Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Checklist: Winter 2008 Major Changes & Where to Look for the NEW Ones …


On top of the changes to Box E (outlined here), as suspected, more changes were announced for Boxes F, G, H, & J (no Box I) and Mattel has basically announced that what was is/might be no longer for the rest of 2008.

They have replaced most of all the “new” in each box with the same old-same old.

In the next 5 boxes, including the changes to Box E, we have “lost” Pit Crew Member Sarge, Richard Clayton Kensington (Security Van), Dinoco Crew Chief, Trunk Fresh Crew Chief, Marco Super FAV-18 (Jet), Octane Gain Crew Chief and the return of regular Sarge (missing since last August).





(color scheme example)



(color scheme example)

In place, we get the return of CARS like Sheriff (first time on WOC individual card), re-releases of recent popular CARS such as Dinoco Helicopter and of course, the ever popular Dale Jr. so for relative newbies and new collectors (your post is here), it’s all pretty good news as you’ll get a chance to catch up on any of the CARS you’re missing … for longtime collectors, the news is not so great as new boxes with TWO Green Ramones is not particularly exciting news. For those stores with mostly empty pegs (unless you count 50 Boost’s as a full shelf), it’s a way to bring in new CARS customers as much as we think the Pit Crew Guys are cool, if you’re missing Lightning or Mater, it’s hardly a CARS collection … however, if your stores are peg-full – not much good news as they might order as many.

And of course, the un-knowing question – will it be harder or easier to find the two news ones in each shipment? I would have to guess harder since instead of having to budget for 6 new CARS, now people can just hoard up the ONE/TWO ones in each shipment … TWO Bug Mouth McQueen in Box G, why, Mattel, why?

Speaking of which, the big question is why?

I would say the answer is WAL*MART.

The only real logical reason for pulling 5 new CARS in the next 5 shipments* is because WM wants another set of exclusives.

The recent floor/shelf plan for WM’s around the country clearly indicate they are willing to set aside a huge chunk of space for Mattel’s CARS including the Mini’s … and WM does not just do you a favor by expanding or ordering another couple million CARS just for the sake of being a nice guy.

They want something in return.


They want the pell-mell rush of late last summer/early September when thousands if not millions of people ramgaged through their stores to secure the 8 CARS … and of course while you are there to buy up soap, DVD’s, bait and lard (well, that’s the reason I shop at WM ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

And because WM can giveth and taketh away, Mattel is willing to comply. Yes, they know exclusives are annoying to some customers but the other side of an exclusive is they know a retailer will order a set amount and agree to promote it … so Mattel is keeping one new CAR per shipment but moving everything else “new” to WM for the next couple months.

I have no idea if this set of WM exclusives will be 6 or 8 but I would find any other reasoning for Mattel suddenly pulling back on the “new” CARS lacking – I simply do not believe (as some have speculated) that Mattel decided just to go cheap by not releasing these. We know from the charity set & the leaked photos from Hong Kong that several of the CARS are in production including the Security SUV so not only has Mattel already paid for the molds and materials, any “new” CARS released are still flying off the shelves – has any Mia & Tia lasted more than 5 minutes on store pegs?

There were also rumors that CASE G would be a WM exclusive – well, clearly Case G just wasn’t exciting enough for WM … I’m sure they said something to the effect of,
“Case G just doesn’t excite us … what would excite us enough to order 1 million CARS?”) (WM seems to have ordered around that last year for the 8 exclusives).

It is obviously a little risky for Mattel as other stores might cut back but if your Target’s are like mine – they’re not ordering more than a case or two anyway and while TRU’s tend to order more, both of them combined do NOT equal WM’s 3,800+ stores. So, for Mattel – it was not a difficult decision. WM is buying enough to make it an “event,” presumably with an ad in the flyer also – so the promotions of the line will bring in new kids and collectors … and/or the situation might not be so benign – WM might’ve said to Mattel, we want to corner the market on “new” CARS. Play ball with us or we’ll cut back to one box per store so Mattel had no choice … and of course as part of the agreement, Mattel cannot publically discuss the situation … either way, what’s done is done.

For Mattel, it’s not the worst situation. WM’s interest is ultimately beneficial to Mattel. Because of WM’s size and ordering power, if they lose a little interest in you, you as a manufacturer loses so whether you like it, loath it or whatever, WM matters and you have to keep them happy. While Target is interested in the latest toys to bring you in week after week, CARS is not a critical part of their business. It’s nice but they are simply not as interested in toys overall to strike a deal like WM’s or WM doesn’t allow them the opportunity and will make pouty faces (along with not writing you a check) when you offer exclusives to other companies – however you look at it. As for TRU, it’s a strange relationship where toy manufacturers try to prop up TRU as best they can to offset WM such as offering TRU the playsets as exclusives … but again, TRU has a little over 580 stores and Target has some 1,500 stores … about 50% of the number of WM stores … Mattel has to simply accept the situation – their rationalization is that CARS continues to sell for the most part, whether it’s Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks or King, people continue to buy the CARS some of us have been looking at for nearly 20 months … they do not fly off the shelves like PCM Guido but it is steady. And who knows, the frenzy of the new WM exclusives might ignite a whoel new block of collectors who wonder if Lizzie is out …

Of course, for a consumer, the perspective is different – when your choice is narrowed to one store – no matter how large, it all depends on where you live and how much time you have to keep driving up to WM, personally, it’s much harder on the West Coast for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But, hey, it’s never dull collecting CARS, eh?

*(in reality, it’s more since shipments tend to spill onto to the next ones and new ones are included in the shipment following so by pulling 1 new one, it’s a cascading domino effect down the line in what you will see “new.”)

This is the chart showing Boxes F through J (no Box I) and what was announced before, what’s missing in red and the new assortment on the right.

Revised & Original 2008 listing here though after Box J, everything is up in the air now.

(While Mattel is at it, I think they need to save the launchers by trading out the race CARS for one or two Pit Crew members – I think most everyone knows where they can find Lightning, King & Nitroade …)


Your local Wm should be switching out this pallet of the new “green” Dale Jr #88 Mountain Dew AMP-National Guard car & merchandise …


For the new CARS one … technically, it’s not supposed to go up until 2/15/2008 – how compliant are most WM’s? In 2 of 3 stores around me, it’s already up and stripped bare of everything new but if it’s not up yet, look for it on the 15th and in another week, will it be restocked with the second wave of exclusives? Only time will tell … since WM’s backrooms leaks like a sieve, once we see CARS on eBay, we’ll know it’s another week or so before it’s supposed to hit. Guess we jumped the gun on guessing President’s Day … so the next weekend?


