Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Cars Mini Adventures Ultimate Visual Checklist (Summer 2008 Update)




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44 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: Cars Mini Adventures Ultimate Visual Checklist (Summer 2008 Update)

  1. Sarah

    Yes I’m in! My boys love these Cars. Other than the WM exclusives I haven’t seen any new ones in ages. I keep seeing them on eBay, just like the 1:55 scale, but around here the store pegs have the same assortment that was first released. As for the diecast I finally found My Name is Not Chuck but I think Flik & PT Flea and Dinoco Mia & Tia are a myth. But of course I’ll keep searching!

  2. Harry B

    I’m going to start collecting all the mini cars with the Hotrods, Guido and Fred.

  3. Jon

    Hello, are the McQueens included in the Lightning Team’s Mcqueen/Mater and Mcqueen/FHH the same model? If so that’s a bit cheeky, as it’s not like you can buy these Minis separately – they’ve started the duplicates already!


    (METROXING: Yep, along with the Fillmore & the upcoming Dinoco Dream pack – repeats …)

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  6. Chuck

    Okay, this may be slightly insane and DEFINITELY enters the realm of way-too-crossover… but I think the last group may be a very inside joke…


    Evangelion is a classic anime series that the Pixar guys are sure to know about. Snot Rod and Lightning are in the two color schemes for the EVA-00 robot, Mater is in the EVA-01 colors (unmistakable, that), and Chick is wearing the EVA-02 colors.

    Or it may have been the prosciutto and peas casserole I had last nite…

    Anyway, great finds!!! And love the site, as always!

    (METROXING: Yea, that should be a cheap tie-in for our wallets 🙂 )

  7. a

    cool,where dya get all the minis info from onriginally ??? (just wandreing)

    (METROXING: Gathered from different places …)

  8. a

    ive got a website about these

    (Metroxing: Next time you should credit where you grabbed the photos from and add your own words)

  9. a

    actually-im not using ure photos now.

    (METROXING: There are no hard & fast rules – other than courtesy. For instance, if you grab photos from Mattel, it’s implied that’s where they came from – but if you don’t really add any content to your post, you should note where the photos came from – something like ‘check out these great xxxxx from mattel’ or something like that. If you want to give a shout out to another post, you can grab a few photos but link back or attribute where you got the photos from. I’m all for encourging new bloggers, especially about CARS and especially if you’re not in the US … but what you want to do is provide info, content and opinions that are mostly your own (BUILT upon what else is out there). Good luck!)

  10. a

    ok metroxing,im using ones from another site and ill put p the fact that that’s where im getting them from.

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  12. Nancy

    Question about the Radiator Springs Police Dept Lizzie & Red. This post shows a yellow Lizzie and red, black and yellow Red. shows a black Lizzie and a blue Red. Any idea why the differences?

    (METROXING: I’m probably wrong and will have to move that one, when the next shipment comes out, we’ll know for certain).

  13. a

    i reckon the pack ‘nancy’ talks about is in that flame/strip motif.dont know.

  14. Becky


    I’m in luv, the new ones comin out r awesome!!!!
    Do you hav an exact date for them to cum into the shops?

    Awesome checklist!

    (METROXING: Have you started receiving these in EU? All the individual pictured mini’s are out in the US, the photos with backgrounds are not out yet and are from toy shows exhibits).

  15. a

    boxs a & b are in the uk
    in disney store

    (METROXING: Thanks for the update!)

  16. Becky

    Hi again,

    the ones that hav the different backgrounds, are they coming out in the shops or are they just at Toy fairs? And do you know if they will be coming outin the UK?

    Thx again!

    (METROXING: It looks like the Mini’s are being packed in the same way, they are only cahnging some of the “motifs,” so instead of Dnoco Dreams, it’s just Dinoco. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, Jon from the UK sent along this scan so you can see slightly different art for some of the motifs but otherwise, the same Mini’s in the same 2-fer packages).

  17. Becky

    ye that is confusing but are the Mini Cars that arwe not out yet coming out in the shops (UK) and do you hav a date for them coming out?

