least, because 2 days ago I was at a Portland Target and found Van and Luke! No Stacy though.

  73. Jon

    UK update:
    I have just seen for the first time Charlie Checker, Dudley Spare and Tow in a local toy shop. However, I am still yet to see Race Official Tom, PC Guido or Not Chuck here. It’s like we’ve jumped ahead a few cases and I’ve missed out!

    I don’t know why you get all the new releases first over there. It’s not like they are made in USA, so surely they could be shipped worldwide at the same time they leave China? The only thing I can think of is that ours have different packaging, which is probably produced after the US ones that have been made. Ho hum! Patience is a virtue!


  74. jackdaddy2008

    I am going to do another report with pix for a letter o disney and if met wans to post it?

    I thin we face a ebay scenario.

    The SOS was the biggest kick in the the teeth yet.

    I have a petition coming too jon.

    Email me thru ebay, my id is jackdaddy2008

  75. Doug

    Monica, what Wal-Mart? I haven’t seen the cube in San Diego yet.

  76. Nascarnbroncosfans

    I was looking fr info regarding the WM exclusive release of Kathy Copter, RPM pitty,Tar Mcqueen but saw no dates. Any clues?…thanks

    (MET: Not WM releases – They will start hitting stores from a week to three weeks from now – all depends on where you are – they’re all in CASE P – the next shipment to arrive).

  77. Nascarnbroncosfans

    Met: Thanks, this will save time and gas hitting five/six WM before work. Would you contact me please?, thanks

  78. Monica

    Hey Doug, WM in Clairemont had the cube and it was already pretty picked over. I got the last Stacy and the only interesting launcher was No Stall and there was just one of him. WM in College Grove had Case M, but on the shelves, no cube.

    KB toys in UTC got a bunch of Cars in this week, but they were all case H I think (Chuki, Lightning Ramone, Dale, Dinoco copter, etc).

    Very low stock and nothing new and at any of the Longs, Targets or TRU’s that I have checked out this week.

    I wish I had known about Portland sooner! I have cousins up there who could be trolling for me as we speak.

  79. Gil

    Since you’re so well informed on the future of the CARS line, is there any chance you have a complete checklist for the World of Cars Collect by Numbers series or know where I can find it? I’ve got a pretty good list of numbers 1-70, but there are a few numbers I don’t have names for and there are some characters I don’t have numbers for (ex. Mia & Tia and Dusty & Rusty). Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    (MET: There are no numbers for anything outside of the single cards … here our checklist base).

  80. collectormom

    On they have Ramone’s House of Body Art playset; is that back again? There’s no picture yet; only the description but it doesn’t say if it’s WOC. I was able to get the 4 playsets last fall so I haven’t been paying attention to them.

    (MET: Yes, it took a while longer than we thought but Ramone’s is finally back).

  81. Lorri

    Monica I have an extra Luke, do you want it? cost $2.99+actual mail.

  82. Stanley

    Lorri, I’ll take the extra Luke, if you still have it.

  83. Stanley

    BTW, my parents went into Toys R Us, and they found Ramone’s House of Body Art Playset.

    They gave it to my son for his birthday, and he couldn’t be happier.

    They said that they found it on the shelf, and get this…….they paid regular price!

  84. Stanley

    Shelley, if you’ve got something to trade, I’ve got a custom Frank the Combine for your boys to play with.

  85. Lorri

    Stanley Ill give Monica first shot, and if she doesnt want it, its yours.
    I am excited about the Ramone’s, I just ordered one from TRU. Ive been looking for one for a long time. My son already has one, but he picked off all the stickers and now he is sad about it. He is autistic and looooves these Cars.

  86. Lorri

    Thanks for the heads up on the TRU Ramones house of body art! They must have finally re-released that one. Its funny because over a year ago nobody wanted that one when the others were hard to get, and lately this one has been elusive and overpriced!!!! I look every once in a while but now it is back!!!! and only 19.99 so the sharks wanting $90 are now Out of Luck!!!!

  87. Heather from Maine

    Have you guys heard the sad news that George Carlin, the voice of Filmore, passed away last night?

    Very sad….

  88. Monica

    That would be great Lorri, I can PayPal you.

