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San Diego Comic Con: 5-Day Ticket SOLD OUT

Okay, no one panic 😯

There are plenty of 1-day tickets still available, the only ticket to sell out are the 5-day tickets which also allows you in Wednesday night for PREVIEW NIGHT (which runs 3 hours).

Yes, that allows you to buy and jump the gun a little earlier than most but don’t panic.

(SD Comic Con doesn’t count Wednesday Preview Night as a “day” so they call the 5-day ticket a4-day ticket).

For CARS, the show runs a total of 38 hours and there are 5,000 sets of LS McQueen (Mattel will have to average 131 units sold every hour on the hour to sell out … and I predict they will but they’re not going to sell out in the 3 hours of Preview Night so no one panic. Most important, no needless eBay clicking – at least not yet.

Our preview post of Lightning Storm McQueen is here along with a list being managed by some nice friends of 2ADay who are making arrangements to buy and ship it to you.

We hope to get an update on how many come in a case so you can plan if you need a cart, a sherpa or a donkey.

Eventually, we will get around to doing a post on all the exclusives at the SD show but so far, we also have some mighty nice Mighty Muggs to show you – scroll down to the bottom.

If you live in the San Diego area and are on a tighter budget, you can also consider volunteering three hours of your time and you get in that day for free.

There is only online registration so plan ahead if you think you might want to go … and now, of course, you have to decide on a specific day of days. Good luck! See ya there!


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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Say Goodbye to $2.97

Several people have reported in that Wal Mart has raised the prices of CARS from $2.97 to $3.47 – substantially more than the trade/wholesale price increase of 8% from Mattel.

Bill notes:

“It’s a good news – bad news day at our area WMs. At 2 of them the Mattel Rep came in yesterday and picked up the singles peg warmers and replaced them with “newer” Cars. The newest release in the swap was Chuki. The bad news, the price increase is finally here at WM. The singles went to $3.47. The Mini’s and Gift Packs went up $1.00. The dept. mgr. said that they had to scan in all of the ones left after the swap. They are still coming up $2.97 at the register. The “newer” ones the Rep left are coming up $3.47. Another area store needs the Rep to pick up about 25 Blimps. She hasn’t hit that store yet.”

I guess WM figured us CARS buyers had more income we were willing to dispose of versus some other shopping choices …

Well, at least it’s better than Rite Aid


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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Piston Cup Racer Checklist & The Next 6 Coming This Fall

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED AT THE SITE WE ARE MOVING TO – TAKE FIVE A DAY.COM. Just click on the above logo to be taken to the latest update on the two new Piston Cup Racers coming as launchers. Enjoy. Thanks!


Of course, if you bought the Motor Speedway of the South set, you now have 36 Piston Cup Racers … not counting duplicates.

If you’re collecting them only as they are released, you should have 13 of the Piston Cup Racers:

Lightning McQueen
Chick Hicks
Dale Jr.
The King
Leak Less
No Stall
Octane Gain
Tow Cap
Trunk Fresh
Vinyl Toupee

With of course, Trunk Fresh hitting the shelves (aka: the cube, aka: Action Alley Display pallet drop) bringing us to 13 available outside the set.

With the already quasi-announced Gift 3-packs of Shiny Wax & Spare Mint (with a Pit Crew & a Crew Chief) …, that would be 14 & 15.

Add one, Re-Volting included in the forthcoming Race & Chase Gift Pack – we’re at 16.

Now, we have three more scheduled for Fall: Sputter Stop, Transberry Juice, & View Zeen.

It doesn’t appear they will be a Movie Moments pack and it seems unlikely they will appear as singles – my feeling is they will be part of a box set, Dinoco 400 Part II? Like last year’s 7 Piston Cup Racers, we’ll get 4 repeats and these 3 as the new? Now sure but I’m throwing it out there … and/or will they be designed like the Race & Chase Gift Pack above so if we buy all 20 Gift Packs along with the Motor Speedway track, we can build a giant track?

So, at the end of Fall, 2008 – we should be at @19 Piston Cup Racers available outside the Motor Speedway set which brings up an interesting point, if you’re collecting down the line, do you care if a Launcher release is substituted in for what came with the Motor Speedway set. Well, if you do, you might want to keep track of the production numbers assigned to the Motor Speedway CARS – they are different from the regular releases … of course, it’s impossible to keep track of each version – for instance, my opened, original April 2006 McQ has no production code under the CAR but the latest launcher does and presumably that number is different than the WOC version and the SC version … suffice to say, I think it’s easier to keep track of the MSOS set & any deviation from this (yes, numbering for Tow Cap & Gaspirin from the Movie Moments IS DIFFERENT than than the numbering for the MSOS set – even though you would’ve thought they’d be the same based on the presumption they’d be in production at about the same time).

