San Diego Comic Con: The Color Countdown

Don’t dally – the tally is going red for Saturday … here is an update to the Comic Con ticket standings … if you plan on going Saturday, it looks like they’ve passed the 80% sold mark … so best hurry if that’s the day you’re planning on going:

Remember, you can only buy tix online. Link also has pricing info.

Good luck!


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5 responses to “San Diego Comic Con: The Color Countdown

  1. Harry B

    I better be quick!

  2. Monica

    Anyone want to meet up at the con?

  3. jackdaddy2008

    Yeah sure, I will get my flights in a few days and meet by the comic stand! hee hee

  4. Mokie

    Man I will be at the Shocker Toys booth# 3948 bugging them about the maxx toy and dethklok hoping to win some freebies. Or just bugging the Suicide girls they will have there lol They have some info up at their store for their exclusives buy me one

    (MET: This post without info about the Suicide Girls would’ve been deleted as spam 🙂 …)

  5. hey guys here’s a link to show you pics of the cars the movie toys at sdcc

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