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Hello From MacWorld 2008


Not actually blogging from here since we’re only #72,000 on Technorati 🙂 … there are only about 15 seats … maybe next year.

Other than the keynote, there’s not much to see that’s new – I don’t think Adobe is even here. The nicest booth by far is Belkin’s


If this were in Venice, it’d be about $900,000.

The coolest booth is Crumpler (they make messenger and brief bags). It’s a castle made up of interlocking cardboard or some sort of polymer board.


Only thing I bought From XtremeMac:


I took a photo of the MacBook Air but not only were there way too many people crowded around it, there is no way a photo can do it justice in how thin it is. If you have a pad of yellow legal pads … yea, that’s your MacBook Air. It’s pretty amaazing and of course, me wantee. Apple website. Ad for Air. Guided Tour – multiple resolutions + downloads.

The updated AppleTV looks very nice – also with a Guided Tour. In case you missed it, the big news is Movie Rentals from all the movie studios and even in HD!

And linked with Leopard’s “Time Machine” backup feature, Time Capsule with allows you to back up wirelessly.

So, nothing as startling as last year’s iPhone but honestly, how many iPhone-like cottage industries can you pull out year afer year 🙂

Not sure why some people were so sure about a 3G iPhone … the 3G iPhone is ready to go when AT&T is ready and when Apple needs the sales boost.

The Tablet Mac? Pleezeee … Outside of 5,000 people and apparently 900 squeaky-wheel bloggers and analysts, hardly anyone cares or actually wants one – how are those WIN tablet sales? EGGXACTLY!

Everything released was nice, interesting and useful – it’s nothing revolutionary but that’s fine. Not every keynote can be revolutionary. Making food into pellets is revolutionary but sometimes you just want a juicy burger, eh?

Speaking of food, of course, just one block away – a dozen Beard Papa’s fresh giant cream puffs …


The best food surrounding a convention center in America … unless of course, you enjoy $8 pizza made in 2005 and reheated … oh, and it’s sunny and 65 degrees here in SF so come on by!

(PS – Of course for those that keep track of such things – Best Booth Babes – Skull Candy and best DJ!)

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Microvision Pico Movie Projector for Your iPod

You’re on a plane, the movie they are offering is NORBIT or the edited 9-minute version of DEADWOOD … fortunately the rotund dude in front of you who had to buy two tickets is sound asleep and he’s wearing a white shirt – just attach the Pico Movie Projector to your iPod and you use his shirt as your projection screen … your own drive-in movie … Now all you have to do is convince the marshall sitting next to you to switch with the drunken cheerleader …

In the CES demo, it’s a snippet of CARS …


Microvision Website.

Via GIZMODO with video.

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Apple TV: Love, Love, IT! Or Hate, Hate It!


There apparently is no in-between feelings for the newly released Apple TV.

It’s love or hate and not much in-between.

This and the iPhone seem to enrage the same passions. For people who look over the feature and decide it’s not for them can’t just let it go at that. They have to write out exactly what the iPhone or AppleTV is missing as if we just awoke from a coma and our thoughts were that we needed straight away to the Apple store and these “smarties” are the ONLY person left on Earth who can see through the “hype.”

They seem enraged that Apple would not deliver a thing that has 100% of the features they would want or need – and by God, if it’s not good enough for them, it must not be good enough for anyone else on Earth EVER – wow, do they go around Mickey D’s knocking burgers out of people’s hands because those idiots ordered a burger with pickles?

I suppose it started with the FM feature on the iPod. For some reason, nearly every journalist just could not understand why if given a choice between hand-selected songs playing at the best and cleanest fidelity on our iPod playlist, we simply would not want to switch over to a sticky, dropout radio station that mostly plays songs we care nothing about, commercials or inane patter? I can understand the initial release reviews questioning if FM might be something people might want but 100 million in sales later, they are still saying there’s no FM? Clearly, people do NOT care – just like no one cares about OGG or FLAC audio formats all that much – not enough not to buy an iPod. If you want it so much, buy another mp3 player but stop pointing out the obvious.

The AppleTV device did not promise “secret” menus or hidden features. It says very clearly right upfront what it does. It simply syncs and plays itunes music & videos, podcasts, audiobooks and your photos from iphoto. It’s not a TV tuner. It’s not a DVR and you still need your computer (Mac or PC) to buy music and movies. You need a widescreen or HD TV with HDMI or component outputs (which some non-widescreen, non-HD sets have but Apple didn’t want to confuse people).

It all started with this straightforward and complete review from Walt Mossberg of the WSJ. There is also video podcast but it says less than the written words.

Here is another nice review from PC Mag, and even the Scobleizer has come around.

The brilliance of our interconnected internet world is that no-rules-apply and the AppleTV has already been chiseled, torxed and hacked open.

It’s playing XVID files (and many others not normally supported) and wearing large new hard drives.

There’s already a nice site with a roundup of everything – appropriately titled Apple Hacker.

The basic rule seems to be if it plays on your iPod, it will play through AppleTV (and yes, movies/TV shows from Handbrake will play as long as they are mp4’s.)

And of course, if you look like Olivia Munn, a picture is worth a thousand-word review 🙂



And if need cheap HDMI or DVI cable, the Apple store has a great deal at only $19.95 each.

Some people seem surprised they are able to so “easily” hacked but this is nothing new. Like people who run Linux or play Doom on their iPod – Apple simply believes that if you buy something, it’s yours to do whatever you want – it’s not sanctioned and it’s not covered under your warranty but if you know what you’re doing, great – for 85% peope, it’s plug ‘n play and for the other 15%, hack away … since Apple doesn’t sell anything at a loss – after you buy it, it’s yours to own.


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