Some other people have brought up an interesting point – how long does Mattel have the license for a RED Dale Jr. #8 CAR? Is 2008 the last year and last time we’ll see the Pixar Dale Jr. #8? Is a “red car” trademarked and “trade-dressed” by DEI and or DEI & Budweiser? Though now DEI seems to have emptied their museum/store of Dale Jr’s red merchandise, does that technically mean they are “abandoning” it? Budweiser is now sponsoring the #9 Kasey Kahne car with what looks like essentially the same paint scheme though … so it will be interesting to see how this is all handled. It’s presumed most licensed-merchandise contracts are for a set period of time so it’ll be interesting to see what that period might be … so maybe the Dale Jr. CAR will be the next to be quietly retired (like the white rim FHH)?

REST OF CARS posts are here.


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109 responses to “Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Checklist: Winter 2008 Major Changes & Where to Look for the NEW Ones …

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  3. Bonita Bill

    What about the three packs? I’ve seen gold mia and tia on ebay. Also, will we still see octane gain in the pit stop launcher this Feb.?
    Chula Vista, CA.

    (METROXING: No changes to 3-pack – Mia & Tia should ship out in the next week or so – no word on when the next Launcher series is coming out but I imagine also in the next few weeks now that everyone is done with inventory).

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  6. Lou

    This is ridiculous. What is Mattel doing? I mean at what point do they risk losing kids and collectors’ interest with this constant game-playing and delays for no apparent reason. Yes, we all love this collection, but this is absurd. You would think Mattel would be cranking out these cars as fast as possible, in order to increase the bottom line. The toy industry is a tough business, so when you hit gold, you hit it hard for as long as possible before people lose interest and/or patience. It’s not like Mattel is knocking it out of the park, check out their share price hovering at $18-19. OK, enough of my rant, but really this is absurd.

  7. Bill

    Just a thought. Maby WM ultimate goal is to make the entire Cars line exclusive to WM. You know, they just can’t seem to want the other guys to make a few bucks. They do have the clout with Mattel to make it happen. Just a thought?

    (METROXING: It is possible but probably not likely because it might not be a commitment WM is willing to make … Mattel would ask a lot – everything they’re selling now + maybe 30-40% and of course, all guaranteed, probably more than WM is willing to commit since it’s just a toy line but that’s not to say WM will try to push it such as with this – gie us evrything new – that it “poisons” or annoys the other two big retailer they throw up their hands. I doubt that TRU would willingly walk away but Target might … so while they wouldn’t do anything overt, this strategy might annoy the other retailers in quitting the line so in a sense, it could happen but on the other hand, Mattel I’m sure is plotting out how to keep Target if it ever gets to that stage … yes, this is why you pay MBA’s the big bucks …)

  8. Ozzie Girl

    Gโ€™day from down under.
    In relation to case โ€˜Fโ€™, I do believe that the Charlie Checker is actually the Piston Cup Pace Car, they just changed the colour of the tail lights and renamed him – can anyone confirm this and do you have any photos of the new tail light colour change.
    Us aussies are just as mad on these cars as the rest of the world. As for mattel – well im sure we are saying what everyone else is say and it aint pretty.
    TIZMANIAN: G’Day to you from Up Top! Thank you for visiting our blog from the land of Oz. We appreciate it. We will check into your suggestion and see what we can find out.

  9. Bill

    One large Cars dealer told me today that he has not heard anything official from Mattel about WM exclusives on the new releases but that he is hearing some strong rumors that it is true. I guess if WM orders in the quantity that they did on the first 8 it could make it easier in most areas with a lot of WM around. Around here there were plenty of the first 8 to be had. It could put a hurtin on the dealers who sell mostly cases. I know that I have my case orders on hold until I see how this whole thing shakes out. These changes to the next 4 cases have REALLY weakened the appeal of these cases and they may not be finished yet. Mattel is definitely up to something.

  10. Bill

    It’s not highlighted in red on the update for cases F, G, H, J but Dinoco Crew Chief has also been removed.

    (METROXING: Thanks. I’m out on the road – will fix when I get back).

  11. Lou

    They’re killing the golden goose!!!

  12. Jeff

    I am relatively new to this collection, but I am completely hooked. I often stop by WM and Target and rarely find more than peg warmers. I have had better luck with my local KB. There is eBay of course, but by the time you include s&h the price per car gets a little steep, especially since my 2yo son plays with all but my favorites.

    Your blog is a tremendous resource for me. I have a question, are you in the toy industry? How do you get all of your information about cases and shipments etc.? (if it is not a trade secret that is)

    Thanks for continuing to help us all with this obsession.

    (METROXING; No, I just gather info from a bunch of sources, I do talk to some people in the toy & retailing industry. Thanks for reading!)

  13. Tom

    will anime chuki still be made? and if it will, when is the scheduled date? I NEED TO KNOW!

  14. Ozzie Girl

    According to my list of cases I have here Chuki is still on the new release case list – slated for case H – maybe April release but who knows now ?
    Anyones guess at this point.
    Still wanting to know what colour Charlies tail lights are now and any photos would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Yes, Chuki is still on the list … The Pace Car as it was known last autumn had red lights (as most real world cars should). The 3-Car gift pack with the Pace Car now named Charlie Checker has yellow tail-lights. Unfortunately, I believe this was purposeful on Mattel’s part – knowing that completists must have it – just as they’ve done recently with the whole NEW & blank cards for “new” CARS (they have the EXACT same factory production date so we know it’s not some accident or a change in marketing). On the other hand, 85% of buyers could care less but for that 15%, Matel has effective doubled sales …).

  15. Ozzie Girl

    Im a new HWC member, I wanted to join the RLC but I think its a waste of time for international members – they dont ship anything out of the USA so where would my car go if I joined ? In the too hard basket I presume

    I know I could open a PO Box with UPS and get things sent there and they can then send onto me but I know from past experience that their international shipping rates are outrageous. So unless I have a fixed USA address I wont get anything I want to buy. Not going to waste my US$30 just to be able to read things in the RLC pages……. G’day again. Ok, ive managed to get a USA address thanks to a buddy of mine, all i need to know is if anyone can enlighten me on the the Disney Pixar CARS RLC exclusive set “speedway of the south set” – anyone know the expected release date for this, how much its going to be etc and anything else I may need to know as I am a completist wanting this set…… Metroxing, you seem to know quite alot – got any ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Bill

    About the only info about the Speedway of the South set has only been rumors. The three main RUMORS are early summer 2008 release date, may be sold only online, and $150.00 to $200.00 price range. But these are only rumors! Everyone seems to be waiting for the upcoming Toyfair in a few weeks to see if anything other than rumors is revealed. You can be sure you will know on this site as soon as anyone knows for sure.

