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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: We Grow ‘Em Big in El Segundo

If you like your Pixar CARS flying objects large – boy are you in luck … of course, Big Barney Stormin’ is appearing or soon appearing on your shelf (apparently they were thinking about releasing with a rubber band flying feature but some lawyer managed to take the eye out of another lawyer … OH MY EYE! MY EYE! … so you know how that goes 😉  )

But coming at the beginning of September, are a slew of other CARS flying objects in giant scale including:



Joining the current and out giant Lightning Storm McQ & the Dinoco Helicopter.

Though the scale of the giantism Mattel CARS don’t seem to follow any real scale so we’ll see if Al Oft or Marco can be displayed with the 1:55 CARS.

There is one curiosity listed among what’s coming – “Mack the Cab.”

Does this mean, they will release a giant Mack (just the front portion?) – it seems to have a different code number than other current Mack’s that are out but it means very little … but it seems likely we’ll get a giant front cab Mack with lights & sounds like the other giantism releases.


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