Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Costco Carrying Case


This might be the carrying case that fits a lot of needs, you get 4 “Compartment Boxes” that get clipped together by that front piece and handle. It looks deep enough to hold everyone except maybe Barney Stormin’ and probably Al Oft … you can probably fit about 65-ish CARS if you modify some of the dividers as reader Amanda notes (my original estimate of 100 was a little too optimistic) … but still not a bad deal for $15, most other cases seem to start at over $20 and it seems nice that you can easily see all the CARS since it’s semi-transparent.


Amanda/Dragoness managed to fit 68 CARS in there – and sent along some great photos. As Amanda notes, “(the case) only has “half” spaces and not “quarter” spaces to place the dividers.”


Here Amanda placed them on top as pre-planning … better than my plan of throwing them all in a heap and shaking it – whatever falls out goes into the next box šŸ™‚



And yes, Al Oft & Dinoco fit just fine …


“Also, each case holds 12 regular/large size cars, but the smaller cars fit in the half spaces so I guess if you have a lot of cars you COULD fit more than the original numbers, but the average “as is” is 12-16 cars each, and as modified 16-18 cars each.”


Thanks Amanda!

Our other post on displaying your CARS is here.

And while you’re there, pick up some of Glad’s Press ‘n Seal (no, they’re not a sponsor šŸ™‚ and I don’t usually rave about pieces of plastic but they work great on meats you’re putting in the freezer or like luncheon meats in the fridge. You wouldn’t think that just using your fingers to seal something would be any different than throwing it into a plastic ziploc bag or even wrapping it in foil and throwing it into a ziploc bag? But it does. I had some steaks that got pushed back to the back of fridge and two weeks later, they are still red with virtually no freezer crystals … so while not as 100% waterproof as vacuum sealing, it works pretty amazingly well for something just using your fingers to seal … how does this relate to CARS? Um, you can Press ‘n Seal your CARS and then put them in the Store ‘n Go … along with some steaks?


So get some Mexican Coca-Cola with real cane sugar, some Press ‘n Seal, some Store ‘n Go CARS cases and some steaks – there’s your first 15 minutes of shopping at Costco then all you need is an aquarium, some cheese and something really inappropriate


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13 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Costco Carrying Case

  1. This looks perfect! Too bad I don’t have a Costco in Tennessee. Do they have a web site?

    (METROXING: Really? No Costco in Tenn? That’s surprising. They have a website but it does’t look like it’s available online …).

  2. I plan to get the plastics transparent storage boxes to store the cars, those types which you can setup the partitions (to make room for each Car)

    Anyway, one problem is that the Cars release will never end (hmm at least until 2009). If not its best for someone to come out with a collector’s cabinet just like the one in the auction, with names of each car, and arranged according to certain manner (alphabetical order, size etc?)

    I have a dream: If things go well, I’m hoping to make a custom cabinet when Cars confirmed stop releasing…

    (METROXING: Well, we’re at 100 (or more unless you give away all your doubles or triples) so presume another 150 … make sure you know where your support beams are šŸ™‚ )

  3. Cheesehead Ken

    Neo SK,

    I made a custom oak case, holds about 120 cars. I plan to make another one when the number of cars released exceeds that, besides I would do a couple of minor things different. I used 1/4″ oak for the shelves and pitched them forward with a “bumper” to keep them from moving around to much. For labels I used double sided velcro which allows my kids to rearrange when they play with them. Also added a handle so they can easily move it to another room if they wish, if they ever outgrow them I’ll hang it up somewhere. The kids were so excited watching me make it that they never gave me time to stain/finish it.
    I have some pics if you want to take some ideas from what I’ve done. I’d entertain the idea of building one for you, it was fun to make.

  4. Nancy

    I got this type of plastic box at WM in the fishing section for my mini’s. Works great.

    And…..I just had to click on the really “inappropriate.” Proves my point, “You can find anything (underlined) on the Internet.”

  5. Thanks Ken, Pls post some photos of that case.

    For me as I’m still living in a small condominium, I’d only realize starting building the case/cabinet only after moving to a bigger house.

    For the time being, McQueen and friends have to stay in plastic storage boxes

    (METROXING: at the rate we’re going, my recommendation is you save the condo for the CARS and you live elsewhere šŸ™‚ )

  6. Cheesehead Ken

    Send me an email at and I’ll forward you the pics of the case.

  7. Azron

    Mmmm… Mexican CocaCola…

  8. Amanda

    I bought one of these cases yesterday, we really like it, but it does have one drawback. Heach case only holds 12 regular sized are larger sized cars so it holds 48. You can use the dividers to make the spaces 1/2 size, but not 3/4 size which means all the mail cars that are LQ size have an extra inch and roll around a bit. It needs spaces for the dividers between where the existing ones are. When you place them in the 1/2 position you can fit small cars (Guido, Luigi, Stanley, Buzz), but most of the cars are med. sized (LQ size) or larger (Red, Ramone, Dinoco Helicopter.)

    I am not making much sense. I will take photos tonight or tomorrow and email them in to show what I am talking about.

    I do plan to get some plastic epoxy and totally customize the cases similar to the ones you can buy on ebay. I think once I do that I can fit a lot more cars, perhaps 75? MAYBE 80 but that is pushing it.

    But for the price 15.00 is not too shabby, for larger collections you could get 2 of them. I think I will pick up 1 more case because we have a lot of new cars I haven’t even tried to fit in it yet.

    Overall I DO reccomend it, even more if you want to try your own modifications.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update, I’ll modify the post to note that actual usage and not my eyeballin’ it for 18-seconds šŸ™‚ Thanks! And if you have time for photos, email them to us at metroxing (at) )

  9. Amanda

    I just wanted to add, that if I customize I can probably safely fit 17 in each case, 68 total. Tops.

    (METROXING: Does Barney Stormin’ or Al Oft fit?)

  10. Amanda

    I don’t have Barney Stormin (can’t find him anywhere), but I don’t think he will fit unless you cut a piece of the stationary divider to make it wide enough for him. Should be easy enough. Al Oft fits fine as does the Helicopter, and Red who seems to be the largest I have.

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  12. Danielle McFet

    Hi, I am new here, but I just got my dad to make me a shelf for my (eh hem) I mean my son’s cars. It’s nothing fancy, not exactly what I wanted (he’s a welder not a carpenter) but I works. If anyone is interested I can send a pic. It just got hung up today. I wanted to put some kind of sign at the top or stickers to dress it up, but that can wait for later, besides I think I might need the top for more cars!

  13. Alvin Tan

    Can someone help me get one of the costco storage cases? I stay in Singapore

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