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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning Storm McQueen Final Pics + Stand

PLEASE NOTE – This post & this website has moved to – to read the latest Lightning Storm SD CC News, please click on the link above or click on the logo. Thanks!

Here is the final production release Lightning Storm McQueen – available at San Diego’s Comic Con exclusively.

Production will number 5,000 – $20 each at the show. Oops, still $15 – sorry for the brain glitch, was busy trying to backup the site and write a new post. So, still $15 – my error. Sorry.

It comes in the white box you see to the left and everything you see on the right.

The Blue Ransburg Lightning Storm McQueen, the clear stand, the black base with graphics and even the plexi cover – nice!

6 to a Master Case for those who plan on bulking up πŸ™‚

And for those who want more exacting measurements – It’s 4 3/4″ x 5″ x 5 3/4 & the master carton is 9.5″ x 10″ x 12.”

Our original post was here.

If you were planning on going Saturday (or Wednesday night), SOLD OUT!

Tix still available Thursday, Friday & Sunday … though check the selling bar and get it before it strikes RED.

If you live in the San Diego area and are on a tighter budget, you can also consider volunteering three hours of your time and you get in that day for free.

There is only online registration so plan ahead if you think you might want to go … and now, of course, you have to decide on a specific day of days. Good luck! See ya there!



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Marvel Iron Man Action Figures Checklist: The Iron Age is Here


I admit I was never a huge fan of Iron Man but the movie trailer looks good and they were smart to get Robert Downey Jr. That guy might’ve had a lot of personal problems but he can flat out act.*


I know the back story and while they are sticking to the gist of how Tony Stark came to be Iron Man, it might be a spoiler to give away his relations and connection to the other metal characters so without saying much more about who is what to the story, you can just take a look at the cool action figures they are producing for the film:

Mark I – the “protoype” and just excellent cool …


The refined Mark II (and in my eyes, much duller …)


The “normal” Iron Man – there are at least 4 versions …



The two different candy red & yellow versions are a ‘snap-on armour’ version and a ‘launching repulsor’ version.

There are two exclusives, the Target one is a Silver & Red Iron Man: Iron Man – Silver Centurion & the Wal-Mart is Black & Silver with a launching Gatling Blast: Iron Man -Stealth Operations Suit (aka: War Machine).

There are two cool Iron Monger’s …



The top Iron Monger is the ‘Super Fist Smash’ version and the bottom one has a removeable headpice/cockpit.

And Titanium Man … also nice design – with double concussion blasters …


That’s Wave 1 of the 6″ scale. The movie opens May 2, 2008 – here are a couple trailers posted on YouTube … the official website runs pretty slowly.

Some cool figures from years past …



And one of my all-time favs … The Hulk Buster …


* Robert Downey Jr. is like Johnny Depp, he needs characters in a film that’s larger than life and out of step with the rest of the characters to really fully get into a role – otherwise, he just seems like the annoying guy … obviously he’s done a lot of great work but if you want to see acting, check him out in CHAPLIN or RESTORATION – both flawed movies but both really gives you an idea of what acting really is. Playing Charlie Chaplin is a hard and a gutsy role – who doesn’t recognize Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” character and all the imitators but he never conveys he’s imitating anyone, he seems like he’s the Little Tramp and same with RESTORATION, you can see the difference in acting ability – as cute and perfect as Meg Ryan was in romantic comedies in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, you can see how outclassed she is by Robert Downey Jr. He’s asked to play a strange character and you believe everything his character says and does on screen while Meg is just trying to act like she’s a person of the 17th century.

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Mattel Speed Racer Movie Diecast Checklist 2008: Go, Speed Racer Go! (to the Store to Buy, Buy, Buy)


Mattel is going to be crazy busy this summer with new movie launches.

But in a way, Batman is easy – people pretty much just want the Batmobile – give it us in every scale and at every price point, we’re in.

But Speed Racer beyond the Mach 5 is going to require a little more work but it’s almost a can’t miss.

You have the Wachowski brothers who brought us the Matrix directing, so you know the Special Effects and CGI won’t be the local weather guy’s green screen … based on a story that’s hard to foul up – a kid who likes to drive fast on a circuit where the rules of gravity don’t seem to apply. Throw in a cute girl named Trixie, a monkey and a fat guy named Pops … who cares what the real plot is?

