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Mattel Speed Racer Movie Diecast Checklist 2008: Go, Speed Racer Go! (to the Store to Buy, Buy, Buy)


Mattel is going to be crazy busy this summer with new movie launches.

But in a way, Batman is easy – people pretty much just want the Batmobile – give it us in every scale and at every price point, we’re in.

But Speed Racer beyond the Mach 5 is going to require a little more work but it’s almost a can’t miss.

You have the Wachowski brothers who brought us the Matrix directing, so you know the Special Effects and CGI won’t be the local weather guy’s green screen … based on a story that’s hard to foul up – a kid who likes to drive fast on a circuit where the rules of gravity don’t seem to apply. Throw in a cute girl named Trixie, a monkey and a fat guy named Pops … who cares what the real plot is?

I’ll be at the theater on May 9, 2008 so I haven’t watched the trailer that closely other than to see things flying through the air … I’m in! 🙂

And of course, there are some toys to go with it.

But you really need the proper music to play along with this post … so, click PLAY …


If the WordPress player is just buffering, open this link in a new page and hit play.

There are two 1:18 (ish) scale of the Mach 5 & 6. The detailing looks nice but not metal diecasts. They have a sound feature:



There are several 1:24 (ish) scale “Speed Racer Deluxe Battle Vehicles” (plastic – not diecast) with cars that open up & a 3″ action figure (Mach 5, Mach 6 & Racer-X version):





There is a also a “Race & Flip” Series of cars.


There is another series “Speed Racer Battle Vehicles” which are smaller than the 1:24ish “deluxe” version:


I think this Race Track Trailer is for this series … otherwise, it’s honky huge if it’s really for the 1:24ish series cars to park inside:



But, what’s a Mattel Hot Wheels line without 1:64 scale cars?

The first lineup is 12-cars. I suppose with real investigating, we could figure out each name but it might be more fun to wait for the movie 🙂

Each car comes with a plastic attachment – as of course, each car has its own unique set of attack and defense weapons … in our world, we have to rely on hand gestures and small arms 😉


Here is a close up of the blister …


And of course, two-packs where you get an “exclusive” car …



There is also a very nice 1:64 scale transport and launcher …


And a 4-pack with accessories!


And some Toy Fair photos:



Of course, you also need some playets or in this case, tracks …

There are at least three introduced at Toy Fair, a Casa Cristo 5000 Ice Caves set, the Speed Racer Fuji Helexicon set – nice – much like the sets they sell now that you can attach to a door frame …


But I am saving this best for last – the most kick-*** track Mattel has ever put together … the innocuously named, “Speed Racer Sky Jump Box.”


Let’s crack that bad-boy open and set ‘er up!



That’s right, drop cars into the giant funnel and off to the launcher it goes – and around the track … where’s our official Speed Racer bucket to dump the cars in?

The only disappointing thing is that the Speed Racer 1:64 are mostly all plastic but I suppose that’s the keep the weight down for the flying sky jump (and of course, save Mattel some money).

If you don’t mind all-plastic, Target has this exclusive for $7.99:

Most serious diecast collectors are going to want the metal series. Surprisingly Jada is offering a set of 4 (so far?) that are super nice at $2.99 – great detailing, solid – all metal – 1:55 scale:

Jada is also offering a 1:32 version that is a great deal at $4.99:

For collectors, Mattel is offering a 1:64 version that is all metal – it’s more spendy at $4.99 each but it is attached to a display case like the Kyosho cars:

(I have not seen the Mach 5 version yet, not sure if it’s short-packed or not shipped yet).

Mattel has two 1:24 scale metal Mach 5 & Mach 6 at $29.99 – Jada is doing the Mach 5 1:24 for a great price at $14.99.

A few years back, Johnny Lightning did up a great set of Speed Racer diecasts made of solid heavy metal (in other words – real diecasts) and great sculpts (as always) – AllAboardToys still has them in stock.

Some great Toy Fair photos here of other Speed Racer gear.

There are also some great Legos – we’ll cover those in a separate post.

Not exactly up my alley but for once, Ken does not look like a dork or as the clearly-gay beard of Barbie …


Christine Ricci plays Trixie – not a bad likeness of her.

Most everything should be out for sale by end of March. The movie doesn’t open until May 9, 2008.


It’s clear that the Mach 5 is like the 1966 Batmobile – cool in any era …


Though this other car from the movie … DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN ….


The official website is pretty sparse … though for film buffs, there is an interesting audio podcast of the press conference at the Berlin Film Festival with all the stars and Joel Silver, the producer.

You can listen by opening a new window or browser tab or right click to download it.

Official SPEED RACER movie trailer:

Or if you prefer the HD version to download.

