Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Target Halloween 2008 & Other Mini’s

Looks like Target will get another holiday Mini – though not as enticing as the Easter ones with the cool paint motifs …

Since none of the motif names sound Autumn or Halloween-ish, it might be safe to presume they will come with some pumpkin shaped holder instead of a paint scheme …

Not everything has an accompanying photo but the list is:

Tunerz McQueen & Tunerz Ramone (no photo)


Peace Corp Fillmore & Sarge
(this set re-released each with a mini ‘pumpkin’?)


Race Rod Mater & Race Rod Sarge
Here is Race Rod Mater – no Race Rod Sarge photo yet …

The main MINI’s visual checklist is here along with more text updates (no photos) of what’s coming next. Presumably at SD Comic Con, we’ll get more visual evidence.


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11 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Target Halloween 2008 & Other Mini’s

  1. Monica

    I am still so bummed that I missed out on the Easter exclusives because I was trying to resist the Minis. They are too spendy on ebay for me. Still, I will have to pick a set to collect because the Banshee is on its way and we need playpals for it! The Tunerz look fun.

  2. Heather from Maine

    The Minis are soooo cute!!!!

    I’m still trying to resist collecting all the Minis. When they first came out, I picked up all the playsets and one mini of each character.

    I do like all the different color variations of the Minis….but it’s hard enough trying to find all the reg. sized die cast!!!!

    Can’t wait for Banshee toy to show up!! We have watched “Mater and the Ghostlight” Pixar short over and over again just to see the Banshee. My son laughs everytime!!!

  3. zandbdad

    Is anyone in the midwest (close to Columbus, Ohio)? I haven’t seen any new Walmart cubes or leakless three packs. Even Chuki sightings seem to have arrived three weeks after the West coast? Am I jumping the gun? I am simply getting irritated running around every other day. It can be fun, but with gas at $4.00 a gallon, it has lost some luster.

    (MET: Someone said they thought a WM employee said the 26th was the day it was supposed to go out? Presuming it’s June 26, that’s still weeks away … so maybe if you don’t see any at all. You can use the lingo if you want to call ahead, it’s the CARS pallet drop … and in WM lingo, it’s in the Action Alley Display aisle …).

  4. zandbdad

    Thanks Met. I guess I should disclose how much I love your blog. I check twice a day and follow the comments and posts closely. Because of this shared info, (I was late getting into it – Sept. last year), and now have 1 of every piece released (including SOS that my wife begs me to sell) thanks in part to your blog. So thanks to everyone who has helped to keep it going. I have even contacted a friend in San Diego who is going to pick me up some lightning storms so if I have extra I will post them.

    (MET: Thanks for reading and joining us crazies 🙂 …).

  5. Thekid

    I’m in Madison, WI and am in Chicago a lot too. I finally saw the new stuff this past week; including Banshee… hang in there. You should really begin to see all of the in the next few days.

  6. georgehp

    I need to stay away from the Minis.

    The die cast collection is plenty…with the exception of the Banshee, he is way to cool. Ordered it from Amazon online.


    Hope he’s in the pipe line.

  7. ShawnKevin

    So is the Banshee geared towards the Minis line? I hope not, I like the diecast Cars and do not like the Minis so I hope that the Banshee doesnt look like the Minis sets.

  8. georgehp

    It is under the Minis Line, but it is a good size for the die cast line. But it is havey plastic.

  9. collectormom

    Banshee………I tracked you down at TRU today! It’s pretty cool. It’s for the Minis but my kids were putting everything they could find in front of it to gobble up. I just heard him growl; he must have eaten Mater again!

    By the way the Mater that comes with it has a different face; like he’s supposed to look scared but in a kid-friendly way. And he doesn’t wobble like the other Mini Maters. Still cute and loads of fun 🙂

  10. Monica

    Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, CARS trolling!

  11. collectormom

    George Carlin the voice of Fillmore died yesterday; he will be missed 😦

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