I’ll be at the theater on May 9, 2008 so I haven’t watched the trailer that closely other than to see things flying through the air … I’m in! πŸ™‚

And of course, there are some toys to go with it.

But you really need the proper music to play along with this post … so, click PLAY …

If the WordPress player is just buffering, open this link in a new page and hit play.

There are two 1:18 (ish) scale of the Mach 5 & 6. The detailing looks nice but not metal diecasts. They have a sound feature:



There are several 1:24 (ish) scale “Speed Racer Deluxe Battle Vehicles” (plastic – not diecast) with cars that open up & a 3″ action figure (Mach 5, Mach 6 & Racer-X version):





There is a also a “Race & Flip” Series of cars.


There is another series “Speed Racer Battle Vehicles” which are smaller than the 1:24ish “deluxe” version:


I think this Race Track Trailer is for this series … otherwise, it’s honky huge if it’s really for the 1:24ish series cars to park inside:



But, what’s a Mattel Hot Wheels line without 1:64 scale cars?

The first lineup is 12-cars. I suppose with real investigating, we could figure out each name but it might be more fun to wait for the movie πŸ™‚

Each car comes with a plastic attachment – as of course, each car has its own unique set of attack and defense weapons … in our world, we have to rely on hand gestures and small arms πŸ˜‰


Here is a close up of the blister …


And of course, two-packs where you get an “exclusive” car …



There is also a very nice 1:64 scale transport and launcher …


And a 4-pack with accessories!


And some Toy Fair photos:



Of course, you also need some playets or in this case, tracks …

There are at least three introduced at Toy Fair, a Casa Cristo 5000 Ice Caves set, the Speed Racer Fuji Helexicon set – nice – much like the sets they sell now that you can attach to a door frame …


But I am saving this best for last – the most kick-*** track Mattel has ever put together … the innocuously named, “Speed Racer Sky Jump Box.”


Let’s crack that bad-boy open and set ‘er up!



That’s right, drop cars into the giant funnel and off to the launcher it goes – and around the track … where’s our official Speed Racer bucket to dump the cars in?

The only disappointing thing is that the Speed Racer 1:64 are mostly all plastic but I suppose that’s the keep the weight down for the flying sky jump (and of course, save Mattel some money).

If you don’t mind all-plastic, Target has this exclusive for $7.99:

Most serious diecast collectors are going to want the metal series. Surprisingly Jada is offering a set of 4 (so far?) that are super nice at $2.99 – great detailing, solid – all metal – 1:55 scale:

Jada is also offering a 1:32 version that is a great deal at $4.99:

For collectors, Mattel is offering a 1:64 version that is all metal – it’s more spendy at $4.99 each but it is attached to a display case like the Kyosho cars:

(I have not seen the Mach 5 version yet, not sure if it’s short-packed or not shipped yet).

Mattel has two 1:24 scale metal Mach 5 & Mach 6 at $29.99 – Jada is doing the Mach 5 1:24 for a great price at $14.99.

A few years back, Johnny Lightning did up a great set of Speed Racer diecasts made of solid heavy metal (in other words – real diecasts) and great sculpts (as always) – AllAboardToys still has them in stock.

Some great Toy Fair photos here of other Speed Racer gear.

There are also some great Legos – we’ll cover those in a separate post.

Not exactly up my alley but for once, Ken does not look like a dork or as the clearly-gay beard of Barbie …


Christine Ricci plays Trixie – not a bad likeness of her.

Most everything should be out for sale by end of March. The movie doesn’t open until May 9, 2008.


It’s clear that the Mach 5 is like the 1966 Batmobile – cool in any era …


Though this other car from the movie … DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN ….


The official website is pretty sparse … though for film buffs, there is an interesting audio podcast of the press conference at the Berlin Film Festival with all the stars and Joel Silver, the producer.

You can listen by opening a new window or browser tab or right click to download it.

Official SPEED RACER movie trailer:

Or if you prefer the HD version to download.

