Tiger Woods Apple Core – $36,000

Apparently the keyword in any auction is ‘APPLE.’

Wow, at this price, the guy could’ve gotten 18 Speedway of the South sets but hey, he’s got an Apple core … see, paying $1,500 for the Speedway set, not so crazy now, huh?


Auction Link (sorry, closed in case you had $40k laying around and wanted an Apple core).


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4 responses to “Tiger Woods Apple Core – $36,000

  1. megaheat2008


  2. Monica

    Amazing. Imagine your trash being worth $40K, unbelieveable. If I were the type to buy something like this, I would much rather have gotten something like the towel he used to mop his sweaty brow. Even that has a little less of an “ick” factor.

    The listing is closed so I didn’t get to see whether it was at least preserved somehow.

  3. DJ

    Im surprised it went for so little, LOL , There was a baseball player that once spit some gum out that was similar but his name slips my mine right now

  4. Mr. T

    Luis Gonzalez – AZ Diamondbacks.

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