Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway V.2?

Again, sorry about having to re-direct you – our move to is bogged down like traffic at 4 PM on a holiday weekend so we are moving and posting piecemeal.

“Steve AKA: Poppa” was first to point the infamous HK couple was beginning a 2-month pre-sale of the ENTIRE, and SEEMINGLY complete Motor Speedway of the South set.

So, it got me thinking … to read the rest, click on the above logo or the text link here.

Sorry for the extra work.


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2 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway V.2?

  1. collectormom

    I can’t say that I’d be mad or surprised if Mattel releases another version of the Speedway of the South set.
    I bought it for my kids and if a second set retails for more I don’t care; I already have one.
    I just don’t see how Mattel couldn’t release another set; look at how much money they made in less than 3 hours. Look at what the set is selling for on eBay.
    Just like us collectors Mattel is saying “More, more, more!”

  2. Mr. T

    Awwww man…..Where am I going to put these things?

    It wouldn’t surprise me either that Mattel would release another one. This stuff is like gold and people go gaga for CARS. It would be insane for them not to release another one.

    I can not afford to go after this set since I opted out of the last one (and kicking myself now) I guess it is time to start scrounging for those pennies….(sigh)

    (MET: Keep in mind, I’m just raising some issues that make it possible – I have no real answers – just raising speculation).

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