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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Contact Numbers & Websites

© Copyright Disney/Pixar

Collecting CARS is nirvana and we’re all a giddy as schoolboys and schoolgirls – life could not be finer, full of rainbows, 32-oz steaks and free parking … well, at least for the first 3 days 🙂 … after that, we tend to get a little grouchier.

So, if collecting CARS or buying CARS is not entirely 100% the way you like … go straight to the source and politely tell them how you think things could be improved upon …

Mattel doesn’t have email but they have 800-numbers:

Canada- US: 800-524-8697 (hearing impaired: 800-382-7470)

You can write them at:

Mattel, Inc
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

You can also let them know what they think about their website.

After you join the Hot Wheels Collectors Club, you can post to the forums including:

The Site Feedback Forums.

The Off-Topic Forum (as there is no specific CARS Forum though you can send the webmaster an email and ask them why not: comments@hotwheelscollectors.com)

NOTE: Both sections above will require you to sign up to view.

In Europe:

Mattel Europa, B.V.
Gondel 1
1186 MJ Amstelveen
The Netherlands

(or check their international customer relation website front page)

You can contact Target by email or phone here. Or if you’d like to comment on merchandise (or lack there of), here is the ‘merchandise’ email form.

You can contact WM by email or phone here. Or the merchandise comment email is here.

TRU contact email form is here. Or by phone – 1-800-869-7787.

Or if you have any sins you wish to confess.


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Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Mini Playset Sale


Target & TRU both have the MINI ADVENTURES Dragstrip on sale – probably moving a little slowly at $20.00+. Target’s price is better – $15 than TRU’s at $16.99.


Target also has the MINI’s 2-pack on sale – $4.94? But with so few in stock and nothing new since a month ago, who cafes?

Toys R Us has the better sale on MINI’s 2-packs – Buy 2, Get 1 Free or @3 for $11.98 or about $4 a 2-pack … again, the TRU’s closest to me haven’t gotten any new MINI’s since the first shipment months ago …


This is a good chance to jump in – the older ones are the only ones listed online.



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Disney Pixar CARS: A Walk Down CARS Advertising Memory Lane

This post has been updated at our new blog TAKEFIVEADAY.com – please visit us there. just click on the logo to be taken to the updated post, thanks!


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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: CARS at Target


Was at Target. Surprised, they’re actually overstocked with Pit Crew Guido’s … and lots of Wingo’s … here’s a box I predict will not sell very well …


As we suspected, Chick is all outer shell with not much inside 🙂

I did find these for Easter … perfect for one MINI CAR and a couple pieces of candy so no over sugar overload …



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2-Pk Disney Cars Movie Moments On Sale at Target

Dropped in at the Target in the northern ‘burbs of Atlanta, Georgia to see if the peg warmers had any new company and noticed this:

Target price info tag

Looks like our little buddies are on sale through March 24th! At least in the Southeast part of the U.S……    Happy hunting everyone…


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Mattel Pixar Cars: NEW Mini Adventures Target Easter Eggs


Looks like Target has a new exclusive for Easter and it’s ACTUALLY an exclusive! … Yes, no more crappy re-packagings and it’s even reasonably priced (last year’s mock ornament was almost 80% more than regular pricing for what? A 1-dimensional hanging cardboard circle they called an ornament? …)


It’s three different MINI ADVENTURES Cars sets.


(this looks like the ‘rainbow’ Mater shown at Comic Con last year … though it looks like they did not paint/add a design to the roof)


Thanks to reader “Sarah”, she says the other two are:

Fillmore’s Festival; a red, white, & blue Sarge with Fillmore
A light blue Ramone with a purple & pink Flo.



Completists might note, reader “Kdippong22” notes that the Ramone/Flo set & the LM/Mater set come with BLUE or GREEN eggs but that the Sarge set only appears with a RED egg but perhaps time will tell if you find the Sarge set in different colors eggs.