Here’s a chart of the MSOS racers that are available outside the set with all the possible versions it may have come from. The 4 digit number is the production code under each Piston Cup racer from the MSOS set.

The racers with a black border means it’s coming soon in that format.

For Sputter Stop, Transberry Juice, & View Zeen, it’s still a guess as to what format they might be available in.

* Of course, at this point, Dale Jr’s ‘aggro’ face is only available as a MSOS Piston Cup Racer … when Mattel switches from the WOC motif, will Dale Jr. be changing to v2.0?

** Vinyl Toupee was available in the UK as a bagged version as part of a promo.

ALL PHOTOS courtesy of Robert & and used with his permission. Be sure to check out Robert’s site for full-sized photos of all the racers. Thanks!

And happy collecting!

(Oh yeah, we should hear about the holiday season releases at SD Comic Con so we may not be done and no, no word on the Apple CAR …).


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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: First Look Re-Scale Fred

Arriving with “Chase” Fred with Stickers will be the “re-scaled” Fred sometime in September, 2008.

And man, they aren’t kidding.

Fred has been down-sized … or right-sized depending on your perspective.

He might just be half the man he used to be.

How many more of these can I come with before I show you the picture? 🙂

And no, that’s not MINI Fred … it’s almost Fred Jr. though … but of course, it makes sense on a lot of levels to make the change … Fred (v 1.0) compared to the animated version was way, way too large – his hood line is higher than TJ, a Hummer!

It’s been suggested that Fred is a Studebaker Lark though he looks more in line with several Fiats* or its European/Russian knockoffs like the Riva or he’s really a combo of everything … In Wikipedia, Fred is listed as a 1962 AMC Rambler but I don’t see it.

* The Yugo was based on this Fiat.

Because when Fred is next to the Security SUV, he’s not that tiny (and if he were the Rambler, he would be almost exactly the same length as a Dodge Dart which Rust-Eze is).

Okay, now Fred might be a tad too small – more like a combo Fiat & the Nash Metropolitan. But, I guess at least he’s no longer larger than the Hummer and Mattel saves a ton of metal 🙂 Fred was a heavy sucker also.

So in September, we can say hello to Fred, The Biggest Loser in one sense but also special enough to warrant a “chase” version on top of reduced-weight Fred sans stickers version. So, what I believe is going to happen is when Fred v2 get released, intermixed will be 20,000 Fred’s with 3 stickers on the doors and the back trunk – so good luck!



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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: CARS Cube is Back at Wal-Mart


By the way, Wal Mart calls the area in front/near toys – The Action Alley Display area … makes linoleum sound pretty exciting, huh? Wal Mart loves them because by maneuvering a pallet from the back room to the floor, removing some poly wrap – it’s a DISPLAY!

This is the first one we’ve had in Wal-Mart blue versus CARS red … who is collecting the WM display cubes? 🙂 So Don’t complain you need shelf space for all the CARS, just be glad you’re not collecting display pallets!

As you might’ve noticed, it’s packed full of Pit Row Race Off Launchers on one side with two new ones as launchers: RPM & No Stall and new outside the Speedway Set, TRUNK FRESH at $7.94 … (already marked down from the Speedway set at $8.30 😉 ) – and here you get a launcher also. While some of you poo-poo the whole launcher branch of the line, it’s actually very sturdy & a solid piece of kit. The first two waves were less enticing but now for those who didn’t want the Motor Speedway set or for those who are keeping the Speedway set snug in their plastic cocoon’s or who lost their Trunk Fresh in the great vacuum tragedy of May 23, 2008, your replacement CAR awaits you at WM along with a launcher.

On the other side of the cube are what seems to be the equivalent of CASE M:

Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
Charlie Checker
Chick Hicks
Cruisin’ Ramone
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Doc Hudson
Hydraulic Ramone
Lightning McQueen
Pit Crew Member Guido
Radiator Springs McQueen
Stacy (Leakless Pitty)

Stacy (Leakless Pitty) is the only really new CAR (available in NEW and blank, of course). Al Oft is new to WOC card as is Hydraulic Ramone. I did not see a version of Al Oft with the NEW snipe but if following the pattern of the other WM 8 re-releases holds true, there should be one.