    (METROXING: It’s pretty much confirmed it should be no later than early summer and that the “big” set will be a RL Club exclusive. Whether the CARS are released earlier or later in smaller boxes is pure speculation now. If you go by the Dinoco 400 pricing (7 Piston Cup racers, $29.99 or @$4.30 a CAR or the 2006 Factory Set $149 for $5.51 a CAR (27 CARS) – you can pretty much assume the 35/36 CARS set will be no less than $149 and more likely $199) and several sources say 2,000 sets … I think it will take a couple days to sell 2,000 sets but no doubt a sellout. I anticipate that several hundred will be purchased for a quick eBay turnaround. If you factor in that a membership costs $25 and there will also be shipping (@$30) & taxes (@$20), anything around $199+75 is pretty much break even anyway. Frankly, I can’t see a huge profit or runup on eBay so I think you should be able to buy in the neighborhood of $299-$349. Most eBay sellers do not want to sit on an outlay of $275 for long (and of course, the $25 RL membership is only factored at 100% “loss” if you have no interest in other Hot Wheels (you do get a Hot Wheels with your membership that you can probably sell for $10-$15) and beyond the hundreds – maybe a thousand people who will be lined up at 9 AM to buy one … I really cannot see crazy demand of around $300 for box of CARS … demand, yes, crazy demand – no. Of course, it’s just IMHO and I’m not trying to steer you away because as I said, I’ll definitely buy one and perhaps two but I shall see … And if you’re overseas, other than shipping, if the dollar stays low, it certainly seems more prudent just to buy it on eBay but yea, if you want to be absolutely certain, you will need to find a US mailing address …).

  17. Bonita Bill

    I found a pit crew guido today. Thank, God.
    Chula Vista, Ca.

  18. Ozzie Girl

    G’day my mates,
    thanks heaps for all the info. metroxing your like a breath of fresh air – and a walking dictionary at that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Im not interested in purchasing for ebaying, we are afew collector friends who all rely on me to do that hard yaka for them. We would pay that amount thats been approximated as im sure your all just as itching to get your hands on a set or 3 as I am. When you say early summer – can you be more specific with what month as we are in opposite climates here – middle of summer and darn hot and humid. Doing calculations this end, even if it cost me US$350 (AU$400 approx), that is still cheap in comparison as to what you would pay for 1 of these cars on ebay/websites – which would average around the US$40 mark for some of them, plus the postage of this one car, so all in all that is still cheapish. I just like the idea of getting them all at once rather than wait a whole year just to grab some of them on a single card.
    I vote for Metroxing to be the head honcho at Mattel – anyone else agree ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we would definately get what we want now not in 12 months time. Oh, I got that US address already from a buddy of mine over there – am now cheering.

    (METROXING: Thanks and good luck on nabbing a Speedway! ๐Ÿ™‚ The rumor is June but could be earlier. Don’t worry – you’ll have at least a week’s notice … if the info does not leak out, Mattel posts the info a week before it goes on sale – normal & customary for the 10-12 Hot Wheels or other Mattel cars they offer – usually one per month …).

  19. Tom

    cars like Skip Ricter and Leroy Traffik should be made. Leroy Traffik would make a great toy, but skip ricter doesnt have a very high chance of being made. i just turned 18 and got my drivers license, and my 3 year old son is making me drive to all the walmarts and targets in the area. and he wants leroy traffik badly.

    (METROXING: Leroy is not scheduled as of now but in about 2 weeks is Toyfair so we might get an update for 2008 … check back then …).

  20. Todd

    Has anyone in Southeastern MA seen Tow and My name is not chuck? Desperately seeking the Walmarts, Toy RUs, and KB Toys. Let me know if anyone has seen them in this area.

  21. Ozzie Girl

    G’day again,
    Metroxing, regarding the speedway of the south set, I noticed there are 2 cars in with the #84 on them – Revolting and the Apple Mac iCar – is that correct ?
    Also, I can only find the names and photos of 35 cars but the set is presumably coming out with 36 cars – do you know the name of that mystery 36th car and any photos would be appreciated.
    Wet and cold in Oz today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    (METROXING: Weather is not much better here in NoCal … I thought it was always sunny in Oz ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think the last time I counted up the CARS listed our Piston Cup Racer directory it was 36? You sure it’s not 36? They’re in numeric order and CARS out are not shown though I suppose I could update that. And yes, Re-Volting & the Apple CAR are both #84).

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  23. Ozzie Girl

    Thanx metro ….. went back and triple checked – I missed SIDEWALL SHINE as the pic on the website i was looking on is wrong for it – theyve got REVOLTINGS photos there – oops !
    Maybe im looking on a diff website to the one you look at, heres where i got mine from

    Its raining again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    (METROXING: What? You don’t read everyone of our posts?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This went up last October …)

  24. Ozzie Girl

    Im a newbie to wordpress ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ta very much for that post, will kick ezeboard out of my favs now….lol
    Just seen a Mattel Factory 2006 Set on ebay – $US $379.99 (AU $420.58) – WHAAAA !
    Is it that special ? Is there any left in the RLC to buy?
    Later Mater and still raining – yes metro we do get this occasionally, people also think that we have Kangaroos hopping around the streets everywhere – in some places they do but not a very nice sight when they are hit by a car travelling at 100klmph. ;-(

    (METROXING: The last link in our post above links to all our other posts … They are sold out on the factory set but if you really want one, do a search save on eBay, I’ll bet you can get one for less than $250 USD if you are patient … especially when tax season rolls around in April ๐Ÿ™‚ … today is sunny finally and normal for us here in NoCal – for us, cold 55 degrees F but blue skies …).

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  26. Lou


    why is this happening? i mean in every other business where there is a market for things, the company does everything in their power to get that product to the consumer as fast as possible. Instead, Mattel continues to shove Lightning McQueen, Yellow Ramone and Green Ramone down our throats with reckless abandon. I just don’t understand it. Any insights to enlighten us would be great. Funny, the Wii is available everywhere but you can’t find Not Chuck anywhere.

