Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: E Box & Other Factory Sealed Cases CHANGES


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to plan too far ahead …

Mattel has changed the case assortment for Box E:

Originally to be:

Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
Dinoco Chick Hicks
Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
Hydraulic Ramone
Lightning McQueen
Mario Andretti
Not Chuck (2)
Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Pit Crew Member Sarge
Race Tow Truck (2)
Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van) (2)
Snot Rod
Tom Race Official


(Changes in bold along with character name changes)

Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dinoco Chick Hicks
Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
Ghostlight Ramone (2)
Hydraulic Ramone
Lightning McQueen
Mario Andretti
My Name is Not Chuck (2)
Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Race Official Tom
Snot Rod
Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck) (2)




While this increases the chances of someone getting Dale Jr., the two most significant changes are the dropping of Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van) & PCM Sarge to another shipment.

Since Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van) is already slated for Box F, presumably, Mattel will simply drop one of the older CARS to add an extra Security Van in the shipment … or drop Tow (Truck) from 2 to 1 since Tow already shipped 2 in Box E.

And PCM Sarge which is scheduled also for Box G might just be moved to that case. The implication is that Box G might be going to WM only – so PCM Sarge & Marco the Jet might make their first appearance as a WM exclusive – still unconfirmed but most likely to occur – both are scheduled for other boxes so like Cactus McQueen of Ghostlight Ramone, it might be an exclusive for a short time, but it’s not very limited nor ultimately, very exclusive.

Of course, Mattel can simply decide to revise Box F to a greater degree as originally listed – one reason they never guarantee shipments …

Just for your reference, here is what was originally slated for Boxes F & G – subject to change?


Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
Chick Hicks Pit Crew
Dinoco Crew Chief (2)
Dinoco Helicopter
Dinoco Lightning McQueen
Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
Doc Hudson
Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty) (2)
Lightning McQueen
My Name is Not Chuck
Race Official Tom
Ramone – Green
Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van)
Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck)
Trunk Fresh Crew Chief (2)

Not sure if it’s the Piston Cup Racer TRUNK FRESH or his Pit Crew Chief – most of the pit crew chiefs seem to be pickups or SUV’s so it might look something like below …

Well, OCTANE GAIN looks like this so his Pit Crew will look like NOT CHUCK only in this orange & black paint scheme (Or the CHICK HICKS pit crew without mustache plate).


Brand New Mater
Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
Dinoco Crew Chief
Dinoco Helicopter
Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty) (2)
Marco Super FAV18 (Jet)
My Name is Not Chuck
Pit Crew Member Fillmore
Pit Crew Member Guido
Pit Crew Member Sarge
Race Official Tom
Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
Ramone – Purple
Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van)
Tongue Lightning McQueen
Tow (Piston Cup Tow Truck)
Trunk Fresh Crew Chief

YES, It’s ALL CHANGED – Here’s the new revised list along with what’s “out.” And more importantly, why we think it’s happening …

The rest of 2008 is here.

All other CARS posts.


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28 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: E Box & Other Factory Sealed Cases CHANGES

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  2. Bill

    Is Dale Jr. Really that hard to find. I just saw 2 of them in Chula Vista, Ca. Today.

    (METROXING: If you didn’t scoop them up, you may be the first … EVER πŸ˜‰ )

  3. Bill

    I have one. I’m leaving them for the person who doesn’t have one. I wish someone would leave me a pit crew guido.

  4. PETER


  5. PETER

    I wouldnt mind being the person at mattel who has the decision to change items in each case….must be great fun…..

  6. Bill

    On the changed E case list on this post you have 19 cars. You listed Race Official Tom twice. Thanks for the update. I was waiting for my shipment of the E case.

    (METROXING: Oops, thanks).

  7. when does case ‘e’ come out?

    (METROXING: Shipping next week from online stores but big retailers? You might see them on some shelves by next week …)

  8. Kimberly

    I can’t wait until I can get my hands on a Jet my little boy is so excited for them to come out.

  9. Jon

    I see Dale Jrs all the time over here in England. I guess he’s not snapped up as we don’t have Nascar over here. Why do you think they called the F430 “Ferrari”, instead of Michael Shumacher? On the Collector’s poster it says he is called Michael Shumacher, but not on the boxes. Perhaps he said NO!


    (METROXING: No surprise about Dale Jr. overseas … my theory to why they decided to go with Ferrari F430 and not MS is simply cost. In the US, his name means pretty much nothing outside of non-NASCAR race fans – so spending the extra money isn’t going to sell many more … of course, people buy it just because they have to have it all or to re-create the Guido & Luigi fainting scene … (personally, I think it’s one of the nicest sculpts in the line) … as for Europe and everywhere else, of course, it will help to sell a few more CARS but just guaging from the notes here, Mattel does not seem to over-showering you with CARS so again, why spend the extra cost to sell a few thousand more overseas to non-CARS collectors who are already buying it anyway?)

  10. A year ago, I made a custom Frank the Combine for my kids. Considering what they have come up with up to Case E, Frank by far is a very recognizable character. Why not Frank in a specialty pack, scale close to normal? People are getting custom Franks off E-bay for $30 or more.

    (METROXING: I’m sure Mattel will do a Frank at some point, whether it’s plastic at $19.99 or metal at $29.99 is another matter …)

  11. At the scale in which these vehicles are made, one wonders why they haven’t lit up the Piston Cup Pace Car with LED yellow flashing lights, with a battery compartment on the bottom. Why not a “Ghost Light Mater” with one headlamp and a bluish LED inside the lamp hanging on the hook. I’m tempted to experiment myself to make one. Your thoughts?

