Mattel Pixar Cars: NEW Mini Adventures Target Easter Eggs


Looks like Target has a new exclusive for Easter and it’s ACTUALLY an exclusive! … Yes, no more crappy re-packagings and it’s even reasonably priced (last year’s mock ornament was almost 80% more than regular pricing for what? A 1-dimensional hanging cardboard circle they called an ornament? …)


It’s three different MINI ADVENTURES Cars sets.


(this looks like the ‘rainbow’ Mater shown at Comic Con last year … though it looks like they did not paint/add a design to the roof)


Thanks to reader “Sarah”, she says the other two are:

Fillmoreโ€™s Festival; a red, white, & blue Sarge with Fillmore
A light blue Ramone with a purple & pink Flo.



Completists might note, reader “Kdippong22” notes that the Ramone/Flo set & the LM/Mater set come with BLUE or GREEN eggs but that the Sarge set only appears with a RED egg but perhaps time will tell if you find the Sarge set in different colors eggs.

UPDATE: Now, we’re not so sure LM or Flo comes in BOTH colors. I have visited 4 Target’s and where they have them displayed, I have only see the three packages in the three eggs as show in the photo above … and I looked about 10 sets selling on eBay and they all match so we’re waiting on photographic proof so for the time being, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find them – they might be a rare error set … and until we turn up a batch for them, it’s just an error – amusing and interesting but otherwise, not consider a color variant.

UPDATE #2: Well, they’re pretty real to reader, Kdippong22 who was kind enough to snap a few pics for us …


He loaded the other pics online – links in the comments, thanks Kdippong22.

Here’s what the bin position looks like & the tag – some stores are still loading Easter stuff since technically it’s about a month away …



Or you can pretend to be a spy and try and decipher my low res blurry photo … okay, here’s the number below and reader John recommends calling and having them set them aside for you. Here’s the Target store locator webpage.

Thanks to reader Susan, the Target code seems to be 087-07 1795.

Our original CARS Mini post & the follow-up.

And these don’t appear to be on the regular schedule of Mini’s coming out … so finally, an exclusive that’s really an exclusive … though, of course – not the 1:55 scale CARS.

And resistance is futile …


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24 responses to “Mattel Pixar Cars: NEW Mini Adventures Target Easter Eggs

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  2. Susan

    I was just at target and the # is 087-07 1795. I saw the same empty bin you saw.

    (METROXING: Well at least I’m not the only one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … hope it just wasn’t stocked yet …)

  3. Kdippong22

    We scored all three new ones tonight. Something caught our eye though, unlike the previous sets Target has released, Ramone & Flo eggs come in either blue or green, as well as Lightning McQueen & Mater. Sarge & Fillmore can only be found in red. I haven’t seen any previous eggs where they come in two different colors. I don’t know if it’s really anything or just more randomness to it all.

    (METROXING: Completist collectors, take note! I’ll guess I’ll start a list and keep track. When you say blue or green, you mean both are always the same color? Or one is blue and one is green?)

  4. Kdippong22

    METROXING: When you say blue or green, you mean both are always the same color? Or one is blue and one is green?)

    For example – The Flo & Ramone egg pictured above is also available in a blue egg.

    (METROXING: I guess I thought it was two eggs per package but now I’m clear … thanks).

  5. GourmetAnarchy

    Guys and Gals,

    Don’t forget the Walmart Cars Easter Eggs. I can’t tell if they are exclusive, but there are 2 that I saw:

    LM & Mater

    They play music and spin with confetti flying around inside the egg when you push the button. I saw them the other day.

    (METROXING: Are they in scale or part of either the MINI or 1:55 line?)

  6. Sarah

    I had an employee at Target check to see if they had the Easter Mini Adventures yet since the whole section for Easter was empty. He brought out a new box and I noticed that it only had one Ramone & Flo in it. I think it had 8 sets total in the box. Another employee told me that each store will set up their Easter display when they have room since it’s going in the same section that Valentine’s Day was in. The Valentine’s Day stuff is now 75% off so I would think it’s going to be all set up this week. My guess is that since there seems to be only one set of Ramone & Flo in a box it will be harder to find that one.

    (METROXING: Interesting. I did finally find a Target with it in stock – there was around 8 of them which I presume was a box since the bin is only so large – there were three Sarge sets, 3 LM’ sets and 2 Flo’s – now that might be from more than 1 box since I was there at around 1 PM, they might’ve opened a second box but interesting to note – the other reader claims that Sarge’s set is only with red eggs and the others come in both colors – can you confirm? My set matches the photos from the posting. I did not see LM or Flo in another color egg).

  7. Sarah

    Sarge’s set was only in red but the others came in either blue or green, just like kdippong22 said. Happy hunting!

    (METROXING: Found some more at another Target – but no color variation … might have to find someone to trade with …)

  8. GourmetAnarchy

    I will be swinging over to Walmart later today. I will take a few pics and link them here.

  9. collector by marriage

    Hey GourmetAnarchy,

    Ever since we met up with you we have been looking for the eggs at wal mart and haven’t found one. It doesn’t appear that they have all of their stuff set up yet but still nothing. We haven’t seen the mini’s at target yet either. But something we will definatly have to add to “our” collection!!! Maybe we will have to take another road trip!

  10. CollectorMom

    The Easter Cars at WM are not part of the diecast line or Mini Adventures line; it kind of looks like a caricature. The Car inside (LMQ or Mater) doesn’t look like it comes out of the egg; you press a button and music plays with confetti spinning all around…..not much more to it. Cute but you’d have to see it to decide if it’s something you want. I’d say it’s a decoration not a toy. It’s about 6 inches tall and costs $9.97.