    (METROXING: Well, we got CASE A & B last December, C went to WM in early February and D arrived early in some stores in mid/late March).

  18. Jon

    Hi Metro, I can send you some more scans of the different motifs when I get a chance, as I have bought most of the Minis that have come out over here now.


    (METROXING: If you could give me a high-res scans of the motif logos – I think all the Mini’s are the same? And packed in the same way, just slightly different motif names?)

  19. Becky

    Hi again

    wat do u mean by Cases A,B,C and D???
    Do u not know when the new series of Mini Cars will come out?

  20. a

    more in england:
    doc/sherriff(boot camp)[not sure yet]

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  23. Monica

    No, I will no collect minis, I will not collect minis, I will not collect……but they’re so cute!

    (MET: You have much more will power than me. I held out for approximately .7 seconds the first time I actually saw one at WM).

  24. jackdaddy2008

    They are stupid!

    (MET: How do you really feel about them 🙂 ).

  25. Sarah

    I saw a picture on Flickr of Mini Adventures Boost and Snot Rod in a package with a Tunerz theme. There were also pictures of loose Cars in their original paint schemes; all the Radiator Springs gang of course. If Mattel makes everyone in their original colors I wonder what the theme will be.

    (MET: “regular” Flo & Ramone appear as “Parade of Classics.” Thanks for pushing me to finalize my update – everything should be accurate for May 2008 now.)

  26. Sarah

    a, I just did a search for Disney Pixar Cars and came across it.

  27. Monica

    Ugh, I think I am going to have to buy the Fillmore’s Festival set (after all, we need something for the boys to play with all the playsets right?) But that’s it, I swear. ANyone see them around? If so, what stores? I haven;t seen them at my Targets.

    Metroxing, so far I have only seen the “We will not check stock” sign at the Mission Valley Target. Next time I am there I will snap a photo for you.

    (MET: You mean the one with Sally & Fillmore? Because technically, there are 5 sets called Fillmore’s Festival – just depends on what MINI’s you get with it … saves Mattel time & money … in addition to the Target Easter exclusives, the Sally-Fillmore was one of the first released so it might be tougher to find but it’s still out there – and it’ll be back in a month or so …).

  28. Monica

    I am looking for any of the Fillmore’s Festival Sets. I’ve seen all the other sets at Target but not any of the FF sets. Truthfully, I have only been looking for a couple of weeks because before that I was trying really, really hard not to be interested in the minis.

  29. jackdaddy2008

    Ironically, these don’t sell over here.

    I think this is because of the problems with availability of regular cars.

    Every Disney Cars stockist has minis, and toys r us have them all!

    I think they are a con, probably some concept artists sketchings that Mattel clawed out of Disneys recycle bin. Maybe some discarded ideas from the new movie?

    On the positive, they are ‘cute’, and I can understand why some people collect them, mainly due to missing out on the die casts first time round, they probably realise its too much money and effort to build a collection worthwhile, so they jump on the minis bandwagon.

    If you have the money and your kid likes them, why not, but they you do all realise that Mattel will release hundreds of them yeah?

    We haven’t bought any, and will not be.

    Seriously, theres no chance whatsoever.

    Jack thinks they are for little girls (thankfully!) and I think they are quite pathetic in the sense they represent Mattel basically begging for money, when they have already had a small fortune form Cars fans.

    (MET: You callin’ me girly – them’s fighting words … okay if it were 1959 … 🙂 … I prefer to think of them as Mattel poker chips, I’m all in … I’ll raise you a flower rainbow Fillmore peacenik playset …)

  30. a

    the bottom 2 pics on lightnings team are from fire department.

    (MET: Oh sure, you want to study the photos now? 🙂 You’re right … after staring at 10 photos of red & yellow MINIS …).

