Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South? Bring $1,350, Yep, $1,350 USD

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Motor Speedway of the South? Bring $299, $500, $750, $850, $1,100, Yep, $1,350 USD. $1,100? That was so like yesterday … get with the times!

Man, I guess they were right about the dollar not being worth anything, why I remember when $1,100 would buy more than 36 CARS, a display case & a track … but hey, I guess I’m just a old geezer who think $1,100 is real money … I guess I’ll have to take another 3″ off my bed and sleep just a little lower to the ground … damn nasty 300%+ inflation … and man, it’s a short click from $500 to $1,100.

Or today where $1,350 is the new benchmark … that MOPPY guy was not to be denied going from $911 to $1,305 in a little over 6 hours … where $1,280 of your money is NO FREAKIN’ GOOD here … bring $1,350 (with shipping) or don’t come at all, DUDE!

Yesterdays’ bidding blow by blow …

There were actually THREE people willing to pay $1,000 – t***7 who thought his hidden max bid of $1k would surely carry the day, the e***e guy who jumped in thinking his $50 extra would buy him the set but nope, you needed another $26 USD + shipping …

Mama said Knock You Out.

What recession are people talking about again? It’s all great here at the Billionaire’s CARS Club … Well, I’m off to crush my Apple car and have an Crushed-Appletini – would you like yours stirred or shaken?

We now have at least 3 people who have bid $1k for this set and have nothing to show for it except carpal tunnel … and as “BMW” points out, another auction is at $1k so we’ll have a few more crying into their spilled caviar …

Now, maybe I’m not the right guy who should tell people how to spend $1k of their hard earned money (gold leaf chocolate is nice after my shift at The Dollar Tree).

But maybe this might be a more er, uplifting way to go … $30 buys you a meal for 70 kids or $100 for clean water for 40 people … Or buy an African family a starter farm & sustanance … (a cow, 2 goats, 5 chickens and a cockerel) for $50. Or 40 chickens for $60

Just remember, there’s no point to bidding $1,280 for 36-CARS if you lose! You must bid to win – come on, people, just type that 2 first and be done with it and hey, why not type the 3 first … how many people can say they own a $3,000 dollar set of CARS – not many – be the first! Be the first! Be the first! (just make sure you get the Apple CAR).


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106 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Motor Speedway of the South? Bring $1,350, Yep, $1,350 USD

  1. msully

    OMG, I am so kicking myself for not buying two and I actually toyed with the idea of buying three at one point. DOH!

  2. Harry B

    1100! Gosh, I’ll be saving for aloooooooong time!

  3. megaheat2008


  4. Heather from Maine

    I’ve sold a few collectable Barbies on eBay. I’m mostly a buyer. (of more barbies! lol)

    I’ve always been afraid to offer worldwide shipping on my auctions because of all the problems you can run into like charge backs, lost packages, customs and such.

    But it looks like shipping eBay items worldwide might be worth the risk….over a $1000.00 for SOS set!!!


  5. BMW

    Well there went my theory that the sets hit the wall at 800. I wonder what the highest US sold price was so far?
    The Cars cars are more popular internationally than I realize.

  6. Noel

    If you remember, there were a few $399 Buy it Now pre-order sales on the 20th. Those people are kicking themselves.

    Has the Apple #84 hit the $200 mark yet?

  7. Mr. T

    Holey moley!!!! Shoulda, coulda, woulda……..
    $300.00 doesn’t seem so bad now – wish I’d bought it when the getting was good. =(

    Hopefully….. maybe someday they will offer them as singles or MM’s. (this way I will have 30 LMQ’s and 15 Kings. Don’t have enough of those or anything.)

  8. BMW

    A set of incomplete cars (31) missing the 5 most expensive ones just went for best offer of $1050 a few minutes ago. It did not have the Apple Car or the New Dale or Tach O Mint, Lil Torquey Pistons, Mood Springs.

  9. collectormom

    I’m almost shocked by this. Don’t people know how to bid on eBay? Y***7 bid 9 times! All he did was drive up the price (not that the seller would mind). The winning bidder bid only once, with just a few minutes to go; that’s how you do it. Actually I prefer to bid with about 20 seconds left so by the time the bid is submitted there’s only 4 seconds left; not enough time for someone else to bid. Yes, I run the risk of being outbid myself but so far have not had that happen.