Int’l Trailers …


The original animated series is available on DVD – All 52 episodes are available split up on 5 discs (Amazon Link) 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

And just as the Ford Futurama show car was the basis for the Batmobile, when you see the Ferrari 250TR Testarossa … you can see where the Mach 5 was inspired by … and of course, the Ferrari’s headlights are pointed forward – a little more useful when going 150 MPH than headlights that point to the ground like the Mach 5 … though the saw blades and weaponry are more useful πŸ™‚ … though I think Trixie would join you if you had either car πŸ™‚


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Mattel DC Comics Batman Diecast 2008 Checklist: Every Scale Known to Mankind …


After 40 years, the George Barris Batmobile from the 1966 TV series still RULES ALL.

And in 2008, Mattel is going to deliver just about every version in every nearly every scale.


I’m not normally a large-scale (1:24, 1:18) diecast collector but these all look blazing cool …

The “regular/standard issue” 1:18 scale Batmobile
(currently shipping or very soon):



This retails for around $29 to $35. This version has opening doors, non-opening hood & trunk (why is that noted? Keep reading!)

The Elite 1:18 scale version Batmobile
(April 2008):


The Elite version will feature opening doors, opening hood, jet motor detail, and opening trunk with Bat computer inside. This model will include bat logos, front and rear antennas, photo etched beacon, real canvas parachute bags, plus metal missile launchers. The interior will include piped trim, fabric seat belts with bat logo buckle, bat phone, and fire extinguisher. This one will retail for around $79.

Holy Bat Detailing!

But if you think that is the Bruce Wayne of Batmobiles, check out the “upgrade.”

The Super Elite 1:18 scale version Batmobile
(May 2008):


The Super Elite version comprised of over 400 parts. This Super Elite version features opening doors, opening hood with jet motor fully detailed & real braided hoses, and an opening trunk with Bat computer. This model will include bat logos, front and rear antennas, plus photo etched beacon, real canvas parachute bags, and metal missile launchers. The interior will include piped trim, fabric seat belts with bat logo buckle, bat phone, and fire extinguisher. The Super Elite car is also mounted on a leather covered base & individually numbered (0001 to 1966). This one will retail for around $269 to $299.

Holy Bat Bankroll!

If those are a bit out of your budget, step over to the 1:50 scale showroom.


This will appear on a blister card and be available at most of your normal Mattel diecast retailers. The announced cars & motorcycles include …

Batmobile (1966)
Batcycle with Sidecar (1966)
Batman Animated Series/Justice League Unlimited Batmobile
Batman Begins Tumbler
Comic Batmobile


And if you prefer the classic 1:64 scale, of course, the Batmobile has been out since last year but apparently in the DNA of every Hot Wheels collector is the need to buy EVERY Batmobile they see selling on a store peg – I have yet to visit a comic or toy show where there are 4 or 5 guy selling 125 Batmobiles for $1 to $2 … so in case you’re wondering why they’re in EVERY case of Hot Wheels since last spring but good luck finding one of the shelves …



(There is also a variant with a different grill that tends to sell for more but of minimal consequence for most openers).

There are also two 5-packs from the Gotham City collection:


From the recent film, the Batmobile “Tumbler” is also included but if you want the BEST sculpts, you’ll want the the 1:64 versions that come in the half-circle pack called Batman Begins “Limited Edition for Adult Collectors.”



These are photos of the actual cars – great sculpts & detailing for 1:64 and at “normal” retail price – a great deal at $9.99 but most likly, if you find it online, it will cost you much more.

These two are also available in the 1:18 scale from Mattel but in my opinion, just not as impressive – the bottom line is the car design itself, while interesting just can’t compete on sheer coolness with the George Barris 1966 Batmobile:


And IMHO, the “regular” version gold areas on this diecast just makes it all the cheesier and more ‘plasticky’ looking …



Both came out in 2005 but still generally available for @$35 each but again, IMHO, not nearly as nice as the $9.99 for two Mattel 1:64 versions.

1:64 fans should also pick up the Johnny Lightning Lincoln Futura car that the Batmobile was built on … another great sculpt by JL!


Of course, from the comics of the 1940’s to today, Batman has always had some wheels (not being blessed with actual superhero powers πŸ™‚ ) … some very common, some weird and some cool. Wikipedia has a great history of all the Batmobiles. (BTW, Corgi has released a slew of them in 1:43 scale until recently).