  89. Lorri

    Monica email me at your address

  90. Matt

    Monica — or anyone else… Here in the midwest our KB toy stores have essentially gone under. I saw one at an outlet mall today, and stopped to see if they had a Rollin Bowlin Mater set as it seems that KB’s are the only places that still have had sightings of them in the games aisle. When I asked the clerk, she said she sold her last one last week. Has anyone seen theses sets lately, and so, would you be willing to pick one up for me. We can either work out some sort of trade or cash of course… Let me know.

    Even though this particular car made it into the sealed set, I still have not decided whether or not I count it for purposes of my collection… It is truly the only car that I can think of that is not in the movie whatsoever…. So does it count? Let me know if anyone has made a sighting.

    (MET: Not to be annoying but once it made it into the Factory Set, it became official … it is mostly an error car, yes but then there are glaring errors on a couple other CARS also … so it’s in … and good luck!)

  91. jackdaddy2008

    ebay me thinks!

    you should be able to get one for $40

  92. Monica

    Haven’t seen it at our KB, but I did buy one on ebay for $30 recently. Not only did I get the RB Mater, the boys love playing the game too!

  93. Kevin

    Just in case someone is missing an old pegwarmer or just wants to stock up, I found a website offering Cars for a discount (internet pricing). You have to search through all 10 pages. It is a mix of NASCAR diecast and Cars.

  94. Doug

    It seems like all the planes carrying Cars go right over San Diego and keep on flying, because it seems like all the new releases get here later than anywhere else in the States. Oh well, at least I’m not in England.

  95. Monica

    I agree Doug, seems that way to me too. Most of the time, I feel like I am looking in the wrong places.

    But usually as soon as I give up hope, all of a sudden I hit the jackpot. It’s like Mattel has an implant in my brain or something.

  96. Doug

    The last time I saw a movie moment that wasn’t a pegwarmer was in January when I found Flea and Flik and Gasprin and Towcap! Where are they?

  97. jackdaddy2008

    Mattel are just having a laugh with us.

  98. Monica

    Dude! You found Flik and Flea and Gasprin and Towcap on the pegs? I had to resort to ordering a MMcase and the whole box full of pegwarmers along with them. Last time I saw a decent MM actually on the pegs was at Disneyland.

  99. megaheat2008

    OK – club members the problem with Mattel is not Mattel here we go – Mattel puts in the order , where do they order you ask of course – they order from China, MAGICAL PANDAS carry the cars to “infectiously disease” us here and abroad thats why Lads and Lass’s the “Cars” are not to be found !!! I will spell this—–>”Mattel=Order=China=Warehouse=Shipping=Overseas<—–Very Important Ingredient,ahhhh the aroma=Customs=Pick-up=Ditribution=Inventory checks=yup ummm more warehouses= here he/she goes “look fast before their gone” the Infamous Stockers at our favorite outside of the house comfort zones , but don’t fret if the stockers get the goods first – befriend them , hug them , “make them feel like they are part of the family” , involve them , laugh to them , sing to them , feed them, <——darn lazy bunch of “I DON’T KNOW” stockers JUST HAND OVER THE KEYS TO THE STOCKROOM I’LL HELP YOU UNLOAD THE INVENTORY – SO MY MISSION HAS NOT BEEN A SUCCESS LATELY I AM HAVING STRANGE SYMPTONS ANYONE HAVE DOCS HOME NUMBER IN RADIATOR SPRINGS? I CHECKED THE DIRECTORY SERVICE ,AND IT SAYS “ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY TRY AGAIN LATER to be cont…….. : )

  100. Monica

    You are very kind to Mattel MegaHeat. In my business if we don’t make enough product fast enough to meet customer demand, we get into big trouble (people get fired even!). We are expected to make projections and place orders with our manufacturers far enough ahead and in sufficient quantities to keep our customers happy. AND, we have the added complication that our products are perishable so if we over estimate demand, we loose $$. Even then, it is not rocket science. Yes, right after initial launch things are a little patchy, but two years later? They should be able to predict demand with pretty high degree of certainty.

    I keep going back to my “evil genius theory”.

  101. Lorri

    Monica my reply emails keep bouncing back. Luke is on his way.