    I think people like to see their name as the highest bidder so they keep bidding just to keep their name listed. Not me; I swoop at the last second and have won every time! πŸ™‚

    eBay; gotta love it, gotta hate it.

  10. Stanley

    Are you kidding me? Why would someone pay that much money for a set that was incomplete?

    Especially being incomplete of the coveted Apple car?

    Am I dreaming this?

  11. kajonnes

    I sold 2 Apple cars at $200.One was an auction that ended at $200. The other was a BIN for $199 with Free Shipping. I sold my last set on Friday at $800, which I thought was pretty good at the time. Live and learn.

  12. Stanley

    $800? I only got $680 for mine.

    You did good, my friend.

  13. BMW

    To Stanley:
    He sold the other 5 cars earlier, and got 200 for the Apple car alone. plus the other 4 so he sold them for 388. he had listed them individually and when they all did not sell he put the 31 that were not sold, into a listing with the Acrylic display case. Overall this seller got 1438. for them all
    But he relisted them three times as he was trying to get 55. each except for Apple, and they did not sell except for Mood Springs at 55.

    But I am not selling my set period. If it goes to
    2000 then I will sell. πŸ™‚

  14. Stanley


  15. Rebecca

    BMW I saw that set with the missing cars and everyone is different, but I surely wouldn’t of paid that especially to have some of them missing…. To each is own I guess….

  16. BMW

    Rebecca, there are quite a few that sold individually today for 46. each. These were ones that sold to a US buyer from a seller in Australia!
    I think these will just go higher and higher for a while as they are hot! The most recently sold full sets are going for 900 up to 1100, but if you part out the set,,, like the guy I mentioned you can get lots more. He did eat up lots of ebay fees though by relisting three times.

  17. luna

    1100 is a wild price, i was lucky enough to get 2 sets from rlc. one is my boys set. the last one is tugged away in the addict, and it will stay there for the next 10 years or so, wonder what a set will bring then.

  18. megaheat2008

    Ok i’m giving in to the E-BAY demons i’ll sell my Speedway Of the South set for $3000,00 since it’s getting this good heck i’ll vacation in Radiator Springs heck you can see the “Moon Dogs Wailing” for FREE AT CADDY RANGE LOL….CADDY RANGE MUST BE SOME INTOWN LINGO OH AND ABOUT THE SOtSs ” JUST KIDDING” to be cont………

    (MET: Remember, it’s $4,000 without the Apple CAR, $3,200 with the Apple CAR … it’s the Motor Speedway logic …).

  19. BMW

    $1100? That benchmark has been broken, as a set sold to a German buyer with 100% feedback tonight for $1305.00. These are hot in the international market. Another set is over 1000 with 4 days to go.

    (MET: Yawn, wake me when we hit $2k πŸ™‚ ).

  20. Lorri

    When we hit $2K I will even throw in free shipping on mine.

    (MET: Strangely, people buying this set seem not to care at all about the shipping – whether it’s $17 or $80, people just buy … so you might as well make it a profit center … if I had a set to sell, I would charge $100 for shipping but I would personally bless the entire box as I am an ordained minister of the CHURCH OF THE LATER DAY DUDE …).

  21. luna

    well its not done with 1300 us$ for a european buyer.

    +90 shipping
    +16 % european sales tax when the package hits german custom
    +20 custom fees

    =1632 us dollars.
    hope the seller ship him the individual number for the set πŸ™‚

  22. Stanley

    My ex-wife is FUMING that I got this set for my boys. Since it’s free to me, I don’t mind giving it to them for their birthday.

    Their eyes will light up, when they see the entire starting grid for the opening race!

    I offered to get one for her, but NOOOOO…she said it was too expensive!

    As Nelson would say, “Ha Ha!”

  23. Mr.T

    Anyone see the Red Ransburg with a buy it now price for 399.00 – is it real???


    (MET: I think the guy admits that he can’t prove it’s one of the 50 … that it’s a knock-off of that …).

  24. jackdaddy2008

    The SOS buyers at that price are either fools or overly fanatical.

    It simply cannot ever become that valuable!

    Apple maybe will become very valuable, but the other 35? No chance.

    The two buyers shown are from outside the states, Australian and German.

