Pixar CARS 2 Tidbit Update & McQueen in the UK

Of course, we just found out McQueen has a cousin in Japan

Now it turns out McQueen is literally carrying the same DNA as another rabble rouser …

Yep, McQueen is built upon a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am …

As Jerry Reed sang in “Eastbound & Down” …

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’,
we’re gonna do what they say can’t be done.
We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
I’m east bound, just watch ol’ “Bandit” run.

Ol’ Smokey’s got them ears on and he’s hot on your trail.
He aint gonna rest ’til you’re in jail.
So you got to dodge ‘im and you got to duck ‘im …


So, now, you have no reason – should be easy to find a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am …

Then buy the Eddie Paul books (link to older post) and you’re SET!


So, if you’re in the UK, check out the London Motor Show where McQueen, Sally & Mater will be dropping by.

AND some CARS 2 movie news via MTV News. John Lassetter says the script & story of CARS 2 is,”… still in early development.”

He says that is he is writing a part for Paul Newman (recent announcement that he has lung cancer).

Presumably the interview took place a few days before the passing of George Carlin.

So, for those who asked what is happening with the characters of Doc & Fillmore, that remains to be seen, generally, they will record the line readings about a year or more before the film is completed – with them going back and adding new lines when the script changes, of course … but with the film still 4 years away, presumably they won’t start recording the lines with actors until 2010?


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16 responses to “Pixar CARS 2 Tidbit Update & McQueen in the UK

  1. matt

    this is off the record but Target is selling dinoco 400 sets for $15 and most of their star wars sets are on sale. Also has anyone had luck finding kathy copter, luke pettlework, and Van yet? Thanks again and love your sight, as always.

    (MET: Can & Luke are hitting stores – still not all over the country but arrived or arriving … Kathy Copter is for most people probably still 2 weeks out).

  2. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    Wal*mart in Lakewood, WA is selling value packs of Cars mini’s (3 packs bound together) for $10.94. It looks like the packs are part of a liquidation at Wal*mart level due to the manner of the packaging and a Wal*Mart value pack sticker. Also, Fred Meyer, a variety chain store out west, is also dumping Cars single blister packs for $1.99. They had a nice selection. Wal*Mart also got in an assortment of three Car packs, while the pegs for the single Cars have been delegated to Speed Racer cars, which aren’t moving at all. It appears this is the start of the summer dump of old merchandise before the fall line arrives. Those $1.99 packs are a good value to hide away to replace the ones kids will break. Also, relatively inexpensive for birthday party favorites.

  3. Mark

    …the real question is, will Owen Wilson be back for Cars 2, or will his reckless behavior get the better of him before that time?!?!

    (MET: It looks like he’s resolved his personal issues …).

  4. Mark

    To follow up…I have found Van and Luke Pettlework at Target – multiple copies. No Kathy Copter yet…

  5. jackdaddy2008

    Amazing, 5thn comment before relevant to post!

    We are going, so hopefully some exclusive merch?

    (MET: I’ve never been to a UK car show but while there are merchandise sellers, I doubt Mattel is going?)

  6. Mr.T

    Saw the racing sets at Target – probably about 50-80 of them for 15.00.

    Also saw Flea and Flik, Dusty and Rusty, and King / Mrs. King MM’s on sale for……..$7.19!! Didn’t get any but thought it interesting that it was at a Fry’s Marketplace.

    Still no Luke or Van……………………………………………..

  7. Materlover

    Enjoy the show Jackdaddy2008 and snap a few pixs to share. Good luck on your quest for some exclusives

  8. jackdaddy2008

    You never know.

    We would have went anyway.

  9. MarkUK

    I’ve got free tickets to the Motor Show. It’s made my day to hear that Lightning et al will be there. πŸ™‚

  10. i say OHHHHH you say AHHHHH
    H H
    OO OOO H H

  11. Adrian

    Mark if any more free tickets turn up you could always throw them my way LOL !

  12. Connor

    Heres my collection πŸ˜€
    Tell me what you think Met??

    Snot Rod
    Dirt Track Mcqueen
    Lightning Mcqueen
    Crusin Mcqueen
    Raidiator Springs Mcqueen
    My Name is Not Chuck
    Ramone (Purple)
    Ramone (Yellow)
    Ramone (Hydrulic)
    64 RPM (double of them)
    Chick Hicks
    Dinoco Chick Hicks
    Dinoco Mcqueen
    Mr. King
    Mario Andretti
    Darrel Cartrip
    Bob Cutlass
    Race Official Tom
    Ferrari F40
    Dale Earhardt JR (Double of them)

    I don’t think its that bad πŸ˜€
    Your Thoughts?

    (MET: Very nice. I know it’s a lot tougher outside the US …).

  13. MarkUK

    I’ve got free tickets to the Motor Show. It’s made my day to hear that Lightning et al will be there.

  14. MarkUK

    Don’t know how that got posted again. Strange. But anyway, to Adrian and anyone else interested. I got the free tickets via the web. I’ll see if I’ve still got the link when I get to work tomorrow and will post it if I have. The free tickets are/were only available for weekdays.

  15. MarkUK

    I had a hunt for the link and the promo code(s) you need to enter, but unfortunately all the codes now seem to have expired, so no more free tickets I’m afraid.

  16. Adrian

    Well thanks for looking anyway Mark.

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