Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Adventures – Packaging Variant or Just Confusion

You can debate whether Mattel simply doesn’t know what they’re doing or they are purposefully trying to sell you an extra card …

On the back of the RADIATOR SPRINGS FIRE DEPARTMENT card for Ramone & Flo, it lists them as themed “Race Rods.”

Other Cards that show them correctly.

The ACTUAL cars match the photo, that little dot/blur on their back quarter panel area? The Radiator Springs Fire Department logo so these are the Fire Department Ramone & Flo … even if their OWN card is confused by what theme they belong to.

The Checklist of what’s out is here.


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3 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Adventures – Packaging Variant or Just Confusion

  1. Sarah

    It’s like you’re psychic; I got a couple of Mini Adventure Cars this weekend and noticed the 2 different themes. The Flo/Ramone card had it correct but the Sarge’s Boot Camp Sarge/Fillmore had the Race Rods. Are you in my head?

    (MET: Well, I wish I had something profound to blog about but a misprint will do for now 🙂 There’s also another card where they’ve stickered the names since they’re on the “wrong” side of the box – I was too lazy to dig it out to scan, I think it was a Team McQueen card (in addition to the Target one)).

  2. at first i thought minis were a terible idea thats why i only have sarge/filmore/police but these newer ones look alsome espesially banshee.p.s.tommorow im gonna ride the ride of steel at darien lake!aka supermaN!
    -ka CHOW~!

  3. chris bennett aka djbennett22

    btw that ride got shut down……….i was sad .. oh well!because i know know one wnts to hear about me…

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