  25. ChrisD

    Jack, I think the Apple car is way too popular to be kept exclusive. I’m pretty sure they will package it seperately, which will drive down the overall price of the SOS.

    It is a great set, and I think that it is cool that I have one. However, it is way too high on eBay right now. I debated buying two, just in case. I wish I would have, I could have had a weekend holiday in San Diego and gone to Comic Con with the $1000 profit I would have made on it.

    Then again, if Mattell even keeps 10 of the Cars exclusive, it could still be worth a bit in the future. I just don’t see them doing that.

  26. jackdaddy2008

    I agree Chris, but I think there is a copyright issue with releasing Apple commercially? Don’t think he is an option for Disney or Mattel due to corporate branding?

    The SOS was not released commercially, so therefore it has avoided being dragged up as a commercial item.

    I might be wrong, but am pretty sure I am not.

    Bet Mattel wish they sold more than they did.

    Just proves how much they are are out of touch with reality.

  27. Mr. T

    If Mattel decides to release another wave of SOS (I hope they do) I will be first in line to get a set – hopefully they won’t sell for $1K…….

    Will Mattel release another one????? (oh please, oh please, oh pleaseeeeeeeee)

    (MET: I’ll offer up my opinion in a day or so … maybe after we move).

  28. jackdaddy2008

    Mr. T,

    Legally they would face 1000 law suits due to thier claim that the sets are unique and never going to be released.

    Does that mean we wont see them all on individual cards?


    I really doubt Apple though.

    Can anyone clarify this who actually knows for sure?

  29. jackdaddy2008

    In regard to Apple, is it relevant to remind people of a little diecast 1.55 replica called “cruisin Mcqueen”?

    He fetched as much as $250 before people realised he was a commercial release.

    Maybe Apple is the same?

    Doubt it though.

  30. toyotakitten

    **HUGS HER SOS SET* i’m keeping mine. i would have bought 2… but my budget was low, i could hardly afford 1 but i knew i HAD TO BUY IT. and i am glad i did. people kept saying “$300 is too much, i’ll pass” or “i’ll buy it later when the price goes down” lol. i’m glad i didn’t listen to them. i knew this would be a good choice buy and in the future maybe a good investment. i have kept mine in the box. i took them out to look at them all, especially my beloved apple car. but i have no plans to sell. i wanna keep them for my kid/s.

    one thing you hafta learn about CARS toys. they are huge collectibles in 2 different ways. 1st – it falls into Disneyana. anything Disney that is rare is a MUST HAVE for people. so if you can get your hands on it – get it! also die cast car models have always been popular and any rare large sets are a MUST HAVE too. so for the people that didn’t buy this when it was on sale on RLC – hopefully you’ll jump on the gun next time. always note – “if you think its too expensive for you – buy it anyway, you can always turn around and sell it for more b/c to someone else it will be worth paying more than the original cost” and this whole SOS thing is the best proof of that.

    =) i bought it with that in mind, just in case i wouldn’t be able to afford it. and since i ended up being financially fine, i kept it. glad i did!

  31. jackdaddy2008

    I can’t wait to get rid of them.

    Biggest waste of time ever.

  32. megaheat2008


  33. Cakes

    Any update on the numbering of the set?

  34. luna

    ill bet that the aplle car will be released as a double pack with King πŸ™‚

  35. jackdaddy2008

    I think there is more chance of an Apple ‘cart’ being released as part of the 1.55 line commercially!

    Can anyone in US patenting/corporate branding/copyright law give us some info. on this?

  36. Gervais

    :0 thats crazy, these are just toys :0

  37. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    You need to change the header to reflect the highest price yet. The SOS has now gone for $1,825 plus $180 shipping. Insane!

    (MET: Now, it’s getting’ interesting! πŸ™‚ Link? I couldn’t find it. Thanks.)

  38. Heather from Maine




  39. Heather from Maine

    I will not sell my set….

    I will not sell my set….

    …..but you can get almost $2ooo.oo for it….

    NO NO NO!!!!

    I will not sell my set….

  40. collectormom

    Steve, AKA: Poppa
    Couldn’t find it on eBay, can you add the link?

  41. Stanley

    Are you sure you weren’t looking at this set?
    It does contain the SoS set, but it also contains all of the collector’s Cars cars.

