iPhone Buying Tips: AT&T In-Store Credit Check & Apple’s Online – iPhone Still In Stock?

What’s the difference between buying it at an AT&T store and at an Apple store?


The AT&T stores will only sell you one and they will run a credit check before selling you the phone – mainly because that way they can track who gets commission on the sale – especially if they load you up on accessories and iTunes cards. Apparently (according to BOY GENIUS REPORT), AT&T will give you a special code to enter to speed up your activation process in iTunes. If you do not pass the credit check, they will tack on a $250 deposit.

I’m not currently an AT&T customer but I’ve heard how the deposit process works is if after a year with no late payments, they return your deposit – however, if you are late a month, that 12-month cycle starts over again. If this might apply to you,you might want to double check.

But presumably, if you have an AT&T account, they won’t need to do the credit check.


No credit check. Buy and go – perhaps you’d like to add a 30″ monitor with your iPhone? (though no hard sell, of course).

Apple stores will allow you to buy two (eBay better fire up some more servers tonight).

And as part of their best-in-class customer service, at the end of every night, they will update their in-store stock checker web page so you can decide if you want to head in. Nice.


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3 responses to “iPhone Buying Tips: AT&T In-Store Credit Check & Apple’s Online – iPhone Still In Stock?

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  2. leyla

    thanks for the tips, I needed it. I’m going to buy the phone at the Apple store, since it’s more convenient. I probably won’t be able to buy it until the end of September (trying to save money for it now) so hopefully the stores won’t run out then. I can imagine what will happen by the time Christmas/Black friday arrives though. So I gotta get it soon before it’s too late. >>;

    (METROXING: Yea, you should be okay now and people have reported poor to downright weird ‘customer service’ at AT&T stores – probably because they don’t get an activation commission so if you can, buy it at an Apple store … or do it online from Apple – shipping is free. Turn off your old phone and you shouldn’t have any troubles changing and activating your service – good luck!)

  3. leyla

    Thanks! I finally got my iphone today, I managed to get it sooner than I thought. It was a good experience. They let us try out the iphones on the little tables and it was wonderful.

    They do ask you questions before they ring up the iphone, they ask if you have the latest version of itunes, and if you have AT&T or if you’re switching. To name a few. Then they tell you how to activate it and that’s it. Not too bad I guess, I’ll be switching soon so I can’t wait. This is actually the first time I bought something from the Apple store so it was an interesting experience.

    Thanks again so much for taking your time to write out the tips. I will be bookmarking this page to save in the future. Just in case anyone else is interested in getting the phone I can direct them to this page. Just in case they are wondering which place is best to get the iphone.

    Have a wonderful day.

    (METROXING: Thanks – enjoy! Yes, if you need help converting video or checking out the links for close to 20,000 mini apps … enjoy!)

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