  11. GourmetAnarchy

    As promised, here are the pics.

    (METROXING: Thanks for the photos – didn’t see them in the last go-around).

  12. GourmetAnarchy

    @collector by marriage

    I posted the links to the pics of the eggs, but they are awaiting moderation. I haven’t seen the Red/Fire Chief Doc Mini anywhere down here. I was at Target, TRU, WM and KMart today. I will keep looking, but someone else on here may be able to help as well.

    (METROXING: It doesn’t appear too many retailers have gotten it yet – it’s only one to the box though).

  13. John

    For those of you trying to get the Easter Egg ones, call all of your local Targets and give them the number and ask if they have them in stock. If so, they can hold them for you. Don’t forget to tell them that there are 3 different ones. I did this on Saturday morning and got all three. I was tempted to buy a bunch and put them on eBay, but that wouldn’t be fair since I have been complaining about other people doing the same thing.

  14. Sarah

    I was at Target today and I’m starting to think my memory is failing me. I thought for sure I saw LMQ & Mater and Ramone & Flo in different colored eggs (both in green or blue) but now I’m seeing them in the colored egg I’ve seem them in before. LMQ & Mater in blue and Ramone & Flo in green. I hate to think completists are trying to find something that doesn’t exist. I think if some are out there in a different colored egg (LMQ & Mater in a green egg or Ramone & Flo in a blue egg) it’s a fluke or very random. Maybe someone can post a picture so we can see what’s out there.

    Also, I noticed on the pallet display at Wal-Mart that the side that has the Mini Adventures says “Only at Wal-Mart”. Last time WM had exclusives it was the packaging itself that said “Available first at Wal-Mart”. These 4 new sets of Mini Adventures seem easier to find than the exlusives from last summer.

    (METROXING: You mean it’s your fault I’ve spent the last day driving to all my Targets? ๐Ÿ™‚ … okay, hopefully someone can provide some photographic proof … plis, I will buy the different colors from you or trade you something! … I’ll keep looking but I’ll get more suspicious if after two more days, I don’t find any different ones ๐Ÿ™‚ … thanks! … the WM’s that had the pallet out seem to be selling the mini sets but at a much slower rate and since it’s only 4 with a couple repeats, it’s unlikely to sell out immediately and you’re right … it’s only an exclusive and not “limited,” I’m not even sure it said exclusive on the packaging itself, right? Just the pallet?)

  15. Sarah

    I apoligize 1000 times over! I’ll keep looking and if I find any variances I’ll email you a picture. Hopefully you needed toothpaste or something so the trip wasn’t a total waste?

    No, I didn’t see anything about being exclusive on the packaging for the WM Mini Adventure Cars, just on the pallet display.

    (METROXING: No problem, Sarah … I was there anyway buying them – of course, I’m sure everyone else was crazy as I ran up to people and asked, is this GREEN, this is green, right?!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  16. Terri

    I was lucky enough to catch my Target when they were stocking the shelves. I got all three sets. I even got another one that had 2 Flo’s in it rather than the Flo and Ramone it was supposed to have. This is the first time I have ever found and error in any of the cars line.

  17. collector by marriage


    Guess what???!!! We found the “Mini” easter eggs today at Target. Still haven’t found the ones that you were talking about at Wal Mart though. We have been watching and checking like everyday. LOL Greg is starting to get mad because I like the Mini’s I think they are cute. So we are buying two sets of all of them so I can open one and he can save one!

    Happy Hunting!

  18. GourmetAnarchy


    My local TRU is supposed to get their truck today, so I may head over there.

  19. Kdippong22

    Here are the pictures of the eggs in different colors.

    (METROXING: Thanks. Well, you might be the first – I’ll look again but if you’re back and see an extra set of the two, I’ll trade or buy them off you. Thanks for the photos!)

  20. Kdippong22

    Also…after just coming back from Target, we picked up four more of the blue egged Ramone and Flo and green egged LMQ and Mater.

    Another observation, anyone know why the red egged Sarge and Fillmore names are “taped” on, instead of written on the card. I think their might have been a last minute switch. The picture above also shows the green tape with their names on it.

    (METROXING: Yea, that’s interesting on the name tape, when I get mine to open, I’ll let you know what’s “underneath” ๐Ÿ™‚ … )

  21. Kdippong22

    Underneath the tape is the names just in reverse spots. Why they changed their positions and went through all the work to add the taped names over it, who knows.

  22. Sarah

    OK now I know I’m not losing my memory. Thanks Kdippong22 for providing the pictures. As for the taped on names, under Sarge mine says Fillmore and under Fillmore it says Sarge. I guess they printed them in the wrong order on the card.

  23. Amanda

    I drove for 45 minutes through a frickin snow storm to visit the nearest Target… and they had NOTHING, no Easter Cars, No Cars, no sets… ok well they had like 2 LQ’s and a few Ramone’s, but that is IT! UGGG. The next nearest is in Reno which is 90 minutes away on GOOD roads and the roads suck right now which means using my 4×4 which means like 60.00 in gas ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    No Easter Pixar’s for us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  24. Yeah, is this for real or what? I happened upon your site quite by accident and I’m trying to figure out how got associated with your post. I also noticed that you’re listed in their indexing, which doesn’t make sense, unless, of course, you’re posting a blurb from their site and the providing a link back to the original content so your readers can see where it was accessed from. That explanation doesn’t fit, since the “trackback” doesn’t track back. Know what I mean?

    (METROXING: ?? I did not link to your site, it does look like a nice site though. I do see a link from wingnutcity (a CARS site that I am not a member of so I cannot actually see the page) but presumably, a member of the wingnut city has a link to both our sites in a post?)

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