    So actually, the price for this collection was actually pretty cheap, if you count the two Apple cars, three Sarges, Barney Stormin and the Bluray Mcqueen this sale included.

  42. Rebecca

    Luna I agree with you… The Apple car along with the rest will be released somewhere down the road and the fool that paid almost $2,000 will be crying… That is totally INSANE!!!!

  43. Adrian

    I am at a loss for words…………. almost, i wish i were as lucky as some of you here in having the chance to even get your membership to hot wheels club to then have a look in at getting the speedway of the south……….. i unfortunately live in darkest England thats the little island that Hot wheels and Mattel dont seem to think exists unless its to offload the million Sally,s and Doc,s that they didnt sell to the rest of the world, as for paying nearly $2000 for the set, i,m afraid in my opinion rich fools are rarely happy, i want to get the whole set for my son but at the expense of the rest of my family having to suffer, i dont think so, does it not equate in these peoples minds that what they have paid for the set is a real car or a months wages or as the statement at the top says a lot of poverty stricken peoples food and shelter for a very long time. This is going beyond the point of madness if i did have the opportunity to buy the S.O.S. set $300 is still a large sum of money and is only available to those with a reasonable amount of funds, sorry but it does annoy me that this seems to be a bit of a monetary exercise by the big companies and they are pushing the working man ever more into debt with cunning tactics and outlandish advertising, i wish i could say I havent been suckered in but like a lot of us i have, this will surely only make the rich poor divide larger,
    sorry rant over, Adrian.

  44. Steve, AKA: Poppa

    Yep, you’re right. I didn’t read the details. However, when I checked there is a SOS set for Buy It Now at $1,999.

  45. megaheat2008


  46. jackdaddy2008

    This is where it just gets disgusting!

    I am starting to HATE the actually brand now, noit just Mattel.

    It almost feels like they did this to deliberatley cause unrest. If they aren’t releasing and selling loads, why piss off your existing buyers?

    Totally bizarre, mind boggling actually.

  47. Noel

    I figured a set would go for $2000 at one point or another. I wouldn’t sell mine if they were going for $5000.

  48. yo quero ver la pelicula cars 2

  49. Adrian

    In my opinion i believe that the powers that be will sell the exclusive cars separately because iy makes finacial sense, you cant tell me they dont have a P.A. with his finger on the pulse reading these threads all the time and all the hype going on e-bay, (i watch Entourage LOL) and they will know just like its happening that if they release 3 or 4 new cars each quarter that they will drag this right up to the release of Cars 2 (aptly titled “Mattel takes over the world one car at a time”) now i,m not saying it will detract from the value of the box set but i can zip down to Tesco and get a cardboard box for my lad and he will play with it till he gets bored then tear it to bits and i end up chucking in the bin soooooo all i want is the cars for him. All of our futures are NOT certain and putting money in his college/car/home savings account is my way of investing, am i making any sense ? like i said before the people paying tit money for box sets are tits, its as simple as that, Adrian

  50. BMW

    As of this morning Six SOS sets have sold over 1000. The June 16th sale was still the highest at 1305 plus ship. The latest sale was to a international buyer in the Netherlands at 1225. plus 65 ship and it was with a damaged acrylic base.

    As for the individual cars themselves, its pretty clear that Apple is getting $200 on the latest sales.

    Which SOS single car sold for the highest price so far outside of the Apple?

    Well it surprised me, cause it was one I would not have guessed. The race for the racers, in order of sales price not finishing place in the piston cup race itself, which makes more sense. And its not the Dale car variant. Guess people don’t care. At least not yet.


    Its number 92!
    Sputter Stop at $82.16, can you believe it?

    Then farther down selling over $60 each:
    View Zeen
    Mood Springs

    Now Tank Coat doesn’t want to be left behind at $59 but a hearty 17 dollars for ship, so he might be a real tank. πŸ™‚

    Dale at $56 barely ekes out past

    Easy Idle Car 51 (where are you) at $55.81

    The cars that are not exclusive to the set are not bringing much at all, despite they have unique codes. Maybe people don’t realize how nice the SOS cars are compared to the regular retail ones?

    As said before my SOS Gasprin is perfect, my Gasprin from the MM has a sloppy paint job especially around the windows.

    Any way ebay is the great equalizer as anyone can sell, and the marketplace makes the price. Those who just barely afforded buying a set for 300 now can sell and quadruple their money if you sell international.