    (METROXING: What you’re asking is reasoned, intelligent and you’re making too much sense. Mattel cannot talk to anyone like you because the next thing you’ll say the sky is blue … Can’t talk now, Hannah Montana Barbie has a …. arggghhh …).

  27. Bill

    Don’t forget the Dinoco Crew Chief (red) in cases G,H,I.

    (METROXING: Argghhhh …)

  28. Cheesehead Ken

    My take on the slowdown of new โ€œCarsโ€ diecast hitting the stores is a calculated attempt by Mattel to get the casual collector to buy into their other lines. For the last couple of months I hit the toy aisle every time Iโ€™m in a Walmart/Target to see if anything new is in. When little Johnny is with me he gets deeply disappointed when all he finds is more Mcqueenโ€™s. Dad doesnโ€™t want to disappoint Johnny so he resorts to buying the miniโ€™s or the racers or anything else โ€œCarsโ€. Once Dad buys into that second line heโ€™s stuck cause Johnny needs mini red to go along with mini sally. They havenโ€™t drawn me in yet, Iโ€™m holding my ground, Johnny has been leaving with a box of candy or maybe a new movie. Be careful Mattel, Iโ€™m actually sensing a downturn in Johnnyโ€™s interest in your diecast line.

  29. paul mumby

    when can i purchase a lead free sarge for my grandson ?

    (METROXING: Ebay is pretty much your only choice … more should be out by summer – an eternity for a grandson, I know ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a rundown on what’s out, what’s hard & what’s easy to find.)

  30. Brush

    Is anyone finding the newer movie moments? I can’t seem to find any Dinoco Mia/Tia, Flea/Flick, etc. Are these delayed as well?

  31. BMW

    ToysRUs here yesterday was full of the Gift paks with 3 cars, at 9.99 ea. 8 -10 deep per peg. All were the Dirt track Docs and Lightning Ramones. No Charlie Checkers. Also full of minis. Maybe a new shipment or are these going to be the new pegwarmers? Won’t buy this set for one new car for 10 dollars. MM Tex Dinoco and McQueen also plentiful. The store had an enormous amount of space devoted to Cars, but nothing I wanted. Are minis going to take over?

    (METROXING: While the Mini’s are selling, they are not selling as well as CARS 1:55 so while Mattel is pushing it (and all the big 3 are on board), it will be interesting to see if it lasts more than through this summer …).

  32. Brian

    Does anyone happen to know when Wal-Mart stocks their shelves with ANY of the Cars? I have been searching everywhere for the Dale Jr. car – which I know is already out – and I can’t seem to find them. I would imagine most of the new line flies off the shelves once it hits, but I wouldn’t mind being one of “those guys” that gets there right after they put out their stock. I’ve managed to get there a few hours after they’ve restocked, but by the time I get there, most of the new releases are gone and I’m left with the first set of WM exclusives.

    Please, if anyone knows around what time and when they stock their car shelves, please please please let me know.


    (METROXING: Non 24-hour stores will generally pick a couple days a week and stock at night. If you show up just before they close, you will see the aisles lined with pallets wrapped in plastic – but it’s hit or miss because some departments will start stocking an hour before closing and might just happen to stock CARS an hour before they close and if you’re there … look on the pallets. They are small rectangle boxes from Mattel that read CARS character assortment, they might even be willing to open it for you … or the shelf should be ready to go the next morning provided it’s a store where the employees don’t hide or grab the best items … if the stores are ful,l of employees, I would guess stocking goes on Sunday and Wednesday nights but that’s just the most likely nights and each store can be different depending on the manager …).

  33. Bonita Bill

    It looks like it is box A that is in my area right now. It has the pit crew guido, daryll cartrip, race official tom and more of everything else we already have. Still looking fo a barney stormin and bruiser.
    Chula Vista, Ca.

  34. Tracey

    All Wal- Mart stores are restocked every night. They almost always get a truck every night and has to be worked to the floor by 7 in the morning. You can always call and ask for the dept. manager in toys to see when the next shipment is coming in.

  35. Terri

    Brian, I am a frequent wal-mart shopper at night. I go to the 24 hour wal-marts on Saturday night’s about once a month. I do not always find something good but I have found things a number of times. If it is a 24 hour wal-mart the stockers are more likely to open a box for you too. They know you can wait until they open it anyway. Offer to peg the rest for them. They appreciate collectors who are considerate. Many collectors out there will just open the box themselves and that is not cool. It can get them in trouble and makes a mess for the stockers. Also try Mervyn’s. I have found several Dale Jr’s there. If you are comfortable posting your email address I will email you back to get your address. I can send you a Dale Jr. I have a couple extra. Good luck.

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  38. collector by marriage

    Just thought I would let you know…we are in ohio and we hit a gold mind today.

    Race official Tom
    My name is not Chuck
    Dale Earnhardt jr

    and then we also got some new mini adventures

    radiator springs fire department lightnin mcqueen mater

    radiator springs fillmore and sarge

    lightnin mcqueens team lightning ramone and flo

    sarges boot camp doc hudson and sheriff

    we also got a super charged dale cartrip at sears

    It was our lucky day!!! I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack lol

    we have a couple of extras of the first four if anyone is in need.

  39. collector by marriage

    sorry but everything was at wal mart…forgot to put that part in

  40. GourmetAnarchy

    @Collector By Marriage

    my son needs Tom, Tow and Chuck. Where in Ohio are you. I am in Youngstown.

    Incidentally, yesterday I found 2 3-pack Gold Mia/Tia/Bling Bling McQ . Picked up both of them.

    My local Walmart set up a new display mini’s on 2 sides, single cars on one and 3-packs on the other side. So hopefully we are getting more really soon.

    Interestingly enough, on that new display, they had pics around the top…Mater, LM, Sally and on the other side was a Walmart Semi. Wonder if that would be an exclusive…

  41. Lou


    Please, I want to give you my money. A lot of my hard earned money. Please take it, oh pretty please. All I ask in return is that you give me some scraps of metal in the shape of a toy car with some painted logos and decals. Please, oh pretty please take my money.

  42. collector by marriage

    gourmet anarchy…
    if you still have the gold mia and tia we could do a trade we are in cleveland. let me know

  43. GourmetAnarchy

    Sure, email me

    I am sure we could meet half way.