  102. jackdaddy2008

    I like you megaheat, but your wrong.

  103. Monica

    Thanks Lori! Be sure to let me know what I owe you too. Maybe try to contact me through ebay Msully1.

  104. megaheat2008


  105. Gil

    On your checklist base, there is a listing for a blue Hummer named Texas Tea and a note that it was an exclusive from 2aday. Was this an official Pixar/Mattel exclusive or a custom job like whats found on eBay?

    (MET: Shhh. It’s just a fake listing to see who steals our list whole … so you can manually delete it from your checklist πŸ˜‰ )

  106. Doug

    On ebay, someone claims to have Petrol in hand, and in their picture, he comes with the gas can. Are these all fake pictures, or does he really come with the gas can?

  107. Monica

    I just searched good old Petrol on ebay and it looks to me like the card back pictures him with a gas can, but the actual figure comes with the usual tool chest and tires.

    Someone’s trying to sell Cathy Copter for $60, jeez.

    In my latest rounds, no new Cars. Plenty of Chukis out there. Still no Vans or Lukes in my area.

  108. jpkherd

    I have a couple of Toys R Us exclusives that have been out and available for a long time. Should they be listed on the checklist?

    I think they were:
    Tounge McQueen & Lightning McQueen
    Purple Ramone & Red Ramone
    Doc Hudson & Hudson Hornet
    Mater & New Mater
    Guido & Fan Guido

    There are now some new Movie Doubles recently issued by TRU including: Chick Hicks & Dinco Chick Hicks (, Dinoco Lightning McQueen & Cruisin Lightning McQueen ( and Yellow and Green Ramone (

    I have not seen these in the stores, but they are currently available to order on the web site.

    Perhaps this is a way to recycle pegwarmers?


    (MET: Some posts need updating – I’m waiting for the website move. They have been out a while and yes, they are all repeats re-packaged).

  109. megaheat2008


    (MET: Yep, Hydraulic Ramone is formerly Red Ramone. Not to be confused with Lightning Ramone (red with Lightning Stripes) or Crusin’ Ramome (red with a white side design) also known previously as Old School Ramone … this I know, that flammable-imflammable thing I’m still working on πŸ™‚ )

  110. Monica

    I have seen all the newer movie doubles at my TRU.

  111. megaheat2008


  112. Mr.T

    I was at a TRU yesterday and saw a Dinoco gift pack – all the blues just packaged differently….. BBMcQ, DMcQ, King, Heli, DChick. How can they call it the Dinoco pack if it doesn’t include the twins?!

  113. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    Maybe Mattel is getting the message to pack more of the newer castings to the initial case releases. But, keep in mind, there are a lot of kids out there that still want the other castings. Soon, I’m going to hear complaints that “I can’t find the old Cars!” With the numbered cards already out there are exceed 50, it will take a full three 18 count cases to just cover all the castings, and, soon four full cases. It will become harder to back fill your collections. You may need to take a loan out with “Cars Motor Finance Corporation” to cover the damage.

  114. carsmama

    I’m so excited – my son and I found Van & Luke Pettlework at Target today. We haven’t seen a new one since Chuki. It was the middle of the day even. I also noticed that the Dinoco 400 was on clearance for $14.98. I don’t know if they are like that everywhere. It was a good day!

  115. Doug

    Cracked open a Cars case at Wal-Mart, only to find case M again!(very disappointing). Still no sign of Luke and Van. Checked a Long’s, but they had a lame selection.

  116. Matt

    Doug…I got lucky this week at Target to find a 2 Lukes and 2 vans! I was excited…also excited that the local TRU got in a new shipment last week (i should have called) and a brand new Mater and 2 Luigi and Ferraris! Great week! Any one else on here from GA….I still would love to find Red and Stanley!

  117. Mara

    My husband found Luke and Van at Target last Friday, in NorCal. He went after 9 and they were still stocking items. If you go right at 8 here, they don’t have anything out because they dont start stocking until after the store opens. I haven’t seen Stacy but have seen signs. At WM 2 weeks ago, we saw the Blimp with the WOC card but no Stacy.