    (MET: I’m still waiting to do more posts after our move – running into a slight glitch but I can tell, there are a couple more Piston Cup Racers on the forthcoming list (at least for 2008) – no, not the Apple Car but a couple more on this “most costly” list so hold onto your family jewels …).

  51. carsmama

    Heather from Maine – Sugar Honey Iced Tea! You crack me up. You must be watching a lot of Madagascar at your house too!

  52. Heather from Maine


    You bet!

    We saw a preview for Madagascar 2 when we went to see Kung Fu Panda. Looks like it will be good!


  53. Adrian

    Hmmm, looks like my prediction may have truth in it !! Met,s Quote (“(MET: I’m still waiting to do more posts after our move – running into a slight glitch but I can tell, there are a couple more Piston Cup Racers on the forthcoming list (at least for 200 – no, not the Apple Car but a couple more on this β€œmost costly” list so hold onto your family jewels …).

  54. Adrian

    Now i know this is slightly off the subject but it is to do with cars, how much are you paying for fuel in the U.S. i saw a B.P. garage selling petrol/gas here in Gloucestershire England for………………………….. wait for it……………………………………………………. $11.96 per U.K. gallon !!!!! thats $2.63 per litre THEY ARE CRIPPLING US !! i cannot afford to take a day trip with my kids and i am only putting $40 of diesel in my van because the thieves are targeting vans with fuel gauges that show how much is in the tank when switched off !!! (Ford Transits) If my van was stolen and recovered my insurance would double i would lose business and i am self employed so it would cripple me for at least a month oh what a wonderful country i live in !!

    (MET: Cheapest here in NoCal is $4.37 today – we pay about $.35 in taxes per gallon – gasoline is priced in USD so shouldn’t it be by the UKP to the dollar and not UKP to UKP?).

  55. Adrian

    sorry met didnt understand the ukp to ukp i converted pound to dollar then X by 4.55l but the us gallon is smaller i know, even so its through the roof, its Β£1.33 per litre which according to money converter makes it $2.63 then times by 4.55l equals $11.96 !! They do not sell in gallons in U.K. i think this is because if we knew we were paying Β£6.05 a gallon we,d flip !!!!! Adrian

  56. Monica

    Here in San Diego we have additional local gas taxes bringing the current average per gallon to about $4.75 ish, lovely, and thus a full tank for my car is $75. As I was filling up my car the other day, I calculated that my husband and I spend about $600 a month on gas, more than the rent in our first little apartment 10 years ago. Makes me want to buy one of those ugly little Prius-es. They are actually pretty roomy and nice inside (a friend of mine has one).

    Either that or my next car is going to have to talk to me in a sexy voice and give me compliments before it asks for $75 worth of gas. The little “Please refuel” message on my dash just isn’t enough for shelling out that kind of cash every week. It’ll have to say “You look lovely today darling, how about we stop by the gas station”. Right now, I am thinking Sean Connery’s voice, but you should be able switch, because sometimes I’ll want say Matthew Fox’s voice or maybe Hugh Jackman or heeeeey Harrison Ford, yeah, now we’re talkin’. A full tank Professor Jones? No problem, where’s the nearest gas station?

    (MET: Hey, but you get to live in San Diego … plus, you can also drive to TJ to buy subsidized gas … though the two hour at the border checkpoint might burn some of that up … now if you can convince Mattel Mexico to release the Apple car on a solo card, you’d have free gas for years πŸ™‚ )

  57. Adrian

    This is just an approximate but to fill my transit van with fuel is Β£106.00 which is $209 usd
    NOW THATS A WEEK !!!!!! Adrian

  58. Adrian

    Oh and thats just my van, my wifes car is not so much now because as i said we have cut out any trip that we just cant afford or dont need to take but she is about to give birth to our third child so i have told her she has to stop walking the kids to school so she uses about Β£30 a week ($59.20 usd.)
    In total per month $1072 in fuel and we have been told that electricity and natural gas will rise in price by 40% for the winter !!!! Adrian

    (MET: And it wasn’t cheap to live in the UK before … I remember buying a 11 UKP magazine … and this was like 5 years ago).

  59. Monica

    Adrian, you have my sympathies, that’s a preposterous amount of money for gas.

