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Nintendo Power: The ‘Future Switch’


Nintendo Power magazine, the house organ of Nintendo (please make your own joke here) will now be published by FUTURE out of SF. Future Publishing, not exactly the Conde Nast of publishing when it comes to budgets, is not likely to offer many relocation benefits to the current staff … and not to be rude but Nintendo Power could be written by some monkeys with a head cold and a couple dozens Macs. Though its writing style is reflective of Nintendo – for a company deeply involved with fun, frivolity and wacky games involving monkey balls and a fat plumber – Nintendo is surprisingly humorless and seems to think they operate charter flights for the CIA & Blackwater Security. They would rather punch your spleen several dozen times and leave you to die a slow death than reveal that the next Mario game might feature a level where he wears a yellow carnation … and Nintendo Power reflects that – dribbling out bits of info that most real journalists have uncovered 6 months ago … however, it is a colorful mag, nice stock and the only place where Nintendo info and its Wii system isn’t dismissed as child’s play … though as we point out, #1 in the hearts and #1 in sales

FUTURE already publishes the Official Xbox Mag which is equally as dull with its “corporate-approved” editorial content and with shabbier stock and low res screenshots … so, Nintendo must’ve been impressed by their … well, something … something … though the video game mag industry is not what it once was so it hardly matters (psss, the answer is ‘the internet’ in case you’re wondering why the video game mag industry is in its doldrums) but you could also argue that the American video game industry mags have not advanced very far in the past 15 years … and its most intelligent take on the industry folded (NEXT GEN) while its literate and smart cousin, EDGE MAGAZINE continues on in the UK … that we have never had a ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY or WIRED for video games in the US – that is another debate that seems pointless to start because no one will take up that mantle, gauntlet or some other weaponry like methaphor … instead of writing to the real average of gamers as a 33-40 year-old … most of the screenshots and writing is aimed at 14-year olds … and not even smart 14-year olds.

And of course, with covers like these … why wouldn’t a literate 32 year old think the content might be juvenile and jejune …


Pinched from this GAMES.NET feature.

Here’s the letter from NINTENDO that perfectly encapsulates Nintendo the company …

“Dear Nintendo Power subscriber,

We’re excited to inform you that Nintendo has partnered with
Future US, Inc. to publish Nintendo Power starting with the December
issue, Vol. 222! If you don’t know Future US by name, then you may be
familiar with some of its other industry-leading magazines, which
include PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and Playstation: The Official

What does this partnership mean to you? Not much, really. Most
importantly Canadian and U.S. subscribers will continue to receive
Nintendo Power with no gaps in your subscription.

You will receive issues each month until your current 12 issue subscription
is fulfilled. Subscription renewals (and new subscriptions) will be
offered for $19.95 in the US and $27.95 in Canada (payable in US Funds)
for 12 issues, and Future US will be sure to let you know in advance when
it’s time to renew so you won’t miss a single issue.

And what about the magazine’s content? The editorial team at Future US
will continue to work very closely with Nintendo to provide the same
high-quality magazine that readers love. In addition, Future US plans
for a bigger and better Over time, the Nintendo Power
staff will look for ways to evolve and improve every aspect of the

We would also like to reassure you that Nintendo will continue to protect
your personal information in the manner we always have. Future US will
utilize subscriber information only for the servicing of Nintendo Power
subscriptions and is committed to following Nintendo’s high standards in
regard to privacy when handling your personal information.

After October 15, 2007, if you have a question relating to your
subscription, please contact Future US at:

Nintendo Power
Customer Care
PO Box 5770,
Harlan, IA 51593

or send an email to, or call

You can also send letters, art, and photos to

Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy Nintendo Power for many
more years.


Nintendo of America Inc.”

Though people who hate FUTURE PUBLISHING when it was IMAGINE go way back 🙂



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Wired Magazine To Debut New Series On PBS Tonight

wired science

Wired magazine is launching their own science series on PBS.  Their first show airs tonight, Wednesday, October 3rd at 8/7C.  I just found out about it today via an email notice from them.

At some point you will be able to find out more on this link,, but right now a lot of the departments listed there are not active.  Possibly they don’t wish to dilute their series premiere (even on PBS they worry about the ratings apparently).

There is a promo up on that site giving you a tease for tonights premiere.  I watched it and it looks to be a mixed bag but most pilots are that way.  I doubt that the powers that be behind the stalwart Wired mag will let their digital cousin lag.


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NBCU and Newscorp Launch New Video Portal Hulu

Set to go live this October (you can only sign up for the beta right now), the effort is purported to be the two MSM giant’s YouTube killer.

Head on over to Hulu now to sign up.


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How to Convert Online Video Files To Your PC, iPod, PSP, or Mobile Device

I found this online utility which allows you to convert an Online Video from ‘YouTube videos’ for example into more popular formats like wmv, mov, mp4, mp3, 3gp etc.  The site is called  It allows you to convert FLV files to the selected format faster and less lossy than with other typical transcoders.

When you submit a url via their online interface, it will download the file to a server and convert it to the video format you have selected. Then you can download the converted file.  Nice!

The interface is simple and looks like this:


I downloaded a Youtube video and was able to convert about 2 minutes of a selected video in about five minutes.  A bit long for it to convert (I converted it into an .mp4 file for the iPhone) but it worked and was downloaded to my own hard drive for use as I see fit.  It’s in beta mode so have fun.

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