You’re probably also wondering where CASE K is since K generally precedes M … well, they should be hitting the shelves and floor also in the next couple weeks. Since, the new price increase hits on June 1, no reason to empty the warehouses before then 🙂 so whether the WM passes along the price increase, that remains to be seen … (we have seen 😦 )I think Target & TRU are generally quicker to pass new wholesale costs along.

So, in a few days or not much later after that, look for CASE K:

Bug Mouth McQueen (2)
Crusin’ Lightning McQueen
Darrell Cartrip
Dinoco Helicopter
Dudley Spare
Ferrari F430
Lightning Ramone
Luke Pettlework (
Dinoco Pitty) (2)
Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Pit Crew Member Guido
Race Official Tom
Tongue Lightning McQueen
Van (2)

Truly NEW – of course, the much anticipated VAN (coolest looking minivan ever) and Luke Pettlework (Dinoco Pitty).

AND before June ends, we should see Case P:

Bug Mouth McQueen
Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Kathy Copter (3)
Mario Andretti
Petrol Pulaski (RPM #64 Pitty) (3)
Race Official Tom
Radiator Springs McQueen

Tongue Lightning McQueen
Tar Lighting McQueen (3)

If you need photos of any of the new solo card releases – check out this post.

And in the words of Bachman-Turner AND Overdrive, “You ain’t see nothin’ yet.”

Lots more stuff coming, CARS ain’t no opera – no fat lady singing.

CARS: Now & Forever (You Will Never Be Caught Up!)

From “Mike,” photos that will just set our European readers on edge … CARS all over the place and in USD $2.97 …

The other two sides of the Cube are the Stunt CARS (above) and the new Mack Transporter with the 3 Tuners.

It looks like there are plenty of Stacy in each shipment so getting one shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And since Trunk Fresh & No Stall are a few bucks more, they won’t fly off as fast. Enjoy! Good luck!


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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – The Top 10 “Rarest” + New “Chase” Surprise Coming …

THIS Post has been updated and moved to our new – Simply click on the text link or the logo above. Thanks!


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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS – Still 100% SELLOUT on eBay (with 11 minutes to spare!)

The Motor Speedway of the South Piston Cup race set continues to roll like a real life Katamari Damacy – and like the game, now at this level, it is just rollin’ & sucking in people right and left and no matter how you struggle, you are in the big ball and there is no getting out 🙂

Yep, after a week and over 60 auctions of the actual set itself – 100% compliance.

That’s right – EVERY full set that has been listed has sold. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Something like 65 for 65!

Resistence is futile.

We had the closest call today a couple hours ago. One auction went down to 11 minutes left on a one day BUY-IT-NOW auction before someone somewhere went AHHHHHHH!!!!! and then went click-click-click-click BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! BUY IT NOW! (okay, maybe that’s just how I shop on eBay ;- ) )

With 11-minutes to spare … we’re still “perfect.”

The next BUY IT NOW auction with no bidding opportunity is at $750 in 3 days with all the auctions ending before that – all seemingly meeting reserve – so, we are probably a good three days or another 6 auctions before we might face the next test. Of course, anyone can step in and click BUY IT NOW between now and then to move the bar further away but it looks like we can pretty much safety say, Motor Speedway of the South – eBay 100% sellout – in May 2008.

Or at the end of May – something like 70 for 70 and presuming a selling price of around $650 – that’s about $45,000 worth of this set on top of the $300,000 Mattel received on the 20th or about $350,000 in retail sales for less than 2 weeks. I think even Warren Buffet would like those numbers.

For CARS, it’s 2006 again – what economic problems? What inflation? What credit problem?

How many other items are 70 for 70 – nevermind about $650 for an average selling price?

(There was one set of the individual CARS only (no box) that didn’t meet reserve at $730+ but that’s an oddity – also some individual CARS with BUY IT NOW pricing set a prices a bit too high and didn’t sell but if you have the complete kit with the CARS – you can do no wrong – from $600 to $800, we’ll take it!)

So, we’ll see in three days if CARS Motor Speedway of the South can stay at 100% …

This thing is still SMOKIN’, SIZZLIN’ and BLAZIN’!


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