    (METROXING: That would be so cool! Sounds like something you could easily sell on ebay πŸ™‚ Of course, in concept, it sounds easy enough, all you would need is an LED, some wiring and a small power source and somewhere to tuck it in the car … I say it like it’s easy … I would try but I would need 10 extra cars to destroy first πŸ˜‰ of course, if Mattel sold it, they would need to add $2 to the car even though it’s a few cents (well, if you bought a million) … let us know how it goes and send us photos!)

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  13. BMW

    You stated that the implication is that case g is going to Walmart. Why do you think this?

    (METROXING: Distributors and online sellers seem to think so – presumably based on rumblings from Mattel …)

  14. Noel


    If you want to be absolutely the same as the movie, Mater wouldn’t have any head lights at all with the Ghostlight hanging from the hook. If you remember, his only head light fell out and broke before he parked in his house/ garage and the “Ghostlight” showed up.

    It does sound cool though.

  15. collector by marriage

    I just had a question…i found an RPM #64 yesterday…all though the numbers and eyes were not white they were yellow. Is this a big deal or did the paint just run out??? I also just have to say thanks for all the work you do. I would be lost with out this site!!! I’m on here more then the husband is. LOL

    (METROXING: Sounds about right – probably the midnight shift at the plant … un-opened, you might make a few dollars – not couting eBay or Paypal’s cut πŸ™‚ )

  16. Juan

    Any word on Case F changes yet? When does the big toy convention thing happen? Thanks

    (METROXING: No word yet. Guess we should know in a week or so – they must be in a warehouse or on the shore somewhere here in the US … Toyfair starts February 17th – NYC)

  17. Lori

    Do you know if Bruiser Bukowski (Walmart) is the same as Chicks Pit Crew (Case F)or are they two different cars?

    (METROXING: No one is quite sure. On one hand, it might be different as a two-pack of Bruiser & Chick are coming BUT then Mattel might be lazy or greedy … hopefully, we’ll get an answer in the next few days).

  18. Juan Garcia

    I saw someone on ebay selling Case F and claims that they have it in hand and that it includes only the following new cars:

    NOT CHUCK – 1 ea
    TOW – 1 ea
    TOM – 1 ea

    Is this true? Has anyone heard anything yet?


    (METROXING: Send them an email and ask if it’s REALLY “in-hand” or or do they mean it in some hypothetical sense … if it’s actually true, drop us a line again – thanks!)

  19. Bill

    I have dealt with this Ebayer in the past and everything has always been great with them. I have asked them to check the F cases if they actually have them in hand. This is quite a change, for the worse, from all the info that we have had on this case. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

  20. Todd

    hey metroxing! I have friend who works for a big children’s shoe company and he is checking out some info on getting into the toyfair in new york city he should have info for me in a day or two.He said that we should no problem getting in because he goes to trade shows and fairs like this all the timefor his company. Crossing my fingers.

    (METROXING: Sounds great! Drop us an email directly at metroxing (at) Be glad to send you t-shirts and this other project I’m working on if you can get us nice photos … (even if it’s not of CARS πŸ™‚ )

  21. Pigletisno1

    I have seen advertised on Toywiz a two pack that is coming soon that includes Gascap and Gasprin, does anybody know who Gascap is? Is he Towcap or a part of Gasprins pit crew or one of the unidentified racers.

    Thanks Dave

  22. Bill

    As for Gascap you could guess that they mean either Gask-its #80 Sage Vanderspin or Tow Cap #4 Rusty Cornfuel. But knowing Mattel it could be something completely different. Sometimes they like to keep us guessing!!!

    (METROXING: Tow Cap (confirmed) and listed in our photos on what’s coming in 2008 post).

  23. Bill

    Regarding the F Case. I checked with 2 different companys that usually have very reliable information on the Cars assortments. They both have updated (today) the information on the F case as follows.
    Lightning McQueen
    Dinoco McQueen
    Doc Hudson
    Dinoco Helicopter
    Piston Cup Racer (2)
    Dirt Track McQueen
    Bling Bling McQueen (2)
    Green Ramone (2)
    My Name Is Not Chuck
    Race Official Tom
    Octain Gain Pitty (2)
    I have no idea what Piston Cup Racer is but they both listed it on the update. If anyone gets any more information please post it.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update, I’ll do a new post tonight with the new info – thanks!)

  24. Juan Garcia

    I believe it is the Piston Cup Pace Car.

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  26. Ozzie Girl

    G’day from down under.
    In relation to case ‘F’, I do believe that the Charlie Checker is actually the Piston Cup Pace Car, they just changed the colour of the tail lights and renamed him – can anyone confirm this and do you have any photos of the new tail light colour change.
    Us aussies are just as mad on these cars as the rest of the world. As for mattel – well im sure we are saying what everyone else is say and it aint pretty.

    TIZMANIAN: G’Day from Up Top! Thanks for visiting our blog from the land of Oz. We are glad to have you. Thanks for the interesting suggestion. We’ll (ok, Metroxing) will check it out.

    (METROXING: Yes, Charlie Checker & Pace Car (from WM last summer) are the same except for the tail-light … and I hope if you’re in territory without WM, it means you’ll be getting everything on normal schedule).

  27. Ozzie Girl

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys :-).
    I try to stay ontop of all the new releases – so what colour are the tail lights on Charlie then? PINK ? – lol.
    Wish I did live over there so I could knock on mattels door and give them a piece of my mind regarding the next 5 cases.
    I cant even get stuff delivered here from the HW RLC – because i dont have a fixed USA address so that sux too !! 😦

  28. Steve

    I found great luck finding the new releases at K-mart.

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