Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mac iCar (The Apple Car)

© Disney/Pixar & Mattel Red Line Club

No, it is not scheduled to come out in the next two months.

Beyond that, who really knows?

My opinion is that it will be out at some future time.

The time doesn’t matter because whenever it comes out, Mattel will sell it by the bushels.

(A bushel of course, being 4 pecks … er, okay, how about 48 apples to a bushel as an Apple to apple comparison?  🙂  )

It is literally an ace up the sleeve … anytime they’ll need revenue for the CARS line, they can whip it out … er, roll it out.

There has always been some concerns that Mattel doesn’t have the right to issue the car or now that it’s been released, those theorists have now modified their fears that it was a limited one-shot deal.

First, that makes no sense logically. Unless there’s some huge falling out between Apple & Pixar, that fear makes very little sense. Is Apple very protective of its imagery and logo, of course – so is any corporation these days because dilution of trademark is well, dilution of trademark …

But in this case, Pixar & Apple could not be more closely tied together and in some senses, even more so than 99% of corporations. In fact, in most corporations, you find it easier to deal with an outside 3rd partner than another department because at least with a outside partner, everyone understands their motive is profit and branding while with two internal departments, the fear is you might make the other guy look good and he takes your job someday (or becomes your boss) … in the case of Apple & Pixar, John Lassetter can pick up the phone to Steve Jobs and vice versa to resolve any issues with one phone call – not many companies have two heads who actually work together as well. So, Apple & Steve Jobs knows that John Lassetter & Pixar is not going to place the Apple logo on a garbage barge … of course, Apple will want to review the design but if John Lassetter & Pixar signs off to Mattel, they will accept it as if their brother vouched for it.

Apple certainly isn’t going to need the licensing money from selling a Piston Cup racer but again, because of the close relationship – they trust Pixar much more than any two corporations can.

So, where does this lead us. Now, I have not look at this particular contract so I cannot say 100% anything but generally, when you agree to license your logo for a film property and for ancillary merchandise, you agree to license for a certain amount of time and with certain provisions for approval. In the case where the “film role” is a car, it’s natural that the merchandising include a facsimile diecast car … anything outside of this “role,” will require new approvals – for instance, if they decided they wanted to make an Apple Car playset (which does not appear in the film), they would need additional approval but the car will be included in the general merchandising rights. With that said, there are obvious sign-offs for approval for each appearance. For instance, Apple probably wouldn’t approve a “wrecked” version of the Apple car.

Conversely, Mattel realizes this car is not only wanted by the CARS collector but also by  Mac fans so there’s no real point in selling it as a single carded car when Mattel can make so much more selling it separately … (maybe not $250 as its going for on eBay) but certainly more than $3.59 … bottom line, Mattel could bundle a sealed box of 18 of just Dale Jr.’s & the Apple car and the store shelves would be stripped bare … so my prediction is that we won’t see the Apple CAR in another form until at least 2009 and it’ll be in some special format – why not, it’s clear people will pay anywhere from $40 to $75 for this car without a moment’s hesitation (at $250, the hesitation is a bit longer 🙂  ).

But when will it be out is another question. We still have 4 long years before the next movie comes out – this car is worth its weight in gold to Mattel. They can release on tax day in a recession and make serious money with it. Imagine it bundled with a Pit Crew and a trailer? $99? $149?  AND it will sell out. So, there are hundred of CARS we’re still willing to buy so my prediction is it will be out but not just yet …

(With that said, look for an update to this chart in the next day or so 🙂  ).


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33 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mac iCar (The Apple Car)

  1. carsmama

    I’m just glad I got mine already with the SOS set. Although if those prices keep going up…???

  2. collectormom

    Wasn’t there word of a Cars website similar to the Hot Wheels RLC club? It could be offered as an exclusive; with or with out the trailer it’ll be a sell-out.

    A lot of Cars fans bought a membership to the RLC just for the SOS set, which a lot of die-hard Hot Wheels people laughed at. I’m sure there are more Apple fans in the world than Cars fans but they too would flock to a Cars Club just to buy the iCar. And we would laugh at them too! 🙂

  3. Dean

    Do we really need to tell Mattel to charge us more and do more limiteds? That is what ruined Hotwheels. Lets just keep paying 3 bucks a car and making them in full Costco sized pallets for all! btw if Costco had carried a 36 car race set it would have cost you MUCH LESS than 300 bones.

    (MET: Yea, too bad we can’t buy Cases at Costco …).

  4. Monica

    That was just my pipedream collectormom. Oh how I would love it! Exclusives! Pre-sales! Membership cards! Events! Imagine having a new presale every week or two? Numbered collectibles. Polls for new models. Oh how I envy the HW fanbois.