  44. Mr. T

    Hope this is the right place to post this…

    I have been collecting these things for a while (OK obsessively searching.) I missed out on the desert series but that is alright. I am just looking at getting one of each of the CARS themselves (My kids have them too – although not as many.) I have surfed around a while and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about busting them out of their packages and displaying them or keeping them sealed?? So far, I still have them sealed but all hanging on the wall but am open to ideas….

    (METROXING: I would say right now, the 12-back desert cards might be worth the most – now, does that mean they will be valuable or even keep pace with inflation, that’s hard to say … but if you missed them, no biggie, the CARS have all been re-released so you’re fine … now the big question is whether open or sealed. Normally, sealed is always more valuable BUT when you’re talking 88 CARS out now and soon, in a couple weeks – maybe 100? At that point, it impossible to say because the pool of people interested in “completing” a collection that large in one fell swoop is pretty small … because most people who enjoy collecting enjoy the hunt for it so while they might break down and buy a portion of it to start, listing 100 CARS for a starting bid of $350.00 (presuming you’re just breaking even to start) is probably not going to attract a lot of attention also because most of the CARS are out and available … but the bigger question is a year from now or two – will we be at 200? 300? 350 CARS? … I can pretty much tell there are not a lot of people who want to buy 350 CARS at one time unless you are just breaking even or losing money on the deal … so there’s no reason to be an ultra completist if your budget allows and your wife won’t find out (I’m going to have to rent a storage unit, who’s in with me? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) … but don’t collect them just to sock them away … while there are certain CARS that will probably be more valuable sealed, the bulk of the CARS will be worth about the same open or sealed … again, just my opinion so if I’m wrong, no crying! ๐Ÿ™‚ … so, open – enjoy and buy an extra one to open … they display so much nicer and they’re fun to look at and roll around … you can always donate them to some poor deprived child in Beverly Hills who has no Dale Jr …).

  45. CarsMama

    We have had no luck finding a Dale Jr. here in Omaha. My 5 year old keeps asking why we can’t find one. If you still have an extra we would love to get it from you. Our email is Let me know.

  46. Ham Salad

    The mysterious Plan-O-Gram listing for “CARS S G ASST” is for the Shake and Go Cars, not an exclusive ssortment of die-cast vehicles. The shelf tags indicate a price in line with the S&Gs, which are too high for the regular die-cast line.

    My three local WalMarts here in Oregon have put out the newest assortment of Shake and Gos on these pegs; these include yellow Ramone, Dinoco McQueen and Brand New Mater.

    So, while the idea of another batch of WalMart exclusive Cars isn’t unlikely, they’re not going on those particular pegs.

  47. Pingback: Pages tagged "pixar"

  48. how many cars will be made in all?

    because my dad is going to get me a display case but i do not know how much it should hold.

    (METROXING: Is your dad a structural engineer? ๐Ÿ™‚ Because there are about 90 CARS out now (presume you open them) … another 70 are scheduled – listed for 2008 SO FAR – now whether they all come out but I would bet that we will get at least that many Toyfair is coming up) so we could hear more … and that’s just through 2008, who doesn’t think the line won’t last until 2009? Have you check out our HOW TO DISPLAY post?)

  49. BMW

    How many of you have seen the new Walmart cubes/pallets? I have looked here in Houston but none at my Walmarts.

  50. collector by marriage

    We have them here in ohio thats how we struck gold!!! Must of been set up right before we got there….only one of our local walmarts has it though.

  51. TurboBrett

    I ran across a Walmart who just stocked a corner end-cap.. or whatever you call those two-peg-wide strips from floor to top of shelf on the side of the isle end-cap. I was able to score every single car I didnt have yet in one go!
    PC Not chuck, tow, tom, PC guido, Dale jr.. It was like a dream come true – showing up just after they expanded and stocked a new cars section.

    (METROXING: Pretty amazing … my WM has the complete collection of Mike & Sulley – anyone need those? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  52. Bill

    Our WM has enough Lightyear Blimps to fill a real blimp. And enough Ghostlight Ramones to fill half another one ( Mattel, we REALLY needed 2 more of these in a case ). We do have the big box pallet display with nothing exciting in the singles side of the “Box”. There are enough of the 3 Car Gift Packs to warm the frigid north! I don’t collect the Mini Cars but some of them on that side of the “Box” I haven’t seen before. Maby someone going to Toyfair can snatch some of the Mattel people and take them for a brain scan!!!

  53. chris

    what wm exclusives will be out on pres. day?

    (METROXING: Since WM tends to leak like a sieve, since nothing is out yet, it’s looking highly unlikely its’ President’s Day … I would say it’s 5-7 days from the first eBay leak as to the day it should be on the shelves … ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  54. CaseStalker

    SO it appears that the WM shipper has no new cars in it? Anyone? Is there any evidence that it has new cars? BTW I used the Target code and got my easter mini’s from the back room!

    (METROXING: I think the WM pallet includes Tow, My Name is Not Chuck & Dudley Spare? Good news on the Target Easter Eggs … egg color matches our photos?)

  55. Bill

    Has anyone actually found a Dudley Spare in the WM pallet display? They moved ours out of the toy dept. and put an entire pallet of birdseed where it was.

    (METROXING: I know that’s what I want when I go shopping – a ton of birdseed …).

  56. Todd C

    I found all 4 of the WM exculsives this morning at the Bellingham, MA store. They had no cars out yesterday, but all were on the pegs this morning. Plenty of the old standbys also. There were only a couple of the Dudley Spares though.

  57. Bill

    Just when I had given up on our, the pegs are always empty, KM I stopped in this morning and to my surprise I found 2 fresh from the case Gold Mia & Tias. I wasn’t going to buy any of the Gift Packs but they were so cute I had to take the golden girls home. The best deal in our area on the Gift Packs is TRU. Buy 2 get 1 free. But only for a few more days. And WM still has plenty of birdseed in the toy dept. Where are pictures from Toyfair? I thought we would be seeing some by now. Any News???

    (METROXING: I updated the 2008 sealed cases post with pics from Toyfair of the CARS due out in the next 6 months or so. Some of the pics added to this post are also actual shots of the prototypes. No earth-shattering announcements or news yet. TWO TONS of Mini’s coming – I will out up a new post of those once I sort through everything).

  58. CaseStalker

    Todd C do you mean the OLD WM exclusives? I went by a SWM and they had a dedicated endcap but I was about 2 weeks late. It had a bunch of “Cacti” left on the pegs though. I assume they had a back log of Cacti, TJ etc. I was bummed cuz I want the TUF GUY TJ. Also does the single pack Charlie Checker have Yellow Tail lights like the 3 pak?***Regarding Easter Mini’s my egg colors match the photos.