  118. Matt

    This is the original Matt from Nebraska…

    Carsmama – glad I read your post, I was about to email you that I had found extras of Van and Luke this afternoon at Target.

    Here is a midwest – Omaha to Des Moines update. I travel this route about once a week, and get to put the cost of gas shopping at 5 – 10 stores on the company. Targets in the area have clearanced Dinoco 400 to $14.95. They are going fast, and it looks like they will be gone for good once the store clears their stock. Targets seem to be the only stores in the area getting the Van and Luke cases, and it looks like they are getting their supply now. Have also noticed that very few stores, Targets that is, are getting any new movie moments, and instead are replacing the slots with pit crew racers. Target cars are also selling for $2.99.

    Walmarts are continuing to get the Stacy, Blimp boxes, but not the new Van and Luke. Their launchers also seem not be carrying No Stall etc. anymore.

    Toys R Us have absolutely nothing, and still no sightings Ramone’s Shop in store

    So best bet is to go to Target for now.

    Carsmama – do you have Stacy… I have seen a couple out here in West O, and can pick you up one.

    Terri – I am the Matt on your list, and have an extra Van and Luke if you do not have one. I can send them both to you if you email me through my email that you have already. They were 2.99 a piece and we could just subtract $8.00 from my future tab that I will owe you if you want them…

    Let me know…

    Happy hunting everyone.

  119. Mr.T

    Awwwww…come on!!! I still haven’t seen Luke or Van her in Phoenix. I did however score Stacy when the WM cube finally showed up (like 2 weeks after the original post) – tell ya though, the cube stuck around for about a week and it was gone – they used it to fill the pegs. The Targets close by, which I have checked at various times throughout this week still do not have any new stock – although I checked at KMart and they have a few of the 1/2 size cards – pretty strange. Saw 3 Tow’s there and could kick myself – got mine on e-bay for 3x the cost. Guess that is what happens when patience cannot be exercised and, you have to have it now….

  120. Terri

    Matt, thank you so much for the offer but I have Luke and van. Actually, I was at a wal-mart tonight and they had 11 sealed K cases sitting on the floor. They were overstock and were being sent back because they had no room. She did open one for me. I think they are going to start popping up everywhere. 11 cases is a lot. Usually if one wal-mart gets them then the others follow soon after.

  121. BMW

    Terri, please clarify is that K case with Van and Luke? I have not seen these at our Wal Marts yet, last night finally got three Stacys at Wal Mart. That was the case with Blimp, Dale Jr. The shelves were already picked over but Stacy and Chucki were there. Blimp with new sign but he was bent so passed on him.

  122. Terri

    Yes, BMW it was case K with Luke and Van. I was really excited to see them. She opened 1 and I got the Vans and Lukes out of it. Hopefully your WM will have them soon.

  123. carsmama

    Hey Matt – Thanks for thinking of me. I don’t have Stacy yet. I only looked at one WM so far and they were nowhere to be found. If you see one again, I would love it if you would grab it for me. Off the subject (sorry) – how did your neighborhood fare with the weather last night? Pretty scary over here.

    Met – when does the 3-pack with Stacy and the crew chief come out? Maybe I should just wait for that.

    (MET: Next box but now pushed back towards end of July? Unsure – though note, it may not come with toolchest or tires in the 3-pack …).

  124. MCL Sydney

    carsmama..Dinoco 400 for $14.95???? Just went to my local K-Mart (Walmart) here in suburbs of Sydney, Dinoco 400 is selling for $69.95 (USD $65)..thats $50 comparison! be honest this is the first time I’ve seen them on the shelf…Lucky I bought mine ages ago…no i didnt buy them for $69.95 :o)

  125. Terri

    I hit another walmart tonight and found 2 cases of K again. Everyone should be finding them soon. Walmart seems to be somewhat back on track.

  126. Matt B

    has anyone seen any Reds and Stanley’s?!?! i am dying to get one and really do not want to buy one on the internet…..just checking. Anyone from GA on here!?!

    (MET: Someone reported seeing MM Case G so there is a Red & Stanley in there …).

  127. Heather from Maine

    That’s good news Terri…

    I went to TRU, Target, KM and WM today.