    Metro, you are quite right, living in San Diego is a major bonus. However, few things are worth a trip to TJ right now, crime has gotten terrible down there recently.

    (MET: What’s a little fistfight at a gas station in a foreign country … gas is $1.60 USD a gallon …).

  60. Adrian

    Unfortunately this country really doesnt offer me much apart from my family here i really dont want to be here any more, but i have a nearly 14 year old with my ex and i wont leave him behind, she would never allow him to live with me just out of sheer spite so until the day he can make his own decision as to who and where he wants to live i wont leave, my wife kelly and my two other (and soon to be third) children are quite happy to pack up and go, its crap being in this situation. Adrian

  61. Noel

    I think I achieved the ultimate in wastefulness today. I’m in Coral Springs, FL this week on business with a rental car. I decided I wanted a cherry lime-ade from Sonic which is 28 miles away in Boyton Beach.

    I burned a quarter tank of gas on the round trip which was 4 gallons @ $4.50 plus the cost of the drink, which was $3.00. Total price of gluttony: $21.00 for a soft drink you can’t get in Chicago (not just yet, we will have a Sonic by the end of Summer only ten minutes from my house)

    (MET: Make sure to save your receipts, business expense … πŸ™‚ … I’ll drive 28 miles for a White Castle – none out here on the west coast … 😦 )

  62. collectormom

    Yeah, but I bet every sip was worth it! Cherry lime-ade; yum

  63. BMW

    amen! yum on cherry limeades!
    gas here at Sams is 3.82 a gallon. Texas.

  64. Rebecca

    Ok everyone check this out…
    $450 for Apple I really don’t think so….

  65. Adrian

    Met, do you think “Terry the retired engineer” would make a trip to comic san for us for a full tank of fuel LOL !!!!!

  66. Monica

    That’s pretty funny Noel. That Florida humidity can make you crazy huh?

  67. jackdaddy2008

    Adrian, life is hard man, everywhere these days.

    I flirted with moving to the states, but one thing put me off – Health insurance.

    God forbid, but if your kid got really sick, they would b treated for free in this country, but if you were in the states………….


  68. jackdaddy2008

    Also, you crazy yanks! haha

    Cant you make cherry limeade in your house? Sounds good.

  69. BMW

    Jack Daddy,
    cherry limeade is
    a 12 oz can of Sprite
    1/4 cup of Cherry Juice from bottled maraschino cherries or Libby’s Juicy Juice.
    A couple of Maraschino Cherries
    and the juice of three Fresh Limes wedges squeezed into the mix and left in the the drink,
    and crushed ice.

    Pour the Sprite over the crushed ice, add the juice from the lime wedges, then drop them into the drink., add the cherry juice, and the cherries, serve with a straw. great thirst quencher on a hot day.

  70. Adrian

    Jakdaddy, like i said before we have got a few contacts in California, one of which works for the government and when we lived there years ago we sorted health insurance and dental through them, dont worry i have looked deeply into it, the other factor is i am a modifyed car fanatic and fuel to me is my amber nectar ! so these prices are destroying my interest/hobby and that makes life working all hours godsend really tedious !! i have lived the california way and i liked it (3 years there) so it does tempt me back all the time !! Adrian

  71. jackdaddy2008

    I didn’t realise government officials could override that?

    My understanding is the unlike here, the Hospitals and isurance companies have nothing to do with the government?


    Those two issues and my kid are the only things that put me off the states too.

    Their economy could melt down if the banks start playing hardball.

  72. Noel

    Ahh White Castle …. we have eight of them within 10-15 minutes in any direction.

  73. Monica

    It’s wonder we’re all still alive and not in jail.

  74. collectormom

    BMW, where in TX are you? We’re in San Antonio but moving to El Paso next week. Wish us luck on the drive!

    I saw on the news this morning that people are going to Mexico to buy gas since it’s so much cheaper; I may have to check that out.

    No luck finding any new Cars or a Wii Fit today; bummer.

  75. Adrian

    Sorry Jackdaddy not to be paid up by government but reduced costing with good benifits by joining with the large company that insures government workers, a bit like the more you buy the cheaper it gets sort of thing so we still had to pay but managable costs, Adrian

  76. jackdaddy2008

    No need to apologise dude.


    Very good then?

    I still hate the way their liberties are being destroyed though.