  59. Todd C

    The ones I got today were Tow, My Name is Not Chuck, Charlie Checker (w/yellow tail lights), & Dudley Square. I thought these were the new WM exclusives, but maybe I am mistaken.

    (METROXING: Not technically WM exclusives – they just got them first).

  60. After reading this article,I want to go out to see the movie with my boy firend.
    Goodbye and Good Luck.

  61. Connor

    Hey, hope to see the new Cars display up at Walmart soon. We are in the process of getting a Super Walmart so maybe New Store = New Cars ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have seen Gold Mia and Tia at our Walmart in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

    (METROXING: That’s definitely the best time. But note – they will often have a ‘soft’ opening a few days before the “Grand Opening” so be sure you are there when they actually open the doors and not a few days to get a balloon but no CARS ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  62. Pingback: Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: โ€œMore Coming โ€ฆโ€ Toyfair 2008 Part II « TWO A DAY

  63. Mara

    Anybody seen the Cars pallets at WM in Northern California yet? I have looked and found nothing but mostly old stuff. And definitely no pallets. One WM didn’t have any Movie Moments, not even a place for them.

    (METROXING: I’m in NoCal but the pallet is probably gone, I would think WM would’ve re-filled it by now … my original speculation about exclusives might not be happening so …)

  64. Bill

    Our WM put a pallet display out titled “Easter Deals On Wheels”. A good bit of it is Hot Wheels. One side has the HW Stunt Sets. Part of another side has misc. cars & trucks. NO Disney Cars! It’s really odd to me that all of these new releases just disappeared from the cases and there doesn’t seem to be any info., even from Toy Fair. All our local store is getting are a few F cases and tons of the Gift Packs.

    (METROXING: Well, I’m on to a new theory, check our Toyfair II post …)

  65. I got lucky when i went to walmart on thursday!! I got tom,tow,Dineco Helicopter,not chuck and mario andereti!

  66. Lisa

    i’m in st. louis, mo. the target by me has not had any cars for weeks. they haven’t had any single packs, doubles, triple or mini’s. i find it really strange.

    (METROXING: The area around me is pretty dismal also. Maybe if a couple thousand of us filled out this form asking ‘Where Be Our CARS?’ … well, perhaps better grammar might get us a better answer ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  67. Lisa

    I filled out the form for Target. Thanks for the tip.

    Any tips on getting Flik and Pt. Flea besides paying 30 plus on amazon. I have been looking forever. No one in my area has ever seen them. I called Mattel around Xmas and they had no record of Flik and Pt. Flea. Obviously, they are out there b/c I saw the pair on amazon.

    from a car crazed girl

    (METROXING: Mattel can’t always help unless you know the particular UPC or code number. The problem is that while they have clearly over-estimated demand on most of the previous Pixar parodies Movie Moments, what is the right number in this case? Flik & PT Flea are only scheduled for three shipments and 1 to each box so if the store orders 1 or 2 boxes, the odds of seeing Flik/Flea are pretty remote – hopefully the situation will improve with the later shipments but hard to say … if the store orders 10 boxes, then it might be easier – if you check our main post of 2008 shipments, you can see what else ships with Flea & Flik – especially the older ones so if you can kinf of guage based on what other MM’s you see if that box arrived and presumably how many the store got …)

  68. GourmetAnarchy

    Took my wife to the doc’s today and decided to drop her off and go to TRU. I didn’t find any new singles, but I found 2 Mater Curio Shops!! Luck of the draw I guess.

  69. CaseStalker

    My SWM does not even have peg’s for MM’s anymore! The toy manager said they sat so long she sold them at $3/each and never ordered more. I asked if she would and she said order more and she’s “considering” it. The other WM is stocked full of sally/mcqueen and flo/ramone’s and not selling. I feel like the MM’s are doomed!

  70. GourmetAnarchy

    We still have the MM @ my local WM, but they are Buzz and Woody, Mike and Sully and LM and Sally.

    I have seen LM and Tex, Luigi, Guido and Tractor, Luigi and Guido, and Flo and Ramone @ other stores (Target, Kmart, TRU).

    Nothing new though.

  71. Mara

    The TRU and Targets in NorCal are fairly empty. The TRU has mainly Supercharged Cars they can’t sell from the fall. Target was just wiped out; it looks like they haven’t gotten orders in weeks. They have their 3 pks on sale for $10.99, regular 13.99, a little pricey since regular price is $9.99 at WM & TRU, the MM were the $6.25 or whatever, but not one to be seen, and the Dinaco 400 set is onsale for something like $25.99 but it is on clearance on the Target website for $17.99, though with shipping, they may even out. Pretty dismal here, looking for the newest MM and not seeing anything but a Rusty & Dusty I got weeks ago at Target. I am hoping that Mattel is going to update the boxes after J soon so we know what else is coming out besides Lightning Ramone and Chuki.

  72. CaseStalker

    Yeah and I gave my red mia tia to a friend and forgot it was MINE! So now I’m waiting for them to show up as well as Flik and Gasprin. They will show up, on the day I don’t…Why doesn’t Mattel just release a whole case of new stuff? They could sell 10 times as much, 10 time as fast!!! I should get the 150k salary form Mattel to market their crap.

    (METROXING: Yea, it’s one thing to keep shipping old singles CARS as newbies are coming onboard and while they sell much slower, they do sell … but the MM’s are just crazy poor packing and without an eye on store inventory – annoying customers and retailers just because they’re lazy … you’re absolutely right. Once you have the molds done, it doesn’t any any difference if they pack 4 Gaspirin or two … and if the stores sell out, THEY WILL ORDER MORE – hard to order more when the shelves are FULL – Hello, Mattel?)

  73. Nancy

    Knowing I’m NOT the only one who can’t find anything new is a tad bit comforting but….

    I like CaseStalker’s idea of just putting out a whole case of new stuff instead of one per case. I’m so frustrated I’m pestering family & friends in other states to look for them. I’ve got friends, who don’t even collect for themselves, addicted to looking everywhere they go because I’m so frustrated. Is anybody at Mattel listening? Hear me roar?

  74. Lisa

    I hear you Nancy! I am frustrated too. I went to 2 Targets —nothing on the shelves, 2 WM, K-Mart, and TRU—a lot but all old. They should put one or two old ones per case and all the rest new. The old ones are sitting on the shelves (except for at Target?).