    No new cars… but WM did get in more Gold Mia and Tia 3-pks. They still had the cube up even though it’s almost empty.

    Noticed a lot of Desert card backs in the stores. Fillmore, Cartrip, Doc, Sheriff

    Target had a few Cars toys on sale. Picked up the large plastic DJ that talks and plays music for $12.00. Maybe they’re making room for all the new die-cast Cars they will be getting in!! I hope. πŸ™‚

  128. Matt

    Carsmama… we are down closer to Gretna, near Harrison, so we don’t have that many mature trees around, and it looks as though most of the heaviest winds (80-90 mph) missed us by a couple of miles. The winds were at least 60 here. My mom’s neighborhood looks like a disaster area. At least good to hear you are safe. It has been a rough spring and early summer here in the midwest..

    I will look for Stacy for ya.

  129. Matt B

    So can someone explain to me why there are no new Sarge’s that are coming out!?!! I would love to find a new one some where!!

  130. Matt B. – There was this issue a while back about the use of lead paint in toys produced in China. Mattel is still correcting things related to that issue and the scare it put into the media and parent groups.

    In other news, Stacy has finally appeared in the upper midwest at Walmart, although I didn’t find her in a pallet display, she was on the pegs. No sign of Kory Kopter or the Dinoco Pitty yet.

  131. Franchiz


    Luke and Van started showing up in MN last week at Target. I still haven’t seen Kathy Copter or Trunk Fresh launcher.

    On a side note, I received the Banshee yesterday that I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago from The kids love it!

  132. Doug

    Saw 2 Stacy’s at Wal-Mart today, but left them for some other collector. After checking 6 different Wal-Mart’s, I’ve given up hope of finding a cube. Still no sign of Van or Luke. Another sad day of Cars hunting!

  133. EM

    I have two close WMs. One only had the cube out for under a week. I was fortunate enough to get there a few hours after it was put out and got my Stacy and Trunk Fresh launcher. I left many, many Stacys, Jrs, etc. sitting there. The other store never had one, nor did they have the one last year. They usually have a really good selection, though, just a few weeks behind the others. Still no Van, Luke, or Kathy. Also have not seen a MM case in forever, though they do still have three pegs for them. They just cracked a couple cases of 3-packs, but they were the Gold Mia/Tia cases and I had all that. I am still waiting for the deluge of new cases to make it out here.

  134. Matt B

    Ok a question for all….how often do you check your surrounding TGT, TRU, WMT and others….should you be checking multiple times during the week?

  135. EM

    It depends. When I know there is something new out that I do not have, I will check daily as a WM is right on my way to work and it is only an extra four or five minutes to stop. If I have everything currently released, as was the case during that long lull between Chuki/Lightning Ramone and the new cube, less than weekly. I took a couple weeks off after the cube, but now it is daily again waiting for Van, Luke, new multi-packs, etc.

  136. ChrisD

    I have a TRU, WM, Target, ShopKo, & Kmart within 3 miles of my home, so I make the run 3 or so times/week.

    Tuesdays and Fridays seem to be my best days. I finally found my 2nd Flik/Flea today, that was all I was missing (so I could have one to keep, and one for my son to open) with the exception of the new stuff.

    I have yet to see a Luke, Van, Cathy, Trunk Fresh.

    It was strange that today I saw a bunch of cars in the Supercharged cardbacks at TRU. They were not there two days ago, so either they found them in the back room or they are clearing out some central stock.

    They were actually some decent ones too, like RPM and Dale, not your normal Boost and Lizzie that have been on the shelf since last October.

  137. ChrisD

    By the way, I have no idea what the Cube is that everyone is talking about. I think I read somewhere that it is a minnie. I have stayed away from collecting them, (enough to find as it is) but if someone tells me what it is, I can keep an eye out for others when I go on my runs.

    (MET: This is the WM Cube … technically the CARS pallet drop).

  138. LTZ

    Matt B – I agree with EM. It depends on the market. It seems to be heating up again, and I just started frequenting stores a bit more often. I hadn’t the past few weeks because there was nothing new happening. I saw a bunch of new stuff yesterday at the TRU,Target,WM I visited. The WM looked the best, and I stopped going there regularly a while ago because all they had was minis. Maybe everyone else stopped too. πŸ™‚ This WM doesn’t have the two locations for Cars like the other 2 WMs near me do. And I’ve never seen a Cube, except in pics here, though I’ve been looking for weeks.