UPDATE: Now, we’re not so sure LM or Flo comes in BOTH colors. I have visited 4 Target’s and where they have them displayed, I have only see the three packages in the three eggs as show in the photo above … and I looked about 10 sets selling on eBay and they all match so we’re waiting on photographic proof so for the time being, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find them – they might be a rare error set … and until we turn up a batch for them, it’s just an error – amusing and interesting but otherwise, not consider a color variant.

UPDATE #2: Well, they’re pretty real to reader, Kdippong22 who was kind enough to snap a few pics for us …


He loaded the other pics online – links in the comments, thanks Kdippong22.

Here’s what the bin position looks like & the tag – some stores are still loading Easter stuff since technically it’s about a month away …



Or you can pretend to be a spy and try and decipher my low res blurry photo … okay, here’s the number below and reader John recommends calling and having them set them aside for you. Here’s the Target store locator webpage.

Thanks to reader Susan, the Target code seems to be 087-07 1795.

Our original CARS Mini post & the follow-up.

And these don’t appear to be on the regular schedule of Mini’s coming out … so finally, an exclusive that’s really an exclusive … though, of course – not the 1:55 scale CARS.

And resistance is futile …


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KB Toys to Close 156 Stores – Closeout Sale Begins 11/8


KB Toys which just emerged from bankrupty has decided to close another 156 stores (up from an original 30). The original Washington Post story only covers the store closings in the DC/VA area and other reports on which other stores around the country are trickling in.

The managers and ex-managers tell sad & mad stories on PLAYTHINGS, an industry trade publication and website.

Here is a partial list of the @50 of the stores closing (And thanks to a former store employee who pointed the store locator weblink (at the end of this post) now lists “Black Friday” opening hours AND which stores are definitely closing):

Alma Elliot Square – Chandler

Buena Park Mall – Buena Park
Laguna Crossroads – Elk Grove
Great Mall of the Bay Area – Milpitas
Shopping@The Rose – Oxnard
Mountain Square – Upland

Route#25 – Newtown
Connecticut Commons – Plainville
The Dock – Stratford
Torrington Downtown S/C – Torrington

Lakeshore Mall – Gainesville

Outlet Shops at Fremont
Highland Town Center – Highland

Auburn Mall – Auburn
Cooks Corner Shopping Center – Brunswick

Genesee Valley Mall – Flint
Sears Lincoln Park S/C – Lincoln Park
Westland Mall – Westland

North River Plaza – Pembroke
Shops@5 – Plymouth
Redstone Shopping Center – Stoneham
Perkins Farm Plaza – Worcester

Montgomery Mall – Bethesda
Bowie Town Center – Bowie
Prince Georges Plaza – Hyattsville
City Place Mall – Silver Spring

Nebraska Crossing – Gretna

New Hampshire
Keene Shopping Center – Keene

New Jersey
Cross Keys Common – Turnersville
East Broad Street Center – Westfield

Eastern Beltway Center – Las Vegas

New York
Arcadian Shopping Center – Ossining
Culver Ridge S/C – Rochester

Easton Marketplace – Columbus
Dayton Mall – Dayton
River Valley Mall – Lancaster
Ohio Valley Mall – St. Clairsville

Bethlehem Square – Bethlehem
Colonial Park Mall – Harrisburg
Mayfair S/C – Philadelphia
Washington Crowne Center – Washington

Puerto Rico
Western Plaza – Mayaguex
Centro Del Sur – Ponce
Plaza Caribe Mall – Vega Alta

Rhode Island
Garden City Shopping Center – Cranston

Almeda Mall – Houston

Dominion Square – Culpeper
Dulles Town Center – Dulles
Fair Oaks Mall – Fairfax
Spotsylvania Mall – Fredericksburg
Manassas Mall – Manassas
Hanover Square – Mechanicsville
Indian River Shopping Center – Virgina Beach

West Virginia
Morgantown Mall – Morgantown

STORE LOCATOR for “Black Friday” open hours and which stores definitely closing.


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