Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Early Summer 2008 #2 (Revision II)

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19 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Early Summer 2008 #2 (Revision II)

  1. Harry B

    First Comment! YAY!

  2. EM

    Now I have to update my release spreadsheet–AGAIN! Will Mattel have a handout or something explicitly laying out their set-in-stone-at-least-until-we-change-it-again release schedule at CC?

    Also, I have found the best way to determine what has been released is to do a quick Ebay search. If it is on shelves anywhere, it will be on Ebay. I just searched for Kathy Copter and all I got were pre-sales, so I would guess it is not yet on the shelf.

    I finally found Luke and Van at WM yesterday. now I breathe easy until P hits the shelves.

    (MET: As for the future … no, it won’t be as simple as that … deciphering Mattel’s future releases is like being at a crime scene warehouse with 100 filing cabinets – good luck piecing the evidence together … AND that list is only as good as the paper it’s printed on as Mattel could change their minds again – though sometimes it’s the retailers that force changes).

  3. Doug

    Found case K today at Target (Chuki, Dudley, Lukes and Vans) FINALLY! And saw the little card cars at a Sears today.

  4. What will be the job of the part time webmaster ? I can be interested 🙂

  5. collectormom

    Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out……..this makes my brain hurt.

    EM, I do the same thing you do; I look on eBay and if I see something new I know it’ll be in my area soon.

    Finally found a Wii Fit today; yippie!! 🙂
    Found Luke too but still no Van.

  6. BMW


    left a note about MM.

  7. TowMater69

    I just found Luke and Van in South Jersey at Target.

  8. DaddyO

    Although I couldn’t seem to find my question below specifically addressed anywhere, you may have answered it already or maybe it is just obvious to everyone else, if so I apologize for the bother. Will the card for “Stickers” LM (Chase), say “Stickers” (or have some other distinction on the card) or will the card just be a standard “Lightning McQueen” card? I know in your original post on this topic you referred to it as a “variant” which seems to indicate that it will not have a distinct card, but I’m not sure if that is an accurate conclusion.

    (MET: No one knows for certain since this is the first obvious variant – for Hot Wheels, variants are NOT marked in any way – it’s up to you to figure it out … but for CARS, they could simply add a sticker that reads “Stickers Version,” or “Stickers Lightning McQueen,” or they could go all out and make a new name plate but that’s less likely since the point of a chase variant is that there are not many clues it’s a variant).

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    (MET: Finally, collecting CARS will allow me to meet the internet girl of my dreams … I’m not sure why you want a Western Union payment of $2,000 but okay!)

  10. Monica

    Careful Met, she didn’t say whether she was hot or not, I’d ask for a photo before sending the 2K 😉

    (MET: She seemed so enchanting … humm, I hope it’s a she … 😉 … but she wouldn’t lie over the interweb, right?)

  11. Monica

    I really hope they sell the Cars from the cases individually. I’ll gladly pay $4 per car, I just don’t want to have to buy a whole case just to get the new Cars.

  12. Doug

    I agree. I will not pay $72 for a couple new cars.

  13. Rebecca

    Found Luke Pettlework in WM in Colorado Springs today ,but no Vans… Someone bet me to them… Oh well at least I know they are finally here and found one of them I will find the Van soon…

  14. Nicole H

    I still have not found any Vans or Lukes anywhere! I have been to 3 different WM, Targets and the only 2 TRU in the city and nothing! Normally the WM by me is really good about new stuff but they have a whole endcap with about 50 Blimps on it. Getting frustrated-might send me into labor 4 weeks early!

  15. collectormom

    Still looking for Van too.
    We just moved to El Paso and I can’t believe how many SC Cars I’m finding in stores. I’ve found them at 2 TRU’s and a WM. Weird! The good thing is the stores we’ve been to seem to have a bigger section for Cars, unlike in San Antonio where we just moved from. The Cars sections there seem to get smaller and smaller every time we checked inventory.

  16. Lorri

    Hey out there
    Since there is no relevant topic on the new site Ill post this here-
    Was doing my usual midnight grocery shopping last nite and Winco foods has Cars now! Not the latest but a better selection than usual places. I got an extra Fred WOC does anyone need? for potential trade or?

  17. Matt B

    has anyone seen the new Case P?? I know it is for sell on Ebay but has anyone seen them at the regular suspects?

    (MET: Not yet but it’s in the warehouse …).

  18. ramonalisa

    My husband found Van & Luke at KMart last night and called me. What a guy.

  19. Rebecca

    Found Van finally along with Kathy Copter in Colorado Springs, CO… Also found Revolting in a box set.. To bad you have to purchase it a box set with 3 others we all have, but at least it was only $14.99 for the whole box.. A lot less than people are probably paying for Revolting itself…

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