    Also, based on what I saw yesterday, I’m going to have to hit the other Targets and WMs in the area pretty soon – once or twice more this week.

  139. Matt B

    thanks everyone for the replys…

    I have been trying to go like twice a week especially to the ones closer or on the way to work which is quite a few WMTs. But the WMTs have been very low lately for whatever reason. I got lucky 2 weeks ago with a cube, but that same WMT has not gotten anything new in and have been out of MMs for the same time period.
    The others all have stagnent inventory.

    The Targets and the TRUs have been great so far and lucked out a couple of times including 2 Lukes, 2 Vans and a Dudley. It seems like atleast around here they get more in and restock better.
    TRU was great as they got in a new shipment and I finally got a Luigi and Ferrari and a Brand New Mater (been collecting for only a short time).

    When are the best times to go like when do they restock? When I got to my WMTs there is no one around to even ask about more in the back. Just curious….

    Thanks for the help everyone! i am still looking for the ever elusive Red and Stanley! LOL!

  140. I have the fortunate or unfortunate luck to work 40 miles from my home. If I think there is something due in my area, as I’m hearing now about Van & Luke, I’ll check during lunch around my work or on my way home in the afternoon. I have my favorite WM and Tgts who seem to put out newer releases much faster than others, but I have others I can count on to get stocked eventually. My best luck has come when I go during lunch as things seem to get stocked in the morning.

    From 2 WMs I hit yesterday, there is evidence that Case K & M are here, but the new ones were gone. Another WM I visited yesterday had very low stock so I’ll keep an eye on that one in the hopes that both cases show up there soon.

    TRU near work was fully stocked, but nothing new to be found. I did see Banshee, but don’t collect the minis so couldn’t justify the price.

    In other news, I noticed that only TRU has Wall-e toys. I found the Dancing Wall-e at a couple of Tgts, but nothing else anywhere. #1 Movie in the country and you can’t find toys for it at your local Big Box store? Meanwhile, Speed Racer stuff is everywhere and the movie was a complete flop!

  141. LTZ

    Yeah – I’ve seen the remnants of the newer cases left behind lately. My best two runs were a Sunday late morning and a Thursday just after lunch, but I think I just got lucky as I haven’t been able to replicate that success.

    I haven’t seen ANY WallE stuff at all, except for some $6 light up Energizer things. What a ripoff, but the boys love them, so….

  142. ChrisD

    It is probably different for everyone. After collecting for two years, I’ve asked when is best to look for new stuff. I always have the most success first thing in the morning.

    Where I am, Target and Walmart seem to get them whenever they get them. They apparently have a truck that comes in every night. They are open 24 hours and it looks like their stocking crew works a midnight to 6 AM shift.

    As for K-mart, Shopko and Tru, around here, it seems like their trucks are more defined. They have two trucks come in per week, and so there is generally a day that they get new stock.

    I did get to a point where I would know the truck came in and some of the staff would pull the new cases out of the back for me. I only buy two of each car, but it appears that some of the eBayers had the same ideas and would clean them out of new stock before they hit the shelves, so they stopped doing that for me.

    I still always ask if there is anything in the back. Especially at TRU.

  143. Matt B

    So what is the deal with all of the WMT TJ, Barney Stormin, and Kori? Are there any new ones coming out? Has anyone seen any of them lately!? I want them but not willing to go the Ebay route….

    (MET: Unless you have it – we’ll get answers on July 24th – SD CC as to what changes are coming next …).

  144. DaddyO

    You know you have an unhealthy obsession with Cars when your wife is in labor and you run out of the hospital to the Target across the street to see if any new Cars came in…of course I did pick up a few presents for the new baby and his big brothers while I was there – Luke and Van. And yes, I made it back for the delivery…barely.

  145. Materlover

    I scored well today after a few store visits. Luke and Van, MM P.T. Flea and Flix, MM Gasprin and Tow Cap. Walmart had nothing new, Van & Luke came from Target and MM’s from TRU.