Int’l Trailers …


The original animated series is available on DVD – All 52 episodes are available split up on 5 discs (Amazon Link) 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

And just as the Ford Futurama show car was the basis for the Batmobile, when you see the Ferrari 250TR Testarossa … you can see where the Mach 5 was inspired by … and of course, the Ferrari’s headlights are pointed forward – a little more useful when going 150 MPH than headlights that point to the ground like the Mach 5 … though the saw blades and weaponry are more useful 🙂 … though I think Trixie would join you if you had either car 🙂


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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Sequel Coming in 2011 (Update Confirmed – 2012!)


(OFFICIAL CARS2 LOGO – see new post)

According to DarkHorizons.com, they are reporting that CARS 2 is coming 2011.

“… the studio is filling up its schedule again with big sequels and franchise entries. Most exciting is that the studio plans to release a sequel to 80’s sci-fi classic “Tron” in Digital Disney 3D in the Spring of 2011. Previous reports had Joseph Kosinski in talks to direct.

The studio also has “Cars 2”, “National Treasure 3” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 4″ scheduled for that year as well.”

Guess that’s why they’re hiring animators.

Not that the date is a big surprise … room on Pixar’s calendar AND conveniently the year Disney is opening CARLAND … our original post on sequel news & thoughts.


If Mattel has any say, here’s the plot to maximize CARS on screen, CARS on sale and SEALED cases of CARS in our garage …

“After winning back to back Piston Cup’s (seen in glorious flashbacks of course), McQueen retires with Sally and the little subcompacts back in Radiator Springs where he teaches up and comng Piston Cupers … his kid-CARS don’t believe dad could once be a great racer so McQueen joins the great race around the world for one last thrill.”

That should be good enough for about 600 CARS? (in addition to the 400 we’ll have by 2010).

Clear out the guest room, kick out the mother-in-law, emancipate the kids to live on their own – we all need more room!

BTW, the story on DarkHorizons alludes to they think CARS was not a hit … of course, since Pixar sets a benchmark perception-wise, anything short of a $100 million dollar opening has the feel it didn’t hit on all cylinders, but I think DarkHorizons might want to take a look at the top 5 domestic grossing films of 2006 … humm, who’s that at #3?

Top Five Films of 2006

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”
$423.3 million

“Night at the Museum”
$250.8 million

$244.0 million

“X-Men: The Last Stand”
$234.3 million

“The Da Vinci Code”
$217.5 million

CARS was also the 2nd best selling DVD of 2006 – just a shade behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest at around 12 million copies sold – 5 million sold in its first week.


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Hasbro Mighty Muggs Checklist: Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones!

THIS Post has been updated and moved to our new TakeFiveADay.com – Simply click on the text link or the logo above. Thanks!

The quick snapshot of Mighty Muggs at Comic Con 2008 and our new Mighty Muggs Trading Post.


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Should I Buy a Blu-Ray DVD Player Now? … Okay, How About Now?

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Peter Jackson to Helm The Hobbit

peter jackson new Peter Jackson apparently is burying the hatchet and will be involved in creating the long-awaited Hobbit film!

The adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s 1937 novel (talk about longevity in a property) is set to be split into two films which are scheduled for release in 2010 and 2011. Of course, denials abound from both Jackson and New Line Studios but the web is rife with this story today.

Derailed by rights issues for some time over monies Jackson felt owed to him from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of films (and not a small sum either), it appears the films are a go.

Jackson will not be directing however but producing the new films with a director yet to be announced. Too soon for any casting details but one wonders if they’ll sneak Ian Holm back into the project. He’ll be too old to play a young Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit for sure.

bilbo Courtesy of the Brothers Hildebrandt.

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Producers, Option This!, Part III: Web Subway Dream Girl

In our now running series, we’re 1 for 2 in picking out random stories on the web that should be made into movies – George Clooney optioned the first post – okay, I seriously doubt he actually saw our blog post – othewise, he would have locked up the rights to #2.

Of course, most producers could just steal this story – dork sees girl on subway – launches website search. She’s seem kooky (are those flowers in her hair?) but then the guy seems like he needs a shower so maybe it’s true love … or at least a good reality show or a paint-by-numbers romantic comedy.

Yes, there was the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE “On the Line” starring Lance Bass with the same plot … of course, now we understand why he wasn’t convincing as a hetro man in love.lust with Emmanuelle Chriqui … sort of like Ellen DeGeneres chasing after that guy in “Mr. Wrong.” For some reason, just not convincing …

Anyway, here’s the dude’s Dream Girl …


She’s Camille Hayton – link to Facebook page.

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New Star Trek Film In Development Names Kirk Actor

chris pine

Little-known actor Chris Pine has been chosen to play the young Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. Pine’s most familiar role opposite Lindsay Lohan (NSFW pic) in “Just My Luck” in 2006. The balance of the announced cast is looking pretty strong.