  75. GourmetAnarchy

    Wandered into my local WM tonight and to my surprise, someone was actually stocking the toys instead of leaving them in the boxes all night.

    Found one (and only one) new box, not of the singles, but the launchers.

    Finally got my hands on Octane Gain.

    My son was extremely happy to see that one!

  76. CaseStalker

    My WM and Target just put out new cases but theres nothing new, They were Case G which has nothing new other than Leak Less on WOC card for the first time I think. G has about all the newest releases in one case if you didn’t get TOW, TOM ,PC Guido, Dudley, or NOT Chuck. If you are collecting an “opener” like me Not Chuck is hard to find without a chip on his bill or elsewhere. TOW also has cracks in the yellow decal paint quite often. I am “Stalking the Cases” but the MM’s are the only one’s I need right now and the hardest to come by. I’m befreinding my WM toy manager in hopes he’ll order new MM’s and toss the other’s in a sale bin. Why can’t they just sell the new MM cars for 9.99 and the old ones for 4.99 ehhh? Same with the singles, 6.99 new and 1.99 old? Yeah I’m a marketing genius.

  77. Lisa

    target (st. louis, mo)today had gotten in a lot of cars—finally–nothing new though. there was quite a few dinoco mia and tias, but not new for me. i even helped stock the shelves. i’m beginning to be a casestalker too. wasn’t flik and pt. flea supose to be in the case with dinoco mia and tia? i’m also looking for pit crew member guido—hopefully he will become more available. it sounds like wm is the place to go for him. went to wm yesterday—more stock—nothing new—unless someone was able to purchase the new ones before i got there. i did see the 2 different RPMs. one is definitely brighter then the other.

    casestalker—what do you mean about leakless. does he come with a card or is it just different packaging?
    my name is not chuck has a chip? tow cracks in paint? of course, my sons are all chipped up. they seem to chip really easy. not like when i was a kid –the hotwheels didn’t chip so much. i will have to check the ones we don’t open. we buy 2. one to open and another to put away. then i don’t freak when the others are chipped up.

  78. megaheat2008


  79. husker_crazy

    Anyone looking for PT Flea or the new Tow Cap and Gasprin set should stop making trips to Wal-Mart. As Flea nd Flik have been released in two cases this year they have only been released (1) per case and for the young lady wondering why Flea wasn’t in the case with Dinoco Mia & Tia.. it is because the C case is barely making it’s way to stores which contained 2 each of Dinoco Mia & Tia and a couple of other..okay..sets. The D and E case which contain the Bug’s Life boys have only popped up at Target and K-mart. Yeah…K-mart. You would think Wal-Mart would have the best selection seeing they have the market share on toys but it seems that they are understocking, maybe in anticipation of a new “exclusives” set. My local store hasn’t stocked MM since Christmas!! Now, Target has their Movie Moments on sale and now my local K-Mart has ALL CARS products, buy 1, get the second 50% off!! Trying to find Cars locally has become unreasonable and with the price of gas sKY ROCKETING!! it is almost unbearable. With the sequel confirmed things are unlikely to improve so to fellow hunters and dealers, Buenas Suerte (good luck)! Mattel……suck it.

  80. CaseStalker

    Lisa-Leak Less is not new just newly re-released on the NEW package. (for completists) Also I buy a set to open in my display case and if it’s “pre-chipped” in the package maybe it’s an error, but out of the package it’s another chipped toy not great for display.

    Husker- My Kmart is across town so maybe $20 for Towcap and Gasprin on Ebay isn’t too bad… Plus does Sears own Kmart? Maybe Sears has the MM’s?

    (METROXING: Yes, Sears owns KM but in most Sears, the toy department is pretty small – during the holidays, they did expand it to carry some CARS but I don’t think they re-stocked after Xmas … you might check if you’re there but the odds are not great. Well, if you can get Tow Cap/Gaspirin for $20 including shipping … but unless you have to be first, it will be more common as its included in other shipments (sort of Mr. & the King now).

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  82. Lisa

    Thanks CaseStalker! Unfortunately I started to late to be a completist.

    I just checked the Sears here in St. Louis yesterday. Nothing—only carrying toys during the Xmas holiday.

  83. collector by marriage

    My daughter has been asking if they are coming out with the “Pink” mater…she calls her Maters girlfriend….any idea??? or am i missing something

    (METROXING: Mater’s girlfriend was discussed but never shown … well the Mini Adventures Mater is colorful (Target Easter Egg – check our new Mini’s checklist (top post) to view pic … or the new Chuki car is cute and pink – not technically Mater’s girlfriend but there is the sequel ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  84. Jen it’s very fusterating trying to track down these cars. But on the other hand once you find them it’s a rush! The stock guy in charge of the toy dept at my local WM knows me very well now. The other week I seen him walk out of the car isle, he smiles & tells me just stocked up! I was able to grab my second set of Dudley, Pit Gudio, chuck, Tow, Pace & Tom. He did tell me that they will not be carring the MM anymore, same with all the WM I’ve visited in the last 3 weeks. So where are we to buy them other than TRU?
    I was randomly in Target this same week, I know Target has been having a hard time getting cars. The shelves are EMPTY and have been that way for months in my area. But I found a GOLD MIA & TIA. I swiped that up faster than you can say BINGO! It’s just in time for my sons Easter Basket. Is Target having a hard time getting Mattel shipping them cars?

    On a random note I did come across (in WM) piston pace car (before he was repackaged/renamed)His tail lights are a different color than the 2nd released car.

    I can’t wait for the new cars to come out! I already spoke with my WM toy guy. They have ordered 18 cases of cars and I know when they are comming in…hopefully some new ones.

    (METROXING: Um, so let us know what they ordered and when is it coming?)

  85. BMW

    So what is up with Walmart and MM? Mine has not stocked any new ones either since Christmas?
    From the posts here, it seems no one else is finding them at Walmart.

  86. CaseStalker

    the “Boxing” blog link is dead.

  87. Bill

    WM still has the MM in the inventory system but are not reordering at this time. If the Gift Packs continue to pile up with repacks of the same old stuff they will meet the same fate as the MM. Mattel needs to decide what they want to do with the multiple packs and start doing it right! WM will only tolerate so many million peg warmers.

