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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning Storm McQueen S.D. Comic Con (Update – 5k Available)

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For those who missed the earlier preview & announcement, Mattel will be selling a special Lightning Storm McQueen at the San Diego Comic Con Starting July 24.

For those unfamiliar with Toy Show/Comic Con Exclusives, we covered the basics in our original post.

Basically, this will be a special exclusive CAR available just at this show.

While, it’s pretty clear from the photo above – it is now confirmed it’s the Ransburg chrome that McQueen will be sporting. Now, will later Lightning Storm McQueen’s return to merely a shiny blue like the shiny red of Radiator Springs/Crusin’ McQueen or will it return to plain ‘ole Dinoco McQueen blue? No word yet. Like any other release, until we see a prototype photo or an official announcement … Or of course, even when/if Lightning Storm McQueen will appear as a single card CAR. Not trying to stir the pot of supply-demand pricing, just answering a question some of you will ask.

No one knows. “Regular” LS McQueen could come out right after the show on the store shelves (most likely not exactly the same CAR but who knows?) or even a few weeks later like the time gap of the original Blu Ray McQueen exclusive at the CAAF auction to when it was offered with the DVD to the general public two weeks later. Or perhaps the CAR will be a Ransburg blue but not come with the stand or base? So, like the Motor Speedway of the South, we don’t know what the future entails but we do know that on July 24th, we can buy these in SD.

AND I don’t know if we’re getting this exact black base but the package includes the clear stand AND the black base with artwork above so if not exactly this – it’s be very similar. This version here is the near final version of the car, the stand and the base.

UPDATED (The plexiglass cover is NOT included).

The plexiglass cover IS included, wow – EXCELLENT!

And as the best infomercials might ask – what would you be willing to pay? 🙂

Actually, priced very nice …

It’s $15 and even better news, no apparent limit to purchasing … something tells me the line at Mattel will not be short … this is definitely a great deal, I’ve seen feeble ‘exclusives’ where all you get is a sticker on the regular card – this is a lot of work – great sculpt, great add-ons, great stand with display AND cover – all for $15 … nice.

SECOND UPDATE – Looks like a run of 5,000 – the show runs 4 days plus Preview Night.

See you all in SD.

(on a personal note, while I am scheduled to go to Comic Con, it will be a quasi-working week for me – meeting people, attempting to live blog, etc … etc, etc … while I will be buying things, I don’t want to make any promises to anyone else since I’m just going to throw everything into a giant suitcase – my personal stuff, I’m not that picky – I’m mostly an opener so if it gets dinged, no biggie but I don’t want to promise anything to anyone. So, while I will try and pick up some extras, most likely they’ll just be a giveaway here or used as trade – I’m too lazy to do much eBay posting … so sorry but I PROMISE you I’ll spend much time at the Mattel booth … if you spot me, I’ll be the fake janitor with the fake mustache emptying their trash every 2-minutes 🙂 … don’t blow my cover 🙂 … also note, if you plan on going, buy your tickets quick – last year, the weekend was a SELL OUT and they do NOT sell tickets at the venue so good luck and see you there … and remember, I’m disguised as the janitor, for any woman coming, I highly recommend the Leia Slave Bikini outfit and for guys, the Hello Kitty Darth Vader outfit … we’ll work out the secret handshake & eye signals later 🙂 )


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