Here is what the teaser movie poster looks like:

star trek 11 poster

The film, which chronicles the early days of the Enterprise crew, will be released in the US on 25 December 2008. I can’t think of too many better Christmas gifts…well, I can but with JJ Abrams at the helm of Star Trek XI, the odds are quite good that the film will be boffo. There is that nagging Star Trek Movie Curse to avoid however so here’s hoping they dodge that sword of damacles. Now if we can just get Abrams to get Lost episodes out more quickly!

The movie will show the crew meeting at the Starfleet Academy and embarking on their first mission. It is rather hard to think that every buddy you would make at the academy would all show up for one of the most coveted jobs in the Starfleet (aka on the [Enterprise) is a bit of a stretch, but suspension of disbelief is my movie mantra. Besides, reworking the legacy of well know film properties has worked for James Bond and for Batman so this strategy should prove to work well for Star Trek.

Paramount Pictures is behind the film so you can expect the proper investments will be made. Shooting is expected to begin in November 2007.

The most recent Trek film, Star Trek: Nemesis, was released in 2003 so there has been plenty of time for that film to have faded from the old memory banks and allow a new team to take our imaginations where ‘no man has gone before’.

Here is what we know so far about the cast:

Captain KirkChris Pine

Kirk’s DadChris Hemsworth is coming out of nowhere to play George Kirk (James T’s dad) according to Variety.

Older Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy (what other actor had it so good? Long live Spock! He finally gets to play a Sarek role)

Young Mr SpockZachary Quinto (you hate him on Heroes as the arch nemesis Sylar) UPDATE: Follow this link for first look pics from the set including this shot of young Mr. Spock aka Quinto (courtesy of JFXonline – their watermark):

young spock

Scotty Simon Pegg (a nice choice! Remember Diary of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Grindhouse?)

Nero Eric Bana (I’m not a huge fan of Bana and I thank the movie gods that he was bumped from playing Wolverine in X-Men for Hugh Jackman who I thought did a bang-up job. Since no one knows what role “Nero” is set to play bank on the character name making him a chief rival to the ‘young’ Kirk) Update: Rumor has it that the Nero character will be Romulan.

Ayel Clifton Collins Jr. An actor that is on the rise will play a General and cohort sucking up to Nero played by Bana.

Uhura Zoe Saldana (Smokin’ hot is all I have to say..remember the hot pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl?)

Chekov Anton Yelchin (An actor born in the USSR should bring authenticity to this role even though he’s a bit unknown)

Sulu John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle actor…not exactly a recommendation but we have hopes).

Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoyKarl Urban You may recall Karl as Eomer in Lord of the Rings and the main nemesis in the Bourne Supremacy.

Amanda Grayson aka Spock’s Mom Winona Ryder was recently announced as taking on this role which was played by Jane Wyatt on the original series. Which begs the question of who will play the younger Sarek? It would be odd to see Winona play opposite Winona as young Spock’s mom and dad. Since she is only six years older than Quinto as young Spock, there is either heavy makeup to be seen (we hope not) or flashbacks in store (again, not preferable but who knows…)

Christopher PikeBruce Greenwood will play the role which was to be the original captain of the Enterprise. In the pilot Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter who later bailed out after the pilot was rejected thus making room for Kirk. Hs role as the first captain of the Enterprise was written back in with The Menagerie episode, one of the original series best imo.

It seems like if you worked with Abrams on Alias you have a shoo-in to be in this film (check out the IMDB.com on the actor profiles and you’ll see what I mean). That being said there are three additional actors announced for the film but not tied to specific roles yet which are: Rachel Nichols, Jennifer Morrison, and Greg Grunberg of Heroes.
Roberto Orci is the co-screenwriter who worked with Abrams on the tv show Alias. Let’s hope he has some chops for the big screen. His upcoming Amazon sounds intriguing especially if the rumored actress is cast. He has another big film with mega budget but hit and miss director Michael Bay at the helm called 2012: The War For Souls. He is rumored to be a big fan so that offers significant hope. The other co-screenwriter is Alex Kurtzman. Kurtzman is best know for his work on Transformers and MI:III. Check out a very good and lengthy interview with Orci about the new film here.

The Reykavik-based newspaper DV confirmed that representatives of Paramount are actively working with the local Icelandic film company Sagafilm in order to find suitable filming locations for the 11th movie outing of the franchise. Iceland, in addition to having undisturbed robust vistas, allows film production companies to reclaim up to 14% of their production costs. Not bad for film work, eh?

The long time production designer is being passed over for new blood as well so don’t be surprised if you see some things very different about this new (old aka prequel) Star Trek.

Abrams and Paramount are pretty smart about how to set the marketing in motion as well. There is a planned Star Trek: The Tour launching in January 2008 which will preface the film nicely I would think. Sign up for news on that here.

The cool blog trekmovie.com even created their own trailer. Check it out:

Updated:   Check out the new (old) Enterprise!



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