Okay, I guess I exaggerated a little on the scale, I see no listing from Mattel for 1:87 scale or 1:12 cars but hey, the year is only 2 months old πŸ˜‰


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Hasbro Mighty Muggs Checklist: Star Wars, Marvel & Indiana Jones!

THIS Post has been updated and moved to our new – Simply click on the text link or the logo above. Thanks!

The quick snapshot of Mighty Muggs at Comic Con 2008 and our new Mighty Muggs Trading Post.


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Mattel Pixar Disney Cars: Where Be the CARS?


There might not be many CARS on the store shelves but there are plenty at SF’s WonderCon comic book/toy show convention/exhibit which runs until tomorrow night. (They also run Comic-Con).


There were at least 4 of these rack-cages … okay, the inside weren’t CARS but there definitely was not a shortage of them at the show. Most older ones were $3-$4. Some of you might lament to know that Dale Jr. could easily be found for $5 … as could Tow, My Name is Not Chuck & Race Official Tom. Dudley Spare was $7 and the real spendy was Dinoco Mia & Tia & Gold Mia/Tia at $15 …

For those who are still missing a few or don’t mind paying a few extra bucks, remember to check out your local comic/toy/diecast car show and when the weather turns nicer – flea markets. You want to make sure it’s one of the larger ones – walk around to look for the best deals and remember, you can always haggle … or for the truely dedicated, show up late on Sunday and really haggle, remind them everything they sell is money in their pocket and they don’t have to carry their inventory home πŸ™‚

Of course, at your local toy/comic show, you can also pick up one of these bad boys …



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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars: “More Coming …” Toyfair 2008


Well, the show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow.


Here’s an interesting quote,

“Disney’s “Cars,” which, despite no new film or TV content, generated $2 billion in retail sales in 2007 and has become a major priority for Disney that it plans to support with additional content in the future.”


“The biggest trend industrywide at Toy Fair — where toy manufacturers display their 2008 lines to the media, Wall Street investors and retailers — is the increasing number of toys being sold that connect to Internet play and, with the inputting of special codes found on the toys, unlock virtual worlds.

“Clearly, every single toy that is coming out now seems to have a Web site linked to it,” Samet said. “WebKindz was the first one.”

Disney on Monday will unveil its first line of Internet-connected toys, called Clickables. Developed in collaboration with its licensee Techno Source, the toys will be based on Disney Fairies and unlock an immersive virtual world that will be launched in the fall. Robert Marick, vp and GM at Disney Toys North America, said the technology goes beyond what’s already out in the marketplace and takes Internet-based toys to the next level. He said the technology will be applied to other Disney properties in the future.

Other toy lines that hook up to Internet worlds on display at Toy Fair include Mattel’s Barbie Girls, launched in 2007; Hot Wheels, launching this year; U.B. Funkeys collectible vinyl figures; and Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop. Warners said Mattel would be launching Funkeys to connect with a Speed Racer virtual world.”

An online world for CARS?


Meanwhile Mattel will be also be busy on ‘Speed Racer.’

“Mattel, the master toy licensee for the film, said all its Speed Racer toys will be co-branded with its Hot Wheels brand.”

Official SPEED RACER movie trailer:

Or if you prefer the HD version to download.

Toys, yea, just a few – here are some released photos …

Mattel is doing the CARS in different scales, here’s the 1:18 scale one …


Speed Racer Legos (nice) …


(much cooler …)


Speaking of toys & the internet, you can check out the Legos Indiana Jones sets coming out next summer and start playing the online game.

Or not exactly up my alley but for once, Ken does not look like a dork or as the clearly-gay beard of Barbie …


Christine Ricci plays Trixie – not a bad likeness of her.

Of course, in case you hadn’t noticed, they sculpt and reproduce figures not just for kids anymore … if this were the Supergirl of my youth, I think I might’ve read her comic …


(this is the DC Direct / Kotobukiya Supergirl Vinyl Statue)

But of course, some things never change – they will nearly license and sell anything …


If you’re a girl between the ages of 4 and 9, okay … if you’re a guy with a 5 o’clock shadow, please step away from the box …

Part II, the CARS part is up.


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