  5. Monica

    and I also agree that there really should not be any licensing barriers to another Mac car release. Even though I already have the Mac car as part of the SOS set, I would totally buy a set with a pitty, crew chief and trailer.

  6. collectormom

    I searched and searched (for the last hour) but I can’t find the reference I was looking for. We all like to talk too much! 😉
    I know I read somewhere on here about there being some kind of online site for Cars to play games and such. Not really what I was looking for but I swear Met posted something about a Cars club down the line.
    Monica I remember you (& megaheat?) talking about a club too b/c I thought that was a great idea as well.
    We’re in the process of moving so I may have packed my memory in a box already. Hopefully I find it on the other end. 🙂
    My son loves the Apple Car (not even sure how he knows who that is; he’s only 3) so I suspect we too would buy it in any configuration. Since we never see him pit I think I’d rather have the trailer.

    (MET: Disney announced an online site and shut down VMK (Virtual magic Kingdom) but no details yet).

  7. Matt


    My son is the same way. He’s 4, and he and my wife fight over who’s going to get it out of Daddy’s box. He loves all the race cars, but has grown increasingly impatient about how slow they are to be released. He has even settled for Hotwheels after looking at Yellow and Green Ramones over and over again. At .97, they are much cheaper too.

    Now, when we are talking about the cars, he says, Daddy, let’s go look for the race cars with eyes… Can you say… Open wallet, and give credit card anyone 🙂

  8. Rebecca

    Ok check this out….
    Apple for $450… I really don’t think so…

  9. Doug

    Sorry for being on the wrong site, but has anyone noticed that RPM’s pit crew comes with a gas can instead of tires?

    (MET: Really? You got a pic?)

  10. Doug

    Look on ebay. They also have Kathy Copter pics.

  11. Thekid

    It looks like its a bottle of Nitroade is depicted on the card but tires are included. The tires included are the 1:55 scale racecar tires at least.

  12. Juan

    Thekid is right he comes with the tires.

    All of toywiz cars are priced high. I don’t know how he sells them.

  13. Doug

    I don’t understand why a Lightning McQueen that came with the set has any more value than any other Lighning! Anyone know why? Is there something different with the car?

  14. Dean

    Ok check this out….
    Apple for $450… I really don’t think so…

    woo… and he will sell you the EMPTY BOX for $249 thats like only $50 short of what it cost with all the cars in it! BAHA….

    oh… and $1899.99 for the full set with the box.

  15. Monica

    My guess is that the one that came in the set has a specific casting serial number such that you can tell it was part of the SOS set? Not a big deal, but it’s something I guess.

  16. Adrian

    WOW !! Toywiz, more like “richkids toys”, Adrian

  17. megaheat2008


  18. jackdaddy2008

    It is also believed that the apple was the fruit of choice of satan, who used it to seduce eve and contaminate mankind with his will.

    (MET: Well, I don’t believe fruits are evil (though I did pass out from a sugar high once from eating a peach cobbler), it wasn’t an apple in the Garden of Eden … Pomegranate) but beyond the fruit itself, you’re on your own in judging its earthly, worldly, historical, legendary, spiritual or mystical qualities.Though I can vouch for the yummyness when it’s in this form).

  19. jackdaddy2008


    Its debatable though, as we men have Adams apples, called so due to Adam apparently choking on an Apple given to him by Eve from the tree she herself was seduced at.

    Ask Mattel, they were there!

  20. Noel

    It look slike we are down to a couple of SoS sets on eBay, it will be interesting to see what happens to the pricing when the panic of not being able to buy one sets in.

    Sooner or later all the sets will be in hands of people who actually want them and not for resale.

    I haven’t seen a 2006 FSS set on eBay in along time.

    (MET: Yea, you’re right – it will be interesting to see what happens. The FSS didn’t create that much of an interest when it was released and then fell off the face of the Earth for a while – not I think just the serious collectors want it and with only 500 out there, it might be tough but eventually, as people give up on collecting CARS, we’ll see a few more out there … while there is definitely a frenzy of interest surrounding Speedway … everyday, there’s at least one new person saying … there was a set? Of 36 racers? Where? Where?).

  21. Noel

    I’d love to see what a SoS with the 2006 FSS combo auction would go for.

    Remember, none of the eBay bought sets will more than likely ever see the xxxx/1000 sticker that will arrive for the original buyer. Somebody post when they see the first sticker go up for auction.

    (MET: If someone actually scores #1, I’ll bet that’ll get to $500 … Or #95 … that might hit a couple hundred … though any of the numbers in the top 10 probably can sell for a few hundred … who would have thought pay $350 (with shipping & membership) for the MSoS would be the bargain of 2008 …).

