San Diego Comic Con … Tick, Tick, Tick 7/8/2008

(Thursday – DefCon 2).


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9 responses to “San Diego Comic Con … Tick, Tick, Tick 7/8/2008

  1. Mr. T

    So….. What is the big deal about being first??

  2. Philippe

    Hey there! Congrats on the new web-page!

    Just wonderin’ if you know anything about Lightning Storm McQueen PROTO-TYPES?
    I was eager enough to pick a couple of CCSD pre-sales and the guy in question has already received his – Direct from Mattel. They are numbered “0000”. Should I be worried and expect to send these back or are they worth more since they were supposedly handed out to the staff? (Although no final numbers are available) Thanks for your time and opinions!

    (MET: Prototypes or early production ones that are “different” are of interest to a small subset of collectors but the good news is they are usually willing to extra to lots extra … so you should always generate some interest if you are going to sell).

  3. Roberto

    There are some ‘test pieces’ floating around, all of which are numbered 0000 / 4768 rather oddly but are otherwise the same as the XXXX / 5,000 going to Comic Con. In the case of these they seem to have slipped out of the factory rather than been given away to staff although that may have happened too.
    As for which are more valuable? Only ebay and time will tell 😉

  4. Dean

    Someone needs to get some guards at the factory… Red cars being made in the middle of the night and now this? MATTEL WAKE UP!

  5. Monica

    Mr. T, I don’t get it either.

    Dean, I agree, the HK leakage is BS and I believe it impacts the value of the limited editions and collectibles.

  6. jackdaddy2008

    As if Mattel care.

  7. CHRIS


  8. CHRIS

    does anyone one know if lighting storm mcqueen will be sold in woc blister pack at comic con? i can prepay for one the guy says it’s from comic con but can not garantee that it comes with a display case.

    (MET: Not as far as I know – only available in display case as far as I know. Sometime down the line, a same or different version MAY be available but as to when?)

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