  88. Lisa

    stopped in wm today. the lady in charge of toys said they received 2 cases on sunday—already gone. one of the very few days i didn’t check. she keeps telling me she never knows when they are going to send her cars. is she just telling me that? it sounds like from Jen’s posting they order what they want—or maybe every wm is different???
    i wish someone would get 18 cases around here.

    i also went to target today—not many and nothing new. i talked to the gentleman in charge of toys. he said they are having vendor problems.

    i’m getting really frustrated. the mini’s are always the same too. there are 3 packages out there that must have been released, but are impossible to find. will they become easier to get in the future?

    yesterday i was going thru my mini’s and i have the one with doc hudson and lightning mcqueen. however, the packaging says the fabulous hudson hornet and doc hudson. are mistakes worth more, less or indifferent?


    (METROXING: On the Mini’s, is it the Lightning McQueen Team or another one? If it is an error, someone might pay you a little extra).

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  90. Lisa

    what is that link above. it is talking about real cars—about some engine made in france??

  91. Bill

    Isn’t there any way to keep these (have nothing to do with Disney Pixar Cars) posters off the site? Are they lost? Anyway, while making a Cars run this AM I see that WM has stocked a bunch of Speed Racer items. 5 different ones to be exact. They look pretty cool. I don’t have another extra walk in closet so I’ll have to stick with the Cars. But, Speed Racer looks like he is going to be big. At least WM thinks so. They are all priced from $7.97 to $11.97.

    (METROXING: Your WM already has Speed Racer stuff out? That’s fast).

  92. Lisa

    it is the lightning mcqueen team. underneath lightning it says, “doc hudson”.

    i went to 2 targets, wm and tru today. if i see another green ramone, cactus mcqueen or mm sally and lightning—-i think i am going to be sick!! we have those already mattel!

  93. peter

    Hi Metroxing
    Mattel have changed so many contents in there cases so on your recent changes info on this website,im just wondering if case H with anime chuck and phase ramone will be in this box as you just dont know now with mattel so how accurate are these contents?,Any feedback would be great.
    Thankyou and keep up with the great website

    (METROXING: I haven’t heard of anyone getting the shipment yet – I don’t think it’s going to be out until early April – I would say it’s a 99% certainty there aren’t any more changes and that it will be as accurate as revised. By now, everything should be packed on ships and if not already at the docks, almost here ready to go to Mattel’s & retailer warehouses …).

  94. Bill

    The toy dept. manager said that they put out all of the Speed Racer toys last night. I was surprised because this WM is one of the slowest in the area getting Cars. Oh well, Even a blind pig roots up an acorn every now and then! (Its a southern thing)

  95. CaseStalker

    The SpeedRacer box I saw on the palette said not on shelves until March 30th. Also my Target Toy Manager is frustrated with her rep. She threatened them with loose the space or get it stocked (thanks partly to me I presume!) Ebay only shows Gasprin and Flik MM’S being sold from a few key states so it obviously is bogged down in distribution. I mean in Colorado we’re generally only +/- 3 weeks behind the first Ebay listing. Megaheat2008 eluded to this. According to my Walmart Toy Manager the distribution centers are probably full of older MM’s so they are not “re-upping” until the ever so unpopular old MM’s sell and other toy mangers just made their own decisions to bail.

  96. Lisa

    i think they should put out the new ones and hold on to the old ones. at some point new people will start collecting and then want those old ones they weren’t around for. my son took interest at 3 and the movie was already out for i think 2 years. we didn’t start collecting until last fall. it seems logical to me.

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  99. Mr. T

    For a while there I was searching everywhere for the new releases or not so new (tow, towcap, and gasprin) and cannot find them anywhere except e-bay. I am beginning to wonder if the new ones are really coming out?! Here is me…. frustrated and getting ready to call it quits (yeah right)

    (MET: I’m sure you don’t want to hear that other than Flea/Flik, the others all seem to be turning up around the country … but the supply situation is improving – just hang in there – you can quit BEFORE the Motor Speedway set is out).

  100. Doug

    I read that Sears only had Cars during the holidays. Well, in San Diego, that is not true! They always have a great selection!

  101. Doug

    Last time they had tom official, PCM Guido, Pace car and more! They actually have a big toy section. However, still not much luck finding new cars

  102. Bill

    All of the Chuki and Lightning Ramone that I have received in my cases do not have the “New” on the cards. Have you heard if Mattel is doing away with the “New” cards? I Hope!

    (MET: I have a Chuki card with the NEW (as well as one without). I have yet to see a Lightning Ramone with NEW – technically, it’s not really “new” since it was available on a three-pack but we shall see what definition Mattel applies to ‘new,’ going forward).

  103. Monica

    Doug which Sears in San Diego? UTC or El Cajon?

  104. Monica

    Doug which Sears in San Diego? UTC or El Cajon?

  105. peter

    Good morning
    Have you any confirmation on the disney pixar cars case K as its advertised with 2 new characters like the van and dinoco pity etc as there are on pre-sales on now,any info would be appreciated,scheduled release on may 10th 08

    (MET: I have updated the WHAT’S AFTER IN BOX J post – just scroll down a little. There’s no 100% guarantee as no one has received it yet to open but if it is – it’s a little more interesting than the recent ones as it comes a couple new ones plus Chuki … and possibly the first appearance of Guido on his own card? Of course, why not …).

  106. Mikey

    I just came back from Wal Mart and they had a blue pallet on the floor fully stocked. There was a large quantity of Stacy, Dale, Al Oft, Trunk Fresh Launcher, No Stall Launcher, Rpm Launcher, and a bunch of others. I got 2 Stacy, 2 Trunk Fresh, 2 No Stall, 2 Al Oft, and 2 Dales. One for my son and one to put away. I got there about noon and it almost seemed as if they had just put it out because I think i was the first to go through it. There was no Kathy Copter, or Dinoco Pitty. Those are the two new ones located on the back that were not there on the pallet. I was going to buy a bunch to help those who need them but i have a extra Flik and Flea that no one seems interested in so I left them for the next family to find. I was so stoked when i saw them i was like a kid in the candy store. Metro I took pictures from my iPhone if you want me to send them however they did not come out all that good. I am getting ready to leave to run errands so i can download them later tonight if you want them. I hope everyone has the same luck i just had!

    (MET: I just got home from WM – pics going up as soon as I sort through what’s coming and what’s been moved … anyone, always feel free to email photos to me at metroxing (at) … if I can use them, I will – thanks!).

  107. dloc20

    does any one knows where i could find FLEA FLIK please let me know thank…

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