Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2 More Piston Cup Racers Coming!

We are still unpacking for our move to so not everything is in place yet … we’re still moving things around so it’s all a little rough but if you want an update to the Piston Cup Racers out and coming soon, we have updated the chart & post HERE at TakeFiveADay.

So, check here at first and if we update any older posts, we’ll let you know here first until we complete our move to Take Five A Day.

The next two Piston Cup racers scheduled after the other announced are coming as Pit Row Race Off (launchers) which have been re-named to something more logical – PIT STOP RACERS.

Here is artwork for McQueen & King – my feeling is the artwork is a combination of both design prototypes you see here. BTW, ‘FPO’ is a graphic design phrase – ‘For Position Only’ meaning something will go there but it’s not close to final yet.

So, if you want to see photos of Tank Coat & Easy Idle as well the revised chart, follow this link.


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3 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2 More Piston Cup Racers Coming!

  1. collectormom

    I still haven’t found Trunk Fresh! I guess I’ll have more to look for now.

  2. Shelley

    I agree, more to look for, which is great, but the lack of product is VERY frustrating!

  3. noah

    So far the cars in the motor speedway race and the pitties I got are…..

    trunk fresh #34, no stall #123, Vinyl toupee #76,
    octane gain #58, RPM #64, leakless #52, nitroade# 28, lightning mcqueen #95, chick hick #86, dale jr. #8, re-volting #84, RPM (petrol pulaski) pitty, chick hick (bruiser bukowsky) , leakless (stacy), king (luke pettleworks), octain gain (dudly spare), and lightning mcqueen (my name is not chuck)

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