  22. bonus!-bonus!
    (Why Apple? Because Steve Jobs, former chairman and CEO of Pixar and now on the Disney board of directors is also the CEO and co-founder of Apple. Why 84? Because the Mac came out in 1984 .)

  23. Collect it all!

    I’m new to this blog but not new to collecting. I’ve been collecting movie toys since the first (which is now the 4th) Star Wars Movie. I’ve just started collecting the 1/55 scale cars from the movie CARS. I know…a little late to be starting. I tried not to start this collection but my 2 year old grandson is soooo into this movie and everytime I buy him a CARS toy, I have to buy one for me too! Oh, and my sister is dating an animator that used to draw for Disney & he got me started on these CARS collectibles too.

    Anyway, I came across this listing on Ebay for a display case & thought I’d share it with you. The item number is 220251223263 . I tried to copy & paste the listing but it didn’t work.
    How about the going price of the SOS set ????!!!!?????? Someone is even selling the cars individually at $60.00+ each! I really did pick a bad time to start collecting these CARS Toys! I better get another job!

    (MET: Yea, that’s a nice looking case … but you mean you missed some 200 of our posts? What’s up with that? 🙂 Here’s a brief recap: If you want to check out what’s out now or what’s coming out, check out this post – links at the bottom to the other packaging of CARS. Here is the post on what MSoS Piston Cup Racers are available separately and/or when they are coming soon. Our How-to-Display post from way back. And of course, the CARS look nice in the town playsets … and the checklist.

  24. Terri

    Wow, I love that display case. $80.00 is a little too much for me. I would need 2 of them and eventually 3. I would love to have a full set on display. Maybe someday.

  25. that would be so cool if they put “cars points in with the you wouldent know how many points until you opened it.and for example one sally might have an 80 points in it or another sally had an 300 point card or the mack playset 1000 points and once you collected a certin amount you sent the points in and got like a lot of 5 random cars or a blu ray mquuen or a coupon you get the idea id like to suggest that to mattel

  26. Mr. T

    Terri and Collect it all – I just ordered two display cases from a place called (called the 800# and talked to Jeff) I am waiting for them to come in – probably next week. I have been debating whether or not to open all my cars, so I just bit the bullet and bought them. I got a reply from Met about what I should do – open em’ or leave em’ sealed. I came to the conclusion that this is my collection (which I never plan to get rid of) and I should enjoy it!!

    Besides, I have all of them hung up on the wall right now – I have a friend who works in a grocery store and got me some of those plastic hanger thingys that you see for impulse buys in the aisles. They seem to work ok but it takes up way too much room – besides, I think it might be more fun to roll them around while I am on the computer. Each of the displays was 79.99 plus 16.00 for shipping (from NY to AZ) They do not have the Pixar D11 case on their website but they do make em – plexiglass and mirrored backs. I will let you know how they work when they get here.

    The e-bay lister for that case says 99 cars…. Don’ t think so…. (maybe of Mia and Tia’s) I’d say more like 70 – 85. Hope this helped – I’d love to know what everyone else does with theirs!

  27. Materlover

    megaheat2008 – sorry to hear you are getting off the cars merry-go-round. Hope it’s nothing serious.

  28. Adrian

    Mr T,s quote…….

    “The e-bay lister for that case says 99 cars…. Don’ t think so…. (maybe of Mia and Tia’s) I’d say more like 70 – 85. Hope this helped – I’d love to know what everyone else does with theirs!”

    My son Maxx plays with every one of them except blue ray lightning which he doesnt know i have, i am going to get a little display box for that one and it will sit pride of place by his models of my own car in his bedroom and storm lightning if/when it arrives.

  29. megaheat2008

    Materlover – yeah its a bit serious a little out of my hands , I regret letting go of the hunt I will miss so much,but inside i know its about doing the right thing/megaheat2008

  30. micky

    If there were only 1000 of these made, how come this guy has so many extra SOS cars? He is selling multiples of the other cars too. Do you think they are authentic?

    (MET: If you read through our “Top 10 Rarest” post – we sort of describe these – not quite real but not quite fake – a new middle ground of “factory-made UNAUTHORIZED” CARS …).

  31. Mr. T

    Adrian – thanks for the reply!! I am waiting for the cases to come in. I am still a bit apprehensive about pulling all of them out of their packages – but I am not keeping them to resell someday. Maybe after I pull the first couple, it’ll be like Christmas!! Hopefully I will get to fully enjoy them rather than just looking at them through their plastic prison. =)

  32. micky

    Thanks MET. This is a great site for Cars info.

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