  31. Emma

    I live in Wales and so far this year i’ve managed to get my hands on:

    Dinoco Dream – Chick Hicks, McQueen & The King

    Fillmores Festival – Luigi, Guido, Sally & Fillmore

    Lightning McQueens Team – Hudson Hornet, McQueen, Mater, Flo & ramone

    Radiator Springs 1930 – Sheriff, Mater, Fillmore, sarge, Lizzie & red

    Radiator Springs Fire Dept – Doc, Red, McQueen & Mater

    Sarges Boot Camp – Doc, Sheriff, Ramone, Flo, Sally, Mater, Sarge & McQueen

    Other than parade of classics Flo & Ramone I am led to believe these are the only ones currently available in the UK and surprisingly Sainsburys seem to be the major stockist.

    My 3 year old son Sam & I are hooked, we won’t stop till we own them all!

  32. collectormom

    Any chance you have a case assortment listing? I haven’t seen any new Mini Adventures Cars in my area (San Antonio, TX) for ages.

    Also, is there a hold-up on the Screamin’ Banshee?

    I usually check eBay to see what’s out there (then I know it’s time to go to the stores again) but I haven’t seen anything new there either.

    Thanks for your help and as always GREAT job!

    (MET: You mean besides this one? No updates recently – can’t say how accurate it is but I presume in July, we’ll get an update. WAiting to hear on Banshee).

  33. collectormom

    Thanks; I had looked at that list but since it’s from December I wasn’t sure how accurate it was either since some of the sets seem to have changed (Boost/Snot Rod together now). As always I’ll keep checking back. 🙂

    I hope your SOS set has arrived!

    (MET: I think Boost & Snot Rod are coming together … UPS says tomorrow for me …).

  34. juicepirate05

    ive been collecting the minis for my son on the policy that the mini car has to be different than what he looked like in the movie and that one red mater and one red doc is enough. The ones that are coming soon fit my criteria well any news as to when new ones are coming. i have all the holiday ones and the little blue fire truck set. Whats next?

    (MET: All the ones you see with as photos (with backgrounds) were the ones show off at Toyfair and that are scheduled to appear next – I’m sure we’ll see more in July).

  35. Tomuuuu

    Good site!

  36. Chick & King could be Dinoco Dream or start a new motif w/ old McQueen Team name, Piston Cup Racers w/ old & new Racers.

  37. Melissa

    Under Sarge’s Boot Camp shouldn’t it be Guido & Red, not Luigi & Red? It goes with what is pictured.

    (MET: I’ll check – some of the MINI’s together from Toyfair don’t necessarily go together).

  38. charley new zealand

    😉 sheesh, you realise your visual guide is 13 A4 pages when printed? LOL. so much for having a wallet sized guide of what to look for. lmao. never mind, what a helpful guide! i havent seen any new minis since the first batch came out. so far, ive got boot camp mcqueen/sarge, flo/ramone, sally/mater. mcqueen team mcqueen/mater, doc/mcqueen. dinoco dream chick/mcqueen. fire department doc/red, mcqueen/mater. i heard the RSFD yellow mcqueen/mater was a walmart exclusive. is this true? also, what are the chances of the easter egg minis being released in general?

    (MET: Unfortunately, with WordPress as is, there’s no really defining page sizes – that’s why I did the CARS visual checklist as a jpeg … so how are the Mini’s selling overseas? There were 4 that were exclusive to WM here in US but I’m presuming that’s not true for int’l … as for the Easter Mini’s, they are technically just listed as “Fillmore Festival” Mini’s so they could be re-packaged without the egg easily but I think it depends on sales and whether they might keep it going …).

  39. Monica

    OMG, I am sooo bummed. I knew that Case K would be coming to my Target any day now, so I have been searching at least one Target EVERY day. Tonight, I saw evidence of case K at my little local Target, there was PC Doc and Guido, Dudley Spare, Chuki, Dinoco Helicopter and Lightning Ramone, alas, no Luke or Van. Dangit, how did I miss out. Oh the humanity.

  40. charley new zealand

    not well im afraid. theyve been reduced from $12 to $9 at some stores. it doesnt help when its same old minis at every store. its worse than the diecast line. instead of one or two being pegwarmers, its the whole line so far! only one i havent seen more than once is the yellow mcqueen and mater.

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