    I loved the people and the retail, food was about the same, but bigger and slightly cheaper, but where I was, the bacon was always streaky? Try making a good fry up for Sunday brekkie over there! Impossible.

  77. Adrian

    We used to eat all the time at place called ” The Sawmill” i think it was near Burlington arcade, Pasedena, one of our friends runs “Silver Birches” i used to be a florist there, deliveries, standard baskets etc. but now he does all the party planning for celebs and has grown very well, i just loved the fact that it was always a good atmoshere at the sawmill and because we ended up as regulars, my dad would fix all his plumbing and maintainance for free and we,d eat for free, life was good then !!

  78. Nascarnbroncosfans

    If anyone has a CSOS set for sale at a reasonable price a good friend of mine wants one. he is probably at the 900-1000.00 mark, + shipping, lives in Naperville, Illinois thanks,

  79. carsmama

    Has anyone received their numbered sticker yet for the SOS set?
    Met – any thoughts on when they may arrive?

    (MET: I would have thought they could whip some holographic stickers in a few days but I guess it had to come out of someone’s budget …).

  80. CHRIS


  81. Heather from Maine


    Yes. It’s true. Here is the post that was on the Hot Wheels Collector site….

    Posted 06-04-08

    As many of you know, the sales article for the Pixar Cars Speedway of the South set indicated that the sets would be individually numbered up to 1000. This was an error in the article, as the sets were never intended to be numbered.

    However, to avoid any disappointment with our customers, we will be mailing numbered stickers to all who purchased the set, with instructions on where to apply the sticker.

    Stickers will be mailed randomly – the same way they would have been had they already been applied to the sets. This is in accordance with the way all numbered RLC items are shipped. Time of order does not dictate what number a customer receives.

    We apologize for the error in the article and thank you for your patience.

  82. Russ

    What about the people that bought them off ebay? Are the original owners obliged to mail them the sticker for their set? I bought one of the first ebay sets for $750 buy it now,which is a bargain compared to what they are reaching now,but what choice to uk buyers have except ebay,none! And why is shifty drug red in the sos set and mauve in the film?

    (MET: You can ask the seller – some have said they are including the letter but others? Another chance to sell on eBay … I’m presuming no one will get #1 but #5 or #95 … probably too valuable to just pass on when you can sell it for another hundred dollars).

  83. Monica

    Hope we get them soon, I am so curious to see what number I get.

  84. BrianD

    Anybody heard of this mistake / variance?

    Claims that the Dale Jr in the SOS set is made with Nitrode’s body and some were sold outside the set.

    See the link:

    (MET: You mean this post from way back? (link at bottom of that post to another post on topic).

  85. Nascarnbroncosfans

    If anyone has an EMPTY Mint condition Display Case +clips for the CSOS set for sale at a reasonable price a good friend of mine wants one. he lives in Naperville, Illinois thanks, contact:

  86. Huge Car Fan

    I just recieved my SOS set from an EBAY auction ($951) and my son and I put it together. I am an avid collector and this set is is perfect and worth every penny.

  87. megaheat2008

    huge car fan – “welcome to the madness” congrats on the win and you are correct 1 penny or 1 dollar never about the money we spend its the journey!!!!

  88. Nascarnbroncosfans

    I am currently putting together a Talledega or Daytona (for those Daytona Fans) Speedway Set and have a hi quality custom painter working with myself and another collector to make a custom set,

    Featuring: Charlie Checker leading them to the Green Flag…with (first row) – Dale Sr 2001 custom, King, (second row) – Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Lightning Mcqueen, Mario, (third row) – (custom Darryl Cartrip Mountain Dew version (painted like the restored MD car) Custom Dale Jr AMP version, (fourth row) Tony Stewart Home Depot version, Jimmie Johnson Lowes version, Jeff Gordon… more info coming… pics too!

    (MET: You better show us pictures! πŸ™‚ …).

  89. Noel


    It’s funny you mentioned Naperville, that’s about 15 minutes from me, I used to work out there all the time. I’d love to see the pics of the custom set when it’s ready.


    Huge Car Fan,

    $951 ….. yipes. I don’t think even I could get that one past my wife.



    Still no word on anyone getting thier sticker? I’ve been gone for a week.