    Been a while.

  146. Matt B

    Yeah I struck out today…the TRUs got trucks in but no cars on them! I am trying to be patient for the Flea and Flix and Gasprin and tow Cap.

    I talked to the Targets and evidently around here they are going through transition so everything should be set in about 2 weeks….oh well!

    if any one has any luck with Red and Stanley let me know! πŸ™‚ My Sons 2 year old B-day is Saturday…still trying to pull off a miracle!

  147. Bill

    I understand that case R has been announced. The new ones listed are (2) Leroy Traffik, (2) Chief No Stall, and (1) McQueen w/stickers (Chase Car, Limited Production). Do you have any info. about these, especially the McQueen w/stickers and Leroy Traffik? I think you already have a picture of Chief No Stall posted. Have a great 4th!

  148. Matt

    On the topic of the chase cars, with Fred it will be easy to spot, LM might be a tad more difficult. Will LM be named differently, i.e. Stickers…. or will it be the usual Lightning McQueen, and we have to check the back to see if it has stickers?

    (MET: Should be photo op at SDCC but presumably it’s the LM from the scene where Lizzie slaps a bunch of bumper stickers on his rear bumper … and yea, might be hard to spot).

  149. Mr. T

    WOOO HOOO!! Finally got Van and Luke!! Only one issue though…. There were two Luke’s and both of them seemed to have a bit of problem on the paint – bill of the hat – common problem with the pittys??

    (MET: Sounds like it was blistered before the paint was dry?)

  150. Matt B

    Well hit the jackpot today….making my rounds I FINALLY found a Red and Stanley as well as a Gasprin and Tow Cap. No PT Flea though which I thought that I would luck out and find. I also found another Stacy as well as a Luke. They had some Vans at the TRGT but did not get them. It was a great day!!!

  151. Matt

    All…so how hard is it to find a Sarge/Fillmore Movie Moments??

  152. Mr. T

    Haven’t seen one of those for a loooooong time…

  153. I made my rounds to a couple of Targets and TRU today during lunch. If Tgts are going to be the exclusive home for MM packs, they are going to have to do something with the Tex & Dinoco McQueen peg warmers that are filling the shelves. I found evidence of Case K or L on the pegs but no Van for me. I also found a new 4-Pack box that looked like a cutout of a Racetrack. The 3 Cars were Lightning, Chick, King and Re-Volting. I didn’t see a price, but it’s as if Tgt didn’t learn their lesson from the last Raceway Boxed set with 2-3 out of 7 cars being new cars that lasted 6 months on the shelves and had to be discounted to sell them out.

    Anyway, while at TRU, I was asked if I was looking to anything in particular and I mentioned the new cars I was hunting for. The manager offered to get some cases that were in the back. I was shocked to see him pull out Cases C & J for singles, but I was thrilled to see Cases E & F for Movie Moments brought out. He let me open them and take what I wanted. I was tempted to take the Big Fred for collectible purposes, but I left all of the singles and just took the Gascap and Gasprin that I needed. If anyone needs the Red or Dinoco Twins or PT & Flik, the Bloomington TRU is the place to go.

    In other news, I’ve seen evidence of the new Gift Packs because I’ve seen the Tow, Race Official and Al Loft ones on the shelves of some WMs, but I haven’t seen the No Stall or Shiny Wax Gift Sets at all. That’s all I’ve got. It’s been a quite summer save for the Dinoco and Octain Gain Pittys I got a month back.

  154. I was just looking ahead at the upcoming case releases and decided for the first time to buy Case R from Toy Closet in whole because it’s a nearly perfect mix of new cars from the summer. In a single $60 case, I’ll get 6 new cars including the Stickers McQueen which I’m sure will be a eBay poacher’s delight (never to be seen by collectors with day jobs). The duplicate new cars like Leroy and No Stall Crew Chief I can sell to make up for the case price and the other commons I can give to my nephews. The biggest bonus is it saves me the hunting time for the rest of the summer. Now the only missing single is Van and I have no doubt that he’ll appear with Mini in a MM eventually.

    Full Case – $60, Shipping – $10, Stress Free collecting at least for a few months – Priceless!

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