    No dice on the items you were looking for at Disney. They say that there are season and weekly pass holders (all nearby Florida residents) who clean out all the hot items to sell on eBay from the Disney stores just like the Pixar die-casts.

    They had dozens and dozens of cars on display there, but none of the new ones. All of the MM’s were Mike / Sulley and Woody / Buzz with a few Cruisin LM / Sally’s.

  90. richard

    I recently sold my set on ebay…it went for 1176CDN, and on top of that, the buyer paid $500 shipping to Australia! It cost me $602 for shipping (I live in Canada), so I lost $102 on the shipping. Also, after ebay and paypal fees, i made roughly 650. Not bad for a set that costs me $365CDN (300US + shipping, plus the shipping cost to me from my Dad in the US – sent to him to avoid customs fees). I have another set, which I was going to give to my son…but he really won’t appreciate it…..I’m wondering if it’ll go significantly higher in the next few weeks/months.

    (MET: Of course, it’s impossible to predict with 100% accuracy but it seems that with fewer and fewer sets listed, the prices are not going to drop by a lot for a while …).

  91. nascarnbroncosfans

    Talledega or Daytona (for those Daytona Fans) Custom Speedway Set pics coming this weekend, some of the cars are standard cars and the first custom is on its way….

  92. nascarnbroncosfans

    Heres a thought……

    With the numbered stickers being done, whats stopping anyone from buying a website and having people list their numbers? I have a few websites and can grab another for a 20.00 bill(i thnk the first two years are 8.99 a year), I know some html basics…IT wouldnt be that hard to do.. anyone wanna back this up with a twoaday poll?

    would be a free registering site….


    CSotSS # 0999 of 1000,
    nascarnbroncosfans in Salt Lake City.

    something like…..


  93. BMW

    Met you need to update the title to 1525.00 plus 45 for ship. Highest price on July 3. Went to Australia bidder., Another set went for 1499 here in US and another for 1400.

    Very few on Ebay now.

  94. nascarnbroncosfans

    I added a column onto my twoadayblog that hopefully will serve as a Registry for the CSotSS numbers when Mattel sends them out.

  95. BMW

    A Registry? Kind of fun idea.

  96. BMW

    Collector Mom

    How was your move to El Paso?

  97. nascarnbroncosfans

    Talladega-Daytona Custom Speedway of the South Set pictures are at:

    I will be adding new pics as the custom cars are done.

    (MET: We need more close-ups … you sure the #3 are in the pics?)

  98. nascarnbroncosfans

    #3 is being made along with #88 Dale Jr AMP. Closeups not a problem

  99. nascarnbroncosfans

    Some closeups added. Let me know which ones you like, flash or n0 flash

  100. collectormom

    Worst move ever! Between my husband and I we’ve moved 18 times in the last 10 years (ahh the military). I could post volumes about how awful this move was. But, we’re finally here; the cable guy just left (yes, at 10pm on a Saturday night. We even had problems getting the internet hooked up!) and my 2 boys are finally on a normal schedule again. What a nice surprise to see your message!

    And no, I did not let the movers pack our SOS set. That went in the car with us and my husband didn’t even question it.

    I’ve been offline all this week but it feels good to be back in the community of Cars πŸ™‚

    (MET: Glad to hear you made it okay … now of course, the big decision: rest, unpack or see how long the new CARS retail loop will take you πŸ™‚ )

  101. Steve AKA: Poppa

    I noticed this morning that a seller out of Hong Kong is doing a pre-order of 28 SOS sets for $999.99 with guaranteed delivery in two months. Hmm! Mass marketing ahead? Just in time for Christmas? Hmm?

    (MET: Yea, humm πŸ™‚ )

  102. nascarnbroncosfans

    looks like they changed it from 28 sets to 11 sets with some buyers allready. 8 left

  103. Monica

    Collectormom, that is tooooo funny! The SOS goes in the car with all the rest of the valuables. Love it!

  104. Nascarnbroncosfans

    I received my CSOS numbers on Monday. #429/1000

  105. nascarnbroncosfans

    Added two more new Custom Cars characters to my
    Daytona-Talledega Speedway of the South Set

    NEW ADDITION: 08-14-08

    Dale Jr #88 AMP’D Energy Drink car, Hendrick Motor Sports

    Dale Sr. #3 Daytona 500 February, 2001 car. (last car he drove)

    (Complete box pics coming)

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